Amazing Performance


Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 4:10 pm

Pitching, Pitching and More Pitching

Amazing performance by Javier Vazquez today.  Funny that I wrote about no-hitters just the other day, and his performance today was certainly no-hit quality.  The swinging bunt was luck and even the second hit hardly bent grass in right field.

This ballpark, which celebrated its 15th anniversary yesterday, has never seen a no-hitter.

Blame it on Roger

I am going to blame that first hit on my good friend Roger Bossard, our head groundskeeper.  Stupid ball stayed fair.

Thanks Fans

With today’s crowd, we have now passed last year’s season total for tickets sold.  If we don’t sell another ticket this year, we still have the fourth largest attendance total in franchise history.  Thanks for your support Sox fans.  When you see our team and some of the long-term contracts given to our players, it is directly because of your commitment.

To Maria Wagner

How nice of you to pass your tickets along to a fellow Sox fan.  Really appreciate the gesture.



Scott- thanks so much for the continued GREAT updates. Vasquez’s performance today was awesome. The South Side Boys of Summer are playing well – at all levels. Let’s keep it up! Go Sox!

As we approach the merry month of May, I propose that we have a White Sox fan contest. It’s called the “Best Singleton of the Day” contest, named after our “one-of-a-kind” radio announcer and in deference to all other MLB radio announcers, not a SINGLE ONE of whom could ever have such a contest named after them.

The goal: to determine, every month, the funniest/most bewildering statement made every day by Chris Singleton.

The rules: (a) you may quote or closely paraphrase any one of Singleton’s comments from the day’s game; but (b) are limited to three entries per day (I know, this rule IS hard.)

The prize: determined by a vote of everyone on this blog, the winner gets to replace Singleton in the radio booth for any three game series. He gets some time off; all fans get some relief from their daily laughter/confusion.

Here, for example, would be my entries from today’s game. All three are close paraphrases of Singleton’s actual words:

1. The first pitch is outside…..strike one.

2. Uribe hits a line drive into the left field gap. .. and it’s over the fence for a home run.

3. The Royals are closely watching Podsednik on second. I can’t understand why, since he would score on a single. (note: apart from the obvious fact that Pods can steal third, Konerko promptly followed this comment today with a single and Pods had to stop at third).

Hopefully, you get the idea and the SOX will cooperate. IF so, let the contest begin!

haha, you’re crackin’ me up kolsens! (or do I credit Chris here?!?….)Amazing performance today, congrats to Javy for his first White Sox Win!

This is somewhat off-topic, but I thought a good forum nonetheless. I was at the game on Tuesday night–Nancy Faust was not! The place wasn’t the same…’s hoping that maybe she’s just not workin’ the cold April night games. It would be truly tragic for the Sox to go the route most other organizations have and be phasing out the live music. Any input, Scott?

Hey Scott, I’m currently a freshman sports journalism major at Mizzou, and you are basically my inspiration for the rest of my life. Your job is exactly what I want to do when I finally get out of here. Baseball, and the White Sox more importantly, is my life. So I just wanted to thank you for keeping this blog and being some kind of wonderful to all these amazing Sox fan. It makes being so far away right now a lot easier.

Oh yeah, is there any chance you want an intern for the summer, because it would be my dream come true.

Have a GREAT day.


1) everyone who follows the sox knows that balls rolling down the 3rd baseline stay fair…. im guessing javy will never forget that now.

2) nancy faust is being fazed out. she only plays day games now– what a shame.

Look on the bright side, after listening to Chris Singleton, Darren Jackson sounds like a virtuoso. I am sure Chris will get better in time but am I the only one that thinks Farmer is being a complete tool to him- he is argumentative and critical constantly. It reminds me of when DJ and Hawk started and every broadcast was uncomfortable to listen to.

First of all, to yesterday’s gem….I agree totally with brother Reifert….CURSE YOUR SOUL,ROGER BOSSARD!…Just kidding,”sodfather”….The only one who could have made that ball go foul would have been Lenny Randle,except he would have been on his hands and knees,blowing on the ball(Remember that play from This Week In Baseball?)….
Secondly,how about that potent Kansas City offense…a checked swing roller by Mientkiewicz,a parachute into RF by German and then the only solid hit of the game by John Buck….Rogers and Hammerstein were on the money in “Oklahoma” when they wrote”Everything’s up to date in Kansas City—THEY’VE COME ABOUT AS FAR AS THEY COULD GO”

Thirdly,to lovely Maria Wegener,I totally agree,the “Fan of the Month Award” for giving her ticket to a deserving member of White Sox Universe,as well as a member in excellent standing of our little blog part of the world here,Dawn Brusa,so that she could see the boys perform…Bravisima,Senora Wegener…

Fourthly(???),to new member blakeheem,as far as I go(and it really isn’t all that far),I have bben a White Sox fan since age seven,which occured five days before the 1959 pennant was clinched…I started going to old Comiskey back in 1960 with my late father,and have been with the boys ever since–through 56 and 106 in 1970 to the final out of Game Four of the Series in 2005….I don’t know if anyone else can top that,but go ahead and do so,if possible….

