Saturday Mornings

Saturday, June 10, 2006, 9:57 am

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Cintron, 3B; Widger, C; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF.  Buehrle takes the mound against Sabathia and Cleveland … again.

According to Roger Bossard, the rain will stop soon and we will be OK with our 12:25 start time.


First in line on a soggy Saturday…but the “sodfather”(Roger B)will not let us down…It’ll be damp,but it will be GAME TIME…
To last night…Situation:6th inning,one run Sox lead,Cotts in to try to protect said lead…Hafner at bat,full count,everybody knew that Cotts had to bring it in…He did,and Hafner parked it halfway to the 95th street Red Line stop…hoo-boy…Well,bottom 6th,Dye parks one(climb on my back,boys,I’ll help carry ya)to bring them back a run closer…Top 8,still 4-3,Tribe…first two up on base,then a K…Thornton comes in(unheralded,but mucho valuable…)to face the big man,Hafner…He falls behind two and oh,then delivers…So does Hafner,to the opposite field…deep LCF,Anderson to the wall…State’s Exhibit A through G,WHATTA CATCH!!!…Proof positive,dear hearts(hey,Bethany…I’m serious)and gentle people(hey,Dawn,hey jklein)that BA SHOULD STAY IN THE LINEUP…All he needs is confidence that he can hold his own up at bat…That’s what (Greg)Walker is hired for,to provide that confidence…Anyway,to end the story happily,Manchild comes in in the 9th after the heroics again by J Dye bottom 8,scoring Thome and Konerko…who will never let you forget Carl Lewis and Bob Hayes with their “speed”(??)…

to deanklub…14 LOB,6 in scoring position in an eventual one run verdict? Been there,done that…WS Universe feels for the Indians…but they can’t quite seem to reach them…

The law of averages has to catch up to both Sabathia today and Buehrle as well…Let’s hope that the roles are reversed…for once…

Talk to you good people Monday…have a pleasant rest of your weekend…

Tom Quaid(exit,stage right…)

Is Podsednik not in because he’s a lefty or is he hurt? My dad told me and my friend that he had gotten hurt yesterday but we think he’s just messing around because he’s a cubs fan and we LOVE the sox! And hows Joe? i thought he was supose to play today.


The last 2 nights certainly made your case for Anderson over Mackowiak. On Thursday, Pudge moves from 1st to 2nd on a fly to Mackowiak, something he wouldn’t dare have done on Anderson. Result: Pudge scores the winning run on the next hit.

Last night, not only does Anderson save the game with his catch, but he bounces off the ball and fires a one hop rocket to third. No advances.

Yup. For center field, it’s got to be Anderson, not Mackowiak.

kolsens…take no offense by this statement,sir,but…something POSITIVE out of you and keno4life regarding the on-field activities? I am pleased…
Now,regarding other MLB matters…I have two votes in already for every WS player on the ASG ballot…It is silly,though,to write in Thome,since the game is in Pittsburgh,and the no-DH rule will be in use…Jim does not really play a position,and they don’t have him listed on the ballot…take no offense,WS Universe…just use your head,not just that silver and black heart…

As to the newest scandal…You had to know that Jason Grimsley was slightly off-center,even though he’s a right hander,when he played Spiderman to retrieve Joey Belle’s corked bat a few years ago in the umps’room at the (then)new Comiskey,and replace said bat with a Paul (take me back to)Sorrento model…Now,it’s a lot more serious…Which just proves,those who can still do it,can…Those who can’t…have to resort to steroids,HGH’s,and all other manners of junk to try and keep a gimmer of hope in a faltering career…Sad,very sad…

Until Monday….

Tom Q(no smart a** finish,this time…)

Roger Bossard …. the greatest groundskeeper in Major League Baseball. I remember days as a kid thinking there is no way the Sox will play today. Then getting to the ballpark and there not only being a game but they would also take batting practice with the tarp half folded in right field.

Roger is simply amazing!

