Interesting Numbers

Saturday, June 3, 2006, 5:38 pm

At the One-Third Mark

The White Sox are 33-21 at the one-third point of the season, compared to 36-18 at the same stage last season … while the Sox offensive output is up significantly in most categories, the pitching staff is off its pace set last season … the Sox after 54 games in 2005 and 2006:

2006 vs. 2005

33-21 vs. 36-18

.278 BA vs. .256

296 R vs. 242

5.5 R/G vs. 4.5

80 HR vs. 60

38 SB vs. 56

.351 OBP vs. .322

.466 SLG vs. .405

4.24 ERA vs. 3.52

33 QS vs. 34

16-24 SV vs. 22-30

288 SO vs. 337

.260 OBA vs. .243


Much needed victory. Dye’s nab was amazing and was only topped by Iguchi’s in terms of the urgency the situation dictated.
Cotts was great, Politte was disturbing, and Bobby got the job done in an emphatic fashion. Overall, great game.

The most suprising stat from above was our OBP. I didn’t realize what a difference a Thome could make. The ERA is another story (is that team ERA or just the starters?)…I suspect that will be rectified soon enough. Let’s get back to work tomorrow Mark.

I agree Palehoses!!! Great job in the 4th. That’s what I was talking about in my post yesterday. Gload layed down a PERFECT bunt! The pitching does have to get better though. They’re not bad by any means, but I am waiting for the dominance they can have to return. I hope Polite shakes it off. He is a good pitcher who seems to be thinking too much. Just “rock and fire man”. Joe Crede is doing a great job for us. Solid glove and 2 more hits tonight!! Now we have a day game w/ Mark on the hill….I know what that means.

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