Thursday, June 8, 2006, 3:13 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Konerko, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Cintron, SS.  Garland takes the mound.

Juan Uribe’s wife, Ana, had the couple’s baby today.  It was a boy.  No word yet on name or details.


Given our big crowds recently, I think there is a perception that you can’t get a ticket to a White Sox game.  Not true.  Several thousand remain for Friday and Sunday this weekend, while you can still get tickets to the Cardinals and Astros series.

Only 14 tickets remain for our blog night in August, so you had better act soon if you want those tix.  Call Dustin at 312-674-5186.

Vote, Vote and Vote Again

For your favorite players, preferably White Sox, for the All-Star Game on July 11 in Pittsburgh.

Sox Pride Club

Several thousand Sox fans have taken advantage of special ticket availability by joining the Sox Pride Club.  We have set aside tickets just for members to each Sox home game.


Sales continue in our Chicago White Sox Charities ring raffle through the end of July.  Don’t wait to purchase your chances because we won’t sell more than 100,000 (three people will win).  Tickets can be purchased online (by Illinois residents) or at the ballpark.

Good luck

Neal Cotts and Cliff Politte posed for a photo last night with a poster wishing the U.S. Soccer team good luck in the World Cup, which begins tomorrow.


That’s a lineup I like to see. I hope Jon can locate and pitch well tonight. Wouldn’t it be great to sweep these Kitties?

Scott, I got my ticket for the ring raffle. When is the drawing being held?

I do think some of our players are getting hosed this year for the All-Star game. I voted quite a few times. We do have an Ace in the hole though. Ozzie will reward the players who deserve it, but didn’t get enough “fan” votes (Dye & Thome DESERVE to be All-Stars). To be honest though, I hope they all get snubbed by the rest of the fans of MLB. Maybe that will get them pi$$ed off and fire them up again. Ya know, kind of like last year when nobody gave them a shot at winning the WS. I wouldn’t mind them finding some extra motivation to repeat.

Go Go White Sox!!!!

Let’s see…Wally Pipp had a headache and Lou Gehrig took over for him…Juan and Ana Uribe had a baby…(actually,Ana provided all the,you’ll pardon the expression,labor…)before that,Alex Cintron took over for Uribe…The difference is,I don’t think that Wally Pipp was ever heard from or about again…The platoon system that Guillen uses has paid off greatly,so far…So Alex gets the start tonight so the new papa can get his bearings,and a box of cigars(if anyone has any left over from last October,they should be nice and mellow…seeJuan and offer him a good deal…)before regaining his spot(perhaps)tomorrow night versus deanklub’s Indians…Now,the first two games of the series have been good theater,with lots of drama…It should be more of the same in about three hours and 10 minutes from now…The mood should continue,however,tomorrow night after the Motowns have blown town(oh,this kid is absolutely PRECIOUS,he’s so clever–right,Bethany?)…So far,a million and change people have proven that,if you give the public what it wants,they’ll come out to see you…but,the momementum for the bounceback can’t stop tonight…It must continue through the weekend,so that WS Universe can show the piddles**t 16 per cent of the country that FOX has been kind enough to deem worthy of seeing the DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS in action on the tube,as well as Sunday when Jon Miller(the fat,bald guy)and “Little”Joe Morgan(one of the troika with Bob Costas and Ken Burns–the”three little bores”?that have EVERY solution to save baseball…)come in with the ESPN crew,at which time Scott and Bob Beghtol will be so kind to provide them with a pronunciation chart,so they get the last names right…Then after a brief sojourn to the saunas of Arlington,Texas(watch out,boys,Buck Showalter likes to steal signs from the scoreboard)and Cincinnati,Ohio(at the Great American Ballpark,Farmer,not the ALL-American Ballpark),the team that should have been in the World Series last year(St Louis)and the team that WAS in the Series(the Astros)come calling…The WS Universe call is out—FILL THE PARK!AND KEEP DOING IT! You know what a diffrence it makes in the performance on the field…
Tom Quaid(getting off the propaganda box to go home…)

Catching up on yesterday and today…myp00…not every game is going to go into the time capsule…I’ve seen great games,average games and absolute STINKEROOS…so the game of Tuesday fell into one of those categories,but it also fell into another very important category for the WS…the win column…Don’t throw it back because it ain’t good-looking…
mrp2390…couldn’t sleep down there in Jacksonville,eh? If you have trouble going to sleep,let me recommend…highlights of the Devil Ray games,that ought to do it……very good first post,young man…Ozzie also had the absolute WORST looking batting helmet in MLB history…No precipitation could have penetrated through that crud he had all over the helmet…

and,to kolsens…”we”and “our”…I did not know you had become an investor in the team,sir…I’ve been watching them for 47 seasons,and have never once referred to them in that fashion…and I never will…but,you go and do whatever you wish…

Finally,to jklein…32 percent humidity in AZ? What barometer do you use?…I know,it’s dry heat…

Till end of the work week Friday,avoir,mon amies….

