Back in the Saddle

Wednesday, April 26, 2006, 3:45 pm

Late Nights

Sorry to disappear for a day or two.  With the team on the West Coast, these late nights really kick my butt.

I logged on today expecting a debate about Ozzie’s use of Jon Garland Monday night, but apparently 13 runs last night quickly moved us on to another topic.

Can’t speak for everyone, but how would you have liked being a member of the drawn-in Seattle infield with Jermaine Dye at the plate last night?  JD promptly lined a shot into Bobbyjenksthe right field stands.  I’m guessing the second baseman held his breath on the pitch.

Ozzie’s line about Bobby Jenks, "When you get guys out, you’re big.  When you don’t get guys out, you’re fat" was quoted in Sports Illustrated’s They Said It segment (SI, May 1).

By the way, did anyone else read Rick Reilly’s column about Ozzie an issue or so ago?  Ozzie found it confusing.  I found it denigrating to anyone who speaks with English as a second language.  Just my opinion.

A CD to recommend … Sugarland.  My wife laughs at my new Country-Western bent, but I really enjoy Jennifer Nettles’ voice.  Jennifer grew up in Douglas, Ga., home of Sox hitting coach Greg Walker and sang the National Anthem last year before one of our games.  Now, she has made it big with Bon Jovi.



Trying to stay up with you guys the last few nights, I’ve fallen asleep on the couch…but I felt we were safe at 11-0 when I dozed off last night. I had no problem with Ozzie’s use of Jon on Monday night, especially since Jon was perplexed at Ozzie taking him out when he did in the game prior.

But, speaking of Jenks, where has he been? Why didn’t he close out that game on Monday night? That is my question about Ozzie’s use of the staff. I know he didn’t pitch Sunday, we were there to see that one, a great sweep of the Twinkies.

Offense? Pitching? Defense? Which combination of the three wins games? Who cares, the Sox have chosen to do all three!

I agree with you on the Rick Reilly column. I know he was just trying to be humorous but it came off as degrading to people who have English as a second language. I know Reilly didn’t mean it to be that way so I am not mad about it. Reilly does so many feel good pieces that I know he has his heart in the right place.

Tim, why would Jenks pitch Monday when we never had the lead? I’m sure if our offense had gotten some runs in the tenth or eleventh, Jenks would have come in to close.

I have to agree with Mr. Tucker. These late games are murder… and I have to be up at 5 tomorrow. But, it’s worth it to see the way these guys play the game. Let’s tie a streak together that matches or exceeds the last!! -Dawn

Jason, Jenks came in Wednesday night when we were behind. I’d have rather seen him when the game was tied, and we needed to hold them. The book says, “bring in your closer only when there’s a save opportunity”, but I don’t get that. What’s that all about, stats? The whole lefty/righty thing kills me sometimes, too. All we needed Monday night was to hold them, to give us one more opportunity to score a run. Oh well, I will try not to second guess Ozzie any more, he’s the man. He knows all the behind the scene stuff I have no idea about.

Hear the gang is going to the Playboy mansion today. Hope you’ll share some stories on that one! Hope we can take 2 of 3 from the Angels to at least go .500 on the west coast.

As to last night,all I can say is….I’ve seen this movie before….One night,you win the 13 run pool and hit the ball all over creation(not to mention Washington State),the next night,the pool is drained and you have to scuffle and claw(sounds like a law firm,doesn’t it?)to even get on the board…But that’s what makes baseball like fingerprints and snowflakes…no two games are ever the same….

Yes,obrnmac,the traveling party is going to Hef’s house today to see what an 80 year old man does for entertainment….Just remember,boys,don’t take any samples on the way out…or is Podsednik trying to collect his wife’s last paycheck?

The last time that the White Sox visited the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,Azusa and Cucamonga,it was the most marvelous moment since 1959 to that time….But as has been stated before by yours truly,last year is over….except for the reaction that AJ is sure to get when he comes up for his 1st plate appearance….you’ll be able to hear the booing all the way to deanklub’s mansion in San Diego….

Then after the game on Sunday,by the grace of Rand Mc Nally and the convolutions of the MLB computer,the team travels to….Cleveland? Scott,I’d like to have you describe the scene when the plane arrives at Hopkins Field and the traveling party gets to the hotel…that is,if you,Bob and Ed Classen are still awake at that ungodly hour….

