Friday of Cubs/Sox

Friday, May 19, 2006, 9:08 am

Sox-Cubs Pregame

Maybe it’s just me (and obviously, Ozzie), but the buildup to this series this year just doesn’t seem to have the same feel.  Maybe iOzzie_9
t’s too early.  Maybe it’s due to the season the Cubs have had so far.  Maybe it’s because the afterglow of last year’s postseason has dimmed this series.  Not sure, but it jsut doesn’t feel the same to me (and Ozzie).

Although he overstated the case a bit (surprise anyone?), Ozzie does have a point about the series from a go-to-work, get-my-job-done perspective for the front office, clubhouse staff and players.

But our fans are obviously pumped for this, and that is what is most important.  I hope Sox fans enjoy today and the weekend, but do so in a classy, fun manner.

We are speculating on what the mix of the crowds will be like this weekend.  Will Cubs fans show up here (and potentially subject themselves to the ribbing) or will they stay home and watch on television?  Will the weekend be a chance for White Sox fans to celebrate last October again and again and again?

It will be interesting to see.

Beware the Underdog

My own sense of this series is the "underdog" going in very often surprises the favored team.  I remember one year the Cubs were flying high and we went to Wrigley Field and sent them into a tailspin. 

We need to play well from the start today.

Long March

Put this in the "we really feel sorry for you" category, but I played Medinah’s Golf Course No. 3 on Wednesday with three media friends.  We walked with caddies and I am still sore.  I think I touched every tree on the course and maybe hit a ball off the short stuff five times all day.  I was brutal.  The course was magnificent, and I can’t wait for the tournament in August.  It is always amazing to see the PGA guys play the same course as you (say Medinah, Cog Hill or Castle Pines).  It really ends up not being the same course, but it is so amazing to see them play.  They really are that good.


I have taken some good-natured abuse in the office today for forgetting my World Series ring at home (I don’t wear it too often).

"You have to wear it today," one employee chided.  "What a rookie mistake."

They are right.

More later as the day allows.


GREAT article on about the White Sox farm system:

Amazing, after all the prospects we have given up in the last 3 years. Kenny your a genus.

World Champs last year. Kept most of the pieces but arguably got better this year. Have a ton of talent in the minors. Does anyone have a feeling you are going to wake up soon?

Scott, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for about a year now, but this is the first time I’ve posted.

The Cubs fans I’ve been talking to lately have been conceding that the Sox have the better team, and seem resigned to getting beat this weekend.

There were a number of Sox fans up in Milwaukee yesterday. I ordered tickets a couple of weeks ago for yesterday’s game in order to see Rowand play. Of course the day after I got the tickets, he hit the wall. Well, it was a good day to take off work and it was a good game; which I watched wearing my Sox sweater. About 4 rows behind me were four Sox fans there for the same reason as I.

Well, off to the game. To quote Bob Uecker, “I must be in the front row” – Section 556 today.

You played the famed Medinah? Well my friend you got what you deserved:) Yes indeed those guys ARE good. Cub fans resigned? Not the ones out here in Elkhart. This is the *******’ world series for them. Smirking I say, “Last October was the world series”. I don’t turn my back on them.

If our guys are to have a bad day let it be against the Rays or someone like that, if they turn it around (like they did today) let it be against the Flubs, I mean Cubs. It’s a joy to watch them eat crow, including the Chicago Tribune who still show special treatment to the team they own, contrary to their claims otherwise. Buehrle pitched like the All Star that he is and the Sox look like they’re ready to steamroll the Cubs and anyone else that gets in their way. Except for last year, I haven’t had this much fun since the ’59 and 83′ teams. Kudos to Ozzie for getting these guys going. You gotta love it.

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