Tuesday in Texas


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006, 3:10 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF.  Garland pitching.

Bronze Titan

How impressive was he last night?

A few Jose Contreras notes:

He extended his regular-season winning streak to 15, tying Wilson Alvarez and LaMarr Hoyt for the longest White Sox streak in history

Is 15-0 with a 2.39 ERA and 94 strikeouts in 19 starts during the streak, which began on 8/21/05 … it’s the longest in baseball since Minnesota’s Johan Santana won 17 straight in 2004-05

His last loss came on 8/15/05 vs. Minnesota

Including the postseason, Contreras is 18-1 with a 2.52 ERA in his last 23 starts

And to think that when the Contreras for Loaiza trade was made in 2004, many analysts felt the Sox were taken.  Hmmm …

Contreras struck out a career-high 11 with no walks last night … according to the Elias Sports Bureau, it is the most strikeouts by a Sox pitcher without a walk since Alvarez (also 11) on 7/26/96 vs. Texas

Heart of the Order

Our 3-4-5 hitters have combined to hit .307 with 58 home runs, 164 RBI and 137 runs scored … where they rank in baseball in each category:

HR, 1st

BB, 1st (146)

Runs, 2nd

AVG, 2nd

RBI, 3rd

Paulie and HB

With 219 home runs with the White Sox, Paul Konerko needs two more to tie Harold Baines for second in club history (Frank Thomas leads with 448).


Thanks for the great post Scott!

Congratulations Jose, you’re a champ. Literally.🙂

Jon will turn in a dominant performance tonight, lets keep rollin.

How about our 3-4-5…..one word; exciting!

Make sure to keep voting for our guys for the All Star Game, lets get them what they deserve!!

Catch ya on the flip side of a White Sox Winner!


Listen to the lady,boys…she speaks the truth…
I grew up watching the WS scuffle for runs,HR’s,etc…To have the excellence of execution of Thome,Konerko and Dye is to know how all those Yank-me teams that used to haunt the Sox year after year felt…Ya wanna know something?

It feels REAL good…..

Tom Q (happy to follow Ms Conrad’s feelings with my own…..)

Tom, you ol’ codger you. making nice with the ladies huh? i wish you luck in any case, but you’re probably too old for any of them, but then, father’s day is this weekend. good luck mi amigo.you are needed to keep things in perspective. yes, occasionally we come up with an obvious comment or two, but you are our leader with the dry whit that provokes thought. i particularly liked the reference to snagglepuss from a few days ago. keep us laughing. but, now i have to dissagree with you. Juan Pizarro, Gary Peters and Joel Horlen were great pitchers, but if you put Jose in with them in his prime then, he would be in his 60’s now. i’d rather keep him and times as they are and let the pieces fall where they may, namely a quality start for Jon tonight and more timely hitting like last night and another White Sox winner. talk to you all later…
P.S. today it was hot. j.k. in tucson….

WOW..I have to agree with the King and Queen of Wit…those of us who follow this team, know Contreras is “the man”, but to see the stats laid out is quite impressive. Same goes to our the heart of our order. I still don’t feel like the world at large shows us the respect we are due..just as well. They’ll never know what hit them..AGAIN!! =)

By the way..for those of you who watch the games on Comcast Sports Net… They have a promotion. When the Sox catch someone stealing, go to their website and fill out the information on inning and date, etc and you will be eligible for a LoJack Vehicle Recovery System. How do I know?? Go to that section of their website and you’ll see that yours truly snagged the one for May =)


Oh, Scott…. what a clever change to the blog title you’ve made. I found myself counting the W’s all the way to 15.

Dawn, congrats on your new Lo-Jack system. Can’t think of a more deserving winner!

Maria (in Des Moines… relegated to GameDay for tonight.)