Finally,to soxpride12,palehoses and my friends Dawn and Maria,thanx for the kind thoughts concerning this effort to obtain the media guide set…

The way I was described,you’d think I was getting ready to head for the last bullpen….

Scott,I have a couple of thoughts concerning the kind acts that you mentioned would perhaps get me those sets…so please bear with me as I present my “WILD PITCH…REPEAT,WILD PITCH”(a tribute to Brother Bob Rosenberg,ace official scorer)…The first person I thought of was the gentleman,and I don’t recall his name(I didn’t even check the Game Notes for his name),who threw out the first ball on Opening Night…this was the guy who sold his World Series tickets last year to instead provide relief for the hurricane stricken Gulf Coast area…truly that was a gesture not just for Sox fans but for humanity….

The other thought(and hang on for the convoluted logic on this one)is for the lovely Maria Wagener(I spelled the last name right THIS time)who,should she emerge victorious,could do a kind gesture for a Sox fan by donating the press guide sets….to the “Give The Books To(or is that Throw The Book At)Quaid Foundation…a not for profit(that’s for damned sure…)organization…

Sneaky little b***ard,ain’t I?

Dawn,if I had the money(which I don’t,believe me)to get you tickets for yourself,your husband and daughter,I’d do it in the heartbeat of America…and Maria,dear,you’re right…Maybe someone else will come along before the 11th of next month with a better gesture than yours,or any weak-a**ed excuse I come up with,and take the prize….

Wednesday was different circumstances though. We were behind a few runs, and Jenks hadn’t pitched in a few games. This was a good opportunity to get him some work prior to the Angels series where, hopefully, he will be needed in high leverage situations. Monday night, the only thing Ozzie did wrong, besides subbing everyone at once and putting Ozuna back into LF to torture Garland, was leaving John in to start the eighth. But after that point, I don’t see how you can critique his use of the bullpen.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out Monday.

Anyways, Scott, I have a question. Have you ever thought about substituting Midwestern cities for the West Coast cities on the itineraries when we go on those West Coast trips? Maybe if we tricked the Sox into thinking they were playing the Mariners in Kansas City or Detroit, we would have won that series.

Tomquaid, my friend, you make me seem like a charity case LOL However, I do have a special request to Scott…how about a SOX PRIDE BLOGGER day? not asking for anything free, but a day, where those that appreciate you and your blog get a chance to meet, bond, and tell you, in person, how much we love this opportunity to share with our fellow fans. -Dawn

I’m all for that Dawn!
p.s. I’m still Bethany (bconrad), but just signed in under my yahoo address now.

As for our Sox, looking forward to a little ALCS rematch this upcoming series. Hopefully we’ll get back on track here tomorrow, no doubt in my mind. Losses happen, just take it for what its worth and move on.

Hey Scott, I remember last year a member of the Sox staff had a freak accident in which his house exploded (I want to say Alan Thomas but I’m not sure). I recall nobody was injured but the home was decimated. I hope Alan’s back on his feet rebuilding and his family’s well. Please give us an update and if there’s anything we fans can do to help him out. As maria and many others have proven we may not be the wealthiest fan base but we are the most compassionate (unless your a Cubs fan, we reserve a special amount of toxic vitriol in our hearts for our northern brethren).

I really hope we stick it to Anaheim this weekend. I remember the constant back and forth during the ALCS between our fans and their fans and how bitter and accusatory they were (except for malibucouple, they were nice). And since I don’t gotta wake up at 5:30am tomorrow, I might make it through the entire game tonight. Let’s get em fellas.

What a catch by Jermaine!

palehoses…it was Alan Thomas whose house exploded….As far as I know,he is doing just fine,and I also think is very grateful to the “higher authority” that his life and others were spared in that tragedy….
Thinking of that,Scott,and still thinking of the contest for the guides,how about the possibility of thinking about the Sox organization who did the charitable thing is donating money for Alan to rebuild his home?(I’m actually grasping at straws with this one,because I can’t think of another instance that would qualify…)

As to last night’s adventure in SoCal….the home runs hit by Vlad the Impailer and by Jermaine the Good would have,as the old bromide goes,gone out of any park in the US…including Yosemite….

