Know Thyself

Friday, May 12, 2006, 9:48 am

Know Thyself

I learned something about myself Wednesday night … I don’t have the temperament to watch a knuckleball pitcher start once every five days.  Watching drove me crazy.  It’s my problem, and I know I need to deal with it, but it has taken me a day plus to recover.

Nice Catch

How about that Rowand guy?  Now, fans in Philadelphia understand why White Sox fans enjoyed Aaron so much during his time here and still miss him.


Yesterday was so crazy, I did not get a chance to post … so sorry.

The rain kep coming and the forecast was for more rain and cold, so we called the game just after lunch.  We tried to decided on a makeup date, but we could not get an answer yesterday since so many different groups are involved … players, the union, MLB, us, etc.

Sit tight for a makeup date.  The important thing to note is that tickets for last night’s cancelled game will only be good for the makeup game, whenever it occurs.


As I watched the Rowand clip on the news this morning, I winced and thought that perhaps we need to start a “Save Aaron” fund with proceeds going toward installing a padded wall in Philly. Please take care of our boy!

First in line on a Friday….To begin with,to Dawn and all the ladies in WS Universe whom this applies to(including Mrs Reifert),a very happy Mother’s Day this Sunday to you all….I know I still miss my mom very much,but she is still here in spirit….
Now,isn’t it nice that the city imported the weather from Seattle and Portland the last few days? A noreaster(New England weather talk)is more fun than root canal minus the novocaine…

Speaking of novocaine(this kid is a prince of blends,isn’t he?),the boys will be spending the next three nights and the wrap around day playing baseball under glass at the Hump Dump in downtown Minneapolis…where the only good thing about the facility is its location–Chicago Avenue…

If the state of Minnesota is looking for volunteers to implode the Metrodump when(or if,I should say)the Twinkies get their new facility,I think that I would be in line,with Mike Ditka and a few thousand others behind me…

And as if it weren’t bad enough having to endure indoor baseball in the Land Of A Thousand Lakes for four days,then the punishment continues with three glorious nights in the Juice Box down in St Petersdorf,playing the last place D-Rays in front of a select number of fans and a massive number of empty seats….After that,let the bloodletting begin anew as the chumps from Neverland at Clark and Addison venture south of Madison street to take on the Champs…I don’t know about you folks,but after baseball under glass the next week,playing two lousy teams,taking on the Cubs before three sell out crowds (and perhaps Joe Buck,Tim Mc Carver and Fox on Saturday)has me salivating…or is thgat just the droolings of an old man?

mariawagener…as usual,you were spot on with your assessment,dear…From the “day late and a dollar short”department,the officials at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philthydelphia have announced that the outfield fences will be padded,following Aaron Rowand’s face-on meeting with the RCF fence….Way to go,guys…it only took a tremendous catch,and a more tremendous collision,to get you up off your dead a**es to realize that an outfielder could get killed(not literally)out there without protection….
One thing else that I didn’t mention previously was my assessment of Wednesday night’s encounter…At the top of this page,Mr Reifert stated that he just didn’t have the temperament to watch a knuckleball pitcher start every five days… I don’t know about that,as I sat in old Comiskey throughout the ’60’s and ’70’s,as I’m sure John Klein did,watching Hoyt Wilhelm,Eddie Fisher and especially Wilbur Wood throw their dancing ball…and,for the most part,win… Young Mr Haeger learned all too painfully well that the knuckleball has a mind and a volition of its own,no matter what you tell it to do….As Farmio says…”…Hopefully,better days ahead for Charlie Haeger…”

I completely understand Scott’s feelings. I sat with my heart in me throat for most of the game. Good thing I’m not a nailbiter.

As for Aaron, two quick comments. First, I believe I read that when signed, Aaron indicated that he wanted padding as he was going to be hitting “that wall”. Second, I heard the replay, and the announcers were just incredulous. Have that not paid attention? That’s just par for the course for Aaron. He’s done that time and time again for us. Let’s just hope it’s not quite as painful as it looks, and he’ll heal quickly! Can not watch that again. YIKES! At least with indoor baseball, you can play…doesn’t look like baseball weather in the windy city any time soon. =(

Thanks for the Mother’s day wishes tomquaid… hope the kids remember as well!! I was roaming around the Phillies board and apparantly Aaron told them they needed to pad it AND they were all set to do it this week when the Phillies went on the road. Aaron a victim of bad timing! Doesn’t it make you miss him more? Don’t get me wrong, love Thome, just miss those spectacular Rowand catches. Hope he isn’t out too long. Good news is we don’t have to worry about rain outs the next 4 days! I’m missing my Sox baseball! Hey Scott, if possible, can we get a Hermanson report? How is that back doing?

One other thing from Wednesday night….For one very brief,shining moment,Darrin Jackson channeled the style of Joe Carter when he did TV color for the North Siders…and made the malaprop a natural occurence….Getting back to DJ,he was referring to comments made before the game by Don Cooper regarding knuckleball pitchers,saying if it(the pitch)didn’t work well,it could be an ugly thing to witness…DJ said,and I think I’m quoting correctly,”…well,this is making Don Cooper look like Rasputin,because he predicted before the game that it could look ugly tonight…”
DJ,I think the fellow you were looking for was Nostradamus,not Rasputin…the latter was known as the Mad Monk…well,the only Mad Monk I knew of was Russ Meyer(not the dirty movie director),who pitched for the Cubs and Dodgers among other teams back in the ’50’s….

But when my “Quaid Verbal Faux Pas(French for f**kup)Detector”(patent pending)picks up on something like that,I have to pass it on….

tomquaid: That snippet from DJ was exactly how it went. And all the time, I was thinking “Rasputin? What the $*&@ is DJ talking about? Why would Coop put a hex on his own pitching staff?”. Nostradamus fits the context MUCH better.

Yes, Scott, we still miss Aaron. That play was amazing.

To reiterate what obrnmac mentioned above: I read in one of the articles today about Aaron’s kiss with the outfield wall that indeed he mentioned how dangerous it was to Phillies officials when he first arrived this season. The club listened and the padding actually arrived at the park this past Monday and was going to be installed this upcoming weekend when the Phillies are on the road. They acted on Aaron’s suggestion, so don’t give them too hard of a time.

Did anyone else see the hilarious sign at one of last year’s home games against the Twins that had an empty box of Twinkies and an empty box of Ding Dongs pasted to it saying “The Twinkies play like Ding Dongs”? It was classic.

Go Sox!

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