Thanks…not sure either car is worthy, but what the heck. I saw all the Ws but didn’t catch that…very clever of Scott..more clever of Maria to figure it out. Enjoy beautiful Iowa and a WS winner =)

I hate to “back to back” post, but after the top of the 6th, Paulie now needs just 1 HR to tie Harold Baines on the all time WS HR list. I’m on the Paulie watch now =).. Big Jon is looking like the guy we saw last year…so happy to see that!!

and so, no Hr’s given up by Jon which equals a White Sox winner. good game tonight. this is the Sox that we have become used to in the recent past: good pitching, great D, and timely hitting. now it looks like we are on a roll. it’s up to us. i don’t think we can count on tampa to help out. let’s make it 3 in a row tomorrow night. hey, congrats Dawn on your lojack system. j.k. in tucson….

i hope it isn’t birthday Mo that has been working for us, because i’m out of june birthdays until the 22nd. my daughter and my aunt both were on the 12th and another daughter was today. (my Aunt turned 100). j.k.

Sox win! Sox win!

What an incredible night of pitching. Garland (like I called, please notice! haha) turned in a solid performance, huge for his confidence. Retiring 15 of his first 18….fantastic. And how GREAT was Brandon? And Bobby? 19 saves! Shall I continue on?

Congrats to Pauly, one away now!

A little sidenote: disappointed to see the new batch of All Star numbers. (Article on whitesox.com highlighting the standings..)- man our guys deserve so much more, and I’m having a tough time coming to terms with it. But what can you do. When it comes down to it, I’d rather have the winning team record and a World Championship at the end of the season than representation at the All Star game.

Real happy, I’ll be honest! Dawn, I still have that smile on my face from last night!!

Have a great night, a good day tomorrow- and we’ll meet back for another White Sox winner behind Javy!


p.s. LOVE the W’s Scott. Brilliant idea!🙂

Ok, as in one of my favorite movies (Dogma), Bethany is a holy soul, and perhaps a prophet =) And since she’s calling for another WS win…so it shall be. This was a GREAT win…remniscent of last year. Much like that rabbit, the smiles keep going and going and going. This is soooo much fun, let’s do it again tomorrow!!


hahahaha Well we have pretty much dominated this wall tonight Dawn!

But I had to comment on your last post, it had me laughing out loud! I’m sure no prophet- but I do appreciate the thought! lol

And how could I forget to congratulate you on your LoJack winning…I even was proud to see your name posted on the Comcast website. Job well done!

For real this time, I’m out! haha

Does anyone know the name of the song that is played when Mackowiak comes to the plate?

That would be “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.


I counted the W’s as well. Very clever!

Anyone know what time the parking lot will open for the Friday game of the houston series? On the WS website in some places it says 2 hours in others it says 3. I will be in the A lot, and I would like to have enough time to tailgate and get the mini banners. Thanks in advance and Go Sox!!

Someone was asking this week if any bloggers are going to be in Cincinnati this weekend. Who was that? Anyway, I think I’m planning to drive over to Cinncy for the game on Saturday.

“WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” <<<<< Great idea!


After winning the WS last October, WLUP-FM in Chicago was playing a White Sox Shuffling Crew. It’s a take-off on the Super Bowl Shuffle the Bears did in 1985. It’s rather amusing, and after listening to it again last night, it brought a smile to my face and a lot of memories flooding back. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll pass it along.


I loved that World Series Shuffle- I have it on my ipod, so it pops up every now and then and always makes me laugh. On a few occasions, I’ve found myself singing it (and that’s scary!).

The Loop also put together a great song montage celebrating the AL Championship, it brings chills everytime I listen to it!


Dawn & Bethany…where can I find the World Series Shuffle and the AL Championship montages?



Visit this site: http://www.wlup.com/sox/index.aspx

And scroll down until you see Promos- there are three different ones!


kr-trepac / Kris: That was me! I’m leaving Friday morning for Cincy; returning Monday. If you make it down, head over to the Westin on Saturday night. We’ll be keeping it lively in the lounge.


Thank you much bethany!!
I read you guys everyday…sometimes i feel as if i know you all.

Well I guess I sort of do. We’re part of the Sox Sisterhood!!!!

Go Sox!!!


Awww it just brought a tear to my eye to see the news about PK-its good to know Im only 22 but Ive had the chance to grow up watching all three-and Im so happy I can say that!

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