Tuesday, June 6, 2006, 10:07 pm


Oh, for a clutch hit with runners in scoring position.

Wait, we just got one, a big one.

Alex Cintron, tonight’s hero, wasn’t listed in the original starting lineup but was inserted after Juan Uribe’s wife went into labor here in Chicago.

Comments from the Postgame Interview Room

From Ozzie Guillen:

"It’s always great to win, especially that way."

"In my view, we should have more than that.  We are still missing the little things.

"It’s great to win the first game."

"A three-run home run coming from Cintron … not too many people expect that."

"We’re not swinging the bats well with runners in scoring position right now.  We had a chance a couple of times tonight."

"We still need to do better with execution."Alexwaves

"We’re not playing as good as we can, but we’re hanging in there.  We need to be better."

"That (Cintron’s homer) happens when you get guys playing time.  When you play them a lot, they’re ready any time they are needed.  On my ballclub, everyone is important.  We have 12 hitters we can count on.  To me, they’re all big."

"When you (Freddy Garcia) allow three runs, it means you pitched pretty well.  He battled.  He threw 100-something pitches in the first few innings."

"Mac has been on and off.  Thank God he was on today."

From Alex CIntron:

"The pitch before I was looking for a changeup and I fouled it off.  This pitch was a fastball middle in.  The best shot I have to hit a home run is middle in."

"I was looking for a hit.  I wasn’t looking for a home run."

"I know my job is backing up Uribe and Iguchi.  When they tell me to play, I’ll be ready to try and help us win."


“Thank God he was on today” – You’re telling me. I hope McCarthy keep it together. At least until Cliff figures it out…but hey, strong work by Alex tonight! Woohoo! Sox Win!


I hope all of our guys who were so quick to challenge anything and everything come and post tonight, how’s that for a clutch hit?!?! Alex Cintron, wow!

I called the SCORE tonight afterwards (and even won a gift certificate! :))- becasue I had this to say….we’ve all been talking this week about how one big win could set us off…..and tonights win- the electricity at the park takes me back to September of last year when Joe cranked that walk off home run against the Indians in the dead of the Division Race. After that, we rolled to a World Championship.

Obviously its a lot earlier in the year, but the fashion in which we won tonight (THANKS ALEX!), has the potential to be a huge impact.

What a great night Sox fans- hope you all enjoyed it as much as me!!🙂



You’ve never sat on a bench, yet you KNOW the differences between the pressures of major league managing and the pressures of lower level baseball. (Your “eyes” tell you)

Yet, any other person can know these differences ONLY by sitting on a major league bench.

Amazing logic.

The issue, by the way, is not whether or not managers make mistakes or are human, though truisms certainly seem to be your specialty.

Rather, the issue is the PRINCIPLES of good managing, especially when it comes to your pitching staff. The number of books on the subject testifies to the fact that some people think it’s important to know these principles. Among these people are the Detroit Tigers, who have learned from tough experience that ex-shortstops don’t always know thsee principles and that you can get a lot better by hiring a manager who does.

No offense Kolsens, but we’re just fine. Our pitching staff might be going through a rough period right now- but do you honestly think they are all going to be like they were in the playoffs for an entire 162 game season? Maybe you need to be a little more realistic.

But anyways, you have the right to complain all you want- but hey, give our guys some credit. Trust them a little bit, and they’ll come through.

Ozzie Guillen and Don Cooper have everything under control for our pitchers. I mean, can you really complain about this skid we were on and yet we’re still 13 games over .500? Is it really that bad? Not yet. Again, trust the skipper a little bit, after all- he got us a World Championship.

Still so excited for Alex, what a great thing he did for us last night. What an impact it could have…

Why don’t you go watch the Tigers then since they have the better manager. Many of us are tired of all the Ozzie is a bad manager posts. You think he cannot manage his pitching staff, great. We know how you feel….still.

I think the best part of last nights win (aside from Cintron of course) was Brandon’s gutsy performance. I was cringing when he went to second on that grounder, but I’ll be dammed if that wasn’t the best option (may not of been the right one, but definitely the best).

It’s great to see Maggs in top form again. Eventhough he plays for the enemy now, I didn’t want to see his career end because of some freak injury. He’s got a lot of baseball left in him and the Tigers are lucky to have him. Round II coming up, go get ’em Jose!

