Holiday Friday

Friday, May 26, 2006, 9:28 am


MLB announced its suspensions and fines this morning.  Michael Barrett received 10 games and a fine, Brian Anderson five games and a fine, Joey Cora two games and a fine, and A.J. received a fine only.

The players can choose to appeal the rulings, otherwise the suspensions begin today/tonight.

No Lineup Today

Sorry, but I am speaking at Highland Park High School this afternoon, so likely will be unable to post our lineup as I usually try to do.


I clicked on today to see this blog highlighted.  Always scare me …


Wouldn’t you know my son’s Little League team this year is the Tigers?


AJ should not have been fined. He did not participate in that fight. Those goofs in the MLB office have no clue. Congrats to TQ on getting those media guides. Go get ’em tonight Freddy.

You’re right KR…AJ should not have been fined at all. That is a total joke, and he better appeal that.

Lets go Freddy..

I must have missed something. What did Joey REALLY do to deserve a suspension? I know the stories of him biting someone, but that didn’t happen during this fight. Watching the replays I can only see Joey going after Barret but can’t see what he did to deserve a suspension and fine. I also don’t think AJ should have gotten fined.

MLB should collect barretts fine and give it to AJ. If AJ gets a fine, shouldn’t mabry get one as well? What ever happened to derrik lee? He is on the DL, he was on the field, he should get a fine and suspension, what am I missing? F-selig.

Who will coach 3rd in Cora’s absence?

Happy Holiday to all! Are we just being White Sox homers? I don’t think so. On MLB all it states is that AJ was fined for his actions during the incident. Oh, you mean for standing back and not retaliating against Barrett? I thought that was what you were supposed to do. How many guys would have held back after getting ****** punched like that?? And to see your friend get clocked like that, I don’t blame Anderson for jumping in like that, a pretty natural reaction. From what I saw going frame by frame, Brian didn’t even land a punch. To get 5 games, it’s too bad he didn’t get Barrett right back in the grill, as Farmio put it. I think Brian’s number is a little high, and I’m sure they’ll appeal that. As far as Joey, I didn’t see his aggressiveness, but I’m sure they have more film than we were shown. But IF he did anything more than just trying to hold guys, he has to learn about his new role a little more. Lastly, just glad Scotty didn’t get any games, as some were speculating lately. Go get ’em up north, may the good guys roll!!

Tim Raines is moving over to 3rd base coach in Joey’s absence. And just like Billb said, F Selig.

What AJ got was ****! First thing I thought of when I read that! Hope he appeals! Maybe Joey is the one that landed the shiner on Barrett, although I didn’t see it. And I too wanted to know what happened to Mr. Mabry’s fines and suspensions??? What’s up with that Bud?


ditto, across the board. I firmly believe they should hold a hearing on these issues before handing down judgement. Talk to all involved, AND watch the tape. You can’t possibly go on the video alone. The depths to which the “powers” in the MLB continue to fall is just mind boggling.

It could be worse… my son’s team is the Cubs!!

Unbeleivable! MLB should be required to state exactly what AJ and Joey did to deserve the fines/suspension that they got. It’s too easy to just make a general statement because you can’t dispute it. At least AJ didn’t get suspended. I hope they both appeal.

Can you appeal fines? I can’t remember hearing anybody appealing a fine in the past. As already stated, I don’t agree with Joey’s two games. I didn’t see him do anything. Barrett should have gotten more for that cheap shot.

If AJ deserves a fine, then every player who ever tried to run through a catcher at home, or take out someone at 2nd to break up the dp, deserves a fine! I guess they let Mabry off for the embarrassment of getting tossed by BA! I agree with everyone, appeals should & will be coming soon.

AJ being fined at all is complete nonsense, much more so for citing that it’s for his conduct. He walked away, for pete’s sake! I suppose some folks will say it’s because of his audacious slap of the place. Well, stop the presses; such egregious behavior cannot go unpunished. What nonsense.

And it’s just plain laughable that Barrett has appealed. Poor thing. Hello, you started the entire fracas — go sit down, shut up, and at least pretend to have some humility.

It is pretty crazy that AJ did get fined… The plate slapping was not the ‘right’ thing to do, but not quite finable behavior either.

It isn’t surprising either that Barrett appealled, esp. since Dusty mentioned the suspension as being harsh AND the Cubs really are struggling, Barrett brings something to the plate. Plus considering he appealed he is back in the line up today.

