About Last Night

Wednesday, May 31, 2006, 10:31 am

Thoughts …

Some losses hurt because you shoulda won.  Some losses hurt because you coulda won.

Last night fell into the second category for me.  O’ for that big two-out hit with runners in scoring position.

Usually, the shoulda losses hurt worse and are more frustrating than the coulda losses.  Maybe it was because we were playing the Indians after winning the first game in the series, but last night’s loss lingered for me.

All-Star Balloting

The first wave of results for American League voting for the All-Star Game come out later this afternoon.  Cardinals dominated the NL voting, which was released yesterday.  It will be interesting to see how our White Sox fare.

Remember to vote early and often online at whitesox.com or in the ballpark via fan ballot.

Egg Creme and Poodles?

For those of you who listened this morning, Jerry Reinsdorf was on the air with Mike North and WSCR from 9 to 9:30 or so talking White Sox and Bulls.

No real news came during the interview, but North did end the show by asking Jerry for his favorites, including:

Favorite drink:  egg creme

Favorite movie:  guys and dolls

Favorite way to spend his free time: playing with his dogs

Jerry, who is at the Berto Center with the Bulls today, ended the interview by telling North, "Now, Scott Reifert will call me and critique my interview."

So, of course, I did.  I sent Jerry and email saying, "Egg creme and poodles, so much for your tough guy image."

He called me, we laughed and then he explained what an egg creme was and how to make one.

Matt Thornton

What a bright spot last night!  Joe Cowley, Sox beat writer with the Sun-Times, wrote a very good piece about Matt, Don Cooper and their project together on May 26.  I saved it to show Matt when he is back in town.  It’s not often you can bring a left-hander out of the bullpen throwing high 90s.


Sorry to lay low over the holiday weekend.  I needed a break and my kids were playing in a soccer tournament in Park Ridge.

As we drove home from Day 2 of youth soccer listening to the White Sox game on the radio, my littlest one teasingly asked me what was more important, soccer or baseball, because I had just spent the day in 90 degree heat watching 11 year olds play the "beautiful" game.

"Wrong question," my wife explained.  "It’s what’s more important, baseball or family."

Family won last weekend and the blog lost … sorry.

Yesterday, however, I was just swamped with messages, emails and meetings and did not have a chance to post.  That one was my bad.


Thorton looked really good last night. def. a quality lefty coming out of the pen. I think the loss lingers for the rest of us as well Scott. It was tough to watch Rob just wait for that last pitch and realize it was a strike… Hopefully we can win tonight and use that momentum for a win tomorrow too!


“Just wait” is surely an accurate term for Mack’s pathetic at-bat in that situation. Do you think Ozuna would’ve just stood there with the bat on his shoulder? I don’t.

The loss hurts so much because there were so many opportunities to win that game. With Pods on first in the top of the ninth and Victor Martinez behind the plate, why was Cintron swinging at the first pitch? Pods could’ve been on 3rd with 0 outs. Instead, Cintron was on 1st with 1 out. That’s the kind of play that won the championship last year.

On the upside, the Tigers appear to be having some difficulty with some of the upper echelon teams. It’s only a matter of time before we’re back in first.

Good luck tonight Freddy!

My guess is something to do with the 3 balls that just missed that corner. Surely the 4th would have missed too? 🙂 That late in the game it is hard to say who would have missed it. Rob has been hot lately with his bat so it is hard to be down on him.

Scott’s right..coulda, woulda, shoulda. We need have several opportunities in the last few innings, an these losses to hurt. Let’s get back at ’em.

See, as mentioned, once the Tigers play “real” teams, they struggle. Someone out there looks like a genius =).

Scott, please don’t apologize for missing a day or two. You finally got those priorities straight =). We certainly miss the posts, but it’s completely understandable! Looking forward to meeting you in August! GO SOX!

Dawn in Fox River Grove

I agree that last nights game sure left a bitter taste in my mouth- I’m sure you could tell in my last post. I’m usually very optimistic, but I was frustrated after that one!!

Thankfully its a new day, and a long season! I love baseball!

Anxious to get back out there tonight, and rebound with a solid win. Lets go Freddy!


Scott, no need to apologize!! I think you have your priorities right. Family, Sox, Blog…. I like to refer to soccer as the “Boring Game.” I am only slightly interested in the World Cup because a US player and former Chicago Fire member (DeMarcus Beasley) went to my High School…. Last night’s game was a big disappointent. I thought 3 runs would be enough for MB to get the win. Let’s hope we get the next two!!


Today I agree with your assessment. You’ve got to be hacking at 3-2 in that situation period. Mark my words however, White Sox will win the next 8!!

History lesson here,history lesson here…There are certain ballparks where you can’t help but not do well…Jacobs Field is that ballpark for Mark Buehrle in 2006…Two starts,11.2 IP,21 H,11R,all ER,2HR’s,4 BB,6K’s,a total of 210 pitches thrown in anger,with an aggregate score of 11 to 4 Cleveland when taken out…On the other hand,there are certain pitchers who cannot see to handle a ballclub overall,home and away…Don Sutton,as good as he was,could not beat the Chicago Cubs for the longest time when he was pitching for the Dodgers in the ’60’s and’70’s…Buehrle is now 7 and 9 lifetime vs.the Tribe…while Sabathia becomes the latest member of the “Lefties who Feast on the Sox” club…Buehrle had one bad inning,just like he had four weeks prior when he stunk out the Jake,and could not get away with it…Sabathia had one bad inning but overcame it to survive through six…The Sox left half of their runners on base in scoring position last night,which hurts,as has been noted by others already here…but what does this mean in the long run? Absolutely bupkis(nothing in Yiddish)…there are still 111 chapters left in the book of ’06…turn the page,learn from what you did and didn’t do…that is how successful teams handle brief adversity…
bc@bigdogs,of course you recall that eight was the magic number for consecutive wins for the team last year…with the most important eight coming right after the only down note in the ALCS…So,from your lips to the “Supreme Authority”‘ears,let’s hope that your wish comes true…It seems that the Tigers have come back down to reality,having played actual MLB teams ever since the Royals left Comerica Park with their tails between their legs…As to priorities,Scott and everyone else has got it right when you put family up there behind the “Supreme Authority” and ahead of things important but not …IMPORTANT…if you catch my drift…