-J.K. Dennis

D-Port, Iowa

The preceding were the thoughts of Tigers manager Jim Leyland immediately following the last out,the post game press conference,the showering and changing back into street clothes,the bus ride back to the Westin Hotel,the post game meal(if he was able to eat anything)and his toss and turn night of sleep…

What I left out in the first line was the insertion of “F**kin”in between the Christian name and the surname…

The most unlikely source since Geoff Blum last October came through,big time…in a game that the WS,like it or not,kolsens,NEEDED…it was the first game of the series,which you always like to win,because it sets a positive tone for the remainder of the set,it gave the fans something to cheer about(I think that Dawn and jklein might have faintly heard the roar all the way out in Arizona),and it told the two teams something…Detroit,you know there’s an ETERNITY of time left in the ’06 season…you were playing well for a while,BUT…the king ain’t dead just yet…And to the Sox…you guys are the king…and what I just wrote goes for you as well…

The game last night was just like the firm of (Dawn)Brusa,(Bethany)Conrad and (Maria)Wagener…dazzingly beautiful when all is said and done(Flatterer,ain’t I? But I speak the truth…)…

kolsens,if you don’t like Ozzie as manager,JUST SAY SO…don’t harangue around it…Who would YOU make manager,if you had the power to make changes?

As for your obedient servant,and the rest of WS Universe,we’re happy with what goes on,good or bad…

Tom Quaid(getting ready to polish more apples,if needed…)

Anybody know if there’s any truth to the whispers about Cliff heading to the DL and Sean Tracey coming up? I don’t wanna lend credence to rumors but it wouldn’t necessarily be the worse thing for Sean to come up until Cliff can fall back into his groove.
J.K. Dennis

Davenport, Iowa

I agree with Trepac, I know Ozzie makes some bad calls, but I think every manager does, the trick is to be able to achieve the goal learning from the mistakes he makes, if he doesn’t do that, then he really is a bad manager.

I don’t think we have to say over and over again that he is a bad manager, we have to criticize in a contructive manner and make suggestions, god knows maybe he will take them into account, or at least we can try…well it is my opinion anyway…take care all and let’s have a good game today.

The transactions section of the White Sox site says that Cliff waw put on the DL and Tracey is coming up. Hopefully Cliff gets his stuff together and comes back a different pitcher.



Bethany: maybe we can liken last nights game to AJ hitting the 3 run homer in the 9th to put down the Dodgers last year, or Ozuna’s to tie the game in the 9th against Seattle this May, both had an uplifting effect on the team.

I think everyone maybe giving kolsens a hard time. I don’t think questioning your team makes you a bad fan. I don’t think Ozzie make trolling this blog a regular habit and I don’t think any comments would hurt his feelings if he did.

Cliff is on the 15 day DL and they are bringing up Tracy:

bill b…that’s what is great,not only about this blogsite,but this land of ours as well(cue “America the Beautiful”)…we can say what we want,when we want,as often as we want,and don’t really have to listen to anyone else,if we want…kolsens is free and clear to make whatever statements he wishes…and we can respond(or not)as we wish to…(OK,fade out “America the Beautiful”)
I don’t think that the manager reads this site,either,bill…he has a lot more pressing things to do and think about…I think that Scott has referred in the past to the fact that some of the players and others on the team are aware of the existance of this site,but have not registered any opinions…fine…

Re:Politte on the DL…sometimes,players will not admit to the manager or the trainer if they have something wrong …instead,they hope it won’t crop up and they can ride the discomfort out…That is not smart,in my opinion…Honesty is the best policy(I should try and copyright that phrase…)The rest and recuperation should be beneficial to Cliff,because he is a valued member of this team…And it is a team,not like some franchises who seem to rely on two or three players only to help them along…(I’m not naming any franchises in particular,but this one plays at Clark and Addison)

kr-trepac…all this time we’ve been going back and forth,and I never knew your first name was Kris…okay,that’s in the memory bank…Politte does not need to come back a different pitcher,he just needs to come back as a healed pitcher….

To Juan and Ana Uribe…congratulations on the fourth offspring…Since Ana went into labor on 6-6-6,Ozzie was kind of concerned how the baby would turn out…I was concerned that they might name the baby Damien…then I thought,no,maybe Omen…But then,after what happened last night,I thought that they should name the baby…Alex…come on,that works for either a boy or a girl,doesn’t it?

to jklein…you mentioned in your last post about the dust-up as Dawn was arriving in Az…I was a bit confused,John…(surprised?)I thought that the major dust-up happened almost three weeks ago(AJ-Barrett,one round,no knockdowns…)…and the decisions(suspensions,etc.)STILL have not been rendered…It’s a good thing that MLB didn’t run the D-Day invasion…It might have finished up last Tuesday….

