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Sunday, June 4, 2006, 11:24 am

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; PK, DH; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Gload, 1B; Widger, C; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF … Buehrle pitching.


Today’s feature in the Sun-Times comparing White Sox players and staff to their celebrity, real-life look-alikes was the talk of the clubhouse.  Of course, Cliff Politte bore the brunt of the abuse.

Draft Think

Jerry Reinsdorf, Ken Williams and the Sox scouting staff met this morning to discuss the club’s options in Tuesday’s First-Year Player Draft.


To Ozney Guillen for throwing a no-hitter Friday in amateur baseball action in Miami.  Kenny Williams Jr. homered from both sides of the plate in his first game of summer league action in Wichita.


Are we ever going to win a series again? Our pitching is pathetic and our hitting ain’t that far behind. Watch out Detroit…here come the over 4 ERA White Sox!! UGH!!!

Calm down. They’ve just hit a rough patch in the road. They’re not going to play like this all year. Our pitching isn’t pathetic, and we’re putting up pretty good offensive numbers. Maybe Detroit is what they need to start going again. No more messing around, it’s go time.

Laughable!!! Our pitching can’t hold down anything. In the past 5 games all of our starters have given up at least 5 earned runs. Oh our bullpen you say? Instead of having Politte come out to pitch, we should just add 2 runs to the scoreboard and save the effort. McCarthy? Nelson? Where are these guys? I am also so tired of hearing “we just got beat, that’s all.” Well, stop getting beat! You want me to calm down??!! Start playing like champs, not chumps!!

Does anyone have a link to that Sun Times feature about the white sox celebrity look a likes? I looked on the website and couldn’t find it…Thanks.

Center field is a joke. Brian anderson should be given the everyday job, or they should trade for a center fielder. Mackowiak doesn’t hit well enough to justify the one or two flies a game that he cant get to. Mackowiak should be a pinch hitter. that is what he is suited for. he is absolutely KILLING us everytime he plays center. Politte should be optioned to the minors or released. they cant keep going to this guy. everyone was up in arms about marte last year and he did 50 times better than cliffy is doing this season. Maybe a nice deal for Roberto Hernandez would do the sox good. he is having a great year, and the pirates would probably trade him for a low level prospect. How is Blakely doing in the minors? maybe he could play center he looked good in the spring. hopefully we can beat the tigers. im starting to get nervous

Well, the way you’re talking, it seems like you’ve never watched a baseball season in your life. If you did, you would know that every team is going to go through this exact thing, and maybe more. The 2005 Sox did it in August last year, during their “choke”.

One of the great things about baseball, is the season is long. And when all is said and done, you will have the 4 best teams from each league in the playoffs. It’s a long season, so every team is going to go through slumps. If you seriously thought the Sox were going to cruise through the season to another championship, you’re kidding yourself. No team does that, you will have your good stretches and your bad ones.

Relax, get off the ledge. It’s a long season, enjoy it for what it is. When all is said and done your going to be laughing that you were even worrying at all.

Nelson could possibly be done for his career. He was placed on the DL with soreness in his elbow but according to the pre and post game shows it’s a lot worse than that. They said he has what is called ulnar neuritis in his right elbow and can’t feel parts of his elbow. Hopefully they were saying the worst case scenario. Just giving an update to the die hard sox fan that is ready to jump off the ledge.

Baseball is the greatest sport I know. But to me, on a par, is football (soccer to most of you). The greatest show on Earth (The World Cup) starts on Friday.
It is still bigger than the olympics.

I will be starting a totally new, non-baseball, blog for the duration of the competition.

Please, one and all, come and join in the fun. Even if you know feck all, or even dislike the sport.

It will be a fun 4 weeks folk..

Hey Scott!
love your blog! I was surfing myspace and feeling zany, so I did a search. Did you know there are five different individuals claiming to be Paul Konerko? It made me wonder…do any of the players use myspace? It seems like there wouldnt be much time to even check it, let alone network on it. Anyways, you should check it out, most of these people dont have their details straight. (At least two of the profiles, under weather they had children or not, said they didnt want kids! I just about fell out of my chair lol)

Thanks again!


Dear Scott,

Although I agree that the season is early and the Sox have done a mostly great job up until the past few weeks, I am really starting to worry that if we don’t get some bullpen help we can kiss any hopes for a postseason good-bye.

This is coming from a usually calm, level-headed Sox fan who had no qualms watching guys like Uribe in ’05 and Crede and Valentin in ’04 struggle at the plate, because those guys could always be counted on to bring defense and timely hitting to contribute to the team.