Also,don’t you love the way that Manchild(aka B Jenks)comes in throwing absolute gas,then drops that little bitty curve ball in….that’s how the adventure ended last night….However,I would be more careful with that stuff,Mr Jenks,because there always lies the possibility that one day some behemoth with a 36 inch,34 ounce piece of lumber in his hands will time one of those curve balls that don’t curve…and that batter will give that nickel curve a dime ride somewhere far,far away…..

To soxpride12….I should have recognized by your kind comments that it was you,Brittany,the other day when you and Dawn and Maria were(prematurely?)writing my obituary(unnecessary at this time,I think)concerning all the good I’ve done,trying to politic(hi,Dawn…I KNOW you’re not a charity case…)Mr Reifert(or was that a case of soft soaping?)into providing me with those guides….Does the fact that you’re now using your yahoo address indicate that you have graduated from North Park,or are you just done for the semester? If you did graduate,congratulations and best of luck in the real world…..

Unfortunately Tomquaid, I haven’t graduated but I check this email a lot more frequently then my NPU one! But thanks for the well wishes, they’ll come into play soon enough.

Great win last night, Jermaine played phenominally- hope his ribs are ok after that catch!

Looking forward to another good game tonight, but can’t wait for them to get back so the games are at a normal time again! (And I’m the college kid here, haha!)

Go Sox!

Oh yea, this is a QUICK post in relation to when the game ended…simply becasue this is as excited as I’ve been after a win since October 25h, 2006..for many reasons.

1.) Becasue that was a cheap shot at AJ, do these Angels not realize that it was Crede who smashed that double to score AJ? It was their catcher who rolled the ball back? All AJ did was run- get over it! (AJ’s my favorite player..can you tell?)

2.) Thome hit his 440th, the fastest Sox player to get to 10 in a season…congratulations to him!

3.) Our big man, Jose. I’m just elated for him. He is pitching phenominally, I can’t say enough about him.

4.) It was just a great 1 run win tonight- we grinded that one out…great game.

Ok, enough of my rant. I can rest easy tonight- they sure came to play tonight. Thanks Sox!

You’re right on all counts Brittany but #3 is what’s got me so excited. There is no pitcher in either league as dominating as Jose right now. When you look back to last year and the walk-issue he had, it’s hard to believe this is the same pitcher. I remember people like Ozzie and Coops talking about Jose having the best stuff on the staff and I used to think it was hyperbole used to boost Jose’s confidence. Now I see it’s nothing short of the truth. Jose is the man. Great game.

Gotta agree… All of our pitchers have great stuff, but Jose is the man on fire. And the fact that things are clicking for him and he doesn’t have to rely on the forkball(although when it’s on, it’s a thing of beauty) he’s just tearing it up. Also, can not say enough about the defense we’ve seen from Crede, Uribe and Iguchi. What an infield. Also, although BAs bat isn’t where it could be, his defense in center field is fairly amazing. I think Aaron left a bit of himself out there =). -Dawn

Garland…UGH!!!! He’s gotta step up or bring in the Kid – McCarthy. Garland looks dead out there!!! How many chances are we gonna give this guy already?!! (just gave up lead off walk in the 7th!!!)

If anyone is looking for a definition of how to play Ozzie’s grinder ball; watch a replay of today’s game. Huge effort, and how sweet it is to sweep the Angels.

Who was watching the game Friday night and saw the fan holding the sign that read “Sox Cheat”??

Fans likes these, pitchers like Escobar…they sure make this weekends sweep that much better- so thanks!

Looking ahead- we have Javy and Buehrle on the mound against the Indian, lets keep rollin!

hiya guys! long time no post. did you miss me? the Sox are playing great, it’s a good thing that spring training doesn’t count in the standings or we would still be below kc. as good as we are right now, did you notice that the tigers beat the twinkies three games by a combined score of 33-1? who are those guys? and when will they fade? good to talk to you all again, j.k.(tucson)

Hey, JK!! Welcome back to our AZ contingent! Was wondering where you were. Personally, in the long run, I’m more concerned about the Indians than Detroit. Can’t really explain why, but I just think that Detroit will come back to earth before long. Twinkies are no longer what they were…. First sweep of the Angels in LA since 92. That does my heart good =) Glad to see Widger breaking out. And for my money, you don’t get much better of a bench player than Ozuna. Whenever, whatever you need, he always seems to come through in the clutch! Hope he realizes how much we value him.