Tom Q(somewhere in mid-America)

This game reminded me a lot of AJ’s walkoff last year. They couldn’t get a big hit all game, and then the 9th came…we all know what happened.

But it also reminds me a lot of Crede’s walkoff in September of last year. The Indians were right on our tails and we NEEDED that victory. They grinded out the game, and to this day, I think that was the turning point to their annihilation of the playoffs. Big wins like this can change a lot, hopefully this one fired them up and they come out tomorrow with that same heart and fire they had last year.

Go Sox!

Not tomorrow, TODAY they will come out with that fire.

that game was very unlike any great game we had last season. almost painful to watch, but we managed to luckilly escape, since the tigers kept trying to give it to us.

all our runs were off homers. ironically, theirs too. i guess both teams can’t lose.

thome had two chances to score a big run. once with a man on third and 1 out, and then bases loaded with one out. 2 ks. not just any ks. sammy sosa-style ks. i dont care so much about getting the run in, i want to hit it to midway airport ks.

dont get me wrong, i was just as thrilled to see that ball sail over maggs’ head, but let’s not kid ourselves. we didnt play well. they just played worse.

heres hoping jose’s back on top of his game and our offense doesnt wait for the 6th time weve got men in scoring position to drive them in.

myp00…You’ll find out as the season wears on(and,believe me,sometimes it can do JUST that)about the Cell…For some strange meteorological reason,when the temperature goes up,the baseballs go flying out…In other words,the ballpark plays awfully small…runs are easy to come by and pitchers duels are hard to come by…One other response to what you posted…You don’t always have to play well,you have to take advantage of what is given you…Cintron did just that with Rodney last night…too many balls,not enough strikes…and if you get behind and have to lay a fat one down the tube…well,you saw what happened…According to the picture I saw in the mini-Trib(RedEye),Alex had the form classic of a hitter who knew he got a good one,but good…

we took advantage???

inning 1

pods on third with one out. k for thome and pop out.

inning 2, 1st and 2nd with 0 outs. fielder’s choice, strike out, ground out.

inning 3

1st and 2nd with 1 out. double play.

inning 4, man on 1st base, 0 out. bum hit and run. popout, single, foul out.

inning 7, bases loaded, 1 out. strike out, fly out.

then finally, in the 8th, after two free passes, because the tigers were trying as hard as they could to let us win, a clutch hit. a solid 1 for 9 with risp.

im just saying while it was great to win, it certainly wasnt a great win. agaisnt a team thats even terrible, you cant go 0 for your first 8 chances to drive in a run and be in a good spot to win. lucky for us, detroit seemed to be trying to lose more than we were. almost surprused we didnt hear about another tirade from jim.

and i find it strange that it seems like im in the minority thinking id like to never see a game like that again this season. we didnt take anything. we were handed it. just like how you hear hawk say we wrapped it up and put a big bow on it and gave it to the other team… thats what they did. and while ill take it, and it was even exciting, but too many disappointments. i dont expect us to come through every time, but look at that log. thats just tough to watch.

my two cents worth: as i said in a previous post, it looks like we can get up for a big game when it counts, but like an A student who doesn’t give his best effort, we struggle against the average teams. it must be Dawn. this is the earliest it’s rained here in years. thanks. and i hope you’ve enjoyed your visit. good win tonight, let’s get the sweep tomorrow and retake first. j.k. in humid(32pct.) tucson. manana mi amigos.

Well, there’s another grinder ball win! Minus Joe’s 2 errors, I thought we played really well tonight! Hope it was satisfying for all!

Great to see Thome connecting again, and Jermaine just keeps it raining baby. I’m looking forward to seeing PK take one long tomorrow.

Tom- thanks for all the nice words! I know I say this so much, but your posts are always the ones I’m most anxious to read.

Real proud of Jose tonight too!

