Off Day Odds and Ends

Thursday, May 25, 2006, 3:21 pm


Word is we should hear about any MLB fines and suspensions sometime tomorrow morning.  Remember that players have the right to appeal, so suspensions won’t necessarily begin tomorrow night (or day in the Cubs case).


Was given the last two days off due to his sore foot.  With the next three games on turf, my guess is you likely won’t see Tadahito unless he is feeling 100 percent.

King of Illinois

Jim Thome was honored before yesterday’s game for becoming the all-time home run leader from the state of Illinois (passing his "hero" Dave Kingman, who attended high school in the state).

Tom Quaid

Was kind enough to stop by the ballpark today and say hello.  He left with a heavy pack of media guides in tow (he begged enough for a set that we had to give in to him), so when he starts quoting obscure facts about the 1982 Padres on this blog, we all will know why.


Reminder to anyone interested that for $54, you can attend the game on August 15, enjoy an all-you-can-eat pregame meal and then we will hold a special event for your eyes only in our conference and learning center (which doubles as Ozzie’s postgame interview room).  The offer is only open to the first 50 fans.

Yesterday, I wrote that all the reservations had been by women.  Turns out that wasn’t completely true.  Dustin, who is coordinating the event (and reads this site), evidently struggles with gender recognition at times.  My apologies, but several men have also purchased tickets to the event.

You may want to order soon by calling Dustin at 312-674-5186.


Don’t look now, but the next seven weeks are looking pretty tough on our White Sox.

at Toronto, at Cleveland

vs. Texas, vs. Detroit, vs. Cleveland

at Texas, at Cincinnati

vs. St. Louis, vs. Houston

at Pittsburgh, at Cubs

vs. Baltimore, vs. Boston

All-Star Break

at New York, at Detroit

Pretty tough rowing …



I will bet most of those teams are looking at their schedule and are concerned about the difficult rowing seeing how the World Champs are playing.

There you go, billb…it’s all about how you look at it. Plus, it’s during the trying times that the “cream” rises to the top!! I want to go visit Scott!!! Field Trip =). I’m having withdrawl…need a Sox game tonight….

I agree with Dawn, I’m actually pretty enthusiastic about our upcoming schedule. I really feel like we are still the best team in the majors and can’t wait to prove it.
Phil in IN

Hallelujah!! michael in tucson, i just read your post about the tigers and was shocked/pleased to find another soul here. i thought i was the only Sox fan in Tucson. great to know about you. maybe together we can wipe the cubs off the ariz. map. j.k.

and now i know who really rates in the world of blog contributors. Tom you lucky old coot, you did it where i wasn’t able to. in spring training, Scott was kind enough to suggest that i visit him at one of our games. i tried, but the door to the Sox offices was locked. (not Scotts fault i’m sure), but we all know now who stirs this drink. congrats… i wish i could make it in august, but it doesn’t look good for that kind of trip. j.k.

Did anyone happen to catch the KC Detroit game today? What a horror show! KC was up 6-0 and lost 13-8! Hopefully, this series highlighted how bad KC is, not how powerful the Tigers are.

Will be in Detroit next week when they play the Indians. Is it possible for both of them to lose? If not, I guess I’ll have to root for the Tribe, but that just feels so dirty! Go Sox!!

I am happy to see that TQ got the media guides that he has been salivating over:) I am also glad that Mark discovered that he was tipping his pitches in the Minn game. Since then he has gone 3-0 with a 0.96 ERA. I also hope to go to the party in Aug, but I do not know my work schedule yet.

The White Sox aren’t the only AL Central contender facing a daunting stretch in the upcoming schedule.

Let’s put Detroit’s early success into a little perspective. 15 of the Tiger’s 32 wins have come against Kansas City & Minnesota (winning all 8 games against the lowly Royals while going 7 & 2 vs. the flailing Twins). The Tigers carry a solid (but unspectacular) 17 & 14 record against their other early season opponents but they have only played a total of 3 games against premier AL teams (White Sox, Yankees, Red Sox & Blue Jays). Remember, the White Sox swept the Tigers in Detroit’s opening home series which was their only head-to-head match-up so far this season.