Hey, just wondering if anyone else has seen this or I’m just imagining things… Just saw a baseball themed Twix commercial where the umpire gets distracted while eating a Twix and misses a homerun that hits the foul pole. But the announcer is for sure Ed Farmer doing his classic “It’s a goner!” call. Don’t know if its really him, but sure sounds like it.


What a series, what a series. I loved what our left-handers in the bullpen provided this weekend (Thorton looked strong and Cotts got his first save). Onward to the Jake.

Anyone else hear about Freddy testing positive for marijuana during the WBC? That’s hilarious. From what I understand, that has no bearing on the MLB so he can’t be suspended. Better reefer than roids, no?

Let’s get after the Tribe tonight fellas!

palehoses…I hadn’t heard about this… just looked all over and still can’t find anything on it… If it’s true, I can’t imagine Ozzie would be thrilled.

The ballots are in,and the winner of Jerk Of The Month for April is….(drum roll)Kelvim Escobar of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(Azusa and Cucamonga)…Those plays occured LAST YEAR,DUMMY….Life is too short to carry grudges any more….unless you’re YOU….Scioscia handled the situation better than his player did…
Now,to pay for the sins committed in a past life,the boys had to travel all night from SoCal to….CLEVELAND???


jklein…best to stay inside for the next few days,my friend…I see by the weather reports that Arizona is currently ROASTING HOT!….So boot up the computer to the website if you have the TV package,sit back,open a few cold ones and enjoy the action at the Jake…and don’t forget,WS Universe…tomorrow’s game is a brunch special….12 noon Eastern Time,11 AM(Yikes!)normal(Central)time…and somewhere around 9AM where brother Klein is….

Now,as to the Cuban horse(Contreras),Mr Reifert,I would like to nominate him for the most charitable act for Sox fans(remember the guides raffle?),because he delights them,causes them great deals of satisfaction and is responsible for more people wanting to see him work every four days….
I don’t know if this will work or not,but as has been well documented here,I am “desperate”to receive those press guides….

Why do I love this blog.. 1) great inside info on our beloved sox straight from the horse’s mouth (or Mr. Reifert’s keyboard, anyway); 2) a chance to converse with, mostly, intelligent, informed fellow fans; 3) the smile that crosses my face on a daily basis thanks to the wit of the many faithful posters… =)

Scott, you don’t have to say anything, but you passed on my advice about the itineraries, didn’t you? I told you it would pay off.

Hey Tom,

Just so you don’t think I only post when we are winning .. lol

Guess I took a good time to be on vacation while our bullpen turned into the proverbial gascan …

Congrats on taking it to the competition and getting off to a good start (yet again). I can only thank the lucky stars we aren’t as far back as last year😉

Hopefully we’ll hold serve at home and take the two game set or at least get a split. It is still early but a sweep by you guys could bury us very early.

As always good luck, but not too much of it of course😉


P.S. This division does look like it will be a dogfight by more than 2 if Detroit keeps it up and Minnesota recovers (although I am doubting this right now).

I agree, deanklub, about the division’s competiveness. I still think Minnesota’s got a good squad. I don’t think their pitching staff is going to stay so horrible. And Detroit’s pitching is quickly catching up with their hitting.

Let’s start with the positive…Looking good at 5-0 in the 6th. The negative.. we’ve seen people complain about the games on WCIU, and the horrible quality/reception. The game tonight on CLTV is every bit as bad, if not worse. Haven’t seen a picture like this since I was a kid and we had rabbit ears trying to get reception on the UHF stations!!

If the goal of the guys was to get us all on the edge of our seats tonight…to make it interesting- than they did their job well! RELIEVED to pull that one off!

Great job to Scotty Pods tonight, 4 hits and 4 stolen bases- I’d say thats a good night!

And also a special mention to Pablo- second night in a row he stole in the 9th, and although we couldn’t get him in tonight, he deserves props for doing his job out there.

A quick turnaround for tomorrow, hopefully the guys will get some sleep, get another W, and get home to us already!

hey guys, just back from a great dinner at red lobster, the king crab was supurb! and that comes from a guy who is from new orleans. anyway, great game tonight guys. i’m worried about McCarthy, though, he has had three bad outings in a row, but we still won. thanks for the good thoughts about our weather Tom Q, but it is a dry heat and it isn’t really hot until it reaches 110 or so. i will take this over Chitown’s temp any day. or at least at this part of the year. Go Sox, talk to you all again real soon. j.k. ( call me john) tucson.