Lets keep it rollin!!!

p.s. Klein…love the “humidity” reading! haha


Great job by the boys tonight. Jose was great, Crede redeemed himself, and how ’bout Jermaine and Alex. They are on FIRE!!!!! I am done getting aggravated by the negative comments. I understand we want 20 hits a game and 10 runs a game and no errors a game but ****, the W is the most important thing. How many games did Detroit or any other 1st team win by not playing their “best” ball. The W’s come to teams who excecute when it matters most. The time that mattered most was the 8th the other night AND the 7th tonight. That is what championship teams do, take advantage of the things they are given. I seem to remember a dropped third strike we were given and then took advantage of…..I seem to remember wasting scoring opprotunities of a 14 inning game that ended w/ a homer… Let’s be happy w/ the W as fans, the players will worry about letting opportunities pass them by. I will sit back and enjoy this wonderful year which still has a LONG WAY TO GO.
Lets get the sweep and really start a streak.


Does anyone else think that Pods would have had an inside the parker if he had started running, instead of watching the ball?

The best part of MLBlogs is that whether you are a player, fan or journalist it gives you a place to share your thoughts and opinions on not only baseball but just about anything you want to share. The number of people and the places they come from is amazing to see each day! I recently had visitors to my MlBlog from Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, England, Taiwan and several other countries as well as almost all of the 50 states.


Check out my MLBlog at

First of all, let me start out by saying this is my first post, I’ve been reading Scott’s blog every day for the past year or so, and all of the regulars’ comments as well, and it’s sort of funny; although you don’t know me, I feel like I know all of you. I guess I’ve just never had anything to say, or anything more to add to the discussion…until now.

The night we won the World Series last October, that glorius night, during the game when Ozzie chose Willie Harris to pinch hit for Garcia leading off the inning led to a discussion amongst my friends concerning Ozzie and his ‘goofy’ managing style. The consensus among us was; and still is, while we don’t always agree with everything he does, it obviously is working for him, and for us. I recall bi****ng and moaning all of August and September last year when he continued to play Geoff Blum several times a week at every infield position while Pablo sat on the bench. Maybe all that PT is the reason Blum was ready to hit the game winner in Game 3? He knows more than I do about baseball obviously, and he won the World Series for us!!!

I may not always agree with his moves, and sometimes I question them, but from last year’s experience I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and wait until its all said and done before passing judgment. And even then I probably won’t be too harsh in my judgment because he won us the World Series!!! and you can never take that away from him, or us.

He was a goofball when he was a player, he swung at everything, didn’t hit for average, or power, he couldn’t run the bases very well, and was the worst at sliding I’ve ever seen; yet he was a good ballplayer, and we loved him. He still is a little goofy, but the best part of his managing style (IMHO) is that by being the character that he is, his antics, and saying the things he says, he takes all of the pressure off of his players. It’s all on him.

Yes I want them to win every game, but I’m a realist who knows that isn’t going to happen. It’s a long season, let’s hope they play well enough to make the postseason again, and then see what happens. I don’t know much, but I do know that I’m looking forward to a fun and exciting summer…

Eddie – Chicago

Great post Eddie, and welcome aboard!!

Today’s the day Sox fans!


Your observations are excellent, but understand that to most fans on this blog, facts don’t matter until we lose. Consistent with our team’s colors, everything here is black and white. Love the Sox or leave them. Love Ozzie or say you hate him (and don’t forget to name his replacement!); in short, no nuances, please!

Andrew Ryback,

From above first base, my first thought when I saw the missed catch was: “an inside-the-parker for Pods?” But as I watched the play develop, I thought he could only get a triple. Even if he had run hard from the start, I think he would’ve only been 15 feet past third when the ball hit the cut off man, and only could’ve made it with a bad throw.

I was wondering what the *&%^ happened to Pods and why he didn’t make it home. I also would have like to have seen Gooch lay down a squeeze bunt.

We left a lot of runners on but look at Detroit, they left 10 on (5 in scoring positon!) Both pitchers made some good pitches with men on, especially Contreras. (I heard he is working on an underhand arm angle like fast pitch softball to compliment his other 3).

If nothing else, everyone has to agree Ozzie is the most entertaining manager in sports history. His comments on Uribe stepping it up with another mouth to feed had me rolling on the floor.

Those comments were hilarious. I think there was much truth to Ozzie’s comments about Juan. Not so much that he needs to improve because of the extra mouth to feed, but he needs to step it up so he doesn’t lose his job. I think Cintron may have pushed Juan aside and may be our everyday SS very soon.

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