Sunday, May 21, 2006, 9:19 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Uribe, SS.  Contreras returns to the mound.

Roster Move

We will need to make a move prior to the game to make room on the roster for Jose Contreras.  We will wait until Jose gets to the ballpark to make it since we want to make sure he didn’t wake up with any strange soreness or sleep wrong.

Sunday Mornings

Are always a very quiet time at the ballpark.  As always happens after brawls and fights, guys are giving each other a hard time about how everyone looks in the various photos in newspapers (check out the back page of the Sun-Times) or on websites.


One local columnist takes AJ to task for the incident yesterday, writing "this is what happens when you have a reputation, when you’re known as a sport’s reigning provocateur/punk …"

Later he labels AJ with terms like rabble-rouser, smart-aleck, instigator, aggitator, trouble-maker, a wise guy and annoying cuss, before concluding with "All this showed me is that baseball players can be little boys, some littler than others."

I guess he doesn’t like AJ, which is certainly his option, but this seems like such a severe case of the pot calling the kettle black that I laughed out loud while reading it.

Let’s see … punk, instigator, smart-aleck, rabble-rouser, troublemaker, wise guy … it seems like someone makes a living moon-lighting as just that character each weekday afternoon on ESPN.  Maybe he just doesn’t like himself.  Maybe that expains a lot.

No one deserves to be punched … ever.

Media Coverage

Kudos to Chicago’s newspapers for the amount of coverage given to this series and baseball so far this season. 

Frank Arrival

I mentioned in a earlier post, but we do have a video tribute planned for tomorrow night (pregame) when Frank Thomas returns to Chicago with the Oakland A’s.  We also have a special little tribute planned that we hope Frank and our fans enjoy one last time.


Paul Sullivan, Tribune beat writer for the Cubs, has endured a tough season so far with his coverage of the team becoming a story in itself in local media.

"I don’t like being the center of the story," Sully said Friday. "It’s really not a big deal."

Manager Ozzie Guillen gave Sullivan, who has also covered the Sox, a big hug and then gave him a hard time about his season to date.  "We love you, Paul," he said.  I think he stopped short of giving him a kiss …

I am sure Paul’s reception in our dugout will make things even better for him on the other side of town.

But at least he knows he is loved …


Scott you really took the gloves off in the ‘Ironic’ section of today’s post. You couldn’t be more right though. If anybody should know what it’s like to be an irritant in general and a plague upon society more specifically it’d be Mariotti.

I don’t advocate violence but every now and then a little bit of fistacuffs can be a good thing. Especially when it leaves a Cub with a broken rib or two. Look forward to Jose picking up where he left off. Let’s break out the brooms!

J.K. Dennis

Scott … thanks for responding to Mariotti’s drivel. I’ve enjoyed his recent Cub-bashing, but I’m done with him after today’s “column”. As Hawk once said, he doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a story.

And can someone tell me what AJ has done since he’s been in Chicago besides handle the pitching staff like a hall of famer and bust his butt every night?

Mariotti and his spewing are barely with commenting on. However, let me just say one thing… Whatever happened with AJ prior to him coming to town…doesn’t matter. We didn’t witness it, and shouldn’t comment on it. Since he’s been here, he’s done EVERYTHING one would ask from a catcher. His “blue collar” work ethic is perfectly reflective of this town. We will work hard, and stand up for what we believe in. Always protect your family and co-workers, and do the best job you can. Tell that hack of a writer, he could do well to be 1/2 the man AJ is!

The really sad thing about the column is that he’s a member of the baseball writers’ association* and therefore his personal feelings towards players OFF THE FIELD influences his voting in Cy Young*, MVP* and Hall of Fame.

*these are assumptions. I’d fact check if I could. See? Even a lowly internet writer with a very small readership understand simple journalism concepts.)

any chance of posting the video tribute for frank on the blog? we out of state life long sox fans are dying to see it…

What is pathetic is that Chicagos voice on ESPN is Jay Marriotti. The guy is a jerk, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. We should ignore the guy, and I’m suprised the Sun Times hasn’t fired him but hey I guess hes on ESPN or whatever. I’m sure tomarrow on Around the Horn he will once again remark about AJ and say something, and Im sure all the rest of writers will give him the riot act. I remember that he kept bashing the Sox even when they were in World Series, and then they won and he was like ” I’m so glad they won.” And Tony Riali, Woody Paige and others ripped into him for saying he is for the Sox. Ignore the guy

All I have to say is that I have more respect for my fellow Sox fans than ever before. I was worried that our best hitter would get booed today in his first game as our opponent. What I found instead was a well deserved ovation for the greatest hitter I’ve ever seen wear a White Sox jersey. Thank God we’re not like Cleveland booing Jim Thome. As much as I hated to see both homeruns, I found myself standing and cheering for Big Frank. I wish him the best of everything for the rest of his career and I hope all Sox fans can forget how he left and remember what he did while he was here. He truly was great. Let’s show the rest of the world that we are TRUE baseball fans.

Go Sox!!!

By the way, forget Marriotti. He’s a joke. The more we write about him, the more exposure he gets. Let’s ignore him and focus on the greatest baseball team in the world right now. Jealousy is a stinky cologne and Marriotti is doused in it.

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