But with the bullpen the difference is they’re getting paid to do one thing – GET PEOPLE OUT – so when they continually fail to do so it makes justifying their presences on the team tougher to do.

I love Poll-cat and will never forget what he did for us last year, but perhaps under current circumstances it would be best for him to try a stint in AAA or something. It just seems apparent to anyone who has followed the team that it’s not there for him right now, and these games are too important to watch him try to “feel his way back” in. I think the same holds true for many of our recent bullpen call-ups as well.

As a die-hard Sox fan who follows every game with hopes in my heart and knots in my stomach, I appreciate this blog allowing me to air my grievances. Hopefully things will pick up and you can call me a fool for doubting!

Go Go Sox!

Scott posted a great comparison the other day of the 2005 season vs. this season. Strange how all the numbers this year are much better, and yet we’re sittign 2.5 games out of first! But hey, sometimes you tip your hat to the competition. Detroit has been playing well- but here’s the deal. They have hit their stride. They have yet to to hit their funk as we are in now. And its a guarantee that every team will falter for the season is too long to consistently play .700 ball.

All we need to worry about it playing fundamentally sound Grinder Ball, and getting Wins. There is SO much time left in this great baseball season. So we’ve lost a few games…SO WHAT. Learn from it, and move on.

What a huge series we have coming up tomorrow Sox fans, get excited! All it takes to get out of a slump is one big game (which leads to another, and another…). Our guys know it, we know it…..expect the guys to come out firing tomorrow!

Until then, have a relaxing off day, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. 2006 was never going to be a cakewalk, just keep that in your head!!! Go Sox!

I agree. Sure it’s disheartening to see 7 loses out of 10 games but it’s not the losses that are troubling me so much. It’s the way we’re losing and the effort. I suppose there is no great way to lose a game but there’s definitely more palatable ways.

The pitching will come back around I believe but the defensive lapses and lack of execution (the bunting and moving runners over especially)are inexcusable for a squad that is capable of so much better. I think we’ll right the ship against Detroit and get back to White Sox baseball.

If not we should try to sign Ozney to a minor league contract.

To dreifer and kenwo…Hey,guys,how about a chorus of “You Are My Sunshine”? Check your calendars,men,before you both re-order your supply of Gelusil for your agita…What occured this past weekend was simple…The Te-has Rangers came in with a red-hot offense,good enough to overcome a strating pitching job Saturday night that was,to put it kindly,…BRUTAL! Padilla must come from the Steve Trachsell “If You Don’t Throw It,It Won’t Hurt You”school of pitching…and Vazquez suffered because of that elongated 4th inning…because the visitors came back and their bullpen locked the door on the WS offense…Yesterday,Ozzie was asked by Farmer on his segment of the pre-game show what he needed out of Buehrle…The manager replied ,I believe,”…seven or eight innings…” Well,he got seven innings,all right…and Buehrle got his a** kicked…Then some humpty-dumpty by the name of Gerald Laird,who had had 101 previous ML games and 3 career HR’s in said games,decided to get the rust off of him by smoting 738 estimated feet of long ball off of Montero and Politte…What is wrong with this picture?The ballclub has surrendered 5 or more runs six times in the last 10 games,against the Rangers,Indians and Blue Jays…Well,kids,my analysis is this…The pitching staff picked a bad time to falter against suddenly hot teams in the aforementioned…and I see by the future match-ups that when the Indians pay a visit next weekend that Sabathia and Buehrle are going head to head again…that’s Saturday,before the eyes of FOX and the world,unless there’s a more interesting game out East,where the power brokers live who’d rather see the Yank-mes,the Bo-Sox or the Mets on their TV…
As for what occurs beginning tomorrow night,at the moment,these are two teams who richly deserve each othe,based on recent developements…Or as the manager put it in his post-game comments yesterday…”It’s going to be a great series.Both teams are not playing well.They both stink. Hopefully we play better than them…”

Couldn’t have said it better myself,amigo…

By the way,mrp2390…Sean,you won’t have to concern yourself with having to endure “Bummer”Berman at the ASG…because that is a presentation of FOX Sports…(I sound like the voice at the end of each of their telecasts…)So,young Buck and old Mc Carver will be keeping you up with their swifties and analysis…Besides,local announcers like Hawk haven’t been able to sniff the broadcast booth for games like the All-Star Game and World Series ever since 1976,when Gillette pulled out of sponsoring and the networks decided to foist their own upon us,like it or not…

Bethany…(two in a row,the kid’s got it licked…)You’ll always be an all-star on this blog site….

