Sunday At The Park

Sunday, April 23, 2006, 3:35 pm

Sorry I didn’t post today’s lineup before the game.  I was in Naperville this AM coaching a boy’s soccer team to its first defeat in two years and then traffic into the ballpark was not good.  I arrived in the bottom of the first inning.

Silent Treatment

Not sure of they talked about it on television, but the entire dugout gave Brian Anderson the silent treatment after his home run in the sixth inning.  Everyone left him alone, and it wasn’t until after he stored his own helmet and bat that the team congratulated him.

What Was That

With the Jermaine Dye-Juan Uribe handshake after Uribe’s second home run.  I will have to find out more about the ritual.

Sorry to See it End

Jim Thome’s streak of scoring a run in consecutive games ended at 17.  It’s still the most to begin a season and is a club record but fell one game short of the American League mark.

Ozzie’s Postgame Thoughts

"It was just a matter of time.  Uribe has been swinging a lot better.  I think he was really bothered by the pain in his side since spring training."

"I’m happy for Brian Anderson.  He needed that more than anyone else.  He needed it for his confidence.  This game is as much about confidence as anything else.  Hopefully, two hits today can get him going."

"When you swing the bats well as a unit, you’re hard to stop."

"Jose has the best stuff on our staff.  He is not necesaarily the best pitcher but he has the best stuff.  He has come up again and again to be our ace.  He works hard.  He wants to be good and it is paying off."

"Our pitching staff is starting to put it together.  That’s the name of our game."

On to Seattle


Before anything, I have to say the National Anthemn today was absolutley amazing- it was a 9 or 10 year old singing, and I had goose bumps the entire time. Nothing better than American pride at the ball park!

Second of all, the silent treatment with Brian was hilarious. They did that to him last year as well- cracks me up.

Sorry to see Thome’s run end today, but it doesn’t erase what he has done, and it certainaly doesn’t mean anything towards what he’ll accomplish in the 100+ games down the road!

A total crowd pleaser today- great work Sox…a great note to head out West on.

Just a phenomenal win. So glad to see the streak alive. Love watching these guys play. I’m really pleased to see the guys who have been struggling get a chance to shine. A bit of confidence will make all the difference in the world. I’m not a fan of Torii (with 2 i’s) Hunter, but I do have to respect the comment he made about the Sox today. “They look good. It looks like they’re ready to go. If they stay like that the whole season, not too many teams are going to have a chance against those guys.” Ain’t it cool? -Dawn

Good to see BA getting his swing together. Wish I could’ve seen that silent treatment. I’m sure it was a good chuckle! Baseball on the South Side sure is fun right now isn’t it?!! Let’s hope the West Coast doesn’t cool us off.

I agree about that little girl singing that national anthem. She was great. Book her again. Also, there is another girl that has sung in the past (she’s probably about 16 or 17 now) that you should book as well!

The most impressive aspect of Contreras’s performance was that he pitched 8 very strong innings without his forkball. It didn’t seem like he had control of it so he relied on his fastball and other breaking balls. Just another example of the difference in Contreras now compared to this time last year.

What a great weekend!! Being in MN it was great rubbing in the great victories.

Scott (or anybody), do you know the details on the “Seniors Stroll the Bases” promotion? What is the age minimum?

Well,Mr Reifert,I really don’t know what I can do to top Maria’s giving her tickets up to Dawn….and I have until the 11th of next month to top her to get the set of books? Hmmmmm….I hate to ace out another member of the blog universe here,folks,but….any suggestions for a desperate(not housewife)member of WS Universe in order to claim the prize ?
Now,onto other topics….Sunday afternoon,when the Twins starter was taken out,how many other people had the same thought I did…back to the days of the Lone Ranger? The Lone Ranger,you ask? Why?

Get set for the punch line,folks….It was “Hi-yo,(Carlos)Silva,away!”

It may not have been much,but it may have been worth a groan or two from the non-pun loving members of this society….

Then,last night in the Emerald City….It seems that the boys can’t break through for more than eight wins in succession….Remeber last year,folks? The longest win streak during that run was…you guessed it,eight….done many times,including in the post season….the most important eight wins in the last 87 years…..

I hate to be an “I told you so” but it appears as though young Anderson is coming around with the bat….he still strikes out way too many times,but,then again,the big sticks(which he still may become)and the players who are trying too hard have a tendency to do just that….

As to markrokos,I believe that the age minimum for “Seniors Stroll the Bases”is age 65….which means that…in 2018,should I be fortunate enough to last that long and get a ticket to a game and they’re still doing that promotion….I can go on the field after a game and walk along with Moose Skowron….I know he’ll still be with us that long…..

I will be searching this site on occasion during the rest of the road trip to see if anyone out there can be of assistance regarding the “kindest act” I can do to get those guides and to comment on the rest of the trek west….

palehoses….regarding your meeting with the great Minoso….back in the day at the old Comiskey when I was a member of the Sox Supporters,we had a ongoing acquaintance with Orestes…In fact,with all my scorebooks,box scores,etc., he used to call me “cyclo”….short for encyclopedia….but you’re right…he is one of a kind….a treasure forever….

ok Scott, I know you’re looking for the kindest act for the media guides- and I fully support the contest….but I’ve got to politic for tomquaid- he’s “desperate (but not a housewife),” and considering all of the great posts he is good for- insightful comments and you can’t forget all the humor- I’d say he is well deserving!

And as for our Sox, congrats to Brian to coming up big time last night but unfotunately we couldn’t pull it off. As Tom mentioned- its that elusive 9th win. Its alright though, just take it (losses are going to happen) and get back on track tonight.

I second that soxpride12. Tomquaid is a pilar of the Soxblogging community and should get the media guide based on his merits and the fact that he’s paid his dues to this team…kinda like a lifetime achievement award.

I’m hoping the fellas have a field day tonight and drive a bunch of balls into those cavernous gaps of Safeco. Let’s start another streak tonight.


You are all correct. And, becuase Tomquaid is such “the man” I’m going to help out. All you have to do is top Maria passing along her tickets…so, if you pass along tickets to ME for 2 games, you win =) AND, being the philanthropic person I am, I’m willing to put myself out there for that LOL -Dawn

Let’s hope this contest isn’t just between the two of us, Tom. I’d like to see others get involved! After all, it’s really not about the prize, right? :o)

I nominate myself. When Boone Logan came in to walk batters last night, I watched patiently without ever giving into the urge to yell, scream, or curse his mother.

“Walk batters…” Huh? He walked 1 batter in 3 innings. Sounds pretty good to me. Go Go Sox!

In 6.2 innings of work he has 5 BB and 2 HBP, and has allowed all inherited runners to score. For his own sake, it might be time to send him back to the minors and bring up Lopez, if only to get him the work he needs.

I’m far from giving up on the guy, but I do think he needs at least a few weeks in the minors to get some more innings and regain his confidence. It did wonders for BMac last year.

Scott, Rumor has it that Freddie tested positive for Pot. I realize this will be an issue, but my question is how this will effect his status this year on the team. Does he or will he be get tested by the MLB? can he get suspended?

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