Though it might have been worth it to fine Gooch too considering he probably did the most damage that inning with the grand slam. 🙂

I was really hoping we were going to gain ground on the Tigers the other day when the Royals were up at least 6 – 0 in the 1st inning… No such luck!

Touch stretch ahead! Though it is great to hear the games selling out too.

I can’t comprehend why AJ was fined. 1) Barrett admitted in the press conference after Saturday’s game that AJ didn’t say anything to instigate Barrett’s action. 2) Dusty and Ozzie have both stated that AJ’s play was clean. 3) If you watch the replay, AJ may have stumbled when getting up from the plate, but his lack of balance can hardly be construed as a deliberate agressive action towards Barrett. 4) After the hit from Barrett, AJ stepped back and did NOT engage.

Tell me, MLB… What did AJ possibly do to deserve a fine?

Shame on all of us..guess we should not expect MLB to anything logical =( If AJ is fined for that, then should we fine every player who pumps his fist, high fives someone, etc? Based on behavior in the NFL, this is just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen….

It’s that little ol’press guide collector,me…More about that later….First of all,to the aftermath of ****** Punch 1…I’m not the least bit surprised that AJ got fined,even though all he did was receive the Pearl Harbor treatment from Red A** Barrett…who,by the way,if he keeps this up,is one day going to be wearing a baseball as an earring…The only reason that AJ was ejected from the game in the first place was so that some cockamamie form of peace and order couuld be restored on the field…so I had the feeling that he would be fined as well,for perhaps provoking sweet little Mikie into blowing his stack,because his team STINKS ON ICE(!!!)and he had to do something,perhaps,to break the Cubs out of their lethargic state…(how about dynamite,Barrett?)I also had the feeling that Anderson would be suspended,but I wasn’t sure about Pal Joey(Cora)…On the other sdie of the street,I fully expected that the instigator would get the book thrown at him,which Bob Watson did…But,he will try his damndest to appeal the time served down to next to nothing…Tip to Mr Barrett…Ask Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling about the possibilities of the appeal process…As well, I thought you wouldn’t appeal so that you could start serving your punishment now—because that means you couldn’t be at the ball park for the next 10 games…and therefore miss the carnage that will ensue after the Braves,Reds and Cardinals give your teammates a further case of agita…
Now to more pleasant topics…My thanks again to Scott for the gift of the guides…and thanks as well to Cary Dohman of the PR staff for helping load me up…I came to the offices with an empty bag,and got back home with near blisters and sore arms from lugging a FULL tote from 35th and Shields back north to my little hole in the wall…But I am happy…

Now,jklein…John,I read your post which gave me a clue as to your exact age…You,sir,are only four years older than I…I know that living in Tucson can do that to some people,but COME ON NOW….

Anything I missed,let me know…

Tom Q,on the road to Mandalay(where the flying fishes play)

Oh,I know what I missed…this upcoming schedule of games…As the other delegate from Tucson pointed out,the Tigers in this next nine game period of time are facing the Indians,Yank-mes and the Bo-Sox at Comerica Park,while the champs are facing the Jays,Tribe and the Texas (St)rangers…At least Detroit is facing some competition the next few games…Let’s put it this way…the Lombard Pony League is better thatn the freaking KC Royals right now…that franchise,its management and anyone who follows that funeral ought to be ASHAMED of themselves…Buddy Bell,the manager and Allard Baird,the GM,had better sharpen up their ************ quick…As they say in NFL training camps,”The turk wants to see you…and bring your playbook…”The turk meaning that cut of the ax….for those not familiar with the term…

I am so sick of Bud Selig dropping the ball. He consistently proves that he is the worst commish of all the sports. AJ was the most innocent person on that field during the brawl, everyone can see that. I heard on ESPN radio today that Bruce Levine said AJ’s fine was only $2,000 but still that is rediculous.
Go White Stockings! – Phil in IN

I love that Brian came to his teammates defense, and I think the team loves it, too. I’m concerned about his fine since he’s making league minimum, and hasn’t been for long…. Does anyone know how they come up with fines? What factors are considered? Dawn (State of Confusion)