Tomquaid, et al.,

Last year, the Sox won NOT because of their great hitting but because of starters who could go 6-7-8 innings and hold teams to 2 or 3 runs, not 4 or 5. When starters couldn’t do that in August, the big lead dissipated and the Indians almost caught us.

I should add, of course, that defense was also crucial to the team’s success.

And this year? The problem is clearly not just “hot teams” and “faltering” pitching but CONSISTENTLY SHAKY pitching and defense. During April and May, Garcia, Vasquez and even Buehrle won games because of the Sox’s great hitting, NOT because of their good pitching. How often I cringed when I heard Chris Singleton praising our starters for “keeping us in the game” even though they

had given up 5 runs and 10 hits in 5/6 innings! And how often I have seen balls drop that would have been caught by Aaron Rowand in center or even Pods in left!

The situation now is serious because, as I have always argued, Ozzie Guillen simply does not manage pitchers well. He leaves his starters in too long; he pulls his relievers much too fast. He did it last year; he’ll do it again this year. We can only hope that the starters will regain their ability to keep Ozzie on the bench. If they don’t, the season’s lost.

In the mean time, a few other things we can only hope for:

1. that Ozzie will play Ozuna but NOT IN LEFT FIELD! Ozuna CANNOT play the position!

2. that, as KENWO4LIFE stated, he plays Anderson (or someone who can play the position) in center field. Mackowiak CANNOT play the position well enough!

3. that Ozzie gets over his hangup with McCarthy and replaces Vasquez with the kid. Vasquez is a .500 pitcher. Period. The kid has the potential to be a great starter. Give him the chance!

(By the way, Ozzie’s comments the other night were nothing short of unbelievable. He pulls McCarthy after he gives up ONE walk in the eighth, in favor of Jenks, who immediately gives up a game winning hit. And what does Ozzie do after the game, instead of blaming himself for another bad decision?! He complains about McCarthy’s inconsistency! Remember what YOU said last year Ozzie! When we lose, blame the manager!)

4. that Ozzie stops using Politte in tight situations. Cliff clearly doesn’t have it this year, and until he does he should pitch only when we’re losing by 5 or more runs.

5. that “fundamentals” practice includes more work on double plays, which we are NOT turning when we should.

kolsens…if you and dreifer can arrange it,I’d like to have Scott or someone allow you both in the dugout during a game so you both can manage better than the guy who is sitting there right now…Everybody thinks they know what is wrong currently,and everybody has the solutions…If I had the power,I would arrange for every critic of the CWS and every other sports franchise in this city to become GM/manager/head coach for ONE WEEK’S TIME…just to see what it would be like…These critics would soon realize how hazardous the position is,with other GM’s slicker than boiled okra ready to fleece you of talent that you suddenly don’t like,because they’re not doing the same exact thing they did LAST year,or they looked at you cross-eyed,or whatever other heinous act they purpatrated(sic)…If you were the manager for a week,you would soon learn that real life is not like playing MLB’06 on playstation…You have to be in the game,as well as being three or four steps ahead of the person who’s in charge of the other team….
But that is the great thing about sites like this…You can rant,rave,and do whatever you like to get your ya-ya’s off about the Sox…

For those of you just discovering this location,let me describe it simply for you…(and I can’t believe I’m going to type this…)This is a site for sore ayes…(the man has no shame…the guts of a burglar,but no shame whatsoever…)

kolsens,you and tom.sisk should compare notes and feelings sometime,since you’re both on the same carrier…As for myself,after that last pun, I will pull a Snagglepuss,thusly….

Tom Quaid–exit,stage left…

Just for kicks… Isn’t most of this an experiment anyway? Sure the Sox are faltering, but so what?

The team has strengths and weaknesses that are exposed at certain times. Maybe our pitching and D are a weakness right now? Maybe it is our hitting, but I am guessing true to Tom’s comments above, the manager has it well in hand. The club is doing well overall, we are 2nd in the division, 2.5 games behind the team that we are playing next. Not a bad position. Could be better, could be worse.

It is painful to see someone miss a pitch, not swing when they should have, make some crazy play… But I am guessing it happens to everyone of the other teams out there too! We still have more than enough time to prove the team Williams put together is better than the rest, but that is what it will take… Time. All things considered the teams play for the fans. The fans are important considering that is what drives or kills a club. I would consider Williams and Ozzie both fans in some way shape or form so I am guessing they too will do whatever it takes to have us in the playoff hunt come Oct.

