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Saturday, June 3, 2006, 2:15 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; PK, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Cintron, SS; Gload, 1B.  Vazquez pitching.


Herm Schneider determined that the tug Jim Thome felt was in his groin, not his quad as I posted yesterday.

Bunting Practice

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched us recently (and who knows how Ozzie runs a clubhouse) to hear we have special bunting practice before today’s game.

Our pitchers will begin taking bunting and hitting practice again on Tuesday in preparation for intraleague road contests.

Scout’s Honor

Key members of our amateur scouting staff, including veteran scouting director Duane Shaffer, and members of our baseball operations department began meeting Friday to discuss this year’s First-Year Player Draft, which takes place Tuesday.

These meetings run throughout the weekend.  This year we pick 29th (out of 30 obviously) because of our 99-63 mark in 2005, and the draft has been described by many as being pretty weak.

"That’s all right," Shaffer said.  "We will always be willing to pick 29th."

The White Sox remain the only team in baseball that has not had a Top 10 pick in the draft since 1990 (Alex Fernandez, fourth overall).

Grace Under Pressure

Bob DeVoy, senior director of ticket operations for the Sox, announced his retirement, effective December 1, yesterday.  Bob has been with the Sox for 34 years — 28 running the box office — and has survived two All-Star Games, four postseasons and a World Series.  He will be missed greatly around here.

Beat The Pro

Several Sox — Paul Konerko, AJ Pierzynski, Jon Garland and Harold Baines — will spent their offday Monday having fun for a good cause.

All of them will take part in the 13th Annual Chrysler All-Star Shoot-out at Rich Harvest Links in Sugar Grove.

After a morning pro-am, the Sox, along with Richard Dent, Carlton Fisk, Jay Hilgenberg (defending champ), Bo Jackson, Jim McMahon and Stan Mikita will take part in a knock-out competition eventually crowning one champion in the end.

Various charities are the winners, so everyone should have a good time.

VOTE, vote, vote, vote …

Our voting totals in the first announcement by MLB were disappointing, so let’s dig deep and see what we can do to promote our guys.  Both Jermaine Dye and Tadahito Iguchi deserve stronger consideration given their seasons to date … Iguchi has a chance to catch the Yankee and Red Sox ahead of him.  Let’s see if we can get a global "click for the gooch" campaign going.


First of all,Scott,I second your comments about Bob De Voy…he has been totally a class act in his dealings with the ticket-buying public,of which I have been a few times…I’m sure that the front office will think of some wonderful present to reward Bob with upon his retirement date…season tickets,perhaps?…On second thought,that might be out of the “carrying coals to Newcastle” school of obviousness…
Next,how much more time is there for the balloting to vote for the ASG? I have not heard a single promo on the ‘SCR broadcasts…(god only knows there are so many,one more wouldn’t hurt)…It is,indeed,up to the members of WS Universe to get out the vote…and,in the true tradition of Chicago politics,vote early and often…Use your time at the Cell to stuff those boxes,folks…Also,the members of this here society of ours could spend a bit more time on-line doing likewise…no excuses,not even from myself…As soon as this post is posted(repetitive,ain’t it?),I will go to the team site and look for the ballot and fill it out….

Getting on to other matters,is this a slump?Yes…

Would you rather see it now than later,like last year when we all had apoplexy during August and September? Heck,yes…

Has it ever occured to people that the Sox are almost on a par with last year,while the Indians and especially the Tigers have improved their lot in life and in the standings over the same period of time…People,listen to people like Paulie and older f**ts like moi…IT’S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!!! DON’T PANIC!!!WHY AM I TYPING IN ALL CAPS???

Now that that’s over with…p davis in purdue land…(by the way,still awaiting the arrival of the Silver Twins),your comment about “Blathering”Chris Berman being like John Madden is an insult…to Madden…Chris Berman is to sportscasting and play-by-play as Ernest Borgnine is to tap dancing….

Finally,for now…Brittany…thanks very much,sweetie,for your kind words…You turn an old man’s head…and that makes it harder than h*ll to see the keyboard and the screen…

Boys,let’s have a Rangers roundup tonight and tomorrow,and stop all this foolishness…

On to the balloting…

Tom Quaid(the old man with carpal tunnel syndrome)

Bethany…As the other Brittany would sing,”oops,I did it again…” Sorry…Don’t get upset,because I have taken it upon myself to commit Bethany’s name to memory…oh,oh,you know what that means,don’t you,folks? With that short term memory span,who knows how long THAT promise will last….
By the way,from the work station I am currently at,I could NOT get on to the site for balloting,either at or at…I am slightly upset about that…maybe next time….

Now,let me see…Bethany,Bethany,lovely Bethany,North Park College Bethany,soxpride12Bethany….

Am I improving?

Bethany(HEY,ALL RIGHT!!! I GOT IT RIGHT!!!)…for your information,the people whom I pay to say I am an honorable man are my public relations firm…Humble and Modest…
Okay,on to baseball issues…Thome’s groin problem should not be messed with…Give him the rest of the series off…With three days of therapy(Saturday,Sunday,off-day Monday),hopefully he will be improved enough to start against Detroit Tuesday night…

As to the Chrysler shoot-out on Monday,Scott,tell Paulie,AJ,Gar and Harold that the first one of them who beans Mark Giangreco with a golf ball on a drive or tee shot…will have my everlasting thanks….

hahaha TomQ, you have me laughing (as usual!)!! I have to say, I feel like quite the star on this post with as many times as my name has been mentioned. If we had an All Star game that was determined solely but number of times your name was mentioned on here, lets just say I’d be the starting pitcher, catcher, etc!! haha

But here’s the deal- after re-reading waht I just wrote, I’m going to leave the jokes up to you now Tom- clearly not my cup of tea!

Great win tonight, the 4th inning was pure grinder ball. Congrats to Javy on his 7th…


8 runs witha 7 run inning, all without a single home run. that’s kind of nice to see us get accomplish.
not nice to see our offense absolutely shut down afterwards, though. and watching that bullpen has started to become almost as nerve racking as the bobby howry/billy koch days.

i’m still kind of disgruntled that we booed marte out of here. hed be pretty nice to have in that pen right now, i think.

I think we should write in Hawk to announce the All-Star game!!! I love the fact that when I hear his voice, all of these memories come into my head. The Crede walk-off against Cleveland last year is the best sound bite for me. Hearing Hawk darn near losing his voice get’s me fired up. What a moment. Anyway, I say let’s put the Hawk on the National airwaves and let the Boston and New York fans hear a real announcer….not that Berman hack. Good post TomQ

Sean – Jacksonville

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