Today’s Lineup

Friday, May 19, 2006, 10:13 am

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack CF; Cintron, SS.  Buehrle takes the mound.

The team arrived home around 1:30 am.  By 9 am Neal Cotts was in the clubhouse to work out ("I wake up the same time every day.  It doesn’t matter when I go to sleep," he said.).  Ozzie Guillen was going through mail in his office, and Joey Cora was bouncing around from task to task.


To first comment a bit from your first blog today, I agree the series this weekend doesn’t have the same feel. I can’t speak for all Sox fans, but in my corner of the world, in the past, this series was for city bragging rights. We have the ULTIMATE bragging right now as reminded by that big ol’ banner in the outfield, trophy around town, and ring on the finger. We are the defending world champs! We never had that in the past on either side of the city so the crosstown classic was like our world series. We have the title now and even if we lose the series this weekend we still have that! Again at least in my corner of the world in south suburban Chicago, it would be great if we won the weekend series, but we still will be the defending world champs even if we don’t!
Tell me how yesterday wasn’t an afternoon “getaway” day game with us playing this afternoon???

I’m hoping that the team can bounce back, mentally and physically. Starting a game less than 12 hours after arriving in town after a 3 hour flight has to take it’s toll. Go get ’em boys!!

Hopefully we will get the same fundamentally sound play out of the flubs today. Bunting with 2 out, 2 on in the bottom of the ninth????

Is there anything more un-Chicago than that pathetic organization? From the town that brought us Payton, Ditka, Butkus, Fisk, Luzinski, Kittle, Melton, Allen, May having that team with Chicago on their jerseys is a absolute embarrassment. The loveable losers who play at the friendly confines.

People who don’t understand why Sox fans hate the cubs don’t see it is dislike spawned from embarrassment from the abomination of a Chicago team.

As a side note, am I the only one who has noted the femininity of even the names of the players over there? Keri, Sammy, Pierre, Corey, Jody, Aramis, it is like they are trying to find androgynous players to appeal to the masses of ****** who go to see them.

I think someone needs to say it: It is OK TO HATE THE cubs. Not only is it ok, it is pro-Chicago.

Good to see that Ozzie is utilizing the NL experience of Mack and Cintron vs. Maddux.

billb…Isn’t there just the least little,teeny,tiny bit of compassion in your soul towards the visitors the next three days? I mean,98 years since thier last world’s title…That was the year my mother(God rest her soul)was born…Also,”Uncle Miltie”Berle came along the same year…so there were plenty of jokes before the Series that year…
As I can tell,there are now some members of Cub Nation who must have had lasix surgery done recently,because they’ve taken a good look at what their heroes have done and have come to the realization that they STINK ON ICE…so,they are letting them know how disappointed they are by vocalizing…in the “Serenade In Boo”…The Cub players aren’t used to this,they are more accustomed to unconditional love from their lemmings…this is something new,and not nice…Well,boys,get used to it,because if the ship doesn’t right itself(and right now,it’s the Andrea Doria…remember,jklein?),you’ll be hearing that ALL YEAR LONG…the good part is,it may drown out Santo’s weeping…

Onto other business…Mr Reifert,I applaud your decision to WALK the course at Medinah,instead of the cushy cart treatment…I’m one to talk,because when it comes to golf,my handicap is thinking I have a chance in h*** to play well at all…

As to the offer for August 15th,which I believe is Chris Singleton’s b-day as well as the blogger night, I am going to have to take up a collection to get out there with the rest of the bunch,for reasons too private and personal to expound on…

However,life goes on…it’s a beautiful day,the Cell will be filled…let the hostilities and emnity begin…Just don’t do anything STUPID,please….

By the way,if the rumors about one Johnnie B.Baker are true,his potential replacement will be getting a first hand look tomorrow,as “Uncle”Lou Piniella will be working for FOX with little Thommie Brennaman…but,I’ll be listening to Farmio and Singleton…some habits are hard to break…..

Hello again,everybody… I just got a look at the FOX website,and it seems there has been a change in color commentators for tomorrow’s clash…”Uncle”Lou Piniella has what is being called an eye infection…personally,I think he’s jaking it,because he doesn’t really believe in violence on TV…So instead,the 23 per cent of the US of A who will get this game will instead be treated to the dulcet tones and penetrating analysis of one Darrin Jackson,working with Little Thommie Brennaman…What will most of the rest of the country be watching if they tune to FOX at the same game time as Cubs/Sox? What else,Mets/Yank-mes,with the A-team of young Joe Buck and one of the only men around in baseball TV who can rival Joe Morgan for making people ill listening to his analysis,Tim Mc Carver…and jklein,I’m sorry,amigo,but out there is Tucson,you folks will be getting the battle of SoCal between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(Azusa and Cucamonga)and the Los Angeles Dodgers of Chavez Ravine…Sorry about that,you have to rely on your computer to work if you want to see the Champs take on the chumps….

