Sunday in the Park

Sunday, May 7, 2006, 12:05 pm

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; Mack, RF; Uribe, SS; Widger, C; Anderson, CF; Buehrle, P.

International Reach

An employee here received an email from his friend showing a clothing store front window in Maastricht, The Netherlands.  Call it Sox appeal …



For those of you who weren’t in the ballpark, earlier in the week, Carl Everett received a very mixed reception from Sox fans, while Jim Thome received polite, but not overwhelming applause. 

We do have a pregame video planned for when Frank Thomas returns to USCF with Oakland on May 22.  Our game operations staff also has a one-time wrinkle planned that I think fans will enjoy.

WCIU Telecasts

You are correct in noticing that White Sox home games on WCIU are now available in HD.  In fact, all Sox home games — whether on WGN, Comcast or WCIU — are now in HD.

I made the jump to HD in July last year.  It is truly amazing for sporting events.  Other times, I catch myself and my kids watching HD programming we would never generally watch but the picture is just so compelling.  The other day, I was watching something like "A day in the life of the rain forest" when I had to catch myself.

Speaking of catches

People around here were still talking about Brian Anderson’s layout catch in center field the other night.  Amazing: 350K

AP Photo


Congratulations to our fans … we just sold out two early May games against the KC Royals.  Attendance for the three-game series against the Angels are strong.  Tickets do remain, so act quickly and act now.

Diversityinbusiness_1Self Promotion

Allow me to toot our own horn for a minute …

MLB and
have partnered to recognize America’s Best Diverse Suppliers, and the White Sox (and our top 10 suppliers) are featured.

We consistently rank among MLB’s leaders in dollars spent with minority and female-owned companies.

"It’s really simple," says chairman Jerry Reinsdorf every time he is asked.  "It is good business.  Like anyone, the White Sox want as many qualified suppliers as possible bidding on our business."


First, Congrats on the well deserved recognition. Thrilled that Pablo is getting a much deserved start. Even more thrilled after his 2 run triple in the 5th! I’m not sure how comfortable he is in left, but if JD has to miss any additional time, I’d love to see Pablo start there. GO SOX!

Once again, Mr. Clutch comes through. One day this guy will be spoken of like A-Rod and Jeter. If he doesn’t make the All-Star team it will be a scandal of Bonds proportions!!! Jenks was perfect. Nice to see his speed up and his “stuff” comanding. Bring on the Angels!!!

nah, mrp…I disagree. Crede’s twice the man those 2 will ever be =) and modest and sincere.

More and more,I am sensing a very quiet,but very confident attitude growing among this team….They have the ability to not get too down if things aren’t going their way,but can bounce back very quickly to seize the initiative when such a move is deemed necessary….This is the stuff of which championship organizations are made and made to last a while…Sunday,for instance….following the Grafanino and Brown HR’s,the team could have said,well,Mark(Buehrle)might not have it today,let’s see what we can do…which is exactly what they did…Of course,it took a giant hit from an unlikely source to knot things up,but late in the game,the old reliables–or new reliables in the case of Thome–came through when called upon…Then Manchild left his Friday night performance behind with a dominant 9th inning mop-up…and thus another winning streak has continued….But there is that certain something about this team and its demeanor that bears watching all seasdon long…If things go well,it could be “hot fun in the summertime”…..

Scott..just wondering how the surprise “Manager of the Year” presentation went??


As a die-hard Sox fan for my 26 years of life I must say I never really cared for the Chevy Pride Crew until yesterday.. I took my girlfriend and her 4 year old (their first ballgames ever) to the game and he was selected to help sing the 7th inning stretch as well as dance (which he utterly failed to do🙂 ) He had been having a bad day because we had told him that, unlike the previous 2 games, there wouldn’t be any fireworks today being a day game. After the 7th inning stretch though, he was much more happy to be there despite sitting in the sun for 3 hours… Also a gentleman about 3 rows above us (section 139 row 15 I believe were his seats) gave him a foul ball so I’d also like to thank him if he reads your blog. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Anyone watching the games on MLB.TV – is there a function which allows viewers to choose which announcers they prefer? It seems pretty random – sometimes I get Hawk and DJ, but other times I am forced to sit through the other team’s announcers. Any input on how to select Hawk and DJ for every game would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, you know thngs are looking good when a pitcher is openly upset with his performance after giving up a ******** two runs!

Go Sox!!

What’s the deal with Contreres being hurt?

ok..freaking me out eddy35…Contreras hurt???

Yeah, Jose’s hip is giving him problems. It looks like he might go on the 15-day DL. I hope not but no team is in a better position to absorb that kind of blow than the White Sox. Slide Brandon into the starting rotation and bring up Haeger is what the Sun-Times was talking about. Charlie Haeger is looking real nice after a rough Spring Training.

If there was ever an “ok time” to be hurt, I guess its now. I’d like to see Jose fully recovered now and able to move on 100% now than have to deal with this down the stretch when we need him most. Jose is a huge part of our team, but this will challenge everyone to step up to the plate that much more- and we’ll rebound from it just fine.

But with all that being said, get well Jose! And lets open up with another win tonight, I’m still not over Escobar pegging AJ….

I doubt we can use Brandon to start. He probably won’t be able to go more than about 4 innings and we would lose a good arm out of our bullpen. I hope Haeger can do better than our past minor league pitchers we brought up to fill the 5th spot a few years back if Contreres does go on the dl.

Here is an answer to‘s question above re MLB.TV, which you can order at

No, our feeds are from the ballpark with one choice of announcers per game. We share the hope of being able to give both choices in the future, but it’s not in the immediate future for various reasons. You can choose which set of broadcasting teams you want with Gameday Audio.

Be on the lookout very shortly for one of the truly blockbuster features of MLB.TV, by the way. MLB.TV Mosaic will be your very own control room, something millions of fans are going to want to follow baseball no matter whether they are displaced fans or in the local market and wanting the latest technology to follow the sport. Sample what it looks like on the MLB.TV page…


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