Wednesday in Texas

Wednesday, June 14, 2006, 3:40 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Gload, RF; Cintron, SS; Mackowiak, CF.  Vazquez pitching.

Random Thoughts

The Jon Garland from last year was evident last night … good to see.

All credit for the "brilliant" idea of the 15 W’s goes to Mark Newman of MLBAM, the creative force behind the bells and whistles of this site.

I have been told that parking lots on Friday open 2 1/2 to 3 hours before the game, based on traffic, so for sure by 5 pm.

Do you think they are partying wildly in Tunis tonight?

We have a "greetings from" Jermaine Dye schedule to go out to all registered users tomorrow.  Check it out.

Only six spots remain for our group night in August.  I just don’t want any of the regulars to miss out because you waited.  Call Dustin at 312-674-5186.  Feel free to give him a hard time.

We all need to vote and vote again for your favorite Sox for the All-Star Team.


Scott, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the group outing!! It’s a great deal, and what a tremendous opportunity to mingle with the man behind the blog and people who share our common passion.

Jon’s sinker really seemed to be working last night, with a lot of ground balls. Still, I was not unhappy with Ozzie’s move to take him out before the “Garland” inning hit. Although, with Pods and Dye both missing “catchable” fly balls, they didn’t help Jon’s pitch count any. Bullpen did a fantastic job, all three, to hold that lineup to no runs in 3.1 innings. Cotts looked great with getting out of the mini-jam John got himself into, especially the strikeout of Teixeira! Mac looked great in relief, too. And Bobby is looking stronger than ever, I love to see him coming in a game. The bullpen (everybody’s question mark) sure has looked strong lately. Just like last year, it looks like it has taken little time to settle in to their roles, but it looks like it’s all coming together.


Yikes, not much to say about this one.

It just always seems to work out that we and Detroit are on the same win/loss schedule! haha

Better luck tomorrow, as we take the series behind Mark!

4 hits??? Ouch! Let’s put that one way back in the vault and not let that happen again…..OK??
Go get ’em Mark.

I’m honestly getting sick of this umpiring. I seriously think they have a consipiracy against Ozzie. What a jerk Padilla is, and we get warned for it? Not only that, but Padilla gets a massive strikezone, while Javy’s is miniscule compared to that. What terrible umpiring today, I hope the team comes out fired up tomorrow.

Last night was completely embarrasing for both teams. Padilla should not be allowed to stay in the game after hitting the same guy twice on purpose. And the Sox should have taken care of business on the field.

I’m interested in the blogfans reaction to the Ozzie/Tracey incident last night. I really didn’t think much about it until listening to ESPN this morning. Apparently some fans are upset about the way Ozzie handled the situation.

My feeling’s this: When the skipper asks you to jump, you ask “how high”. I feel bad for Sean in some respects that he got a tongue-lashing in public like that but next time drive that damnned ball into Blalock’s vertebrae.

I’m sick and tired of our guys getting pluncked then being delivered an automatic warning before we can retaliate. I hope all of our pitchers start owning the inside of the plate again, and hitting a couple batters here and there is collateral damage. I don’t really got a problem with Padilla hitting A.J. twice, he got the victory we didn’t bottom line. I don’t necessarily condone head-hunting but when Mark hit Hafner last season he sent a message not only to Travis but to that entire team.

Anyways, I hope that doesn’t mess with Tracey’s psyche too much, he has a massive amount of potential. Just next time Ozzie tells you to hit him, the only acceptable question in response is “where?” or “how hard?”.

J.K. Dennis

I also hate the warning to both sides, after the Sox just get plunked. Not the first time it has happened this year. I know where I’ve seen pitchers immediately tossed, (Beurhle, last year, when his 6 inning streak was broken, did not receive a warning) even without a warning, if the ump knows it was on purpose. Padilla was a good candidate for ejection, and Cuzzi failed in his job. Cuzzi thought he was controlling the game by also warning the Sox, but now they could lose control in another game, when the Sox retaliate at a different date. Hopefully that date is tonight, with Teixeira or Blalock getting clocked. Too bad about Tracey, thought he was doing a pretty good job.

