Contreras Update

Tuesday, May 9, 2006, 5:18 pm

Titan of Bronze

Jose is going to be placed on the 15-day disabled list with sciatica, or inflammation in his back that is causing the stiffness.  Knuckleball specialist Charlie Haeger will be recalled from Class AAA Charlotte and start tomorrow’s game.

Ozzie and Kenny addressed the media within the past hour, while Jose and Herm Schneider will be available between now and game time.

Ozzie said his prefers to have Haeger start because he is concerned that McCartney may only be able to give him 2-3 innings.  Haeger, who has been starting for Charlotte, can go deeper into the game.

Also, Ozzie hopes that with the time off, Contreras can return in time for the series with the Cubs.

Jose is obviously down and disappointed.

Kenny remarked that even before talking to the pitcher, they had decided today that he would be given the time off to avoid risking anything further.


For those late owls, tonight’s episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien will feature a segment with Jermaine Dye that was taped early last week. 


Bertter to be safe than sorry…the Cuban horse will be missed,but the tremendous numbers that Haeger has in the minors bode well…if he gets over the butterflies early,and Vlad the Impailer doesn’t scare the s**t out of him,standing only 60 feet,6 inches away….

Out of curiosity, do either AJP or Widger have any experience catching knuckleballs? Is tomorrow night going to be a night that we should mike AJ?

I read somewhere that both AJ and Widger caught Haeger in Spring Training, so they should be good to go. While sad to see Jose on the DL, let’s just get him healthy!

I know this is off-topic, but I was going through the bios of the coaches on the team and never realized they had someone like Man Soo Lee as a bullpen catcher. Other than what is on the web site is there any other information out there.

When you have some free time it’d be nice if you highlighted some of the other people in the organization like Man Soo Lee. I know the Korean League is a different league that the Majors, but to have someone who is known as the “Babe Ruth of Korea” is awesome.

Man Soo is amazing. Of course, I think he has THE BEST JOB in the world =) Guess he deserves it though!!

What can I say about Man Soo – he is awesome. At Spring Training he stopped and signed autographs for my 7 month old, my 3 year old and my 4 year old neice. He is a great ambassador for the team and the sport.

Man Soo is phenominal…he goes out of his way to make a fan’s day on his walk from the dugout to the bullpen. He always full of smiles…its great watching him!

Just a fantastic win tonight, these White Sox are pure fun to watch. Freddy was great, THOME…and welcome back JD! (Do I need to continuosly go through the accomplishments, you ask?? YES!)….Good guys sure do wear black.

We’ll see you in the Crosstown Classic Jose, get yourself better.

And last but not least, I definitly agree that AJ should be miked tomorrow! Best of luck to Charlie..hope he knows we’re all behind him and anxious to see the name he makes for himself up here in the big league!

How similar is Contreres’ injury to Hermansons? It sounds like the type injury that could bug him the rest of the season. By the way does anybody else find it impressive how good the white sox are doing with both the 8 and 9 hitters batting under .200?

@eddy35 – if the rest of our lineup continues to hit as well as it has, I don’t think anyone will mind that Juan and Brian are struggling at the plate. Their defense more than makes up for it.

Great game tonight, as always. I remember a time not too long ago when the Cell would have been half-empty on a Tuesday night in May; as they say, winning really does change everything. I wonder if we can look forward to sellout crowds every weekend – wouldn’t that be something?

And finally, Scott, I read your blog just in time to turn on the TV and catch Mr. T and Conan goof around with JD at the Cell. I had no idea they were doing the show in Chicago this week. I’m at college in Massachusetts right now, and seeing the skyline at night reminded me what a great city we live in. Can’t wait to get back and catch some Sox games.

Can’t wait to see Haeger tonight!! Hopefully he has the Angels on their heels all night. Welcome back Mr. Dye!!!! That was a rocket. How good is our offense? Last year it would’ve been 2-1. Nice to be able to relax a bit w/ an 8 run lead!!!! Crede just moved into the running for president.

I was at spring training and saw Haeger pitch. Even in the dry thin air that ball was doing some crazy s#%&. I heard AJ tell Ozzie that he would not have to do any conditioning that day because he would get his in running to the [deleted] backstop all day. He actually did ok. Warming up about 5 got by him and he switched to a first basemen’s type mitt. I think I only saw 1 or 2 get by him in the game. The thing about Haeger is he has a major league fastball (mid 80s I think) which is very unusual for a knuckleballer. He also has a decent breaking ball (slider?). He did not fare to well that day against the A’s but that was mostly due to walks. It looks like he has developed a little more control. I am exited to see what he can do tonight on a humid windy night in Chicago. Wouldn’t it be something if he came in and dominated? We would then have 7 starters any team would use as at least a 1st, 2nd or 3rd starter.

Does anyone know if WCIU has a high definition chanel on Comcast. I am assuming you need an Antenna to pickup the HD signal?

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, but I was at last nights game and in the eight inning the wave started going around the park. This prompted me to wonder what the players and others think of this. I’ve always viewed the wave as a west coast boredom/uninterested type of thing and don’t typically find much use for it. I’d love to hear everyone’s comments or what the players think.

What’s next beach balls bouncing around in the stands? I guess that is one of the problems with winning a world championship, you get a bunch of knuckleheads out to the park. How about a new grinder rule: Grounds for forcible ejection: the wave, walking to your seat during play or talking on your cell phone the whole game or waving to the camera. I am sure I am missing a few.

In Seattle they have the ushers hold you at the top of the aisle until in between batters.

Dan, for my money, the wave is (*&#$. When people don’t care about the game, that’s when the wave is done. I thought our fans were above that. Had it break out when I was there once, and on principal, I refuse to join. And, as for WCIU..ack. Comcast doesn’t have a listing for an HD station, and their regular WCIU broadcast is pretty horrendous…. Good Luck and GO SOX!

Random thoughts on a mid-week Wednesday….Regarding the “wave”,beach balls,etc…The viewing public has a short attention span,so they….what was I saying again? Oh,yes,a short attention span,so they have to entertain themselves when things on the field slow down…You all can blame the students at the University of Washington in,I believe,the early ’70’s for starting the dreadful phenomenon…Beach balls bouncing around? Where else did that start but the Left Coast…California,for those of you uninitionated…
bill b,I thought that in Seattle,they usually gave you a cup of coffee between batters,since that,rain and Mount Rainier is all they have going for them….

As to last night’s encounter with the LA Angels of Anaheim,Azusa and Cucamonga….As far as the Sox are concerned,Freddy can keep his hair the way it is,if he keeps pitching like that…I also think that it is physically impossible for “Sock-It”Thome to hit aline drive HR…Everything he hits is as majestic as the Grand Canyon….

More later,if I can reign in my short attention span…What did I just write?

That was your best post yet tomquaid, I was laughing through the entire thing.

Tomquaid always cracks me up. And I don’t give a rats aperture who knows it =)

Thanks, tomquaid. You really excel at keeping this blog fun and lively.

billb: I’m SO with you! I wish our ushers would prevent people from returning to their seats during play. Personally, I’ll stand at the entrance to the aisle until the next batter, but I’ve even had ushers tell me I can’t do that!

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