Living and dying by every pitch and mistake (or achievement for that matter) makes for a loooong season…


You don’t have to manage the big leagues to know that what you’ve said is true. But those who have managed ALSO know that there IS such a thing as better and worse managing, and we criticize ourselves–not just others–when we stray from well tested principles and cost our teams games. Those principles, by the way, are best understood by those who HAVE sat on the bench–on ANY level–for at least a few years.

I’ve been there. Have YOU?

yes does anyone have that link to the article from sunday’s suntimes??

I’ve been an athlete all my life, I’ve had a couple good coaches and plenty of bad coaches. But even with the good coaches- there were always the people who thought they could do the job better. Heck, I’ve even said before that I could coach the team better. But what the bottom line here is that Ozzie Guillen is in his 3rd season, and already has a World Series Championship under his belt. It took him two seasons Sox fans. Doesn’t he deserve a little more respect and trust then certain people are dishing him?

As frustrating as skids can be, they are hugely important in the long run becasue they teach invaluable lessons that strengthen the team. The Chicago White Sox are a team with incredible talent and great potential. We are currently not playing at our best of abilities, but how many times do we need to bring it up that this HAPPENS?!?!

I stand behind all of our guys- and Tom, I support your posts. I just get sick of people constantly harp on anyone in sight when times get a little rough.

Hope the guys had a good day off, very anxious for the series opener tomorrow!!

For all of you who keep constantly criticizing Ozzie and the team, I would like you to remember the following: WE ARE 12 GAMES OVER 500!!! If I didn’t know any better I would think we were in last place based on reading the comments on this board alone. Boy how some success has spoiled some people. True, the Sox haven’t played anywhere near the caliber baseball they’re capable of, but look at it this way: Without playing up to potential, we are still a mere 2.5 games behind the team with the best record in baseball. Other than the past week the Tigers have essentially played out of their minds to earn 1st place in our division. But remember this: They have not beaten us. With 16 games left against them alone, (not to mention the 90 games left against other teams), I would say we are in pretty good shape. I’m sorry to rant a little bit, but it’s really frustrating reading this constant criticism. I am not pleased with the way we have been playing at all, but look at the shape we’re in without having played well, and answer this: Had we not won the world series would you still be complaining about our current position? I doubt being 2.5 out and 12 over in June anyone would be. Plus, given the success last year, haven’t Ozzie, Kenny, Coop, etc. earned a little slack if nothing else? Sorry for the length of the post, just want to tell everyone to keep things in perspective a little, and remember that every team goes through a stretch like this, even the team that won the world series in 2005.


A few quick comments before I head to beautiful HOT HOT Arizona tomorrow.

1) Last I checked..regardless of the recent events.. 2nd best record in baseball.

2) Ahhh kenwo…nice to see you back to your positive self. If memory serves me correctly, you were heading the jump off the bandwagon parade late last year. Welcome back =)

3) I wasn’t panicing last year down the stretch, and I’m not panicing now…

In Oz, I still trust.. hasn’t let me down yet ;)


Steve: Great post.

Dawn: Have a great, and safe trip! Enjoy the weather and beautiful cactus’s! (Not sure how you make cactus plural..haha)!

And as to your 3 points; agree, agree, agree! :)

A lil’ faith Sox fans, a lil’ faith.

If you really want to complain, head to the other side of town- they’re in need of a lot of complainers to handle everything they’re dealing with….. ;) (Insert a TomQ joke here to cover up another lame attempt on my part…)


I like the fire in here. This team seems LOVED!!! I am not going to panic this early. I may throw items across the room when I see a bunt jump up into the air, a bad throw by our defense, or even a 6 run lead blown by the bullpen but they WILL win the division and go deep into the playoffs because they are just that good!!!! Steve is exactly right. They are playing way below their potential and still one of the best teams in the leage. I can’t wait until they hit their grove. THAT will be something. Let’s get the first game, then worry about the series. Dawn, stay cool in AZ.
Sean – Jacksonville

Why does it seem like 2 or 3 people show up only to gripe and moan? Every single team has good days and bad days. Hitters have slumps, as well as pitchers and fielders. Things will work out in time. We aren’t even half way through yet. I agree that there can be some improvements, but all this talk about the managers mistakes is crazy. Ozzie guided the team to the World Series and he knows best. I’ll bet he even knows a little more than a person who spent a few years on the bench.

Bethany, I think it’s cacti, kinda like octupi for multiple octupus (but now that I type that it doesn’t seem right, we’ll stick with cactus’s). I think Sean made a good point in terms of our standing. Eventhough we haven’t played well, we’re still in a great position. Imagine the possibilities when this squad hits their stride.