I too feel a little bad for Sean. But, if Ozzie told him to do somethnig, he should have made sure it was done. I think this will be a learning experience for Sean. He will go down to AAA and maybe when he comes back up, he’ll be better for it.

I really think its crazy that all the talk is about Ozzie and Tracey. The talk should be about Padilla. He should be automatically suspended by baseball. I’m not for suspending every pitcher who plunks a batter, but in Padilla’s case he blatantly threw at AJ TWICE!! on the 1ST pitch. That is just crazy.

I want some payback tonight. As long as we win, that’s payback enough for me.

Go Go White Sox!!!

It is being reported on the Score that Javier Lopez has been traded to Boston for David Riske. So expect to see Riske in the bullpen any day now.

These umps are a JOKE. You say you’re getting control of the game by warning both teams- Padilla shouldn’t have even been in there a second time to hit AJ. When you’re throwing the ball pinpoint all night, you have to be kidding that the two hits weren’t intentional.”Getting control” would be to throw him out after the first. This was the same issue with Escobar and AJ a couple of weeks ago. Screw the “warning both sides” bull ****- we haven’t done anything wrong, and now we can’t protect out players.

What happens next time when AJ’s wrist is broken, or any one of our guys for that matter? Is that what has to happen to get some quality umping out there?

And good for Ozzie and Sean with not discussing this with the media. Those are team issues, and they have to stay within the team.

Man, I’m still so frustrated. I want some payback, and I’m not sure winnign is enough anymore.

This has turned into a joke.

I’ve been listening to the Score and have not heard any reports of the trade referenced above. I do think that something is in the works though. Don Cooper was asked if Tracey was sent down because of what happened last night. Coop said no and also said that everyone doesn’t know all the pieces to the story. There are other things happening right now.

Yea, we acquired Riske, and he’s expected to be with us Friday in Cinci. Welcome David!

Regarding last night’s game, I don’t have a problem getting our butt kicked (and we did), it happens to all good teams from time to time. I’d rather get beat like that than like some of our earlier losses where we just played bad, missed opportunities, and simply beat ourselves. That didn’t happen yesterday, so let’s just strap it on and get behind Mark & company and win tonight. The only problem I had with yesterday’s game was having men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs and not scoring. We can’t miss those opportunities . . . good teams don’t and we certainly didn’t miss them last year. Fortunately, we’re picking them up most of the time this year . . . we just have to improve somemore, picking up those runs.

Regarding Ozzie, I have no problem with him or his management skills. I don’t know what all he had to say to Sean but he did what he did. Just remember, “there’s no crying in baseball . . .” Go Sox.

I do not blame a skipper for calling out a command not followed through. If Ozzie doesn’t call someone out on the carpet – he wouldn’t be holding his player accountable. Accountability gets the job done. The player didn’t follow through – he should be hung in front of all to see. Players looking at the leader can not repeat the same action & think it is ok. You can’t hold people accountable – You can not lead.

I agree with dmurphy5 that getting our butts kicked isn’t the end of the world, or the end of the World Champs. It happens to the best, and we are the best. I guess when you are the World Champs, you get beat up on in many ways via the press, other teams, the umpires, and sometimes the fans. What bothers me more than anything are the constant references to AJ being an instigator, a troublemaker, an agitator. Will someone please explain to me what he has done except play exceptional heads-up baseball (especially during the playoffs and World Series), bring passion and intensity to the game/team, and supported the pitching staff with outstanding ability while always, always being a true team member. Everything I’ve witnessed has involved other players getting angry at him, not vice versa. And I think he has shown remarkable restraint when many of them should have had their clocks cleaned by him. Despite the impending fines and suspensions, one of the finest moments was seeing his team rush to his defense during that hideous Sox/Cubs game when Barrett acted the fool. I say bravo to AJ. May he never lose his passion for the game, and remain in a White Sox uniform for the rest of his career. This is your team, your time, your city, your fans. We love you! GO SOX!

bdean – I couldn’t agree more!

