Thursday, June 1, 2006, 3:28 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Cintron, SS: Gload, 1B; Contreras pitching.

Night off for PK.

Fun Read

Check out AJ’s question and answer (with Sox fans) in our White Sox Wire that went out to registered users (I assume most of you) this afternoon.


So glad that finally came out, seeing as how AJ has always been my favorite; I was real excited to see what he’d have to say!

Ross Gload at first tonight, there’s a sight you rarely see. Great timing to give PK a rest, get his bat swingin’ again as they come home.

hey, how about that, it’s 15 minutes before game time and i’m the first to post today. i feel good about our chances today, and continue to echo the sentiments of yesterdays posts; namely, it’s still early, and better to struggle now than later in the year as we did last year. i think you all are right about brian, resting/ going down for some seasoning. he looks like a deer in the headlights at the plate. go Sox. i’ll check in later after the game and my first of the month poker game. Go Klein. j.k.

Yikes, I stand corrected on my prediction of 8 straight! Good thing the tiggers are joining are funk parade. It’s a bump in the road however the middle relief needs to wake up and start hitting their spots.

What the heck is going on w/ our pitching????? You can’t lose a game w/ our pitching staff after scoring 8 runs. It just shouldn’t happen. Dye’s night was wasted. We could’ve jumped in first and gotten hot before coming home. SOMEONE REASSURE ME THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK!!!!!!

Well you hit it right on the nose MRP. When we score 8 runs, our pitching needs to pick our offense up. There is no excuse for giving up 12. And while this trip to the Jake was anything but what we wanted…..we have to keep telling ourselves that its June, we are only 2.5 games out, and there’s still a lot of baseball to be played.

With that being said though- we can’t keep this string of losing going. I can only imagine what Ozzie will be saying behind closed doors to crack these guys out of this little slump. Unfortunate, becasue we could’ve gained some serious ground this week with Detroit losing the series, but we’ll gain our ground the old fashioned way- by actually beating up on them next week.

So keep your head up MRP, and all fans for that matter. We’re going to be ok- better than ok!!

p.s. JD’s game last night deserves to be talked about. Its a shame the team couldn’t pull it off. What a solid effort, and his offensive production was great. That’s encouraging to see. Lets just get the W next time to back him up.

Bethany in ChiTown

Does anyone thing that Belliard is a punk for the way he watched his home run? Then Hawk and DJ named him “player of the game.” Actions like that disgust me and reminds me of another punk in Cincinnati who does the same thing. Hit the ball and run. Don’t stand there like a jerk. I’d be ashamed if any of our Sox did that…

I agree with you Andrew, that’s the best thing about our Sox; they way they handle themselves with class. Its a very overlooked point.


By no means do we have glory hounds on the team. And many have mentioned the poor show of sportsmanship with the watching of homeruns and other actitivies today, however we do have one of the games biggest guys to go around and purely annoy other players/teams. AJ is a great player, don’t get me wrong. But in the Cubs series alone he slapped plate AND agitated the heck out of Zambrano. (Granted Z is a bit of a head case so agitation is expected on a daily basis!)

Before everyone jumps on this, AJ is kept on a short leash and nothing he is doing is too crazy, however we aren’t without our own fly boys out there.

Arguably I can see some of the players doing it out of ego (Belliard) while others doing it for the mental edge (AJ).

Hopefully the series here against the Rangers will prove better.

Anyone catch the chatter on the radio during the game about other teams drooling over McCarthy? Singleton (I think) went on for a few minutes about how TB would love to get a hold of someone like MC as a starting pitcher… Scary to think we have him coming out of the BP.

belly-ard is not only a punk, he is a m*ron. I think it was the 2nd game he did his stupid bat flip and sat and watched his majestic… oops the ball just hit off the top of the wall. You think he would have learned from the shame of acting like a complete a-hole, obviously not. Nothing would have made me happier than to see him get thrown out at 2nd (clean grab and good throw would have got him). It sure would be great to see an old-school revival, where if you act like a showboat dimwit you get one in the ear the next time to the plate. And while were at it: HEY cc FIX YOUR FREAKING HAT, D!CKWEED!!!

Hey Tom, et al,

To tell you the truth, I didn’t think we were gonna win last nite, I thought Contreras would outpitch Byrd. But for us to come back and take the last three after the shellacking on Monday just might be the shot in the arm we need to stay in it. Hopefully we won’t regress again this weekend….

As for the Belliard thing, I thought the double hit (posing) was worse than last night. He didn’t really watch the ball last nite, but flung his bat instead. I think it was more he had just fought off 7 pitches to hit the home run. In either case, it is still poor sportmanship (but this isn’t just on him, it happens in a lot of players in MLB, oh well).

And as for the CC comment …. please …. he has worn it that way since high school. I personally can’t stand the guys that wear the pants to the shoetops, but whatever (on Tribe players as well).

