Monday Holdover

Monday, May 15, 2006, 11:28 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Cintron, 2B; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Mack, RF; Uribe, SS; Widger, C; Anderson, CF.  Freddy Garcia, 41-14 in day games since 1999, starts for the Sox.

Early Morning News

Jose Contreras is scheduled to throw a bullpen session before today’s game.

Hermanson Update

Many of you have asked about the health of Dustin Hermanson.

He has started a throwing program in Tucson and will continue to increase his schedule as his endurance and pain threshold allow.  The next step after that would be for Dustin to go on a rehab stint to one of our minor league affiliates, although that remains to be decided in the future.

A Win is a Win


According to our friends at Elias Sports Bureau, Mark Buehrle became the first pitcher since Jack Powell of St. Louis (remember him) on 9/29/1900 at the Cubs to record the victory after allowing seven runs in the first inning.  Powell, who tossed a complete game, earned the win as the Cardinals scored 10 unanswered runs in their 10-7 victory.

About Last Night

MetrodomefishThe White Sox won despite allowing seven runs in an inning for the first time since 8/21/01 at Kansas City when the Royals scored seven times in the first before the Sox came back to win, 13-12.  Jermaine Dye’s home run in the first inning last night was the 200th of his career.  A.J.’s home run in the fourth was his first since 9/1, a span of 56 games.

Triple Play Tidbits

Last night the White Sox turned the 29th triple play in franchise history and first since 7/7/04.  The last six triple plays in franchise history were:  5/14/06; 7/7/04 vs. LAA … ground ball to Joe Crede; 6/6/96 at Boston … ground ball to Robin Ventura; 6/15/86 at Sea.; 8/31/81 vs. Det; 6/22/80 vs. Det and 8/6/67 at Bal.

Charlotte Success

Not many have noticed, but our Class AAA club in Charlotte has gone 28-8 to open the season.  The Knights own an eight-game lead in the International League.

Josh Fields went 5-5 with a double, two home runs (his seventh and eighth) and three RBI (23) in yesterday’s 7-3 win over Louisville.  Jerry Owens leads the league with 27 runs scored.


Thank you for the updates on Jose and Hermanson. We miss them both. I always appreciate your informative inside views =) Let’s take the game today and split this series! We can only hope that the Twinkies give Detroit some of the same trouble they gave us! GO SOX!

It’ll be good to get these guys back. Hopefully Hermie can get back to pitching w/out any pain. It’s gotta be frustrating for him.
How ’bout that big bat from Pods????? Watch out Thome, Scottie’s coming !!!! Let’s keep rolling on guys.

Not sure what these guys are eating the last few days, but with AJ’s first dinger yesterday, followed up by #1 on the year for both Pods and Widger, the long ball is alive and well on this team. And not just in the heart of the line up =)

Hi everyone. I don’t mean to spoil the fun because I, like you, am excited about the wins. But some things still concern me.

Specifically, how much more rope are we going to give B. Anderson? We are almost at the 1/4 mark people, and, while we’ve seen some hitting outbursts, this guy is not holding up. Even when he gets on base, he messes up.

Ditto for OO-REE-BAY (Come on ESPN, get it right!). Yes, his glove is sen-freakin-sational and he makes spectacular plays. But, we need some hitting from this guy.

Finally, Garland. What more to say about this guy? I am afraid that last year was the exception to a sad rule – this guy is our Randy Johnson. (Yes, I know, he is not 43. Well, then stop pitching like a 43 year old!!)

We should’ve offered Garland to Baltimore in the offseaon with Uribe (and Anderson!!) for Tejada (I don’t know and don’t remeber if this was discussed). Now, I fear, we are stuck with this uninspiring trio for the long haul. Who out there will even consider these guys in a trade?