Hi,folks…remember me? I don’t know about anyone else out there in the land I call WS Universe,but I can recall when a team hit two batters from our(possessive,ain’t I?)team,two of theirs went down likewise…And batters KNEW that they were going to be drilled…and they accepted it…
But in today’s MLB,if you have malice in your mind,the umpires have been ORDERED to enforce a “cease and desist” policy,with ejections,fines and suspensions to follow,if said policy is not followed…

Gee,I miss that type of baseball…this chickens**t stuff just doesn’t go with this corner…You do not need to go head hunting,just a simple brushback would suffice…But pitchers like Tracey are taught from the first time they take the mound in the minors to have control and don’t brush anyone back…because today’s batters are made of Dresdin china…or something equally delicate…and if you look at them cross-eyed,that constitutes a threat…So,the old “stick it in his ear” style is passe…too **** bad…Tracey will be back,and he will have learned from his experience in Texas that what his manager wants,he should get…

As to the new addition to the bullpen,acquiring him was a case of (ready,now?)”riske business”…(he’s back,boys and girls,groan along if you wish…..)

Tom Q

And Scott,as to the new top of the page…to Mark Newman,may I say….
very C-C-C-C-C-C-LEVER…(I could only deliver 6…14 I couldn’t do….)

I wonder why the Sox didn’t bring up Javier Lopez, seeing he just missed out to Logan to make the team, and was doing great in the minors. Instead, they trade for Riske. They must see something in him they like better, unless it’s just that they wanted a righty in the pen, versus the lefty.

Okay,gametime in Te-has is just over 40 minutes away,hopefully Buehrle will be oh his game tonight and the boys can take three of four from the (St)Rangers…then on to Cincy…
However,as the man with the full bladder said during the beer-chugging contest…”I’ve got something I can’t hold in anymore…”

You folks are well aware of Blogger Night,Aug.15th,WS/Royals,7:05,right?



I am REALLY looking forward to meeting and greeting all of you…Hopefully,there will be cameras present,for lots of photo opportunities…

(if THIS news doesn’t sell that section out,NOTHING will,right?…Yeah,you’re right,ace…)

Anyway,the way to stop tension tonight(possible retaliation for last night’s debacle)is to hurt Weinecker and the (St)Rangers where it hurts the most…on the scoreboard…Last night was last night,the page(hopefully)has turned….

Let the teams decide was happens,not the umpires…..

Back to Blogger Night for a bit…to find me,just look for the fathead with the nondescript baseball cap and the clipboard with the scoresheet on it and the pencils…Hopefully,there will be some “Hi,my name is——- ” stickers made available…..

I finally grabbed two tickets for the Blog Party. I’m looking forward to it.
I just posted about last night’s drama:

I really don’t think anything big will happen tonight, especially with Pierzynski not in the lineup.

Pablo Ozuna is the MAN!!! 2 for 2, 2 RBI., .425 BA. With Pods in another slump, I would love to see Ozuna hit lead off more often. I hope 5 runs is enough for MB.

Well I’m not sure I’ll be attending the party…(money- college kid?? yea you get the picture!)- but I work at the park…so I will definitly see ALL of you there!!

So far so good, Buehrle looks great tonight. 6-0 so far. Keep BUILDING!

I’ll check in afterwards!

What a win tonight. Mark pitched phenominally, and my favorite part of the night was the squeeze bunt to get Joe in. That’s the defending World Champs grinder ball at best.

And hey, I sure don’t mind Uribe and Thome’s long ball! I love a good mix of the small and long ball!!

3 of 4 against the Rangers in their house is spectacular.

And as much as I wanted retaliation tonight, I’ll take an 8-2 win, and the series. After all, that’s what truly matters.

On to Cinci…great job guys!


