Saturday, May 20, 2006, 9:39 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; BA, CF.  Garcia on the mound.


First of all,if regular readers of this location will recall,last week when I spotted the match up between Maddux and Buehrle,I thought that first pitch would be at 3:07 and that the game would be over with by a quarter of five…Well,first pitch WAS at 3:07,and by quarter of five,the game WAS practically over with…the last pitch and out came at 5:14…So,sue me for being half an hour off…Let David Blaine try THAT stunt,to accurately predict what would happen a week before it did…
Today,young Mr Hill has been just wild enough to be considered poised and dangerous,the Cub bats have bben silent WAY too long,and besides,FOX is here,and Saturdays and the Sox and FOX usually mean a long day…Let’s hope not…

Just wanted to say that I watched this week in baseball. AJ, Aaron, and Crede were pretty funny making fun of BA when he was announced to get his ring. They kept imitating BA when he was saying ” Oh my god” When Pods hit his walk off. Didn’t know that the whole team was additcted to video games ethier. It was a great piece, and if there is a way to get it all on video that would be awesome. We all miss ya Aaron, if there was a way for me to sign that get well card that is going around the ball park I would according to the tribune its goin around. Anyway go SOX!

Didn’t know if anyone got to see Cliff do a flip but it was pretty cool. I really should of taped this but I didn’t even think about taping it at all. AJ always seems to have everyone laughing.

Last comment about this week in baseball and it has to do with big bad Micheal Clark Duncan. Great guy, esspicaly talking about the Sox.

Holy (*&%&*# bench clearing brawl…And guess who’s at the center??? Our man AJ =)

HOW THE **** IS AJ GETTING THROWN OUT! All he did was what he had to do. Brian Anderson just catapulted in my book too. Way to teach that ***** Mabry a lesson!

Come on, when has a Northsider ever won a brawl on the Southside?! Never. Pretty sure Iguchi threw that knockout right hand punch in that brawl.

How about the left hook to make sure they’re down for good? Tad connects again!

I would like to know what is going to happan to AJ now. Will he be suspended? Why would he get thrown out? Even the guys on fox didn’t understand why AJ was tossed.

i wish i was able to watch todays game, but as i said yesterday, mlb blacks out the sat. game of the week. i can watch the replay on, but i know what has happened. it’s just not the same thing. i also was hacking up a course in green valley ( about 30 mins. south of tucson) and did pretty well for me. i did hit the ball straight ( thanks Tom Q), but not very far. there’s always next week. go Sox, get the sweep tomorrow. j.k……

I don’t think AJ will be suspended. He didn’t do anything wrong. Running over the catcher is expected on that kind of play. I think these past two games are an indication of how the Sox will play in the post season. It is hard for a good team to get up for every game -like against TBay- but when the games really matter the Sox will rise to the occasion. Now let’s sweep the Scubs back to the Northside on Sunday!!

Wonder if TWIB will be replayed…Think I’ll check the magic TIVO box.

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