Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 5:32 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; BA, CF.

Let’s Go White Sox.


where did this scott kazmir guy come from? we can’t hit him.

Ok – so here’s the deal. I don’t post a lot on here, but I do read it on a regular basis. I feel like it’s finally time to say something. ENOUGH with the Brian Anderson….bashing! This “kid” can play! For all of you who claim that he is a liability in the lineup, look at the situational hitting he has been able to come through with. He may strike out 2-3 times in a game, but in those cases, the rest of the line-up has already done the job! He came through in a big way in Seattle, and even tonight, after the hat-trick, he came through with a BIG walk when we needed it. Believe me, the kid will come around! It’s when he starts to really hurt us that we need to worry…

On a side note, I’m heading to Japan tomorrow and I’m going to a baseball game. I have tickets to see the Yakult Swallows vs. the Fukouka Hawks at Jingu stadium in Tokyo. For those of you paying attention, Shingo Takatsu plays for the Swallows and Iguchi played for the Hawks. I will proudly display my Iguchi shirt to all the fans at Jingu stadium and quietly shed a tear knowing I am missing a HUGE series back home in Chi-town! Thank goodness for Tivo! Go Sox!!! – AJ

To answer Eddy’s question. Kazmir is from Houston TX, drafted out of high school it looks like. He was with the d-rays last year and the year before, although last year according to stats it looks like he played more. I also have the kid on my fantasy team, he is one the bright spots in the pitchers for the D-rays.

Boone Logan should know better when fielding the ball, granted he came from A-ball but you are taught to field the ball as a pitcher properly. Anyway, lets get to Mclung early tonight so Tampa has to go to their bullpen.


One more comment about Kazmir, he was originaly drafted in 02 by the Mets in the 1st round 15th overall

Two weeks in a row Ozzie has left me scratching my head with Brandon McCarthy. First he doesn’t start him against the Angels but let’s him pitch 4 innings and Charlie gets lit up. Next he takes him out of 2-1 game in the 5th. May not change the outcome of the game but certainly not a show of confidence in the youngster.

I know we’ll still get the next two.

I drove down to Tampa in a flash to watch our Sox take the field. I got there early and noticed almost a 10-1 ratio of Sox fans to Devil Rays fans. Was able to get down to the third base line and stand just across from the players working out and felt like I was 8 years old!!! What a feeling, I couldn’t stop smiling. THEN THEY TOOK THE FIELD. That was the worst defense I have seen in a long time. I understand not being able to hit Kazmir … that happens but our defense gave them that game. Errors happen as well but the mental lapses turned a bad inning into something we couldn’t overcome. I was so upset I thought I would be sick. I have to wait until July 9th to see them in person again so I have time to heal.
On a side note, I had a good time talking to the pretty nursing student working in the Cigar Bar!!!!!!!

Let’s get the series now.

bc, I can only assume that eventhough he pitched 4 great innings last week, that Ozzie was concerned about pitch location, and arm strength. Prior to last week, Brandon hasn’t thrown for more than an inning or two. My concern seemed to be that after giving up a hit or two, he became a bit hesitant..which could have led to real trouble; which ended up happening shortly thereafter anyway, but…hindsight is often 20/20.

I got my first baseball in Chicago in 1977 and now I am closing in on 3,000 caught at major league games!!

Check me out at http://theballhawk.mlblogs.com I am on track to catch my 3,000 baseball at a major league game this summer!! No really …. check out my MLBlog!!

It’s not that Ozzie doesn’t have faith in McCarthy, it’s that Brandon had thrown 80+ pitches already and that’s more than he’s thrown all season. We can’t have Ozzie turning into the manager across town and having our hurlers throw way more pitches than necessary. The last thing I want is Brandon to be on and off the DL for the next three years.
I’m more concerned about Boone Logan, I’ve noticed Javy Lopez is pitching very well in Triple A, maybe it’s time that we made a switch. I know the Sox were talking about making some moves before interleague play began anyway.