deanklub,could it be that the cognescenti(Italian for fan)could have had their brains poisoned by the Cleveland print media when Thome left three years ago,thus training them like Pavlov’s dog to automatically boo when ever Jim sticks his cranium out of the visitors dugout? Just wondering,because I think the situation was that he wanted to stay,but that Larry Dolan would pony up the money to keep him there…that is why he took the “Sock-It”Thome show to Philthydelphia…If that is the case,those people who inhabit the Jake because they can’t get in to see the Rock-N-Roll HOF should be booing Indains management instead…

Finally for now,folks…I hope that you’ll get a hold of the Some-Times today,turn to Pg 111 and read Greg(Feet off the)Couch’s diatribe against ticket exchanges on-line,something that EVERY MLB club,I believe,has made available to their fandom who has the disposable income…Greg is outraged by this practice…Well,Couchie,old kid…the next time you want to b**ch about the comps that every single solitary newspaperman or woman gets from some business to help promote itself,MAYBE then we’ll listen and read…If not,drop it like a bad habit…

Tom,not in Fox River Grove like Dawn,or where ever Brittany hangs her Sox Pride at…..

haha Tom, you never fail to make me laugh. P.S.- Sorry to correct such a respectable man, but my name is Bethany!🙂

I love your explanation about Thome’s reception. I agree completely with what you said.

And Greg Couch, what a headache.

BC- I love the 8 game prediction. I’ll hop on board with you. However, I’d like to get the magic number 9 which was so elusive all of last year (not that it mattered, 1st World Series in 88 years was lucky #8 baby!), and even this year! I guess we can’t be greedy, right?

Here’s to a White Sox winner!

Hey Tom,

For all I know the print media could have poisoned their minds, but since I did not live there during that time, let me explain why I am bitter about him leaving (although I am by nature not a boobird, he is still my favorite player except when you guys are playing us).

1. He was offered a contract extension 2 years before he became a free agent and did not take it.

2. He saw that we were in a rebuliding mode after Colon was traded and swore “They are going to have to rip this jersey off of my back” to all who would listen because he wanted to stay.

3. In his final year when we told him he would be offered a deal, but not break the bank, he understood as such.

4. In that same year, we could have dealt him to the Red Sox or another contender, he refused the deal because “he wanted to finish his career as an Indian”. We could have gotten some very good prospects for him.

5. In the offseason, yes Philly outbid us. They offered 6 year, $85M guaranteed. We offered 5 years guaranteed and something over $60M with an incentive laden contract to guarantee a 6th year, which would have brought it around $72-75M.

6. All the way to the end he professed his wishes for finishing his career as an Indian, and in the end took the money in Philly.

7. After signing the deal (including a no-trade clause) with Philly, he authorizes a trade to the Indians top rival, the White Sox. And therefore he never got to visit Cleveland after he left, so no place to vent the fans frustration.

If you add all that up, I do believe some fans would be bitter. If he had just said he would look at all offers (and agreed to be traded) and not vehemently opposed leaving Cleveland, the boos would not nearly have been so bad.

For everyone’s comparison sake, let’s compare this story to Frank Thomas (the person everyone equates this to).

The year is 1999. Your Sox are in the middle of 75-86 season, a rebuilding year. Frank’s contract is up at the end of the year and he is unwilling to sign an extension. You tried trading him for prospects at the 7/31 deadline, he refuses. In the offseason you offer a fair deal. But the Dodgers swoop in and offer him one more year and an extra $1-2M per season after he swore he wanted to finish his career as a White Sox player. He is 31 and in the prime of his career (just like Thome was). Then two-three years later, he authorizes a trade to the Indians. Do you honestly think he’d get a standing ovation in that situation? I do believe the reactions would have been about the same as in Cleveland.

Of course this is just my opinion.

Dean (in San Jose)

Dean, very interesting and understandable points, although after reading, I think perhaps two more might be in order. In his last year at Cleveland, maybe he didn’t want to be a “rent-a-player” for the remainder of that year, if he was traded to a contender who wouldn’t pony up and re-sign him for the next year. And, the money difference of $13 million is still fairly sizable, and even more sizable if the “incentives” are not met, and the sixth year isn’t fullfilled.

P. Konerko turned down more money with the Angels, but it was a substantially smaller amount of a difference. But, if the difference was large enough, we wouldn’t kid ourselves, he would be gone, too, no matter who else was coming to the Sox.

Still, reading all your points, I might have “booed”, too.

I clapped for Frank when he tipped his helmet, I booed when he hit the homers. Winning is still the most important result.

Great point timothyc about Frank. I clapped when he tipped his helmet too. As much as I disliked him for cheap shotting an organization that did so much for him, he still was such a huge part of our clubhouse. You simply can’t deny that.

I think it was different for Pauly too becasue we had just won the World Series. His loyalty was overflowing, and he knew he had our support 110% He didn’t want to lose that. How could you after that ticker tape parade and champaign soaked celebrations!!

Anyways, on to different issues. They can continue to boo all they want, meanwhile Thome will continue to jack them outta the park!

Go Sox!

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