Lineup Change

Jim Thome was scratched from tonight’s lineup with a strained quad.  Rodd Gload moves to first base and PK to DH.


Besides Thome, can anyone hit in the clutch? Do the Sox take bunting practice anymore or do they just wing it? Can the bull pen get anybody out when there are men on base? What is going on with these guys, they sure aren’t playing like a contender.

Nobody wants Brian Anderson to succeed more than me but Brian, you’re going to have to get a hit from time to time, or at least get the ball out of the infield. I haven’t seen these guys look this bad in years . . . I know it’s still early but something is going to has to happen soon or we’re looking at a long season ending in September. Somebody has got to light a fire under them soon.

I agree dmurphy that someone has to light a fire under them soon, becasue a 4 game losing streak is no fun. But don’t jump the boat. EVERY team will have a rough patch, its not a question of if, its a quesion of when. So we’re hitting ours now- and in it, we’ve actually gained ground in the AL Central Race. For that we count our blessings. Our guys just have to stay focused now more than ever, and begin executing like they’re more than capable of doing, adn we’ll start clicking on all cylinders soon.

Hope to see Thome back tomorrow. We are on the verge of a breakout game that will begin a streak of good baseball for us. I have a mighty feeling that Javy will lead the way for us tomorrow.

Tomquaid- I replied to your last post on a couple entries back. I think its worth reading for you- so just a heads up!😉

See you all back here tomorrow, for what I’m calling right now to be a White Sox Winner!

-Bethany (finally getting the hang of signing my name!)

I like when Ozzie gets 14-15 Bleeps describing how the team is playing. It fires them up and that is what they need right now. J.D. is hitting great now and hopefully that will rub off. I agree w/ Dmurphy and would like to see more bunting, multiple hit innings that drag out and deflate a team, 3 runs on five singles, knocking out 2 pitchers in an inning cause nobody will get out, Uribe driving the ball off the wall for a double, Anderson hitting a dinger, PODS BUNTING FOR A SINGLE, GOOCH MOVING HIM OVER, THOME BUNTING DOWN THE 3RD BASE LINE CAUSE THE DEFENSE IS SHIFTING, KONERKO GOING DEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!
Sorry, got caught up in the moment, but things like that. Javy has been pitching well so he will be the one to get us back on track baby!!

This is Sean in beautiful Jacksonville, FL

P.S. In case nobody noticed, we get treated to 2 more Yankee games on ESPN this week. Why are there 30 other teams other that Boston and New York. They should have them play 162 games against each other for all of these poser fans!!!!! Chris Berman would love that!!

I’ve been thinking. Not that this has anything to to with last night’s loss, but the Sox have been dominated by left handers this year. I wonder if this is because every time a left hander is on the mound, Ozzie takes out AJ and Pods, et. al., for right handed hitters. I know that it makes sense on paper, but I trust Pierzynski and Podsednik more than Widger and Ozuna, even though Pablo has come up big several times. Just a thought that has been swirling around in my head for a while

Gotta agree with soxpride. It’s disheartening, but… it’s certainly not the end of the world. It’s a rough stretch, and we’ll get through it. We do seem to have trouble moving runners over the way we did last year. I also think these guys need a fire lit under them. If I were the coach, I’d tell you, I’d be getting a LOT of bleeps as well =)
C’mon guys, let’s get back on the winning track!!


Sorry for the second post…but I just saw on, the front page poll asks Who is the Best Second Baseman in the AL? Robinson Cano, Mark Loretta, Brian Roberts, or Tadahito Iguchi. Gooch is in LAST. Fans around the country obviously aren’t exposed to Gooch enough because that is just rediculous. I think Cano is first and Loretta is second. I blame ESPN. MrP2390 is definitely right. ESPN shoves the Yankees and Red Sox down America’s throat and no one really cares about them except in the Northeast.

Chris Berman is to the Yankees and Red Sox, what John Madden is to Tom Brady and Brett Favre

Phil in IN

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