Postgame Reax from the Interview Room

Wednesday, May 3, 2006, 10:39 pm

Ozzie Guillen on Pablo Ozuna

On the HR to tie the game …

"We just were hoping for a single, stolen base and then figured we would take a shot with Uribe.  I’m not that smart.

"The last at-bat from him is the way people should play the game.  To take the extra base like he did, you need to do it from the go-get, as soon as you leave the batter’s box.

"To me, it’s exciting to see this guy play.  That’s the way Pablo plays.  He hustles and plays hard."

Pablo Ozuna on the home run and scoring the winning run

"As soon as I hit the ball, I realized the second baseman and center fielder were slow to the all and decided to take a chance.

on his first career home run …

"I had been ready to go since the fourth inning because I knew there were a lot of left-handers in their bullpen.  I just wanted to swing the bat and hit the ball hard somewhere.  I was looking for a pitch to hit in the strike zone.  I got it.  I knew it was gone when I hit it.

"It was my best moment personally.  I was excited I did my job."

Juan Uribe on his game-winning hit

"I was glad.  The AB before, I tried to do too much.  I knew the CF was deep and knew the ball had a chance to drop in. 

"I tried to calm myself down before the AB and just try to put the ball in play.  When you put the ball in play, good things can happen.

"Personally, Ozzie Guillen has pushed me to be all that I can be, which is an every day player in the major leagues.  I really like that he pushes me and rides me because it pays off."


I think I said this a few days ago…. Is there a better bench player in the league these days than Pablo Ozuna? Whatever is asked of him, whenever it’s matter what role, he does it with all he’s got. I can’t tell you how I felt when he hit his first major league HR in the bottom of the 9th…Like a proud parent almost..I knew he had it in him. Then his double in the 11th…UNBELIEVABLE!! Again, I hope he realizes how much he’s needed and valued. WHAT A GAME!!!

Couldn’t have said it better than myself. I was just telling my buddy that he is clearly our “unsung hero” thus far- probably of the entire league as well. He should be proud of what he’s bringing to this club, day in and day out!

I saw a post the other day asking about a new Twix commercial on TV. Andrew clearly has a good ear, but was slightly off. The Twix commercial is definitely the familiar, friendly voice of one John Rooney. I would recognize that “It’s a Goner!!!” anywhere. It makes me a little sad seeing the commercial, but it’s still great to see Rooney get some public exposure.


About Wednesday night: Seeing Pablo hit his first major league home run and then score the game-winning run really thrilled me. Everybody on this team is a star. Every game has enough drama, suspense, and heartwarming moments to be the basis for a movie (or at least a made-for-TV movie!).

Being away at college, I dont get Sox games on either WCIU or CSN Plus, but Carl Everett was my fav on last years championship team, and i kno he popped off to the newspapers this past winter, therefore I lost some respect for him. Anyways, how was he reception for him last night?

Dear Pablo,

Thank you for saving me from my 4th “mismanagement of pitchers” defeat this year.

You see, I have a problem. Instead of basing my pitching changes on the efficacy of a pitcher, I mindlessly change pitchers based on whether the hitter is right or left handed. Last night, for example, Matt Thorton was throwing very well. Hitters were barely touching his 98 mph fastball; Bloomquist merely dribbled a grounde through the infield.

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. A right handed hitter against Thorton? God forbid, I said! Better to put in Cliff Politte, a right hander, I thought. Never mind the fact that Politte has been consistently hit hard (including his last performance, when the outs he got were line drives). The predictable result: a four run lead down the drain.

Pablo, I don’t know how to manage pitchers. When I think pitchers need to be “saved,” it’s really I who need the saving. AND you did just that. Thanks again.


Enough already of your Hate Ozzie propaganda. You only post to complain. Quit raining on the parade already. We know you don’t like Ozzie.

ditto. No manager is perfect, and when even the East Coast “homers” on ESPN praise him and his managing abilities. I guess I’m confused. He’s only given us a WS Championship in his second year, and has us with the best record in baseball right now. Unless you’re saying that it’s ALL about the players, and he has no impact whatsoever… In my eyes, I’d say he’s doing something right.

What a game!

Has anyone heard about the games on WCIU26 being broadcast in high-def? I heard Steve Dahl talk about it on his show but could not find a high-def broadcast on Comcast cable. Having to watch such a great game with such a cr#ppy signal is… well ok, it was still awesome, but HD (or even a halfway decent picture) would be nice.

WIth all Ozuna’s heroics I hope Brian Anderson’s catch is not overlooked. Where did that closing speed come from? There was no way I thought he could get to that ball. I’m not sure that cheap shot artist in minnesota could have gotten that. It too bad every day eddie doesn’t pitch against us every day.

One more thing-if you haven’t, get tickets to the Family Field Day. I went last year, it is a BLAST.

What an exciting game!! I know it was only Crede’s second grand slam ever, but when he was up I felt like it was a sure thing. And good for Pablo!! It’s fun to watch him run!


For my failure to qualify as a sycophant like yourself, I promise to submit myself to the ultimate punishment: today, I will listen to Chris Singleton’s radio “broadcast!. In the meantime, would you please consider applying for his job? It sounds as if you have the most important qualifcation.

You sure are showing your true colors.

I’m here in California and I was unable to hear the game. Can somebody please post something about the crowd acceptance/reaction to Thome and Everett.


Sorry, weedenft..I was listening to the radio broadcast at the time, and couldn’t determine the reaction…

Above first base, I heard only some soft booing–nothing too much–and no cheering, though given Everett’s average, I surely was happy about his being in the batter’s box.

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