Friday Pregame

Friday, April 20, 2006, 4:05 pm

Fun pitching matchup tonight.  I was riding to a downtown studio this morning with Jerry Reinsdorf and mentioned how excited I was to watch Mark Buehrle against Johan Santana tonight.

"Forget the great matchup," Jerry said.  "I just want to win.  I wish Mark was pitching against their No. 5 starter."

I guess he has a point (but I am still looking forward to tonight).

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; Uribe SS; Anderson, CF.  Buehrle on the mound.

Off Day

Everyone seemed to enjoy their offday.  Ozzie Guillen shot a commercial for an automotive company, so his day wasn’t really "off."  Several guys went golfing.  A couple got their hair cut.

Ed Farmer, Roger Bossard and I spent the afternoon at Cog Hill competing for dinners.  It was funny.  Neither of us mentioned to Roger that his groundskeeping nearly cost Javier a no-hitter.  Can you believe it didn’t even come up once in 18 holes?

Funny Day

Jerry sat down today for an interview with WMAQ TV’s **** Kay for City Desk (which airs Sunday morning).  Kay is retiring soon and this is among his final shows.

After that, I had the honor of presenting a World Series ring to Mrs. Mary Frances Veeck.  I met Mrs. Veeck and her friend, Mrs. Phillips, at their favorite restaurant.  It was truly an honor for me to deliver the ring and express the appreciation on behalf of the White Sox for all the Veeck family did to help our organization.  They, along with the Comiskeys and Allyns, share in last year’s victory.

Game Notes

The Royals sent only 91 men to the plate during the last series, 10 over the minimum.  Pretty amazing.

Jim Thome has scored a run in 15 consecutive games to begin the season.  No one in the modern era has a longer streak to open a year.  Kenny Lofton and Red Rolfe own the AL record at 18.

Reader Responses

To Ashley: I appreciated the kind words, but please, please, aim even higher than just my job.  Bud Selig is leaving in a few years and that job might be open.  We do hire interns each year, but they begin on Feb. 1 and run through Thanksgiving.  You need your degree first, then contact us.

To Tom Q:  I am willing to offer a set of 2006 media guides to the Sox fan who passes along the name of anyone (preferably another Sox fan) responsible for the very best random act of kindness.  Competition closes on May 11.  Right now, the leader is Maria Wegener.  Top her, Tom, and the books are yours …

To reifer (no relation that I am aware of):  The whole "cut your hair" business was made public by AJ on WSCR Radio.  Ken was just responding to media questions and really wasn’t too thrilled to even be discussing the topic publicly.

Jerry again told me today that the issue is not about how long or short your hair is.  It is about looking clean and neat.

On Nancy Faust:  When negotiating her contract this season, Nancy raised the thought of only working day games.  The idea seemed to work for both parties, so for 2006, she will only be heard (live) in the ballpark during the day.  I am sure she and the White Sox are willing to negotiate if we are still playing in October (knock on wood).

MLB Productions

Major League Baseball Productions is here this weekend for This Week in Baseball.  They will have mics on Ozzie Guillen (good luck) and several other players this weekend, and will interview quite a few of our players for a show entirely dedicated to the White Sox.  I will let you know when it airs.


Many of our players, including Juan Uribe, took in the Bulls game Wednesday night as guests of Jerry.  During the game, Juan asked about getting a basketball signed by the Bulls (exactly how that conversation with Jerry went is an interesting question).  Anyway, Jerry went into the clubhouse today to give Juan a ball.  He was like a little kid, tossing it up in the air. 

"This is going into my home in the Dominican," the shortstop said.

The King

The team continues to give Paul Konerko a hard time.  Today, his locker chair disappeared.  In it’s place was a black, white and grey paded White Sox recliner with a golden crown sitting atop it.  No respect at all.

Compliments of the President

Photos from our visit to the White House in February arrived today along with note cards reading, "Compliments of the President."  Pretty cool.


//Jerry again told me today that the issue is not about how long or short your hair is. It is about looking clean and neat.//

If that’s true, wouldn’t just telling the guys to keep their hair neat and clean be more appropriate than telling guys to cut their hair?

The guys handled getting their hair cut like pros – in fact, they sounded (and looked) like they were having a ball. Glad most enjoyed a deserved day off. Very funny about PK’s throne! And pretty cool receiving Presidential mail! Looking forward to a great matchup tonight. Go Sox!

First Post…I am PROUD to admit that I am at least a 3rd generation Sox Fan (on both sides of my family) and that my daughters are carrying on the tradition. Quick question about Nancy Faust…One of my earliest memories is of my dad and I at a game singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” with Nancy Faust. Does anybody know if she has ever released a record/CD. Thanks, Go Sox!

Being at that game tonight was one of the best…I got to see an incredible pitching matchup; even more proof of how much of an ace Mark is for us, and then we even got the long ball and some great run support! As always, a total blast. Lets keep it rollin tomorrown with Freddy!

got to go to the game last night… it was a great experience since the last one i got to see was johan beating brandon near the end of last season. i thought it would have been more fitting to see johan lose 2-0 after what happened to freddy in minnesota last season, but the outburst in the 8th was just fine, too.

although, when we got to the park, we went to pull in to lot b–we always parked in A or B last year. but this time, i was met with a bizzarre greeting.

“No cash.”


“No cash.”

“What do you mean, ‘no cash’? Who doesn’t take cash?”

“Red coupons only for this lot.”

“Uh… ok, can i buy a red coupon then?”

“Not from me. You’ll have to swing around to another lot”

So we went to the C lot.

“No cash.”

And finally ended up like a half mile away from the park in E lot or something…

What’s the deal with this, Scott? 18 bucks to park your car somewhere for a few hours isn’t enough of an inconvenience?

As for the hair thing, i think it’s pretty funny. seriously, what would jerry do if aj and crede didnt want to cut their hair? fire them?

reminds me of the simpsons with mr. burns…

“You, Mattingly! I thought i told you to trim those sideburns. That’s it! You’re off the team!”

I have a cassete tape in my radio here at work called “Nancy Faust’s Favorites”. I got it at the Family Field Day/garage sale in May last year. It won’t be in stores. You could check on ebay or hope they have another garage sale this year. I certanly hope the have the Field Day again, it was a blast.

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