Just warms my heart… Most importantly, it’s a win!! I honestly don’t feel I can rub it in a Cub’s fan’s face…it’s like beating up on the sickly kid down the block. Just doesn’t feel good to brag. Had lunch sitting next to a Cubs fan, and they are just beaten down.. By the 3rd, he just hung his head and said…it’s over. More than the usual “beat the Cubs” feeling I would normally have..I’m just looking for 3 wins and a few Detroit losses…

hey Tom, to make matters worse, on saturdays all early games are blacked out, so i can’t even watch on my computer. i’m golfing instead at a local muni. and my trouble is also thinking that i can hit the ball. but as i am very fond of saying; “the Sox won the WS, anything is possible”. i’m sure glad it won’t be as cold here as in Chitown. and one last thing, Tom, the Andrea Doria WAS in my life time, the least you could have done is to suggest that i remembered the titanic. oh yeah, i do remember, now, that was only four years after the cubs won their last WS. talk to you all later….where is Manausa? j.k.

The park had the feel of a playoff atmosphere today….it was a lot of fun. Mark pitched great, and the offense sure had it going. Good win!

Although I had a blast at the game, and I’m very happy to get another W, this series just doesn’t have the same feel.

I think I reduce it to the fact that back in the day when there were no championships to brag about here in Chicago baseball, this series is where all the bragging right lied. Now that we are World Champs and in serious contention for a repeat title (knock on wood!), this series has lost its luster. I’m not saying that I don’t love when we beat on the Cubbies, I’m just saying it is no longer a series we live or die by.

I just hung up leaving Dustin a message to reserve my two spots for Aug. 15. I’m real excited to meet all of you! How much more fun it’ll be to post after we all meet!

Quick turnaround tomorrow, anxious to see Freddy continue his domination of the North Siders..

p.s. Just for kicks…not that it matters: Neifi completely pushed Crede’s hand off the bag. Again, he still got a RBI out of it, and we won- but Joe doesn’t flip like that for no reason, and watching the replay its no doubt.

I stand behind you Joe!😉

My first Sox/Cubs game was well worth the wait. It’s not every day you see a future Hall of Famer get his comeuppance in such a dramatic fashion (unless you happen to be a Giants fan in which case you probably see it quite often). By the bottom of the third I lost my mind and my voice I was yelling so hard. But I gotta admit, it doesn’t have that same flair. You almost pity these poor, despondent Cubs fans. Almost. It’s like someone kicked their dog, ran over it, buried it in their backyard, dug it up and kicked it again. Ah well…

That’s a great idea for the blogger get-together on Aug. 15. I unfortunately won’t be able to attend (got classes in Iowa) which is a shame because I really want to meet alot of you here. It be a travesty though if perhaps the most recognizable name on this blog wasn’t in attendance. I’d be more than willing to donate to the TomQuaid fund. Rifle me off an e-mail if I can be of any help TQ.

Can’t wait for todays game where I’ll be working off this horrific hangover from last night’s drunken debauchery on my mother’s couch with the blinds closed (Hey, it’s Sox/Cubs, I had to get a little rowdy!) Make it a good one today Freddy.

What a fantastic game yesterday. I was a little late getting in to the game so I missed the top half of the first, but the rest was all White Sox. I was so pleased to see Mark pitch well for a change. I do agree with the rest of you, the Cub fans looked sad, lonely, and uninterested. However, them looking so sad brought a smile to my face. Hopefully Freddy can get through his early game jitters and teach Mr. Hill a thing or two about pitching like a Champion. I’m getting ready to leave the house now for game 2. Go Go White Sox!!!!

With all of the hurly-Buehrle(oh,this kid is just to DIE for with the puns,isn’t he?)that went on at the Cell yesterday,I forgot to mention a little item which cropped up in the Horoscope section of the Some-Times on Thursday…Under my sign(Virgo,September 17th,in case any of you is planning a celebration…),the lady wrote,and I quote,”…Your team has seen better days.If you still treat them like they’re the cream of the crop,the champions,the thoroughbreds,then at least they won’t turn into nags.Soon,they’ll make you proud again…”
There you go,folks,astrologer Holiday Mathis just explained away the Devil Rays series and predicted the outcome for this current set-to…

kr-trepac,I know you won’t see this until you get back but I hope you HAD a safe and happy trip to and from Macomb,jklein,hit ’em straight and down the middle and to all of WS Universe,don’t really feel TOO sorry for Cub Nation…Remember,when the shoe was on the other foot,and the Cubs were going well,they didn’t feel too sorry for you when the Crosstown Classic came around…

Just another case of the old expressions…First,”…what goes around,comes around…”and second,”…Payback’s a b***h,ain’t it?…”

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