TQ(multi-lingual,ain’t I?)

hi Guys new and old. Eddie, good post from earlier, and welcome aboard. and to both Tom and Bethany, we do get rain occasionally out her, but not usually this early.( i still think Dawn had something to do with this).and when it rains, the humidity goes way up!! i know it’s not like you all experience every day( i remember 1959 well), but to us it’s total misery. yes, it is a dry heat since you brought it up, and you can work outside all day long if you’re dumb enough as i was today/ or maybe i’m just too old to know any better. let’s go Boys and get the sweep. talk to you all later…. j.k.

kr-trepac, the WS ring drawing is on Aug 8. I will be getting my ring with two other winners during pregame ceremonies on Aug 25….It is time for Garland to show that last year was not an aberration….Congrats to Uribe and his wife, but I must add that Cintron has filled in for him rather nicely….Welcome back JT, I am pleased to see that you haven’t lost your HR swing!!

Thanks TQ. Those Ray’s games remind me of Ben Stein call the roll in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. What a snoozer they turn any game into. I have the pleasure to work overnight so that’s when I offer my few cents. Congrats to Uribe and the family. Hope he comes back strong. I wish Polite all the best. Really like the guy and hopefully the shoulder is the reason for his slow start. I think that if Jon has a good start tonight, he is going to start some dominance. He has pitched pretty well (not by his standards) and hopefully starts to roll starting tonight. Well, well, who will it be tonight???? Paulie, Thome, JD, AJ????? Take your pick. This offense is stacked and I would love for them to shell Rogers tonight and give Jon a nice lead. The sweep starts in a few minutes so strap it down baby, we should be in for a treat!!!!!


What a HR by Paulie. Lets hope Jon keeps the Tigers at bay at 0 runs. Anyway does anyone know what Ozzie is wearing under his uniform. It looked like his old White Sox jersey but maybe I’m mistaken. If anyone can answer would be great. I hope Ozzie puts Cintron in the lineup everyday since he has been hot as ****. Peace guys

Evan, Arlington Heights

What happened to Crede?????

i think it was bethany calling for paulies bomb… props on the call.

unfortunately, we’re still playing poorly. which is what i was trying to convey about tuesdays game. im with everyone about how great it was to get that win… but poor execution doesnt lead to games that end that happily very often. they mostly look like this one.

i thought they were the team that was supposed to be living and dying off the long ball.

Scott, do you have an email address for Jay Horowitz or his assistant with the NY Mets? I have a note that really should be in their game notes that I’d like to pass along. You can email me through my “Blog” (I hate that word).

as i stated on sunday, mackowiak is not an everyday center fielder. people who think he is are kidding themselves. something needs to be done out there. either A- leave anderson out there despite his average and hope his hitting goes up, B- trade for a veteran- Cameron maybe? he wouldnt cost that much and plays center better than mackowiak and hits better than anderson. C- continue to leave mackowiak out there and lose games because of his defense…. i know a lot of you will get on me for not being a happy go lucky sox fan, but something needs to be done. I sit in the stands and here people talking as if mackowiak is a great hitter. yes he is better than anderson, but he is mediocre at best as an everyday player. my feeling is mackowiak will cost us more games with h is glove than anderson will cost us with his bat. lets do something about this now!

One good point on the sox, Montero and Tracey throw strikes. i like that. they look good.

Tough loss for Garland. I watched the first 5 innings on before the freezing and pausing and buffering drove me away. He looked sharp, confident, and had his breaking ball working. I didn’t see Mac in center but sounds like he didn’t do to well. I thought they hit the ball hard until Rogers hit his groove. They need to get hot here against the Tribe. Hope nothing serious w/ Crede. Pods and Gooch got to get going.


Thanks for the props mvp00…for some reason I’ve always been able to call Pauly’s homers. It even suprises me sometimes!

Unfortunately, that was an ugly one tonight. Whenever we lose, we leave way to many guys on base. Our situational hitting needs to be better. We’ll work it out.

How about Cora sending Dye on AJ’s hit. He didn’t have a chance. I think he forgot it was JD on the basepath, and not Pods. I like how aggressive Cora is, but sometimes he just makes mistakes. He’s human….and in the big picture, I guess the run didn’t matter.

2 of 3 from Detroit is a job well done, now we just need to take care of business from here on out. Time to have OUR way with the Indians like last year.

Back at it tomorrow…

Soxpride – I beg to differ..that run would have made a difference. We were getting to Rogers at that point. After the HR, the Umpire threw the ball to him and he slapped it away with his glove. Then when we were getting hits, he was grumbling and talking to himself. Had we continued to score runs, Kenny’s attitude would have gotten the best of him and the flood gates would have opened. Dye getting tagged out at home gave him a bit of spark that enabled him to roll the rest of the game…

Here’s a tip…don’t buy gift certificates for tickets as gifts. You can only use them at the box office, and by the time you get there, the tickets are gone and you have to buy from scalpers (25 bucks for sec 512!!!). Plus, it doesn’t help when you leave them at home!😉 Oh well.

