Happy Cinqo de Mayo

Friday, May 5, 2006, 2:51 pm

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Cintron, SS; Gload, RF; Garland, RHP.

Don’t Blow Our Secret

We have a little surprise planned for Ozzie Guillen today, so please, don’t spoil it. 

Ozzie went to the BBWAA dinner this winter in New York to "accept" his manager of the year trophy.  Only they didn’t have a trophy ready for him yet.

So since, Ozzie has been griping, mostly in fun, that he was manager of the year and didn’t get (blank).

On the last road trip a package arrived for me … his trophy.  Initially, I was going to head into his office and drop it off.  But then I thought there was no way I could stop with that.

So tonight, at 4:50 pm as the team stretches in the outfield and Ozzie meets with the media, a charter bus with the words "Ozzie’s Bus" is going to pull onto the warning track in center field.  The scoreboard and video board will congratulate Ozzie Guillen on being the 2005 American League Manager of the Year, and AJ Pierzynski will get off the bus and deliver Ozzie’s trophy to him with pomp and circumstance. 

Let’s see if we can pull this off.

Victor’s Welcome

As Pablo Ozuna entered the United Center to join his teammates in watching the Bulls playoff game, fans recognized the super sub and began chanting his name.

More Later …


That’s great that Pablo is finally getting some recognition. He signed a bunch of autographs before the game and everyone was congratulating him.

Aw man, I’m going to the game tonight – too bad you couldn’t present Ozzie his trophy in front of the fans. You’ll have to give us details on how it goes.

Hope it goes well. He deserves the aware and all the fanfare that goes with it. What a job he has done!!! Good to see Pablo getting his due, as well!! I feel a W in sight =) GO SOX!

Well,Dawn….your magic touch didn’t necessarily work last night….but,as the old bromide goes…Any team can beat any other team at any time…and Friday night was the Royals time…Uou’re not going to have magic every night…Hopefully,it will be different tonight…
Now,as to the “secret”presentation to the manager…The bus is a brilliant idea…whomever came up with it,congratulations…Maybe you folks can use the bus to take the trophy around to the remaining locations on the tour….

One last thing,Scott…could you remind your main radio play-by-play man that his new partner was not the first to hit for the cycle with the White Sox…I believe that Ray Schalk,Alan Bannister and Carlton Fisk had accomplished that rare feat prior to Singleton and Valentin….I believe that the info is included in the media guide…One that I may(or may

NOT have in my posession at the end of this week and the end of the “contest”….We’ll see…..

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