Road Tripping

Monday, June 12, 2006, 3:15 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Ozuna, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF.  Contreras takes the mound.

Late Night

The Sox arrived in Texas at about 2:30 this morning thanks to the late Sunday game, courtesy of ESPN.  Tonight’s game is also on ESPN (Comcast Sports Net locally), so the game time moves up to 6:05 CT.  Tonight marks the third straight national telecast for the Sox.

Soccer Thoughts

Nice of ESPN last night to show Neal, Cliff and our poster wishing the U.S. Soccer team Good Luck in the World Cup.  Our karma didn’t seem to help much today, however.  The Czechs were too much …


Obviously in soccer,the Czechs don’t bounce…(I’m sorry…)
On to BASEBALL material…I just got through a few minutes ago looking over the pitching matchups for the next two series…and I have come to the non-conspiracy led conclusion that the opponents want the WS to have to EARN their way back into 1st place in the division…Four of the next seven starters that the WS face are left handers(Koronka tonight,Rheinecker Thurs in Tex.,Brandon Claussen and Eric Milton back to back for Cincy Fri and Sat),and as we are all PAINFULLY aware,the WS stink on ice so far this season versus southpaws…The otherbgroup who know about the WS problems with LH are the opposing teams managers and pitching coaches…they have access to all the stats,they see the struggles that the Champs have,so they rotate and juggle as best they can to put nothing but LH in their rotations when the boys come to call…What to do to alleviate this dilemma? Well, start by pounding the absolute whoop-dee-do out of some of these jamokes,and get the rep back that they had last year…(I know I’ve vowed not to bring that ’05 subject up,but,doggone it,SOMETHING has to get them out of their funk…I don’t have a clue,though,as to what it may be…)

I gotta tell you..when this team is clicking on all cylinders, it’s a thing of beauty! From Jose (who through 8 innings has a career high 11 Ks), to showing teams that we CAN still hit the southpaws, to some great aggressive base running, I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face =) Let’s hope this is the start of a great road trip…These guys work pretty darn well when they don’t get into the hotel until 2:30 AM!

That smile you talk about Dawn, I know the feeling!

GREAT win tonight. Jose was unbelievable; 11 K’s. Huge effort on his part, he was dominant. 7-0 baby!

Pods starting out with a double, you just knew that the 9th inning effort of last night was still alive in these guys. Great grinder ball of getting them on, getting them over and getting them in.

Great baseball tonight guys, lets not stop here!


Wow…did anyone catch Karl Ravech’s reaction to the other analyst’s prediction that the wild card would come out of the AL Central? Let me give you the instant replay -Steve Phillips: “The wild card will come out of the AL Central.” Ravech: “BLASPHEMER!!! How can you say that here on the Eastern Sports Programming Network? Surely the Yankees or the Sawks will pull it off…or possibly even Duke or UConn.”

It’s just comical how even the entire division doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It’s not just about the White Sox anymore. By far, the central is the best division in baseball…just don’t tell those guys at ESPN…

BTW – great game by Jose tonight. Poor Brian was robbed AGAIN by the official scorer. He should get a sacrifice on that. Last night he was robbed too. That was not an error. Give the kid a break! Glad to see him hitting like we all know he can though.

Let’s improve that avg. vs. the lefties again tomorrow night! Go Go White Sox!

that was a quality win, a White Sox win. good pitching, good D, and timely hitting. are we going to start hitting our stride now? it’s Jon’s turn to show what he is capable of. no Hr’s please and he will be ok and on to another WS winner…. j.k.

I say let those guys at ESPN underestimate us, and the AL Central. Last year Kruk and Reynolds said we would get bounced by Boston. Kruk said something like, I don’t care how good their pitching is, the Red Sox will score 7 or 8 runs on anybody, and the White Sox offense isn’t enough to keep up. The Red Sox will win easily. He was way wrong. All that matters is everybody in the midwest knows who the best teams in baseball are, White Sox and Tigers. We are both gonna get into the playoffs and put on another good postseason run. The east coast can be as biased as they want, but come October we will see where the best teams come from.
Jose looked amazing tonight. Completely dominating through 8 innings. Congratulations Jose on tying the club record for most consecutive regular season wins.

Take a look at Pablo Ozuna’s game log. The guy has been incredible coming off the bench and in his spot starts. Jose is my hero.

I’ve run outa superlatives to describe Jose. It’s amazing this is the same pitcher we got way back when for Esteban. People talk about his change in arm angles, his confidence in his fastball instead of over-reliance on the fork, but I think Coops deserves a lot of the credit. I know Ozzie doesn’t think coaches and managers deserve credit for great teams but I think he’s being overly humble. We got a great staff. One of my all-time favorite pictures hanging up on my wall is that one of Coops, Garland, Buehrle, Freddy and Contreras after the ALCS. Coops is just beaming with pride as he should be.

Tom’s right on with teams shifting their lefties to face us. The only thing we can do about that is hit em…and hit em hard.

Garland has been a HUGE disappointment this year. It is time for him to show that he deserves the big contract that was given to him. Come on Jon, we need to keep pace with Detroit….Jose was awesome last night. Maybe he can teach Jon how to be a Major League pitcher.

Well,my fellow WS Universe correspondents summed it up very well…I suddenly feel unneeded,kind of like the bullpen in the ’05 post season…
But,I will carry on…trooper that I am…

Last night was one of those games,to the young man in Jacksonville,Fla,that you DO put in a time capsule…

Contreras…what more can I say about this man? 75 of 108 pitches in the strike zone? Superb…only one bad inning?Phenominal…11 K’s,no walks?

Just another day at the office for the most consistent pitcher that the WS have had in decades…I think that jklein would agree with me that Contreras would have fit in quite well with the mid ’60’s staff of Horlen,Peters and Pizarro…

George Steinbrenner must be kicking himself,or Brian Cashman,his GM,every time he sees another excellent performance out of his former employee…

the only sour note out of the whole night came from the TB Devil Rays? Whatsa matter with you guys,huh? Can’t hold a lead for three lousy outs in the 9th? Couldn’t come up with enough in the extras to hold on and win? Thanks very much D-Rays…for nothing…

If Garland wakes up tonight,and if the bats continue what they did last night,I like their chances…but remember,he’s also allowed 19HR’s so far in ’06…and that park can be a bandbox if the conditions are right…

Tomorrow night,if you’re going to watch,make sure you get a nap prior to the game…because the Te-has starter is Vicente Padilla,the chairman of the “If I don’t throw it,they can’t hit it” society…That makes for a lo-o-o-o-ng night…

I might be back before the series in Cincy…if my thoughts are needed,that is…these folks have learned the art of summary TOO WELL…

Tom Quaid(the president of the Brusa/Conrad/Wagener muy bonita Fan Club)

Ya gotta love a man who loves the ladies =)

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