I’m jazzed for this series with the Tigers. We all knew looking at the schedule this month that we were going up against the upper eschalon teams in each division. I got me a good feeling with Freddy going to the mound tonight.

-J.K. Dennis

kolsens…are you saying that you’ve sat on a bench during the pressure of a MLB game?Now that I have all these press guides at hand,thanks to Scott,if you’ll follow up and tell me when you had your cup of coffee in the show,I’ll look it up and then admit that you know what you’re talking about…
But if you are talking about being on a bench during a Pony League,Colt League,Babe Ruth League,American Legion league,any othe league of your own(pardon me,Madonna and Tom Hanks),believe and old man,sir,when I say this…a major league game is an ENTIERLY different animal from what you are referring to…

Have I sat on a bench? No,I was not blessed with the coordination and ability to hit,throw or catch a baseball properly…The best I did was back yard or prairie softball,playing with a ball that was a thing of mush to play with…or trying to do fungoes with a wiffle ball and a bat,pretending that I was at the old Comiskey Park…

No,kolsens,I never sat on a bench…But over the last 47 seasons,(geez,Bethany,am I THAT old?)I have witnessed with two functioning eyes and a process to function and try to figure out what exactly is going on,one h*** of a lot of games…I have seen the most fundamentally sound ball clubs make mistakes that kids in Little League don’t make…I have seen managers from Al Lopez and Casey Stengel,”genuises”like the late Gene Mauch and Billy Martin,”living geniuses”like Whitey Herzog,Earl Weaver and Tony La Russa manage their fair share of games,using well tested principles drawn up from the grave of Doubleday(Abner,not the publishers who used to own the Mets),and you wanna know something…

Amazingly,every so often,they f**k it up…

I believe it’s called being human….

I woke up this morning with a good feeling about this series with the Tiges(as Ernie Harwell called them)…I just hope I’m right…because if I’m not,kolsens,kenwo and dreifer will never let me hear the end of it…and the rest of us will be in that boat,too…

Dawn,if you have a laptop that functions on your business trip to the great Southwest,give us a shout,please? Especially if you find jklein waiting for your arrival with a cactus,a gila monster and a six pack of Miller Lite (gotta keep the sponsor happy)in tow…

Finally,don’t think of today as the Omen(6-6-6),think of it as the 62nd anniversary of D-Day…which it is…And the sacrifices made by those men on thatbeach at Normandy which enable us to have the freedom and the ability to have discussions about such matters as fundamentals of baseball…

Well put TQ, I’m not going to make anymore predictions, although I was on hand for the Saturday victory against Texas. Fact is the White Sox have superior talent and when they snap out of their funk, look out! It’s going to be a fun summer and the crowds have been awesome.

I have just discovered something that has made me somewhat upset,but not a bit surprised…
As you amy know,the Sox-Cleveland game is being shown on FOX this Saturday…What you don’t know is how much of these United States will see this game…

How about 16 per cent of the country? THat’s right,folks,

16 LOUSY PER CENT of the US will see this game if they tune in to their FOX station this Saturday…10 STATES,including Pennsylvania,Kentucky and Nebraska…And who will be doing the play-by-play/color for the game? Joe Buck and Tim McCarver,FOX’s number one team? Uh-Uh…try Kenny(Son of Marv)Albert and Rick(last catch of Len Barker’s perfect game,which he’s been living on ever since)Manning…By the way,23% of the country will be getting the Texas/Boston game at the same time,while 30% will be getting the Oakland/Yankees game…That,of course,is where young Buck and old Mc Carver will be,sitting at East 161st Street and River Avenue,Fort Apache,the Bronx…

Seems that even though the WS won the World Series last year,unless they move east to establish themselves,FOX and ESPN will somehow look past them to feature the Yank-mes,Boston,the Mets,etc…

What needs to happen is for someone from the Midwest,with Midwest pride and sensibility,to invade FOX and ESPN to let them know that life and good baseball teams exist west of the Hudson River…..

palehoses…I did not forget you,Jeral…Iowa will be one of the states that will be blanketed—BABY blanketed,perhaps,by the coverage on Saturday…Davenport,Des Moines,Ottumwa(good,that means Radar O’Reilly can watch at the veterans home)and Sioux City…
If you live near any of those cities,or get their signal,you lucky boy,you can actually SEE the Cell on your TV…

Thank you,FOX…for nothing…..

buehrle will find his flow, how quick we become negative.

i think they should trade garland for rowand and put mccarthy in the 5th starter spot. garland is struggling and philly needs pitching. we also need a centerfielder

That really leaves our pen depleted. I like the trade, but we need help in the pen most of all.

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