Sunday Night

Sunday, June 11, 2006, 3:58 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods LF; Iguchi 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Cintron, SS; Anderson, CF.  Garcia pitching.

Joe Crede‘s back.

Sox Everywhere

I remember at one point last summer when a lot of us, front office and fans alike, were questionning why our Sox were being ignored nationally.

Well, I think October and this offseason took care of any of those concerns.  You can’t open a magazineSoxwin_2

or listen to Chicago radio without running into your Sox.

A picture of our team celebrating on the field after Game 4 runs as a full-page photo in the most recent Sports Business Journal with the headline, "Major League Baseball Owns October."  The ad promotes the ratings numbers for baseball in October.

This week’s Sports Illustrated contains two full-page ads with Sox players.  Scott Podsednik is advertised as making an appearance downtown (it was Friday) at a major store, and A.J. Pierzynski is shown selling MLB Authentic Nike Pro baseball underwear.

And you can’t turn on the radio without hearing Don Cooper or Ozzie Guillen selling hi-fi, automobiles, steak houses or Training Camps.

It’s all Sox, all the time.

Let’s go for a sweep tonight …


I do wish we would have seen a White Sox player during Fox’s commerical for the All-Star game.

Had Freddie been HALF as good as he can pitch, they probably could have pulled that one out tonight. Tough loss. Good to see Big Brian w/ a multi hit game and a dinger. Don’t care about the situation. Down 15 or up 12, it just takes a few good swings and a player can hit his stride. Good fight in the last inning. I saw on the pitch-by-pitch so I couldn’t tell how close Thome came to parking one. Looked close anyway. Go get some wins on the road now guys.


Lots to process after tonights game:

-Unfortunately we lost a game in the standings, but ya know what- I’m not mad about this loss. We had a great homestand- 4-2 agasint our top two competitors, and the ways in which we won were very encouraging.

But tonights loss….that 9th inning was fueled purely on heart. It was a huge game for BA, especially the 3-run shot. Even with the L, this is huge for his condfidence. With Freddy, a couple of different pitches, and its a different game. We still stranded too many runners in scoring position, but these kinks will work it out.

I am just totally excited about the guys heart out there tonight. Farmer made a comment along the lines of “they may be going down with the ship, but they won’t do it without a fight”- and thats all you can ask of the team.

Losses are inevitable in such a long season, but to come from down 8 going into the bottom of the 9th, and only coming up 2 runs short is an experience that will prove to be invaluable down the road.

No sense hanging our heads with this homestand- just need to carry over our home success onto the road; crack out of the .500 road ball record.

Good luck guys, come home in first place already!🙂


Nice homestand and the Sox made it exciting last night.

Big road trip coming up, TX and Cin both have good hitting ball clubs and it should be a real challenge for the pitching staff to shut them down.

As much as I’d like a winning streak, or a sweep…we’ve all commented on how if we keep winning 2 of 3, 100 wins are just around the corner =)

Anyone regulars or otherwise) heading down to Cincy for the weekend?

Anybody know what happened to the recorded Na Na Hey Hey that we used to at least get for HRs and pitching changes?! A sad, sad substitute for live Nancy, but it was something!!


They still play the recorded version when our guys go long, or there is a pitching substitute. As you mentioned, its no comparison to the live version, but singing “Good Bye!’ collectively with 35,000 people to a pitcher or after a home run always is one of my favorite memories at the park!

For anyone that was at Game 1 of the ALDS last year against Boston, when Clement made an early exit and we sang that…..THAT was amazing!

Big man on the mound tonight, lets go Jose!


Hi,ho,Hi,ho…it’s off to the road they go…
What happened last night was very simple…the WS just ran out of innings…if they had another inning to go,they might have pulled it out…But as the old chestnut goes,”…If ifs and buts were candies and nuts,we’d all have a Merry Christmas…” You cannot rely on ifs to get you anywhere…

The Indians,I imagine,were very glad,ecstatic in fact,to see that last out last night…That would have been all that Wickman and Eric Wedge would have needed,two blown saves in two games…I’ve seen Foulke do that with the WS,I saw Thigpen do it at the tail end of his career…it happens to all the good ones eventually…

I sense trouble,though,the next four nights deepinaheartofTexas…The Rangers like to (perhaps)cheat a bit,stealing signs from the scoreboards…With the fire power they have,why bother? And as for the leaders in the division,los Tigres have the lowly TB Devil Rays at Comerica,I believe…So the best thing for the boys is,split in Texas and hope that TB comes to play…Then,WS Universe has to(shudder)”…root,root,root for the Cubbies…”over next weekend as thye 1945 World Series is re-staged…at least in the delusional minds of some of the lemmings who constantly fill Jurassic Park at Neverland to see that pap…while the boys visit the Queen City of Cincnnati to take on a Reds team that just got swept by the Flubs…oh,they ought to be in just a DANDY mood next weekend… Bethany,I read your posts…very,very good,grasshopper…you have learned well from an old man…

First things first,though…On to the Rangers with the big Cuban horse first out of the chute…

That’s what I said when a couple of friends of mine were voicing displeasure over the song not being played! Then, I went to the park last night: 2 Sox blasts and three pitching changes, no Na Na. Not once. A travesty.

I noticed that too these past couple of days, but I work at the park- and I’ve heard them play it plenty of times also. Interesting!! We’ll have to get to the bottom of this one!

Ahhh Ms. Bethany… as if you didn’t already draw our respect and admiration, now you have me envious. You WORK at the park? I can’t imagine…. =) Just can’t get enough of anything Sox related lol. Have a great, safe trip Maria. Cincinnati is really not a bad town. If you get a chance, find your way to the Barn Rib Pit!! Or Scotti’s on 9th street. Great Italian food if it’s still there.

Go Sox!!


Dawn, I’ll be honest- it has been the best thing working at the park. I’ve never mentioned it before on here seeing as how there was never a time to fit it in, but I love constantly being surrounded by people who love the team and organization as much as I do!

If you (or anyone!) is ever coming out to the game, let me know! I’m always there!😉

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