Anderson is still young. You gotta give him a little extra rope. Didn’t one A. Rowand start out just as slow? Look at him now. I don’t know if I have as much patience with OO REE BAY (LOL!) especially when he keeps telling the radio boys profundo…the guy needs to concentrate on just hitting the ball, and not for the fence. I’m not sure what to make of Mr. Garland. It certainly does seem like last year was a fluke at this point. Is there any possibility that McCarthy will take his spot in the rotation and he goes to the bullpen? Not that I want that cause our bullpen seems to have enough trouble right now! Bottom line is we ARE winning. It’s nice we have some breathing room to figure these things out.

By the way thanks for the Hermanson update Scott. Hopefully he is progressing well! Hope the boys go to Florida and bring us home some warmer weather and a few wins!

I agree with obrnmac. If we can have Uribe and BA play their stellar D while working on the swing, and still win, I’ll take it. Both are improving steadily over the last several weeks. As for the trip to Florida…I’m more confident on the Wins than better weather.. =(

We need to let Anderson get a full season in before we worry about his lack of hitting. I think that many Sox fans have forgotten about Crede’s average his first three full seasons. 03 .261, 04 .239, 05 .252. Anderson has only 94 AB this year, so it is a little early to talk about trading him. I am more concerned about Uribe, but in his first four seasons he has yet to hit above .285. As for Garland, I think last year was the exception. Giving up 60 hits in 44 IP is ridiculous. But I think we are stuck with him. I could see McCarthy getting some starts later in the year if Garland continues to struggle. But all things considered, the Sox still have the best record in baseball. And look at the Scubs, they have lost 14 of 16.

There is no reason to be jumping off of the Brian Anderson wagon. Seriously…Brian has provided nothing but stellar defense in center field (Aaron sure taught him well). You have to look at it this way: we traded Aaron for Jim Thome. Brian takes over the defensive prowless that Aaron charmed us with, and Jimmy is the offense from the trade. Does that make sense? Anything that Brian brings to the table offensively is a bonus in the trade.

And come on, Brian’s average may not be too high (yet)- but look at all of the huge instances in which BA has come up for us in. He’s a rookie- and yet he was down to his last stike in the Seattle game, and cranked one long to tie the game. That’s just one instance. He has this ability to come up big when its needed most.

This reminds me of last year when people were quick to turn their backs on Joe Crede, and look what he became in the second half and post season. Have a lil faith in our guys…

Brian, by no means, deserves to have people turning their backs on him…

my two cents worth agrees with soxpride ( where’s the capitol?)if you remember that another third baseman named RV started out his Sox career in a 1-49 slump you can’t give up on Brian just yet. i may be biased because he is from Tucson, but he will be fine in the long run. we fans need to have faith in our management team ( myself included). if we lose three in a row we panic, but you got to remember that there are 130 games left in the season and we will be ok in the long run. as far as Garlan is concerned, i tend to agree with you, that something isn’t right. he was a 12 game winner in his previous three years with us, until last year. maybe he is tipping his pitches like Buehrle was. that would explain a lot. go Sox. let’s get three in a row tomorrow, and then build from there. j.k.

I will continue to support BA until I am blue in the face. We can’t expect him to hit .400 his first 2 months in the majors. His defense is All Star caliber so let’s cut him some slack on the bat. He, like sox pride said, has come through for us already this year. His confidence and attitude is what we look for in a player and when he starts to hit his grove, like he is doing now, he will be on fire. I love this guy and won’t give up on him. Same thing w/ Uribe. He comes through for us and he is starting to roll. The main thing is their defense. Defense and pitching won them the Series last year and should carry them this year. The offense will rally around the guy’s who are struggling and pick them up. Garland will be just fine as well. Cooper and the rest of the pitching staff are too good to let him be unsure of himself. Once he has a good outing he should fall back to form.
I can’t say everything is perfect w/ this team this year, but let’s not get too greedy. They have the best record in baseball and the main thing is that THEY believe in themselves.

I will be there tonight cheering my tail off in Tampa. GO SOX!!!!!

that’s great!! tonight i will get to see what one of my Sox-bretheren looks like! mrp2390will be the fan in tampa. allllright. go Sox. j.k. in tucson.

can you belive that fight Aj got into, what was that all about?

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