I’m still impressed that my tiny girlfriend put away 3 hot dogs last night!

I’ll be there again on Saturday with a company picnic – let’s hope we get the best of CC “My head is crooked” Sabathia…


I had the very same feeling: Sox are starting a first inning rally (a rarity lately), and Cora runs us out of the inning on a play that wasn’t even close! But in addition to that “gift,” Konerko also cost us by sleeping on the late Uribe throw. Did you notice his holding up his glove and looking at the umpire instead of the runner? Another gift in lieu of the third out.


I was sitting next to Crede’s wife, and not even SHE knew what had happened! Apparently back spasms, or so it’s reported today.


When the smoke clears, most season ticket holders (like myself) consider ourselves “investors” in the team!

Huge series beginning tonight! We need to take game one, and work on from there. Javy on the mound is always assuring, lets go guys.

Hope Joe is doin’ better today, we can’t afford to have him out. And yes, last night at the park they were saying back spasms. Lets hope that’s truly all it is.

I’m expecting a big game out of Juan tonight. Ozzie was crackin me up in saying that maybe Juan will start playing better now that he has another mouth to feed! But lets hope he’s right! haha

Go Sox (as always),


P.S. I forgot to mention Tracey’s debut- very encouraging!

And congrats to Juan on Juan Jr!🙂

re: Tracey – actually one of the few bright spots from last night…aside from the funky delivery!🙂

But I definitely agree. We need to go out there and take this game.

I’ll be there tomorrow. Last night was the first Sox loss I’ve seen in person at the Cell. Let’s hope it’s the only one. I wanna see Buerhle vs CC trend start to reverse…

TGIF to one and all…
kolsens,when you have a season ticket,you are an investor…in entertainment,correct? You are free,as I’ve stated time and time again,to voice your opinion…I guess it’s a matter of semantics between yourself and myself as to whatever disagreement we may have…

Here is today’s conundrum facing the manager of the WS…what do you do with your CF position…Do you,as others have mentioned,wait for Anderson to come along with the bat,keeping his defense in the lineup,or do you put the bat of Mackowiak in the lineup and hope that his defense improves…Actually,I feel that Mack will always be an adequate fielder with a good bat…the jury is still out on BA,due only to his youth,not just age-wise but in pro baseball…Good overall players are like fine wine…they seem to improve with age…

The other problem that Oswaldo has is this…How do you beat a portsider(old-fashioned sportswriter lingo referring to left handed pitchers…)? What is the combination that has to be determined that will do the job? If I knew the answer to that,I would make SO MUCH money as a consultant that I could afford the finer things in life(but enough for now about Bethany…)

I see by Scott’s recent post that all but 14 tickets have been issued for the “blogger nite” game against KC on Aug.15th…I can only hope that those in attendance that night will have a most memorable experience…(this is a cryptic message,which may be clear to the proprietor of the space,Mr Reifert,a certain young man out in far-off Ioway,and is definitely clear to the fat head who just got through typing it…if the first two remember the circumstances…)

To tonight’s tilt versus deanklub’s faves…Cliff Lee,the first of the southpaws,can be beaten…He has not had that much luck with the boys so far in ’06…

Vazquez needs to mirror his last start to give the WS a chance…As to tomorrow’s matchup…Something’s gotta give…Sabathia is good,yes,but not THAT good…and Buehrle is not as BAD as he’s been vs.Cleve.this year,at least his last two starts–here and at the Jake…So,andrewryback,you are not the only one who wants to see the trend reverse in that matchup…

Moving on to 3rd base,is it possible to do the same thing with Crede as they did with Thome last weekend?That is,rest,therapy and a capable replacement at the position(Cintron)…there are so many big bats in the order,one less may not hurt too much for this weekend… and again to andrew ryback…so your girlfriend put away three hot dogs last night? No offense,sir,but you described the scene whenever Manchild(aka B Jenks)comes in to get a save…

T Quaid(president of the Bethany Conrad Fan Club)

Back from hot, but beautiful, Arizona. Feel like I’ve missed so much. Two out of three from any club will put you over 100 wins for the year. I’ll gladly take 2 of 3 from Detroit. It makes a nice dent in our bid to take back what is rightfully ours (1st place). A nice long winning streak is what we need! GO SOX!!

Welcome back,kiddo…It may be what the WS needed to get the proper groove back was to have Dawn Brusa back in town…Well,that’s now occured,so the rest,I guess,is up to the WS…right?

=) If only I had that power. But, I truly believe our guys do. Every team has minor steps to overcome. But in the grand scheme of things, we have the talent, and leadership to continue to do great and wonderful things.

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