Dawn,I don’t believe that there is any thought given to what a player is or isn’t earning in salary regarding the amount of a fine…As far as the comments of our man in West Lafayette(where are the Golden Girl,the Silver Twins and the Girl in Black,Phil? I’m waiting…)The former used car salesman masquerading as a baseball commissioner can only go by what his people give him…If Bob Watson,the MLB disciplinarian,tells Bud what it up,Bud has to go along with Watson’s recommendations,rather then be shown as wishy-washy by the media types who don’t like him to begin with…In my opinion(no obscure facts about the Padres or anyone else,for that matter….just my thoughts….)the best baseball commissioner since Judge Landis dropped dead after banning Pete Rose for life…Bart Giamatti would still be in office today had that tragedy not occured…
By the way,michaelharkins…I bego your pardon in my last post for not remembering your name out there in Tucson…Please do not hold it against me…jklein out there knows how old and feeble I am….

Ha, TQ, I’ll be sure to send the golden, silver, and black ladies your way (I only actually know the silver twins).
But I’m sure Bud can look at the video for himself and decide if what is ultimately being laid down as his decision is correct or not. But that being said, Bud will never be in my good book…

And for the record, for all my AZ pals, I grew up in Mesa, AZ (Spring home to the North Side, I know…) and still manage to get out there every spring and head down to some White Sox spring training games in Tucson (just a 2-hour drive).

Viva la Arizona

Phil in IN

Ozzie guillen will coach third base I believe

Saadman, why do you think Ozzie would do it and not Baines? Not doubting you, but just wondering.

I just saw the news about the fines and couldn’t wait to sign onto this blog to see what people are saying. It’s exactly what I was thinking! I can’t believe they are fining AJ at all. I wasn’t able to see the game, but I listened to it here in Tanzania with the game day screen showing on the computer. I had to laugh because the screen only said there was an on-field delay. Luckily, I had Chris and Ed to keep me updated. I hope that the guys know all the fans are behind them and are upset about the fines and suspensions! I can’t wait to get home this summer so I can go support them in person. This blog is great and I wish I could go to the game in August, but I’ll already be in school overseas again. I hope it sells out and everyone has fun.

Add Ted Lilly to the growing list of left-handers (Santana, Kazmir) who are just having their way with our lineup…sans Konerko who just drove another one over the left field wall. We’re hitting .245 against lefties as a team thus far.

As far as A.J.’s fine, it’s asinine. Gandhi would have blushed at his display of non-violence.

Tom, i think it has something to do with time zone and relative easy pace of life here rather than the heat. i noticed that after i turned 50 that time really was moving faster. the slower pace of lifestyle here in Tucson as compared to the Chicago area also conspires in an inverse way to age it’s occupants. that is why i’m older than you, but it really is relative. my pet dog really is older than me too. bottom line is this; we should be mature enough to know not to discuss our advancing years( but obviously not smart enough to do so). enjoy your press guides mon Capitain. j.k.

Does anyone know how I could email Scott?

jklein…If you won’t talk,I won’t talk,OK? On to other business…
kr-trepac,whereever you heard or read that Raines would be coaching 3rd last night…WRONG-O…This is just a situation that (excuse me,jk)reverts back to earlier times when the manager of a team was also the 3rd base coach as well…but that is when teams had only a manager,pitching coach and perhaps a jack-of-all-trades coach at 1st,to catch the starting pitcher before the game,etc…

That deal with Oswaldo,however,is not the problem…palehoses is on the button with his analysis…There are going to be some left-handed starters who just have to walk out to the mound to make the Sox blanch…Certain pitchers do that to teams,and whomever can solve that problem on a permanent basis will make one h*ll of a lot of money as a consultant…

I’m not making any excuses for last night….The Blue Jays are leading the AL in team batting for a reason…they are that good…Tip your hat to them,then try that much harder to get them out the next time you match up with them…

Now,did any of you out there in WS Universe happen to read Phil Rogers today in the Trib?

If not,and you can still get a Saturday paper,or go on-line,I advise you to do so…He hit the affair from a week ago square in the beezer(aka,the nose)…Good read…

Finally,tomorrow,Sunday,is a special day for this old man(again,sorry,jk)…I will be watching not the Sox and the Jays,but instead my youngest nephew,Brian Quaid,take unto himself a beautiful bride…Ana Gonzalez…So whatever happens north of the border is,for one day,inconsequencial…I will be back when the Champs take on deanklub’s Tribe at the Jake on Memorial Day Monday…Speaking of Mewmorial Day,I hope that you’ll all take some time out this weekend to think about the real reason for this holiday…Not just cookouts and picnics,but to honor the memory of those you gave their lives in defense of this country,so we can have the freedom to cheer AJ,boo Barrett and do whatever we damned well like…

Be safe,and have fun,folks…Talk to you on Tuesday…

Before that,two bits of business…just to be helpful…illini3,the e-mail address is…and to Brother Davis in West Lafayette…Silver is better than nothing at all…bring it on,sir…PLEASE!!!Also,jk,since a dog’s age is seven years older than man,just imagine how old the Cubs would feel with their drought if it were measured in dog years…Ar-r-r-f-f-f!

