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Tuesday, May 9, 2006, 10:27 pm

Jose Contreras

Despite alarming reports to the contrary, Jose Contreras really is alive and kicking.  My off day of golf (I know, I hear all of your sympathy through the internet) and Little League practice was interrupted by a flurry of calls from the media after one news outlet reported that he was headed to the DL.  The rumors seemed to range from serious arm problems to a sore hip.

This was news to me (us) … which sometimes can happen, but doesn’t very often.  So I quickly made a couple of calls.

What I found out was that Jose felt some stiffness in his back on Sunday.  The decision was made to wait and see how he feels today before we decide how to proceed.  Options range from doing nothing, to skipping a start to DL, but again, no decision has been made.  Ken Williams, Ozzie Guillen, Herm Schneider, Jose and Don Cooper will probably all get together later this afternoon and decide on next steps.

Anything beyond that would be premature and speculative at this point.

Which brings me to a bit of a pet peeve.

When I was in journalism school (now about 20 years ago, yikes), you could not print or report a fact unless you had two sources to verify the information.  This made sure the information was correct and also protected the journalist from sources intent on using the media to promote their opinion of someone or something as opposed to supporting factual information.

It amazes me how often this "rule" is ignored now.

Take this report, for example.  No one contacted the White Sox to verify any of the information before it was reported.  Don’t you think someone should have checked?  It may ultimately turn out to be correct, Jose could have to go onto the disabled list, but it may also turn out to be incorrect, he may be absolutely fine.  Will the reporter and his/her single source be accountable?

In a rush to be first, being accurate and correct becomes secondary, or worse, unimportant.

Making the situation worse is that once one news organization reports information, all the rest follow, potentially repeating the error made by the first.  We ran into this last night.  In the age we now live in, this information passes through media with lightning speed, whether it is accurate and sourced or if it is just speculative rumor.

Sorry to rant.

Let’s see how Jose feels later today, we’ll decide on a course of action, and we will let our fans know as soon as we can.


PK, Pods, Jim Thome, AJ and their wives will stop by and take part in the MLB/White Sox Habitat for Humanity House Build that is taking place today across the streHfhiet in Armour Park.  White Sox employees and the players are donating their time and expertise (insert joke here) to help build a house that will be donated to a family that has been re-located to the Chicago area (Lake County) due to Hurricane Katrina. 

I plan to head out there this afternoon to help, but my guess is after they see me drive one nail, I might get moved to the refreshments team.


As a professional journalist for the past 10 years, the first thing you learn as a rookie reporter is to try and CONFIRM what you’re hearing. Did whoever broke this story initially quote somebody? A team source? Anybody? I find it hard to imagine they just went on air and said, “Our sources tell us Jose is headed to the DL.” You have to at least have somebody fairly well plugged into team or player. You see these “a source close to the team said Tuesday that Jose…” But if they didn’t do that, then that’s just shoddy journalism. Also, it’s not surprising that the other outlets then harrass the PR guy without really knowing what’s going on. They probably just heard a “hint” that somebody reported something about Jose and figured they better call and make sure they’re not getting beat. Listen to me – sticking up for a PR guy. What has my JOUR life come to???

I heard it first on Comcast Sports Night yesterday. Aren’t the White Sox and Comcast “business partners?” Are there repercussions for Comcast reporting misinformation? I understand that the national sports stations such as ESPN seem to report premature information, but why can’t Comcast, who already have ties with the White Sox, do a better job?

All I can say, is that I HOPE Jose is ok. While even a missed start is difficult with the “lights out” way he’s been pitching, I’d rather have him healthy for the long haul. We’ll all be hoping the best for him.

I agree with your take on journalism. Reporters outside the action with an ‘inside source’ are often the problem. To clarify that a little, I don’t think beat reporters who spend their time with the team are at fault; rather, it’s those that are merely trying to be the first to report something, whether it be the desk jockey at ESPN or anyone else. I’m sure there is a reason for this – beat reporters aren’t reporting the ‘sensational journalism’ but rather the day-to-day grind of a season. But the low-level reporters at ESPN (or anywhere else, Fox News, ABC, etc,) don’t want to be ‘scooped’ and are trying to get their name in the papers/TV and make it big any way they can. In these cases, the consequences for false reporting simply aren’t high enough.

Also, I once spent a week working on a Habitat house in VA Beach. It was a great time with a great organization serving a worthwhile cause. Should be fun for you guys.



I wonder about this situation. Thanks for the clarifications Scott, its amazing how this information spread so fast. Its funny how we can never seem to get the recognition or support we deserve for being the solid clubhouse we are (not that I’m complaining, I’d take it this way, we have the ring for last year and the best record in the league for now..)….and yet a story about the White Sox and one of their aces possibly being hurt- and it spread quicker than a wildfire.

Funny how it works.

Lets focus on tonight first before anything. Good luck to Freddy and the guys. One game at a time, one day at a time- and we’ll cross the path of Jose when there is ACTUAL, LEGITIMATE news on his deal.

Hey Scott, glad we have you to clarify the situation with Jose. Hopefully the game doesn’t go to late because I have finals to study for lol. GO SOX!!!!

Hi Scott, thanks for the update, I was scrambling for info yesterday after hearing about this on the radio, but just like last year when the same reporter had omar visqual and Griffey junior on our team over a weekend this could be a little suspect. Personally I hope Jose is Ok, and that the reporters who step out that early need to get slapped down.

My favorite is: “The [insert media outlet] is reporting that…”

Yeah, and now so are you.

You wouldn’t run a “The National Enquirer is reporting that Aliens from Mars stole Michael Jackson’s brain.”

Have some accountability. If you can’t verify it, don’t run it yourself.

and I do offer my sympathy for your golf game being interupted. Even though our jobs as media relations folks for sports teams is very cool, it still IS a job, stress filled, and doesn’t mean we don’t deserve relaxation at times.


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