Yeah I’m a fan of king crab too john. It felt extra special to stick it to the Tribe in light of the frosty reception Thome recieved. I don’t think the majority of Indians fans think like that, but the bums in attendance last night sure did. Great performance from Javier and Bobby was electric with that curve he kept dropping. Let’s finish the job tonight fellas…I mean today

First of all,to those fans,and I use the word loosely,at Cleveland who dissed Thome last night…(and with apologies to the late Don Mc Neill)

So that is how the Indians faithful reacted at “Sock-It”Thome’s first time,and subsequent times at bat?

Disrespectful,says WS Universe…How dare they? says WS Universe….”Frosty reception” writes palehoses….Quaid says…Who’s s**ttin whom?

There are some out there,sequestered,who did the SAME **** thing to Magglio Ordonez when he came up the first time in a Tigers uniform at the Cell last season….

Forget the fact that Thome helped the Indians win numerous Central Division titles,as well as two AL pennants during his stay there….He’s in THEIR uniform now,not ours,so therefore…”BOO-OOO-OOO!”

There are fans who have the attention span of a five-year old(or a network TV vice president)…they are the ones to be avoided….at all times,at all costs….

By the way,John Klein…a couple of things…1)I think I misread the time zone for today’s encounter,as far as the good folks in Arizona are concerned…I believe it should be a little after 10 AM out there when the first pitch is thrown at the Jake,not 9AM as previously stated…2)You,sir,are posting the official Chamber of Commerce logic regarding the weather out that way…100 degrees,but it’s DRY HEAT….Yeah,it’s the same way in Hades,too…..

By the way,folks,I think that Mr Reifert will have a new post tomorrow when the boys come marching home after this three city sojourn…..

As well,to those people out there is WS Universe who were jumping off ship when they started off 1 and 4…and looking bad…I trust you’re taking a look now….17 wins in the last 20 games,the best record in MLB…’nuff said,eh?
Deanklub,hope you had a good vacation,pally…I can safely say that the way it looks now,the Tigers will fade as they eventually do,the Twins are now a shell of their former selves…but the Indians will be hounding the Champs all season long…unless Hafner breaks his leg,heaven forbid….

I, for one, never booed Maggs…I was sad and disappointed when he left, but it all worked out for the best (for us, anyway)..part of the “grand vision” of Ozzie and Kenny. One thing that REALLY gets me about the way fans treated Thome is that he didn’t jump from the Indians to the Sox..there was a little layover in Philly. Time for them to “get over it” already…

It’s great to see the Sox doing so well. Scotty P with all those stolen bases and the double steal! That is fun baseball! Is anyone else worried about our bullpen? Is there any news on how Dustin is doing? It’s too bad Thome got a cold reception from the fans. Makes me wonder how Frank will be recieved when the A’s come to town. I hope everyone will remember all he’s done for us. Yeah, he whined a bit after he left, but gave us years of great baseball. Hope we do better than the Tribe fans at showing some gratitude.

As far as fans booing former players, that’s their perogative. Maggs got booed and Frank will probably get his fair share of boos but fans gotta realize the business aspect of the game. So Thome left for more money, who wouldn’t leave their current job for a 20% pay increase? I know I would…Konerko’s the only person I can think of that avoided that temptation in recent years.

But booing Thome?!!? That’s like booing Mr. Rogers for wearing a cardigan. If they want to boo they should boo Martinez for allowing us and ever other team to run rampant on their basepaths. Or boo Boone for his evergrowing complex that compels him to cheap shot A.J. every chance he gets (granted A.J. did use his jersey as a doormat last year). Whatever the case this rivalry is getting more bitter and more acrimonious and I love it.

AMEN Palehoses! DJ mentioned it last night. There’s not a person who was booing that wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to boost their salary like he did. And how quickly they forget just how much Thome did for that team and that city… He played a major part in bring that team from the dregs of MLB. Boo Bond, Boo anyone in a Yankees uniform, but Thome? Everything I’ve seen and heard says that this man is nothing but a class act =)

Does Brian Anderson know what first base even feels like??!! Just wondering since he stands on it so few times!!–UGH!!

