Rowand and Fences

Friday, May 12, 2006, 1:31 pm

Aaron Rowand

A great story from lunch …

During our November budget meetings the fall after Aaron Rowand arrived in Chicago, Jerry Reinsdorf asked if we could add two inches of padding to the outfield wall, because "Aaron is going to need it."

We budgeted for the additional padding, and it went up before the next opening day.


Well,Scott…It’s like I mentioned earlier…there are some front offices who have the forward thinking to look ahead towards solving potential dilemmas…and then there’s the group at Neverland at Jurassic Park(aka Clark and Addison),who couldn’t tell you if it was raining or not…

I’m suprised that there was no padding for Aaron. Not suprised that he still held onto the ball, because that is Aaron. Still miss him in Chicago, always will.

I took a look at the potential matchups for the Friday meeting between the Champs and the chumps…OH,BABY! Maddox versus Buehrle…the first pitch is at 3:07—the **** game could be over with by quarter of five….the way these two make it go…Can’t wait….

What a play.. I covet him for the Yankees

I just wish Rowand was still here…..

Supposably Aaron has asked for fencing where he hit the outfield wall in Philly. They had purchased the padding and it was at the ballpark except they hadn’t put the padding up yet. That is what I heard of SC.

When I first heard about Aaron vs. Fence I smiled. After watching the replay I had to laugh. He only has two speeds: go, and go a little faster. And the fact that he held on to the ball was amazing only to the people outside of Chicago, we knew he would. The Phillies got themselves a special one, hope they appreciate him.

About this pink bat Mother’s day weekend…I think it’s wonderful. In this machismo-saturated sport, it’s important to celebrate the females who love this game and play an integral role in it’s development. A**holes like Keith Hernandez can go back to the cave crawled from. As a kid growing up in a single-parent household, it was my mom who fostered a love for the game in me. It was my mom who played catched with me. It was my mom who took me to my first game and it’ll be my mom sitting right next to me and my sister when we kick the Cubs *** next Friday. You don’t need to look any further than this blog (Brittany, Dawn, Maria etc.) to see the vital role women play in this game. Just ask tonight’s starting pitcher how important his mother is in terms of his baseball education.

Let’s get after em tonight fellas!

Tom Q, you touched on a topic that i do indeed remember( and remembering isn’t that easy at my age). Hoyte Wilhelm and Wilber Wood were teriffic knuckleball pitchers, and i remember them very well. it seems to me that the difference between those two and Charlie Haeger is that they could get that pitch over the plate for strikes and not have to come with a ball on a T. maybe Haeger will improve in time and i hope he will. he has good mound presence, but must improve his control. do you remember the double header where WWood pitched and Won both games against the angels? back then the only White Sox i could get was via radio and the angels was the only american league team available. is way better!! Go Sox, let’s get to santana tonight.

Something I just thought of. Why is it that ESPN talks about Aaron now running into walls but they barely talked about him when he was with the Sox? Just doesn’t make sense, but oh well. Have to get to Santana early to win. GO SOX!

He never broke his nose and needed reconstructive surgery when he was with the Sox.

He also did not play for an East Coast based team,either….ESPN does not recognize much of anything west of Passaic,NJ…..

Our boy Aaron re-defined Grinder Rule #25: A good outfielder doesn’t see the wall. He tastes it.

Unfortunately it would’ve tasted a lot better for him had he had some padding on there. 15 stitches, a broken nose and fractures around the left eye don’t taste too hot, I imagine.

Here’s to Aaron…and a speedy recovery.

Quick shout-out to everyone to start an MLBlog if you don’t have one, and we’re trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day blog over there at


This is the first year I follow 2 teams. The Sox and whatever Rowand does. The guy was my favorite player and for good reason. He goes hard all the time. We certainly do miss him. I do, however, think we are extreemly lucky to have big Brian holding down center. He has an equally amazing glove and attitude this team is use to. The bat is coming around and he will be a potential all-star.

Wasn’t all that suprised with the results last night, Santana usually manhandles our lineup. Garland’s got me concerned though. He’s regressing to 2003, 2004 Garland where he just gets lit up in an inning and starts to lose focus. His stuff is fine. But he needs to drop that sinker and throw at hitters’ hands more often. Jon’s problem always has and always will be cerebral. It’s his lack of confidence that get’s him in tight spots and his lapses in focus that get him lit up. Minnesota is not a lineup that should run up 7 R on anybody. I think he’ll turn it around this season but until he gets his mind right, he’ll continue to be eratic and inconsistent.

