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Wednesday, May 3, 2006, 4:23 pm

Chris Widger

Saw Chris as he walked in and asked him how he felt.  He said fine and looked to be feeling OK.  I told him it sounded scary on TV and he said the guys in the bullpen said they heard it.  "I didn’t hear a thing," Wid said. 

"Yeah, except the bells," I replied.

Jermaine Dye

Was receiving treatment on his calf from Herm Schneider.


Had a chance to review all your recent comments on this blog.  We did pretend that our west coast trip actually took us through central illinois and into eastern iowa.

Also, Dawn, I appreciate your idea of trying to hold a group event before a game later this year.  How much interest is there and I will try to organize in my free time …

Good Story

From a Sox staffer who lives near the Ritz downtown … as he was leaving his condo, the doormen stopped him to look at his World Series ring.  Who is standing there in a White Sox hat but Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat (in town for the playoffs).  He came over and checked out the ring bling.


Definite interest in a group event. What a great idea!

Very interested in a group event.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.. provided I’m in town. If there’s anything I can do to help coordinate or track RSVPs or such, please let me know!!! -Dawn

Count me in for a group event.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m in.

what a good game tonight guys! this was early playoff intensity. Freddie looked real good, and what can you say about Crede! even on, i enjoyed every minute. the funny thing about computer baseball is that the broadcast started out with Hawk and DJ but blanked out in the 2nd and when i got it back, i had the seatle crew. oh well, we won. later all…. j.k.

p.s i might have to fly out to join your event Dawn. sounds like a good idea. i’m still miffed though that no one took me up on my offer of free beer at spring training. maybe next year. j.k.

Between Pablo’s heroics, Crede’s grand salami and Brian Anderson’s top 10 play diving catch, I’d say I’m a happy camper with that win!

Great job to Bobby as well for a solid pitching performance out there… and Freddy as well.

I’m definitly in by the way!

JK. I sooo wanted to go to spring training. Instead, for work, I get to experience 2 days in Phoenix in June… And, if you make the trip, I’ll buy you the first beer!! Sounds like we have quite a bit of interest already. That’s 7 in a matter of a few hours, not including friends/significant others. BTW, Scott, do the players know about/ever read (yeah, I know, in their spare time?) the blog? Just curious!

I would go to a group event.

Group event would be nice. I don’t post much but I follow everyone else’s comments.

A group event would be great. I don’t post much but I read this daily. Thanks for all your hard work, Scott!

would love to go to a group event – I read you daily. Not much of a poster.
who picked the date for the field of dreams golf outing? I’m a school teacher and have to go back to work on 8/28. Hard to call in sick on the first day of the year.

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