See ya guys at the Cell next week (in spirit at least)

In the name of all that’s good and Holy, what else can go wrong….. Let me ponder…. Hmmmmm,

First off,Scott…I think it is definitely time to put John Wayne’s picture back up after your opening comments/lineup posting tonight…WS Universe needs the blogsite equivalent of the Rally Monkey and Capt.Stubby and the Buccaneers “Let’s Go-Go-Go White Sox” to know that everything will be alright…
To anyone out there who is panicking that the ship is listing,feel free to do so…anywhere but HERE…

Is there anyone out there who thought that ’06 was going to be a cakewalk and a long coronation ceremony for the WS? If so,…please LEAVE,right now…

Every team,good,bad or indifferent,is going to have a period of time in which nothing goes well…The last three nights in Cuyahoga County(am I right about that,deanklub? And,by the way,when did you escape beautiful SD for the home of the former NASL Earthquake? Just wondering…And no,I am not going to take the cheap route and ask you Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s musical question[do you know the way to San Jose?])is proof positive…The Indians are not,repeat NOT,going to go away this year,nor will the Tigers…The boys are going to be challenged all the rest of the way…which is just fine with this corner…The trick is to rise back up and show the stuff you’re made of to bounce back…It’not going to be easy,though,beginning tonight with the Te-has Rangers,who have a potent lineup(Teixeira,Blalock,Young,Matthews Jr,etc.)even though their bullpen may be considered a big shaky…

What the boys need is home cooking,which they will get…How they handle it is another story…

Finally,bethany…I have no idea how in ythe h*ll I got your name confused with the name Brittany,but I do humbly apologize….and deanklub,it isn’t just Ronnie Belliard that does that disgusting thing(flinging the bat down and/or watching the arch of the home run…)…you’re exactly right…a lot of KIDS(meaning youngsters in the game)do that…Know why? Because they know for sure that those kinds of things will make the highlight reel on SportsCenter…It’s a “monkey see,monkey do”kind of thing…And if the umpires would permit it,the pitchers could retaliate by planting one in the ribcage of the next batter…Then,and ONLY then,will that b-s stop…

Hey Tom, I never was in San Diego, you may have just imagined it, been in San Jose since 96😉 And yes Cleveland is in Cuyahoga County, the infamous “burning” Cuyahoga river flows right through downtown.

I was hoping to hear a response from you on my Frank Thomas reimagined scenario from a few entries back though.

Talk at ya later …


Dean… I re-read your post and have just this to say…In MLB in the new millenium,there are little pests,ticks and tremites that are known as players agents…And those are the people who should be dealt with…People like Jim Thome,when they say what they do about wanting to be with a team until they tear the uniform off of them,I tend to belive them…Frank wanted to be back with the WS this year,because he wanted to do the same thing that Thome stated,stay with the organization that raised him and brought him up to the show…
But,and here is where the agent comes in…whenever a player states “It’s not about the money”…DON’T YOU BELIEVE HIM,NOT FOR ONE **** MOMENT!!!

The issue of loyalty to a team goes out the ol’window when talk comes up about the Benjamins…and the Washingtons and the Lincolns and the Hamiltons and the Jacksons and whomever else you want to bring up on those crinkly little pieces of green paper…A team alos islooking towards its future as well…so they exercise their options to either re-up a player,or look elsewhere,if they can get something of value which they need,in exchange…THat is where the “five and ten”rule enters the picture…If a player has ten years of service,and five with the same club,he can veto any trade…until his contract runs out and he becomes a free agent…(By the way,in going back over this post, Irealize I have entirely butchered termites and alsos…please forgive me)

This is the state of baseball today,Dean…I don’t know if I answered your post correctly or not,but the fans are entitled to cheer or boo or do whatever they want to any player,regardless of popularity of not…It just seemed strange to hear the reaction from the Tribe fans regarding Thome,that’s all…

Now,Bethany…when I made the name error,you called me “a respectable man”…Thank you for that,my dear…I cannot vouch for the sources you may have checked with to prove that,but I tank you nevertheless….

“I tank you…?” Whoo,boy,cut off the caffeine to Quaid,folks…Either that,or buy him some new fingers to type with….

deanklub,what I meant to write was…don’t always blame the players when they turn you down,blame the damned agents….boo them instead…..

Lol, will do tom, I’ve always hated the agents not to mention the players union (I still think they had a little to do with Thome taking the extra $$ and year).

But my main point of that other post was to try and put the Frank situation in a similar context. I hope that when I did that, you and some of the other posters here realized how much it would have hurt. Frank leaving last year was in no way the same circumstance. Like I said, had it played out like in my scenario, I am sure Frank would have gotten a fair amount of boos as well (especially since this would have been pre-WS chamionship). Winning tends to lessen the hatred quite a bit.


I checked many sources- did a lot of research, and all turned you up as a respectable man. Question now is, who’s paying them to say that?!?! hahaha Just kidding, can we get sappy for a moment in saying that you’re a huge part of why I check this blog so frequently (secondly only to Scott’s great posts!), and your responses are always laughter-evoking! So, thank you!


p.s. Dawn, you are another reason too!!🙂 Didn’t want to slight you!!

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