Jose, Jose, Jose

Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 9:34 am


How about that for a pitching performance last night?

Jose Contreras dominated the Royals, allowing just one hit over 7.0 IP while striking out six in the 9-0 Sox victory.

It was the first combined one-hitter for the White Sox since 5/25/79 vs. California (Ross Baumgarten, 8.0 IP and Randy Scarbery, 1.0 IP).

Most impressively, Contreras has now gone 10-0 with a 1.88 ERA over his last 11 regular-season starts.

I would say that is the definition of an ace.

Twice in my professional baseball career I have been lucky enough to witness a no-hitter.  The first came on August 11, 1991 when Wilson Alvarez no-hit the Orioles in Baltimore.  I had been on the job for just over three weeks.  Wilson’s no-no built over the course of the game.  You didn’t have the sense in the first inning that the day was going to be memorable.

However, the next one I saw you sure did.  Bret Saberhagen no-hit us on August 26 of that same year in Kansas City.  I was with the team and vividly remember thinking to myself, he has no-hit stuff even in the first inning.  He was that dominating.

Last night, Contreras had that type of stuff — even though he did allow the one hit.


Jose just continues to shine. Amazing! He saved the team last year during the August and September drought and he has maintained that form ever since. Thanks Jose! The Sox will stick it to Affeldt tonight and Jon will finally have a good game. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with Kolsens and his Ozzie bashing tomorrow. Go get ’em Jon!

Wow,I was at the game and I have been to many games in my life-including the Buehrle hour and 39 minute game last year-but last night was awesome. Our pitching AND hitting are going to dominate this year-even more than last. It used to scare me being confident in my words but that has totally changed. I love these guys, and I love what they have done for the organization.

Jose is pitching great and just wait till Garland comes around and the rest of the guys too. Nobody can beat us. We are a better team than last year in my opinion and with everyone healthy and playing till their ability we will win 100 Games this year at least. Go Sox!

Scott, I was living in D.C. in the summer of 1991 and was also at Memorial Stadium when Alvarez threw the no-no. If my memory is correct, it was WA’s second start of his Sox career. I hope Jose’s effort last night inspires Jon tonight!!

I think the no-no was Alvarez’s 1st game as a Sox and 2nd as a big leaguer. He started a game for the Rangers in 1989.

My friend in Macomb is on the button with his recollection…As I recall,in that start with Texas,Alvarez didn’t get ANYBODY out….Then the then owner of the Rangers,now the President of the US(aka W)traded a very skinny Sammy Sosa(before he became a warrior,a gladiator and…a bad liar),Scott Fletcher and Alvarez for Harold Baines and Fred Manrique….If Sox fans go back that far,in the late innings,Lance Johnson saved Alvarez’s bacon with a spectacular diving catch in the RCF alley….Then with two outs in the 9th,and the Memorial Stadium crowd on its feet,Wilson walked Cal Jr and Dwight Evans before getting the final strikeout….
So much for memory lane….Last night,the Cuban horse was smokin’hot on a cold night–right,Dawn?….Also continuing to blaze away are the Captain and “Sock-It”Thome,even though he hasn’t cranked one since Sunday….doesn’t really matter,though….As long as Thome is ahead of Konerko in the order,Paulie is going to get some(as Jerry Reinsdorf might have said growing up in Brooklyn)”cherce”pitches(aka “choice”)to crank on….

It also doesn’t hurt the boys cause that the AL’s puncing bag is in town….They’re gonna be sorry to see the KC’s laeave after Wednesday…they might even order limousines for them for the trip to the airport…

Let’s not forget that Jack McDowell pitched a complete game 1-hitter in July 1991.

And that hit was a lead-off home run by Paul Molitor of the Milwaukee Brewers,at County Stadium…..
(A walking compendium of useless information,ain’t I?) entire rear aperture is intact =) It was cold, but well worth it! Helluva game, and GREAT seats!!

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