Sweep Thoughts

Wednesday, May 24, 2006, 2:41 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Cintron, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Uribe, SS.  Buehrle pitching.

Sales Update

Here’s a "sad but true" sales update for our event on August 15 (like Juan Uribe’s batting average, it is early).

So far, we have sold 12 (with two pending) tickets to the event, which is fine, although the ticket sales rep gleefully informed me that he thinks all the sales so far have been to women!?

Since it is limited to 50 people, and I don’t want to start twisting arms, please place any orders with Dustin at 312-674-5186.  We can even offer a special discount price for members of the media (just joking).

Early and Often

I am sure you are all over it, but feel free to vote and often as you’d like for 2006 All-Stars.  Just visit whitesox.com or click right here to vote, preferably for our guys. You can vote up to 25 times online so use them all.



With regards to tonight’s lineup,it’s the usual suspects…Hopefully,the day off tomorrow can help to mend Gooch’s ailing tootsies…and if BA wants to get off the Wally Pipp watch(for those of you not old enough to know,Wally one day said “I have a headache and can’t play.”,giving a chance to a kid named Lou Gehrig…),he had better give some serious consideration to less K’s….
Mackowiak is simply hot right now,and making the most out of his chance…

I’d like to see the fourth estate come out to the event on 8/15…That way,they could see for themselves what true WS Universe pride in this team is all about…(of course,I’d also like to see myself out there as well to meet my cyber friends in person,but…well,who knows?)

Could anyone who was nearby last night to view Kenny Williams reaction when F Thomas came up and Ozzie went out to get Cotts and bring in Nelson please log in? I could just picture the look of unrestrained glee down deep in KW’s heart as the Big Hurt looked up to see his nemesis coming in to face him…If Frank got even so much as a loud foul off Jeff in Nelson’s time with the Mariners and Yankees,they’d have to stop the game and present Frank with an award…

Of course,we all know that KW has one of the great poker faces of all times,but,as I said,he must have thought to himself…”Ah-HAH! GOTCHA,BIG GUY!!!”

Well, I’ve heard what everyone has to say. I still think Garland, Uribe and Anderson are liabilities, though. I take offense to one contributor who called me fair-weather. Though I am not as ancient as Tom Q (just kidding Tom Q, but seriously, how old are you??), I have been a fan all of my life; even before I was born you could say. My dad passed the White Sox gene down to all of his boys. Additionally, I grew up on the Dark Side of Chicago sports (North Side) and as a child, I had to endure the endless banter of mindless Cubbie fans. (Oh!! 1984 was brutal!! The Padres always have a special place in my heart, as do the Giants and, of course the Marlins!) I am proud to say, I and my brothers never wavered. We remained Sox fans throughout our childhood (70’s and onward) and wore our Sox Pride as a badge of honor throughout our trying formative years. In short, I am a Sox fan, Even when the weather is brutal. I thank kolsens for sticking with me in my “complaining.” Folks, it is true, I am spoiled. I am also drunk with happiness on what this team has done. I only want what is best for this team. Of course, we can’t win 162 games. We can try though, can’t we? We are playing exciting and insprirantional ball right now and we are almost mirroring last year’s magic. Is it so wrong, however, to point out the holes in an otherwise unstoppable lineup? What exactly are the rules of engagement on this blog? Close your eyes to any problems and if you happen to notice anything wrong don’t mention it for fear of upsetting the audience? I think we all earned the right to voice our opinions, good or bad, about this team, especially fans who have blood in their Sox veins. I am all about supporting this team in good times and bad. If I “complain” when I see something disturbing, I apologize to no one. Dawn, you are right though. I will contribute more without the complaints, like now – Go Sox and kick some A’s!!

Yeah I’m in for Aug 15th and I’m a guy.

It looks like I’ll be in attendance with my Sox-loving friend, we’re going to wait till post-payday to buy tickets though. So add one more female and one male.

Forgive my ignorance, but what event is on August 15th? Perhaps that’s why sales are low….

I’m also waiting post pay day so count 2 more women in.

On Aug. 15th, Scott has set up an event for any fans who read his blog to attend the Sox/Royals game together, eat and drink in the patio plus game tickets for $54 each. Cool chance to meet others who follow this site and have fun at the game. It was posted earlier on one of his blogs. Call the number for more details.

As far as the all-star voting goes, I could only vote a maximum of 25 times, and then it cut me off. If you want Thome at first, he has to be voted as a write-in. Konerko is on the ballot at first. Hard choice, isn’t it? I’d like to vote for both, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. If you have more than one account set up with MLB, maybe you can vote more than 25 times.

Ozzie had said prior that there was no platoon system in center, that Brian was the guy, but he would take him out against tough righty matchups. I’m beginning to think he might change his mind. I love Brian’s glove in the field, I hate it when he’s not out there. But, I was awfully glad for whoever made the decision to pinch hit Mac for him late in Monday’s game, especially since he tied it up with his first homer of the year. What an exciting game!! I loved the reception for Frank, I stood and applauded when he tipped his hat. But cheer for the HR, no way! A win is still the utmost of importance each night, even if it means Frank needs to strike out. Go get him, Beurhle!!!

just put in completely phony email addresses. my brother and i probably voted 1,500 times last year for pods.

I was told that Buehrle has never had 10 or more strike outs. Is this true? I thought he has a 11 or 12 strike out game just last year.

No, that’s not true. He struck out 12 against the Mariners at the beginning of last season…April I want to say.

How SWEEP it is!! Buehrle looked great and they strung together the hits when they needed to. And how ’bout that Big Bad Bobby Jenks!?!?!?! I think we can’t rely on teams to beat Detroit…Guess we’ll just have to do that ourselves. Bring ’em on!

We will have to vote for Thome when that extra player voting comes around, just like we did last year for Pods. That is if they do it again this year.

Great win tonight!!! Buehrle has found that grove again baby!! I hope Juan is ok, we need him. I wish I could go to the game on Aug. 15th. I take vacation in July and will be at the game vs Boston (last game before the All-Star game). Everyone needs to have a drink for me though. I will be there in spirit yelling through the tv like a ***** =) Be safe. Let’s bring on the Jays.

wow…how did I miss that?


Let’s put Detroit’s early success into a little perspective. 15 of the Tiger’s 32 wins have come against Kansas City & Minnesota (winning all 8 games against the lowly Royals while going 7 & 2 vs. the flailing Twins). The Tigers carry a solid (but unspectacular) 17 & 14 record against their other early season opponents but they have only played a total of 3 games against premier AL teams (White Sox, Yankees, Red Sox & Blue Jays). Remember, the White Sox swept the Tigers in Detroit’s opening home series which was their only head-to-head match-up so far this season.

Therefore, It is far too early to gauge how “real” Detroit’s success will translate over a 162 game season. The Tigers will finally face their 1st true test with a 16 game (over a 17-day) stretch. During this daunting stretch, the Tigers will host the Indians, Yankees & Red Sox… then after their first off-day of this stretch travel to face the White Sox in Chicago followed immediately by a 3-game series in Toronto.

If the Tigers can complete this difficult stretch with better than a .500 (8 & 8) record, it should be considered be a success. It will be interesting to watch.

Michael Harkins Tucson, AZ

beatboxing: at this rate, it would classify as a shocker if Thome isn’t at least added as a reserve by the panel after fans vote the starters…since you mentioned the Final Vote that got Pods elected last year.

Hope all of Scott’s faithful here know you can start your own MLBlog over at http://www.mlblogs.com. Just shout if you start one and we’ll make sure it’s seen.



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