No denying that Santana is one of the best starters around, so we shouldn’t feel too bad about getting slapped around by him. Jon always pitches better with a lead, and we just couldn’t get it for him early on. That’s ok..we can take the next 3. GO SOX!

There is one problem,and it is a HUGE problem with Mr Garland…he himself pointed it out in his post game remarks last night…Does anyone out there remember Greg Hibbard when he pitched for the Sox in the early ’90’s? The little bulldog left hander had the same problem as Garland…He THOUGHT too much about his pitches,and did not trust just letting the pitch go and,if it’s hit,take the result…Ed Farmer,who knows a thing or two about pitching in the major leagues,said many times(TOO many,in fact)about Hibbard:”Analysis leads to paralysis>” If Garland doesn’t watch out and just trust in what he has in the way of arsenal,he could go down in the rotation,paqssed up by Vazquez…and Jon could go back to being the fifth wheel on the starters car….
All of you who saw last night’s debacle now can understand why I want to see the Metrodump imploded…The only place that is worse for baseball is the next stop on the tour,which is the Juice Box(Tropicana Field)in St Petersdorf….And to think,if Governor Thompson hadn’t had his way way back in the late 80’s,the White Sox would have been playing their games in that monstrosity…I shudder to think about that even now…

Getting back to last night(as if I really want to),this series is the Twins’s post season,because as they are currently constituted,they are a BAD ball club,with a chintzy operation…and the worst part is,the players and Ron Gardenhire KNOW it…and condone it….or do they have any other choice,other than free agency….True,Santana does own the Sox up there,but so did Joe Mays for a few years until his arm fell off…It sounds crass to say,but the same thing could happen to Johan if not careful…

am i the only one beside Hawk or are we getting hosed tonight. what a travisty! i hope tomorrow will be better. Javier was pitching well until he got rung up by the first base ump…. j.k. in tucson, watching us lose on WGN in the 8th.

We did get hosed but the main thing is this …. We didn’t overcome it. There was a terrible call on the missed strike three and Javy still threw one up over the plate and let them take the lead. I don’t want to get down on them, but we should be beating these teams. The offense can’t be expected to go out and score 10 runs every game. Hopefully Buehrle returns to form tommorrow night! Start a 12 game win streak or something!!

I agree with mrp2390. We definitely got the raw end of the deal last night but Javier’s gotta close it down. The 5th was like watching a train-wreck in slow motion. It was agonizing. The first call was close so I’m not so mad about that. The swing wasn’t close at all. ****, Cuddyer swung so far on that pitch not only could I read his last name on the back of his jersey, but I also got his first name, middle initial and his social security number. We got hosed but we gotta be better than that. It seems as if we’re taking the Twins lightly. Like we bought into this idea of a three-horse race in the Central. Minnesota may be a donkey among stallions but they still got a lotta kick and spite in them. And reading their newspapers this week prior to the games, this was their do-or-die series. They know goodanddamnwell who won the World Series last year and are never gonna let us waltz into their home and just roll em. We got to get back to fundamentals, today. Let’s start with a quality start by Buehrle. And let’s finish with a dominating performance by our bullpen. Offensive lapses are to be expected. But for a pitching-first squad, it’s painful to lose grip on our bread-and-butter.

Webster has the definition of CULPABLE as: “meriting condemnation or blame especially as wrong or harmful”. Maybe it should be spelled “KULPABULL” instead.

Wow! Am I in the Twilight Zone or something?!?

I can’t believe what I’m seeing, but thank god its real early still…

What’s worst than that first inning are these ANNOUNCERS…they called Ozzie “JOSE Guillen,” and keep pronounching Juan as “OU-ribe”… us a favor ESPN……at least pretend like you care- learn the names of our players and managers PLEASE.

Yeah Jose Guillen’s done well to keep Mark in the game. He locked them down in the fourth in a crucial situation.

oh yea palehose…Jose is real excited after that TRIPLE play! haha this is comical…

our guys are fighters boy…lets continue to battle this one out..