Fifth,hey,Dawn….how much did you pay for your copy of Reifert’s media guide? Is it the size of a small phone book,as I suspected? I know it’s worth it….

Lastly(thank God,I’m starting to get carpal tunnel here),enjoy the day off and get set to welcome the Twinkies tomorrow night,when the boys hope to get(Johan)Santana to change his evil ways…..

Okay,I did some finger exercises(not THOSE kinds,get your collective minds–and mine–out of the gutter),so here go some comments about some of the posts already here….
kolsens and billb…compared to Ron Santo,Chris Singleton is freakin Vin Scully….but that is exactly what WGN Radio and the Cubs want in their broadcasters…see no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil….I can not and will never speak on behalf of Ed Farmer,but I feel that he seems still awfully uncomfortable with his position as the new No.1 broadcaster….However,it has only been a combined 30 broadcasts so far,counting spring training….If it works,fine…if it doesn’t,the ball club and the station can get together during the off season and try,try again….

Now,to everyone who has jumped off the “bench Pods” club abd has transferred allegiances to the “bench Brian”(Anderson)club,hear this from an old man….Until you make out the lineup on an every day basis,you can only voice your opinion…The only ones who can do anything to change those opinions are Ozzie Guillen and Brian himself,by being more selective at the plate and cutting down on the strikeouts and the non-productive AB’s….Nothing wrong with the glove at all,it’s just a matter of time…..

To dear Ashley,slaving away in Columbia,Missouri….learning the craft of sports journalism in the same location that housed Scott Reifert and John Rooney,to mention just a couple of proud alums of Mizzou…I wish you nothing but the best in your future,dear,but the rest of your life is still up for grabs….and you will find out as you go along that this racket sometimes ain’t was it’s cracked up to be….
As a (I know,Reifert,I goofed up,Hawkeye…gave you credit for the wrong school….sorry….I hope that doesn’t jeopardize my chance at the press guide set…as if THAT would ever happen….)one-time member of that corps of young folks who dreamed of their day in the sun covering the Sox,it is great to have those dreams…but have a back-up plan….just in case…..

I agree that Farmer feels uncomfortable, but I think a lot of it comes from his listening to Singleton. Did you notice during the first week that Farmer would constantly “fill in” factual detail after Singleton’s “play by play”? Farmer was well aware of Singleton’s inadequate descriptions. Lately–(and I don’t know why) Farmer’s backing off from helping listeners to understand the plays, and the result is–I beg to differ from you–worse than even listening to Santo. God help us all if we have to wait until the end of the season for a change!

I was trying to keep off this but can’t help it anymore…I really am trying to give Singleton a chance and I know/hope that in time he will get better, but listening to him do play by play is so painful right now. I can hear things happening in the background and he has a delayed reaction to it. I know I probably couldn’t do better, but it is hard to listen to! I’ve heard Farmer defend him and say he is improving and will be great once he gets comfortable, but Ed does seem to be trying to let him sink or swim. Maybe his way of helping him along? I’m trying not to be a “I miss Rooney” brat, but I do miss “…for a white sox winner” and all that excitement he brought. I’m willing to give Chris a chance, its just tough now. To be more positive, the Crede/AJ haircuts this am give some great jabs between the two and show the friendship between them. Check out NBC5 website for lots of video clips. AJ looks MUCH better. He looked like Spiccoli pre cut!! Enjoy the off day all!!

TQ, didn’t Scott mention that he went to Iowa? As far as Brian goes, as long as he plays good D, he can and will remain in the lineup. I think as long as he doesn’t lose a game for the Sox by making a bad play in the field, they will give him every opportunity to stay a starter.

Is anyone else just a little tired over K. Williams’ constant meddling and diatribes?
First, the Frank fiasco. OK, we get it. Frank was and is a baby and he shouldn’t have said the things he did. But Kenny’s reaction in the media was just a tad over the top. No? Then he mouths off over Buehrke’s tarp diving. Then we have the Kenny Williams stylin’ hour, attempting to enforce a ridiculous team-statute about long hair (are we the Yankees now??!!). Again, in the press, in front of the world. The newest K. Williams soap opera – Buerle’s contract. The obvious fact is that we must resign this guy to a long-term contract and again, his comments are uncalled for, especially in front of the press.

Seriouosly, for a guy who likes to keep things confidential, he sure has an annoying way of grabbing the limelight.

Kenny, stick to building a championship team… in the background! Come up for air when we have our next parade in ’06!

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