Upon occasion,the White Sox play up to the level of their competition…upon other occasions,they play down to the level of their competition…Last night was Filene’s Basement in the Juicebox…or the Big Sombrero,as Singleton calls it…(I always thought that the home field of the TB Buccaneers was the “Big Sombrero”…oh,well,so much for digressing…)
Boone Logan learned a very painful lesson last night…The other guys on the infield are your TEAMMATES,young man…they are there to HELP you…DON’T get in their way when a ball is in play…

With all that went wrong last night,they still **** near pulled the game out…which will give you an idea of the quality of the D-Rays”bullpen of death”…

Tonight,Mr Garland,your assignment,should you decide to accept it(and even if you DON’T)is to trust your catcher when he gives you the sign…DON’T think so much out on that lonely bump in the middle of that dump down there…just throw the ball…If they hit it,they hit it…You’ve got seven guys playing behind you who are paid to catch any mistakes you make…They are your FRIENDS,Jon…trust them as well…(I feel like I’m counseling a six year old,for cryin’ out loud…)

Now,onto other matters…

In the famous words of the late,beloved Cubs PA announcer “Pat”Pieper…”ATTENTION…ATTENTION,PLEASE!!!

What is as rare as a day in June? What is as rare as Halley’s Comet? What is as rare as pleasant treatment by the staff at Weiner’s Circle?(A Lincoln Park joke,there…)

Yes,boys and girls,it’s…A QUAID SIGHTING AT THE CELL!!!

THis coming Sunday,at the final meeting of the first set between the Champs and the chumps…I will be celebrating the bachelor party of my youngest nephew,who is getting marries the next Sunday,May 28th…Some how,through the services of one of those on-line ticket services,the kid managed to score 12 tickets,all together,for the game…I told him that the next thing I’d like to see him do would be the trick with the loaves and fish,or turning water into wine…

Anyway,I am looking forward to returning once again to 35the and Shields…

P.S.:Dawn,you can call me TQ,or Q,or TomQuaid,or whatever you want to do…It’s alright with me…..

A Quaid sighting at the cell, that is fantastic! haha I’ll be there, so it’d be a pleasure to meet the man behind the cracks! haha

I also like your assignment to Mr. Garland, I’m more than confident that he’ll accept his assingment WITH the confidence he pitched with last year. Tonight will be a big night for him!

During the game last night, Ed Farmer was talking about the players getting spooked by their hotel. What’s the story Scott?

xwavmlts….Before we get to the story of the “haunted” hotel that the team is staying at in St Petersdorf,let me just say to Mr Garland…See how easy it is when all you do is throw the ball towards AJ’s mitt? Of course,it helps to have the woeful D-Rays to go up against….The two home runs against him? Solo shots,which were easily(as it turns out)overcome by the late offense of J Dye and AJ…At the end,I absolutely adored it when Manchild came in and dropped Uncle Charlie(the curve ball)in on Greg Norton…Norty just stood there,dropped the bat down to his shoes,and the look on his face from the low 3rd base camera shot was…priceless…
As far as the hotel is concerned,I guess that certain things went on in that facility that resulted in a legend going around that certain rooms were “haunted”….AH-WOOOO!

Perhaps it was the ghosts of bad teams past down there that roam the corridors…All I know is…that big sombrero needs to ahave an exorcism done on it,to get the boys to play better….

sox pride 12…Brittany,I will be out by the general offices on Sunday between 11:30 and 11:45 AM…you won’t be able to miss me…I’ll be the guy with the clipboard with a scoresheet attached plus all sorts of pencils as well…I’ll also have on my multi-plad Irish hat on…Come on up and say the secret word…Quaid?…then the duck will come down and give you a big hug….Looking forward to it,as well as the matchup…Zambrano,their big horse,versus Contreras,our big horse(if I may be permitted to be so possessive…usually I refrain from personalizing,using “we”.”us”

or “our”,mainly because I don’t work for the team….)

Mr Weatherman,PLEASE make it nice…I don’t get out there that often….

Kudos to all of you attending the game. I’ll be watching in the cheap, cheap seats..here at home =) TQ..as for you comments on Garland, I can’t help but be reminded of a quote from one of my favorite movies..Bull Durham. When Nuke is on the mound, and he finally realizes that Crash (the catcher) really knows what he’s doing, he keeps reminding himself..”Don’t think, Meat, just throw”. Behind every great pitcher, is a great catcher =) Let’s finish up with the boys in FL and show that other team in Chicago how it’s done!! GO SOX!!!

Thanks Tom ….. I still don’t feel completely comfortable watching Garland. He is pitching better, but he was still behind in the count for most of the game. Thankfully we have such a great catcher to help him out. Congrats to AJ for setting the AL record for consecutive errorless chances accepted! Maybe Garland’s problem is the missing soul patch Hmm………..

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