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Wednesday, May 3, 2006, 2:16 pm

Back in the Saddle

Sorry to disappear for a while again. 

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Uribe, SS; Gload, RF.  Garcia pitching.

Return of the King(s)

Talk around the water cooler, in chat rooms and even in our clubhouse continued to focus on Jim Thome’s reception Monday night in Cleveland.

Many called it the worst they have ever experienced.  Guys had been giving Jim **** for a week leading up to Monday about how nice his reception would be, how it would be a love-in of a homecoming.  The results were just the opposite.

Someone came up with a great idea for tonight.  Our fans should welcome Jim back with a standing ovation … the one he did not receive in Cleveland.  I bet he will acknowledge the fans.

Carl Everett also returns tonight for the first time since the 2005 World Series.  Fans on-line were debating how he should be received after dissing the team and organization this spring.  I tend to agree with those fans who point out that any member of the World Champion team should never be booed at U.S. Cellular Field.  At most, they should be met with indifference.

So the other question is how will White Sox fans receive Frank Thomas on May 22 when he returns as a member of the Oakland Athletics?  What do you guys think will happen/or should happen?  Let me know …


Tickets remain for all games on this homestand, but they are going fast for the Royals series.  If you are planning to come to one of the games this weekend, buy now, don’t wait.

Ring Raffle

Raffle tickets for the World Series Ring Raffle are available.  Sales are steady, so we suggest you buy now rather than wait until July when the raffle ends.  Ticket sales are limited to 100,000 and three lucky fans will win.  Proceeds go to Chicago White Sox Charities.


Hey Scott,
I wanted to comment on the reception for Frank Thomas. I’m actually worried about it because the LAST thing Sox fans should do is boo Frank Thomas. First of all, we aren’t Cubs fans. They boo if their pitcher strikes out. We shouldn’t boo our players no matter what they do. They don’t come to our offices and boo when we mess up a file or whatever. I dislike the booing for any reason. Secondly, Frank Thomas was one of the best things to happen to the White Sox in the past 15 years. He was sooooo good for our team for so long and for us to be ungrateful now that he has moved on is ridiculous. He was FORCED to move on. We can’t really expect him to be thrilled about it. His comments were unnecessary and I wish he never said them because I always want to remember Frank as the Big Hurt and belting home runs, not a guy who is annoyed with our GM. However, despite his comments, we should cheer him when he returns. He helped us win the World Series and he was fantastic for the White Sox for so long. I think most fans wish him luck on Oakland and want to see him do well (except when he plays us). So don’t boo, fans, cheer him and remember what he meant to us.

Erica, Glendale Hts

Big Frank should get a nice standing ovation.

Thanks for the updates, Scott. Without a doubt Thome deserves a big Chicago welcome tonight as do all former members of the 2005 World Championship team including the Truth-o-saurus tonight! Scott- a great article was emailed to me about you that I’ll share the link below… Congrats – great story! Go Sox! http://www.muscatinejournal.com/articles/2006/05/01/news/doc4456256b53538309988581.txt

I think a few fans will boo Frank which is unfortunate, but I think most Sox fans are intelligent enough to realize all he contributed to the team. As I said before, yeah he dissed the team and yeah he wasn’t always perceived as a team player, but he did contribute alot over his tenure and made baseball exciting on the south side when there wasn’t much to be excited about. I hope the fans will remember that. I hope those at the game tonight follow your lead and give big Jim a standing O to show him OUR appreciation of him!! As for dinasaur man, I wouldn’t boo him either. As others said he did contribute to our first championship in decades. Let’s hope Freddy and the boys get us back on track tonight. I see BA sitting out tonight. I really hope the kid can get it together. I think Ozzie is giving him every opportunity. I hope he can find his groove before he goes down. How long do you guys think a rookie needs??

When Frank returns, I’ll be standing and cheering. Despite his parting comments, I respect him as a player and as a person.

I’ve said it on this blog before: My personal belief is that booing says more about the “booer” than the “booee”. (Webster is rolling over in his grave right now.) Remember mom’s sage advice: “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything.”

Highly publicized incidents in recent years don’t reflect kindly on us Sox fans, even though those events were the result of a few bad apples. I’d love to see that reputation obliterated, and hope that Frank’s reception shows everyone that this IS a first-class organization… right down to its fans.