You better believe Buehrls will be giving his offense (Thome, Dye, Juan, etc..) a BIG HUG in that clubhouse tonight! haha…7 runs in the first, but still gettinig the win.

Bottom line; I’ll take it!

Anyone else love AJ’s huge fist pump after the game ending K by Bobby? Man, I love his passion.

I end on two words; triple play!🙂

okay, i’ll chalk up the last three games and the ugly first inning of this game as an abberation. as wierd as the previous stretch was, i’ve got to say that our Sox are resiliant.( again). we did what we are used to our guys doing; coming back and winning AND holding on with dominant pitching from the pen. this was a good win all around. and a triple play? to boot. more exposure on ESPN and the rest of the country will know about Joe Crede’s defense as well as Uribe’s arm. maybe we will place more than a couple of players on the all star team. go Sox. good win tonight, one more tomorrow and then on to Tom Q’s other favorite sporting venue. and now i can watch the Soprano’s in peace. happy belated Mother’s Day to you all out there from tucson. j.k.

Where do I begin tonight???? How about Jose … I mean Ozzie??? The trust he (and us fans) has in Mark to let him do his stuff after that first is inspiring. The team then comes back and hammers them w/ 6 runs. Also, to top it all off, 2 errors in the first followed up by a Triple Play!!!!! That showed everyone that the 1st was a fluke. Good to see Anderson get going again and AJ’s first dinger. Lets take the next game and start a huge streak!!!!!! Wooo …. Great win!!!

Now do you people see why I have been wanting to implode that building since it first opened? Is there any way that the good burghers in Minneapolis would even consider razing the Mall of America to put Metropolitan Stadium back up? I mean,it would only be fair….
I thought that I was the one with a good memory,but I have to admit I take my hat off and a back seat to the folks at Elias Sports Bureau who came up with the instant gem that Buehrle was the first starting pitcher in 106 years to give up 7 runs in the first inning and still win the game….Whomever it was who found that nugget so quickly either has too much time on their hands,or no woman…or both…

I wonder what Ozzie’s reaction was when Gardenhire got chased last night by the same umpire who banished Oswaldo from the premises the previous night…Something about”what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”

might have come up,only in Spanish….

John Klein,you’re exactly correct,my Arizona friend…the Juice Box is next,but when you consider that the Sox have played in some absolutely HORRIFIC ballparks in their 106 year history….well,still,Tropicana Field still ranks as the biggest joke…worse than the Kingtomb in Seattle,but not on a par with the joint they’re leaving this afternoon….

I hope that all the women out there(hi,Dawn)had a splendid Mother’s day…and that last night’s game didn’t completely kill their appetite for WS baseball…..

As to Brittany’s comments about the announcers mispronunciations,for once,I will defend someone who exists and is paid by ESPN…Jon Miller(the fat,bald white guy,for those who don’t recognize him)does the games for the SF Giants(Lucky him,he gets to cover “Barely”Bonds…)in addition to his network duties,so there are times when he doesn’t know if he’s on foot or horseback….As for his partner,little Joe Morgan…he’s too busy trying to explain that he’s the greatest second baseman of ALL TIME,in addition to being the savior of baseball(along with Bob Costas,Ken Burns,Bill James and the other wonks and jamokes who think the same way…)…They can only do so much with the material they have….since the WS on ESPN are like Halley’s Comet….a rare visual occurance…..

“Whomever it was who found that nugget so quickly either has too much time on their hands, or no woman…or both”

Thanks for the laugh on this rainy Monday morning TomQuaid.

Quick turnaround this morning. Hope Freddy brings his A-game. We should see if we can continue using those pink bats for the rest of the season…they have some magic in them.

mariawagener….”KULPABULL”,isit? I think I have become too much of an influence on you,my pretty…at least,the umpires could do a (get set for a GOOD one here,folks…)
“Mea Kulpa” for the Sox…(If you aren’t Catholic,and don’t go back far enough to remember the mass in Latin,don’t worry…it was still a bad groaner of a pun…)

Thank you, Tomquaid. =) I’m thinking I want to start calling you TQ…

Because so many White Sox fans also commented over there, you might want to see the latest update on Aaron from Phillies VP/PR in his MLBlog, Baron’s Corner:


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