Therefore, It is far too early to gauge how “real” Detroit’s success will translate over a 162 game season. The Tigers will finally face their 1st true test with a 16 game (over a 17-day) stretch. During this daunting stretch, the Tigers will host the Indians, Yankees & Red Sox… then after their first off-day of this stretch travel to face the White Sox in Chicago followed immediately by a 3-game series in Toronto.

If the Tigers can complete this difficult stretch with better than a .500 (8 & 8) record, it should be considered be a success.

The White Sox have already proven throughout last year’s outstanding regular season and post-season run that they can go head-to-head against the best teams in MLB and emerge victoriously. It will be interesting to watch how the Tigers handle the constant, growing pressure of having the best teams in baseball turn it up when they face this hot young upstart ball club.

Michael Harkins Tucson, AZ

KC is so horrible. Can someone slip Bud Selig a copy of Bob Costas’ book, FAIR BALL: A fan’s case for baseball?

dreifer: I just saw the Det/KC highlights. The Tigers have won 13 of 14 and 20 of 25. On the bright side, they can’t keep this up, right? Ordonez is hitting .322, 11 HR, 31 RBI. He is still one of my favorite players.

I hope not, blakeheem. But the way they played today looks very familiar…

JK… Work is taking me to the lovely state of Arizona in June. However, no free time to catch a beer or anything =( I agree with the logical take on Detroit. I just want to face them and show them what it’s like to play a ball club with a winning record =)

Make that 9 & 0 as the Tigers beat up on the lowly KC Royals (and their makeshift pitching staff comprised unprepared minor league prospects, MLB cast-offs & a roll of duct tape).

Klein, I am a long-time (45 year-old) die-hard WS fan dating back to the late 60s. I grew up on the North side of Chicago and lived downtown (in the Streeterville neighborhood) for 12 years before moving to Tucson, AZ in 2000.

We love seeing the Sox here each March during spring training. I rarely miss a game as a subscriber to both MLB TV and In-Demand Extra Innings (via Cox Cable).

My wife and I will be back home in the Windy City for two weeks from the end of June through July 11th. We look forward rooting for the Men in Black (and laughing it up) as the Sox pound the North Side Minor League franchise into “the friendly confines” of oblivion. We will also take in a game or two at US Cellular (Red Sox and maybe the Orioles).

Go White Sox!!!

Michael Harkins

Tucson, AZ (via Chicago)

Well that was a heck of a homestand!

Solid performance last night for sure, great way to end- broom, anyone?😉

TOMQ- Congrats! I’m so glad to hear you got your media guides, I was sure pulling for you!

After all the excitement of the past week, its nice to have a day off. (And I don’t even play!) Enjoy the day, and see y’all tomorrow…for another Sox Winner!

Dawn, i thought you were going to make some time for me when you come to phoenix. if you’re in town on a tuesday we could tip one to the boys. let me know.

Michael, thanks for the personal, and again it’s good to know there is someone else. i thought maybe it was me and Leo Golembiewski( and i don’t even know him). i’ve got you by a few years, and probably everyone else except maybe our unofficial captain, Tom Q. real quickly, we visited our family in Downers Grove in 1959 when i was 11. all anyone could talk about that summer was the Sox of course and naturally i became a fan. and of course, when you’re 11 you know with certainty that your team will win next year. little did i know that next year was going to take 46 years! but it was worth the wait, and i do think we have a solid chance to repeat and become the dominant team of the new millenium i used to watch games on my 10ft. dish until sportschannel chicago scrampled all their games. let’s hear it for j.k.

Would like to do that JK, but my time is not my own for the 48 hours. They’ve got us pretty booked. =(

Yes we do have a fairly tough schedule, but I think the Sox are up for it. In the past our problem has been the west coast teams so I think we’ll be OK. It will be great to finally see some our Sox players in the All star game instead of all those Yankees as well.

Road Trip! Anyone going to Cincinnati to catch the Sox games there in June?

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