TQ.. THANK YOU for the heads-up on the article. I read it and it feels good to know that there are some intelligent journalists left in this city. The fact that he’s from the usually Cub-centric Tribune was rather shocking. I’ll be sharing the article with many. Thanks, and GO SOX!!


Well, that was another disappointing loss. We just couldn’t seem to be able to come up with the winning run when we needed it most. Once we left bases loaded, and another time stranded runners on the corners. Learn from it, and move on. We need a win tomorrow. No need to panic, but we do need to play better ball right now.

We’ll be just fine.

That was a refreshing rant by Ozzie. He spoke the truth without getting personal about specific players. We haven’t been doing the little things as of late and the players know it. It’s about accountability and Ozzie demands that from his players. Losing isn’t the problem, it’s how we’ve been losing. We’re better than the last two games…
As for Brian I still have faith in him for the long haul but maybe a short stint in Triple A will reinvigorate him. When the going was good we could overlook his and Juan’s offensive offensiveness. But with Thome and Dye scuffling a bit, we need productivity from other spots in the lineup. Like soxpride12 said, nothing to panic about but Ozzie did the right thing and makes me proud to have that caliber of a manager in our dugout (or third base as of late).

Oh yeah, great game by Jose.

good win today. Dye looked great. Was impressed with Big Jon. Although he gave up the runs, he looked like he had confidence in his pitches for the first time all year. Perhaps this is the turnaround point for him. Let’s hope so. On to the Jake for 4 games…let’s hope we’re on a 5 game win streak when we leave there…

Well, Ozzie sure lit a fire under them! I knew it was going to be a good game when Pods opened up with the triple.

I commend Ozzie for getting on the guys last night. Sure, we have a solid record at 2nd best in the majors….but those past two games were unaccpectable- and I like to see Ozzie expect what he does of our guys. Really makes me proud to be a Sox fan. And hey, it got us back on track heading into a very important stretch starting at the Jake tomorrow.

Have a safe, and very happy holiday. Not sure if anyone from our Armed Forces are reading or writing on this blog, but if you are; thank you very much for the sacrifice you make on behalf of me and every citizen of our great nation! We are proud and very grateful of all you do, and tomorrow we especially remember and thank you for it!

See you back here tomorrow. Go Sox…

Thanks tomquaid73!

What else can be said about yesterday’s game… it was like watching batting practice. Today’s game may be a bit tougher. We’re facing a tough pitcher in Sabathia, so runs may be scarce. But with Buerhle on the mound, we can keep their hitters at bay. A good showing by our D, and if we can hang in there to get to the bullpen, we should be in good shape. Let’s keep the streak going!!

The phrase was first used,I think,to describe President Theodore Roosevelt…”Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”…That phrase has been amended now to include Jim Thome…My Gawd,what a peformance thus far!!Twenty home runs…most of them monumental shots…Timely hits when needed most…The most dangerous number three hitter in the WS lineup since the heyday of one F Thomas…Need I say any more?
The man has been SPLENDID so far,and ,hopefully,the run will continue all summer long…

The only problem I have going into the Tuesday night encounter by the shores of Lake Erie is this…It’s the old bugaboo of scoring a bushel basket full of runs one game,and scuffling fro anything the next…And as sister Dawn mentioned,Sabathia is a tough competitor…so,in the famous immortal words of Sgt Phil Esterhaus from “Hill Street Blues”….”Let’s be careful out there….”

TQ,back from a lovely wedding and back into the grind….

The key to the White Sox hitters having any kind of success when they face C.C. Sabathia tonight will require them to remain patient at the plate and look to drive the ball up the middle and to the opposite field. If they take they approach of aggressively hacking at Sabathia’s first pitch, they will find themselves repeatedly facing the 6’7″ 290 lb Behemoth with 0-2 and 1-2 counts and attempt to guess whether he will be firing off a 98 mph fastball or one of his patented wicked offspeed pitches…

Today’s formula for success is: P + D = S

(Patience + Discipline = Success). In other words… take the opposite approach to the typical Juan Uribe at bat.

