Thursday Pregame

Thursday, May 4, 2006, 11:06 am

Today’s Lineup (same as yesterday)

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Uribe, SS; Gload, RF; Contreras on the mound.

Jeez, what does a guy like Pablo Ozuna need to do to get in the lineup?


So helpful me goes into the clubhouse this morning and erases the lineup off the grease board because it is the same one as last night.

I go and find Joey.

"Hey," I say, "no one updated the board so I erased it."

"It’s the same lineup," he said.  "You’re going to owe me for this one."

And he re-wrote the lineup.


Crazy Game

Amazing, isn’t it, how sometimes you win games but they feel like you lost and sometimes you lose games but they feel like victories?

After last night’s wild game — each team tried to win and lose that game multiple times — I am glad today is a day game.  Let’s get Seattle back on the field while they are still thinking about last night.

Go Bulls

Many of the Sox coaches and players are heading to the UC after today’s game to catch Game 6 of the Bulls/Heat.  Ozzie always wants to be close to the action, so he and Harold will be near the court.  Everyone else will be taking the game in from the suites.


To both Joe Goddard and Ron Rapoport, who are retiring from the Sun-Times after decades of service.

Joe was one of the original beat writers when I began in 1991.  There was a time when the baseball beat was the prize at any paper.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.  The baseball beat is a Antietam
lot of work … 162 games, spring training, travel, no real offseason … that younger reporters now do it for a few years before moving on to something easier or in hopes of becoming a columnist.

Joe is among the last of a breed of guys who covered baseball year and year.  They knew the industry and had better sources than anyone else.  There are very few of those lifers left.

To Ron and Joe, enjoy the well-deserved retirement.  For Ron, it sounds like sun and books.  For Joe, I know retirement means gardening and visiting Civil War battlefields to walk through history.



BA’s diving catch made SportsCenter’s Top 10 =) We had great defense last year, but some of the plays this year have just been outstanding!!

Mmmmm..I don’t think you are at fault for erasing the line-up. Someone tell me the last time Ozzie put the same exact line-up and batting order on the field 2 days in a row? It feels like “never” of late–but perhaps I’m wrong.

Good Morning,WS Universe…Last night,we had the agony and the extacy…First off,the extacy(if I’m spelling it wrong,like Farmer says,don’t write me about it…)Did anyone else flash back to Game Two of the World Series last October,same inning,different batter(Konerko),same result…

After the celebration,for a ball that JUST MADE IT over the 375 mark in LCF(picky,ain’t I?),the bullpen gave us the agony by blowing the lead for Garcia,who did throw his best game so far in’06….but then,we return to the extacy of Pablo “Ozuna then Later”(I’m starting to channel Chris Berman–I think I’ll hit myself in the head with a fungo bat for that….)putting one out to tie it up again….Then,the 11th inning…The double occured because Ibanez in LF was guarding the Dan Ryan El stop,Ichiro was in the south parking lot and Jeremy Reed was someplace beyond the confines of the Cell….In other words,the M’s outfielders were TOO FAR BACK….Ozuna took advantage of that,and hustled it out to a two bagger…Then,the little parachute that dropped in amongst three lost sheep in LCF,and THIS BALLGAME IS IN THE BOOK!

And if I had a cigarette out,and was able to smoke out out on the ramp by Section 3,I would have used the back of Hargrove’s neck to light that bad boy….I’m sure the”Human Rain Delay”was a barrel of laughs all the way back to the hotel on the bus….

Onto other business….weedenft,the treatment given Thome in Cleveland was,in the words of the followers of this site,”surprising”concerning the paasion on the booing side….deanklub,your points were very valid…but,it’s over and done with,Clevelanders…deal with it….You folks can’t even get mad at the folks who did not consumate the deal,because I believe most of them are gone….Frank THomas and the A’s will be in town in 17 days,on the 21st,right after the first of the Cubs series….talk about fans who will be emotionally wrought after those occurences…the “Big Hurt” following the….no,it’s too cheap and easy of a laugh….

Gee Scott erasing the lineup board lol….didn’t get a chance to see the game last night because I’m still at school another week and here in Macomb we don’t get WCIU. Will get to watch the tail end of the game today. And in response to people booing former players. Its ok to boo former players if they hit a hr or somethin against you. But one should not boo Frank, he was part of the organization for years, and helped us for a long time. We should not be like Indian, Cubs, and Red Sox fans where we boo players that helped the team so much. GO SOX

I don’t think ANYBODY will boo Aaron when/if he ever plays back at US Cellular. BUT, Frank will likely hear boo birds, because of his parting words. I will be there on the night of May 22, but I will not be numbered among the “boo-zos”. I do appreciate Frank’s body of work for the Sox, and chalk up the “talk” to “That’s just Frank” as we did when he played for us.

Maybe Mackowiak can share a little time with Pablo, huh?

Team is LOOKING GOOD! I just saw a commercial for Grinder Rule #69. Great plays being shown..then it says “There’s always”..they a freeze shot of the great play Iguchi made a few weeks ago, then “THIS year:..a few more shots, and “And LAST year”. One of my favorite spots thus far. I’d gush a bit more about the bench play, but I’ve said it enough. What the more. GREAT play by Mackowiak in the 9th…and Way to grab another W Jose!!

Joe Crede’s catch today… amazing! I saw it firsthand at the game, but still watched the replay several times on Unbelievable.

I love Ed Farmers broadcasts, but can someone remind him the details of Game 2 of the World Series? In two recent broadcasts, he talked about Paul K.’s grand slam. He said both times that the Sox trailed 4-1 when he hit the slam. That isn’t correct. I was there. The score was 4-2. Paulie put us ahead 6-4. The Astros tied it in the ninth and we won on Scott P.’s walk-off homer in the ninth. What memories!

Terry Housholder,

Kendallville, IN

Its never a bad day when it includes being at a White Sox Winner and a Bulls playoff game (even though they couldn’t pull it off…but an incredible end never the less.)!

Jose was again, phenominal. And Crede’s catch was cluth and also hilarious.

Saw all of the guys tonight at the UC…Ozzie was in fact close while all the guys were hangin out in the suite.

Now its off to keeping this homestand rollin…go Sox!

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