No execuses today folks, we simply left too many men on base, 11! The opportunities were certainly there. Buehrle was not at his best and that will happen. Need a little home cookin’. We’ll sweep SEA and KC.

You would hope so,bc….there are going to be games like this one,and last night’s an awful lot over the next few months….
Final word about booing and the fans….As I’ve stated before,boo the uniform,if you must…but,in most cases,not the person who is wearing the uniform….unless it’s “Barely”Bonds,or Albert”Joey” Belle,or some other form of vermin such as that…..

Barely Bonds…that’s great tomquaid. We had a wretched one today but we still got the split. Two game series are so bizarre, top it off with an 11:00am start, I think we would of been better just hitting the snooze a couple more times this morning. Mark was in full-blown REM sleep the first inning but like bc said, that will happen, no cause for concern. Overall a really good road trip. I hope Widger’s allright, I’m suprised more catchers don’t get hit with bats, what with all these free-swingin’, base-covering players today. Boone Logan is a real interesting pitcher, I look forward to seeing what he develops into.

Oh! We also had a Gload sighting today. Let’s get after ’em tomorrow Freddy.

Well put palehoses…I agree completly.

Anxious to welcome the guys back tomorrow. Scott, we miss you!

Tomquaid, you humor is priceless always. I believe that it adds to this blog immensely….helps us all out if you will…which is very KIND. Media guides for Tomquaid?!!?

(I’m trying here..hahaha)


That was a tough one yesterday. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Buerhle off his game before. Being the consummate professional that he is, I know he’ll be fine. Stranding all those runners didn’t help us offensively. Time to start the next winning streak!! I’m starting to worry about Mr. Reifert. It’s been a week since we had a post. Hope all is well!!

Hey Tom, etal,

Glad to see we got at least a split. That Monday game was a real ugly game; at least we came back and made a game of it.

Good to see Sabathia come back and look pretty decent (I only caught a few innings of the replay on ESPN at midnight last night). I was also encouraged that we hit Buerhle fairly well (now twice), especially Hafner since his numbers were pretty dreary against him before yesterday. Hopefully we’ll stay within striking distance and make a fun summer out of the AL Central fight.

Also, I wanted to make a few comments regarding the Thome booing issue.

First off, Thome was my favorite Indian from the 90s, I even have a bp jersey of his. I don’t think I would have booed him at the game, but I sure wouldn’t have cheered him. I would have kept my hands on my beer.

The main reason he is being booed of course is because he is now playing for our main rival. I suspect had he returned in a Yankee or BoSox uniform it would’ve been about the same. Any other team, he would have still been been booed, but not as loudly I think.

And truthfully, he deserves a little bit of it. When he left for Philly, it was because he got a sixth year guaranteed by Philly and we only offered him 5 years. Now normally, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, free agents move all the time for the money. But for the last two years of his deal, he plainly stated that he wanted to finish his career in Cleveland (I think one of his comments was “they are gonna have to rip this jersey off my back”). It was this stance he took that ticked off the faithful. For the diehard fans, the other thing that caused grief was that he refused to be traded in the last year of his deal when we could have gotten some very good players/prospects for him. This was again because of his desire to finish his career as an Indian. Then for him to leave in the offseason … well you know that turned out.

Just wanted to give some perspective, sorry for the long post😉

See you guys Memorial day weekend (I’ll check in a few times before now n then tho😉 )


well, everyone, better late than never. i drive up to phoenix every tuesday to visit my 92 year old Dad, and as a result i missed the day( morning game). and just for clarification, Tom, it did start at 9 am. we don’t believe in daylight saving time here, so there is a three hour time difference from the east, basically, just think of us as part of california untin the end of october. after i checked the game box, i was glad i missed this one. tonight i’ll be watching on as i do, unless the game is on wgn. as far as the heat goes, it really isn’t that bad, or maybe we just get used to it after awhile. i did notice that there are still a lot of illinois plates driving I-10, so some of my midwestern brothers ( and sisters Dawn) are still enjoying our weather. that’s about all i got, except, has anyone heard from Manausa? he was a regular on this blog last year, but i don’t recall seeing a post from him this year yet. Go Sox, later…j.k.

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