Michael Harkins

Tucson, AZ

Hey Tom,

Was gonna post this at the beginning of Scott’s newest entry, but haven’t seen him post yet.

Thanx for the spanking yesterday. I sure wish I knew why Lee has struggled so much this year, oh well.

Before this last set of Central games I said we needed to go at least 6-3. Now we can only be 5-4 and this is only if we take the next three (which isn’t looking too likely at the moment). Am I giving up on the season? Heck no, but the outlook looks fairly dim since our pitching has been so erratic and our hitting disappears too often (even though we have one of the highest scoring teams – I think we get too many blowout wins myself).

As I’ve said before, I thought the Sox were good and lucky last year (nothing wrong with that folks), but this year you guys plainly are playing just as well, in all aspects. Will it last? Probably, but maybe at a little less of a winning percentage, but unless the Tribe figures out how to get a winning streak together, our chances of catching you (or the Tigers) are dwindling, fast.

I’ll wish ya some luck, but of course I will always root for my guys ….

Peace Out …. Dean

Dean, I am expecting CC to be very tough on our guys tonight. He has been outstanding in his last few starts. I have been very surprised by the Indians play so far this year. I expected them to contend for the title. I hope they don’t turn it around these next three games. I grew up in Ft. Wayne, IN and I watched Eric Wedge play some games in HS. Let’s just say he was a MAN among boys. I’m happy to see someone from the Fort achieve such success.

Thx Blake,

Like I said, I am not giving up, just being realistic.

Are we this bad? Probably not. But until our pitching corrects itself (except for CC), we are gonna scuffle to put up any decent win streaks. I do believe we can still contend, I just hate that we cannot play well in April and May and rely upon the late months to get it going. It just is frustrating.

Hey guys, was watchin a little bit of the game on ESPN, wanted to see how delayed it was compared to WCIU. Anyway the ESPN announcers were saying that it is disgraceful how the fans boo Thome the way they did with everything he did for the community and the Indian organization. Anyway just wanted to say that, lets score some runs here.

Whoops again forgot to post my name again
Evan, Arlington Heights

Incredibly disppointing loss tonight. Buehrle had a rough inning, and unfortunately after that our offense couldn’t bail him out.

We straded way to many guys tonight, and that is pretty frustrating. Its only one game, so we have to keep it in perspective- but we don’t want to give the Indians any breathing room knowing what they did in the second half last year.

Perhaps the most disappointing of all is the reception Thome continues to receive. All of those Indian fans are ridiculous. Thome didn’t even leave on bad terms like Big Frank, and look how our fans and organization rallied around him simply becasue of all he did for us. And of all people too, you couldn’t have a better guy than Jim Thome.

I know I’m preaching to the choir about Jimmy, but it really sickened me hearing how loud the boos were.

And then their pitching staff doesn’t even have the guts to pitch to him….

We need to learn from this one and forget about it beyond that. Back on track tomorrow.

Amen.. Somehow I had forgotten that Thome spent 3 years in Philly. How could Cleveland, after all he did for them, and a 3 year breather, still behave like such idiots. It’s not as if he left Cleveland to play for the division rival Sox… I just can’t fathom it. Tough loss tonight, but the Tigers lost in extra innings as well, so we didn’t lose any ground. Let’s go out and get ’em tomorrow.

Dawn in Fox River Grove

Hey soxpride,

I missed that commentary since I didn’t turn on the game until the 7th. And since I have discussed this in other threads about why he is being booed, I won’t repeat it. I will just say you cannot compare Frank and Jim because of where their careers were when the spearation occurred. And secondly, if the Tribe fans were booing somebody from the Twins, Tigers, Royals, heck the Devil Rays, no one on this site would even care. But since he now plays for your team, you take it personally. Please let it go, especially since this is his second visit back and he is still in “enemy” clothing. Compare it somewhat to Damon going to the Yankees (I know they are not equal, is just an example).


And secondly, why would we pitch to him if we didn’t have to, since he hit two bombs he night before, if anything, that means CC and Wedge respect him.

Vote for Vernon Wells!

.325/15/43 and more…


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