Mr. Clutch


Friday, June 9, 2006, 10:44 pm

So, how clutch is Jermaine Dye?

After tonight’s game, Ozzie Guillen announced that after lengthy pregame conversations, the club had decided to continue to go with Brian Anderson in center field.

"This team is built around pitching and defense," Guillen said.

The decision was made before Anderson’s amazing, run-saving catch against the left-center field wall. 350K


Just came back from D.C. and caught the Nationals and Orioles both in town. Nats happen to be playing the Phillies and had an opportunity to see Mr. Rowand play….he was on the other end of a robbed hit in the 9th! Caught him in batting practice and yelled out to him that we missed him in Chicago. He turned around and waved! We do miss him..if we could just get BA’s bat rolling. I don’t think it is fair to Rob Mack to stick him out there. Isn’t he an infielder?? Gotta say our scoreboard entertainment and starting line ups SO much better than both Balt and Nats. Kudos to the gang in charge of music and video at the Cell! Camden yards cool to see though. One other comment. Both places let the fans go down to lower level till batting practice over. Then they swept the area. Same true in Cleveland last year. Can’t come anywhere down at the Cell without ticket. I know some of our fans haven’t exactly been stellar, but can’t even take kids down to fan deck if upper tickets. I don’t think the Cell is as fan friendly in that respect as the others out of town I’ve recently experienced. (Camden even let us move down seats after 3rd inning.) Good to be home though and will be at the Cell Sunday to see a real pre-game intro and sound!

Thank you Jermaine, and thank you Brian! What a play by Brian, I don’t think any other centerfielder in baseball gets to that, AMAZING!

Dye has quietly been one of the best, if not THE best player on this team. I’m so glad he wears a Sox uniform.

And the award for the most underated baseball player in the league right now goes to Jermaine Dye by means of a unanimous vote!!

Seriously though, isn’t that the truth.

Thank you Kenny, Ozzie and White Sox for sticking with BA. Point proven tonight why they should. Thank you again.

How about Javy working out of all those jams tonight? I think he took a year off Ozzie’s life everytime he loaded the bases or such, but he was a workhorse tonight.

A very exciting win, great work guys!

And TomQ, thanks for all the love! haha I feel honored…

Lets go go go White Sox…see ya all back here tomorrow!



Let Brian know that we, as fans, are behind him 100%. Just do what you’ve done your whole baseball career. I know I believe that he will turn his season around offensively, and his glove is remarkable.

Stick in there Brian, you’ll get there and we all want you to succeed.

Thank goodness someone else likes B.A. He throws some mean leather out there for a rookie. And how about the silent killer that is Jermaine Dye? 2 outs, runners in scoring position, he’s batting about .500? WOW!!! I don’t care what anyone says about this club. This season has been even more magical so far than last year. If you don’t think so, watch Pablo Ozuna. I will never have a bad word to say about this team. Ozzie hears enough already anyways. Tell your friends to stop being pessimistic and watch great baseball. God I love this team!!!

I just saw BA’s catch on Holy Cow!!!!!! This guy is unbelievable. No matter what happens w/ his bat from now on, this guy deserves a spot like I’ve said all year. His bat will come around but he is filling Aaron’s spot out there perfectly. Incredible glove this guy has to go along w/ his positive attitude. KEEP IT UP BRIAN, WE LOVE YOU OUT THERE.

I’ve been a BA fan since he showed up last year. I see tremendous talent and potential in this kid. And something just as important on this team, chemistry and heart…certainly showed that in the “scuffle” against the Cubs. Many of the best players around started slowly at the plate, and I think he’s no exception. Ozzie has a point….this team won the WS last year with the best D and pitching around. I can see Brian getting dejected about his offensive performance, and like the others here, I hope he realizes how most of the fans feel…we’re behind you, have faith in you, and can’t wait to see what else you can do.


Brian Anderson really showed his worth as a player on the ball he caught in the 8th inning off Travis Hafner’s bat.

That play kept two runs off the board. The Sox trailed the Tribe by only 1 run at 4-3 and it could’ve easily been a 6-3 defecit had Brian not tracked down that flyball. (And don’t forget he was shading Hafner toward Right Centerfield, and had a long way to go to track down the ball Hafner hit to Left Centerfield)

That catch was reminscent of balls caught by Aaron Rowand last year, and of a long list of Sox CF’ers of years past, 1Dog Lance Johnson, Chris Singleton, Chet Lemon, Ken Berry, Jim Landis and Mike Kreevitch.

Keep up the good work Brian, the hitting will come around. Just keep playing your stellar “D” and helping out the pitching staff.

I have been waiting to hear Ozzie’s decision about Brian, and I’m really glad he is staying!!!!! Please let him know that the fans are behind him 100%. I think it’s really great that the other players and all of the staff are sticking with him because, as many have said, he is part of the future of the team.
Maybe now that more of a decision has been made concerning his future things will settle down more.

I’m sure that everything will be fine, Brian, if you keep working as hard as you are.

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