Check out my MLBlog and find out why I am so worried about BP at

so after my golf game ( i stunk it up again) ugh!!! i checked our score and found we were tied in the 8th. of course, since this is a saturday, i had to “watch” our game on gameday, which means that my computer puts up pictures of our guys and moves them along the basepath as applicable. not the most satisfying way to watch a game, but our forebears would have thought it state of the art back in 1919 or so. anyway, we won and i’m happy, i just wisth that the sat game of the week came only once a year instead of weekly, let’s say in december sometime. talk to you all tomorrow after we pull off the sweep. j.k. tucson….beautiful weather today 98-101 low humidity, clear with a slight breeze from the west. it still didn’t help my golf game.

that was an incredible game and buehrle totally had his groove on!

Well! I guess 4-3 has become our official score for the week!

Where to begin? (I find lists are very helpful in life, so why not attack this win though a couple bullet points..)

-Congratulations to Agustin for picking up his first career decision- so thankful it was a W!

-Great pitching today Mark, disappointed we couldn’t get you the W, but thanks for the hard work out there.

-How about our bench?! Are they great, or are they great?

-Hats off to Ozzie and all of his managerial moves today, he sure pulled that one off!

-Going off of that, congrats to AJ and Pods for coming in and getting some huge hits for us. HUGE hits.

– Lastly, love the win after Martinez’s celebrations in the dugout. So close buddy…but don’t ever count us down and out!

GREAT game today, lets finish off this series with a win, so we can head out on the road on a high note!

Until then…sweet dreams of a Sox Sweep….


Once again, great win. I had a chance to watch the pitch by pitch because……is everyone sitting down for this one……THE SOX WEREN’T ON. I tried to watch on MLBTV but guess what??? The service that is paid for had a blackout.
Anyway, when I saw Martinez had hit a homer, I honestly almost thought GOOD. I had absolutely no doubt they would win in the bottom of the inning. I guess Mac could’ve been called safe but Gooch came up big. He and Ozuna had 3 knocks a piece. Like I said the other day….Who will it be today??? There probably are some people out there (and they know who they are) who thought we should have one by 6……yeah anyways….got another W.

Sweep tommorrow baby…Go Freddie.


Sunday musings…yeah,I know I said I’d talk to you on Monday,but Ihad to get some things caught up from yesterday,so—what the hey?
Sean…I’m not exactly sure what FOX outlet is near Jacksonville,and if they ever get the chance to show the boys…So,unfortunately,your only chance is with MLB TV…Same thing for my dear friend jklein,out there is the Southwest…98 to 101 degrees,low humidity,clear skies,eh? You certainly do know how to hurt a guy,don’t you,jk? We had late March/early April weather here,and tonight ain’t gonna be any better…The coffee and hot chocolate kiosks will do a brisk(no pun intended,for once)business tonight when ESPN handles things…the good news is,you’ll be able to watch,unless you’re burying your golf clubs after they betray you yet again…

deanklub,whyt ahven’t we heard from San Jose this series? Too downhearted? Some of the so-called “experts”have the Indians dead and buried should they lose tonight…I say…bushwah…They will be around,as will los Tigres,long enough to continue being a pain in the neck(and further southern regions)to the WS…but you have to kind of think that Mr.Moe Mentum is back sitting in the 3rd base dugout at 35th and Shields…what with the Cintron revelations this past week and then yesterday’s game…

One point from yesterday that got me kind of perturbed…7th inning for the WS,bases loaded,”Sock-It”Thome up…and he swings like my late Aunt Lucille on the out…which proves that even the clutch players are human…doggone it…

more musings… from the southwest this time around. i will indeed be watching on espn tonight as the White Sox sweep the tribe. and Tom, no, i’m not going to bury my clubs just yet, although that idea is gaining weight after each round. what i need to do is go see a shrink or maybe a hypnotist, because i simply can’t hit the ball when i’m out on the course. i do great( for me) in practice, but put a flag in the ground 300+ yards out and i’m in way over my head. i know it’s all mental, but i don’t seem to be able to focus as i should. in other words, Tiger, Phil, and others don’t need to worry about me just yet.( make that EVER). i’m telling you again that it’s got to be Dawn’s fault for the weather. this past week you’ll recall that we had rain here, and now the inclement weather shifts to Chitown when she arrives.. very suspicious if you ask me. in any event, i apologize for the sarcasm, but just to be on the safe side, if Dawn travels down to New Orleans, you’d better evacuate the area. more apologies Dawn… go Sox, talk to you all later. j.k. in lovely tucson…

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