I bought some tickets for the Ring Raffle. It’s a great idea to include the fans in the championship, and to support White Sox Charities. However, I was concerned to see that my purchase was charged to MLB. I hope MLB is not taking a cut from the proceeds – all the proceeds should go to the Charities, or the Sox should clarify what percentage is going to MLB. Thanks.

Anyone who has put in as much time and energy into playing for a team as Frank Thomas has should be welcomed back, despite the bitterness with which he left. He’s doing well in Oakland and we’re doing well without him. I say let it go.

Scott, any update on Chris Widger? He feeling okay?

Nice job – I love these “insider” posts and behind the scenes stuff. As for Thome, they should give him a standing “O” just for how he’s hitting. He’s single-handedly carrying my Roto team right now. I’m adding you to my fav blogs list!

I have to agree. While I’m not crazy about the comments made by Frank when he left, but then, I’m not privvy to the things that happened at that time. However, we CAN NOT forget all the things he did for us.

I had to run the tivo back to see what I thought I saw. When Thome was up in the seventh inning, the camera from the third base side of home plate was on him. As he stepped out of the batter’s box, I could see a cleveland “fan” in an white jersey giving a salute to Thome numerous times. The one with without a middle digit, but with a fist raised while grabbing at your elbow. What class, I hope he’s proud of himself for that.

I can’t imagine Frank Thomas being booed in a White Sox stadium for any reason. Truly, it boggles the mind to think that, after so many great years, Chicago fans would boo Thomas. Just like it boggled my mind to see Thome get that treatment in Cleveland. I always thought Indians fans were great baseball fans, fans of the game not necessarily of particular players who may come and go. I was disappointed to see (or hear) his reception, especially since he didn’t just jump from there to the Sox. Its not like a Red Sox/Damon/Yankees love triangle situation. Players come, Players go. It may break our hearts (I still miss Aaron Rowand!) but when someone has given so much of their time and their best efforts to a team (or a City) booing should be the last thing people do.

I agree with Scott that we should give Jim Thome the loudest and longest ovation of his career. One that should drown out the bush league sounds from Cleveland. As for Thomas and Everett, if you don’t feel that they deserve a warm welcome, then sitting on your hands sould work. BUT NO BOOING! WE ARE NOT CUB FANS!

Not sure if my previous post got read, so I’ll try again here.

I don’t condone boorish behavior at the ballpark, but booing can be ok.

Like I said before, I am a huge Thome fan, but as much as I like the guy, I wouldn’t cheer for him in Cleveland now, I wouldn’t boo, but if someone paid for a ticket, they have the right to voice their displeasure (at least civilly with boos, NOT profanity or the middle finger salute as stated before).

The main reason he is being booed of course is because he is now playing for our main rival (although he di not leave directly to Chi, he had a no trade clause and authorized the deal to Chi). I suspect had he returned in a Yankee or BoSox uniform it would’ve been about the same. Any other team, he would have still been been booed, but not as loudly I think.

And truthfully, he deserves a little bit of it. When he left for Philly, it was because he got a sixth year and more $$ guaranteed by Philly and we only offered him 5 years. Now normally, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, free agents move all the time for the money. But during his last two years of his previous deal, he plainly stated that he wanted to finish his career in Cleveland (I think one of his comments was “they are gonna have to rip this jersey off my back”). It was this stance he took that ticked off the faithful when he left. For the diehard fans, the other thing that caused grief was that he refused to be traded in the last year of his deal when we could have gotten some very good players/prospects for him. This was again because of his desire to finish his career as an Indian. Then for him to leave in the offseason and all we got was draft picks … well you know that turned out.

The comparison to Thomas isn’t quite the same since Frank left at the very end of his career, Thome left at his peak. Try comparing it to Konerko leaving after his killer year last year for one extra year on his deal and a few extra million per year. Had he signed with the Angels (or even the Tribe – it wouldn’t have happened though), I doubt he’d get a rousing ovation.

Also, take into account if he’d left before you won a championship. I think the pain would be that much greater. A championship definitely would ease the pain.

There are no doubt, factors we are not aware of in these “dealings” between players and teams. Maybe the Indians reneged on something ?
All you can really do is base your opinion on what you can actually see and in Thome I see a great player and a great teammate. Not someone that deserves that kind of booing.

I’ll be cheering Frank Thomas heavily for the 15 years of great entertainment he gave me !

We bought tickets early on for the Oakland series in order to give Frank a warm reception. I hope everyone else does the same. I will be dissappointed if he is booed.

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