Please let A.J. know that we love and support him and really respect his decision to act the bigger man and not retaliate against Padilla. In just the way his calmer head prevailed against Barrett, A.J.’s wisdom and patience only breeds more positivity and unity for the team.

Immediate retaliation would have only brought on more problems for our team, mainly a suspension for A.J. and for anybody else who might have gotten involved. While Ozzie may not have agreed with what A.J. did at that passionate moment, he’s saving our team’s chances for success in the long run and I commend him for doing so. Like him or not, A.J. is the ultimate team player, and there’s no where else I’d rather have him than on the South Side of Chicago. Go Sox!

Great post UNL…

AJ has always been my favorite, hands down. He has sure gotten a beating this year too- and its flat out making me mad. All of the national media is blaming it on AJ being an instigator, and that is making me even more mad. AJ is a COMPETITOR, a fiercly loyal competitor. He will do whatever he can for a White Sox winner. He will do whatever he can for his teammates on (and off) the field.

Lets just take a look at the incidents of this year alone- and see how much he ISN’T instigating.

-He gets nailed by Escobar, without question intentionally.

The “so- called instigation:” Making a heads up run to first LAST year. (Wasn’t it Crede who knocked him in???? Its Crede who “instigated” that win.)

-Barrett cheap shots him.

“Instigation:” Nothing. People claim it was him slapping home plate- but Michael admitted HE DIDN’T SEE THAT! So that argument is null and void.

-And now Padilla:

“Instigation:” Coming up to bat. Oh yea, you are such an instigator AJ! How dare you come up to bat like every other guy…how dare you!

So where, amongst any three of these incidents where there any signs of instigation?

I’m tired of people harpin’ on AJ. I’d take him anyday, everyday- because without him, we have no World Championship.

All of us Sox fans know this, and that’s all that truly matters. But this just had to be said! Time for the MLB to wake up and start protecting their players- allowing teams to protect their own when other teams overstep the boundaries. Time to gather all these umps and teach them a lesson of “old school” ball. It’s only fair.

Stick with it AJ! As much as I wanted him to just nail Padilla yesterday, boasting a series win does just fine!🙂

Sorry to vent….but that’s all on this matter from me!! Onto Cinci, and welcoming David to the team!

I agree 100% soxpride. This is getting old. I am about to jump outta my skin down here in FL. I would love to see this gutless, smug, sneering jerk take a bat coming at him at 80+ MPH. What a chicken s**t. AJ is the perfect player to have w/ the Sox. I almost wish he would have taken the frustration he must feel from the media, and shoved it right down this hack’s throat. He is a better man than I ’cause he would’ve gotten torn up!!!! This is getting on everyone’s last nerve. People in the media just want the “STORY” and that is what they have created w/ AJ. No matter what he does from here on out, people will see him as they hear through the spinning of the haters in the media. I am behind him 100% and think the majority of CHITOWN is as well.
Oh yeah, Buerhle was great last night. Also, a hit by the entire line-up!!!!! Take it to ’em Freddie!!!!!

An angered yet calming Sean in Jax, FL

Personally i liked sean tracey…i think he did a good job with the team. i like montero too. they both have been doing very well. I would rather see those two in the pen instead of pollitte and riske. i think ozzie is making a mistake by sending tracy down because he wouldnt hit blalock-he did something that pollitte couldnt do this year- got blalock, an allstar, OUT!

Sean…young man…Take some advice from an older,wiser person…Life is too short to be bothered by whatever the media(print or otherwise)write or say…Read whatever it is,then take it in by considering the source…
Bethany,pretty young grasshopper…venting is fine because it keeps the risk of pent-up emotions from damaging your health…but just read the headline on the story of last night’s game in the Tribune today…I think that it says it best for WS Universe…”…PAYBACK IS A PITCH…”


Now,onto one play from Thurs.night…the last time a shot like Thome’s was delivered,landing on a grassy knoll as it did…Abraham Zapruder was there to film it…(history lesson for the youngsters in our crowd,right,jklein?)

Anyway,as Bethany wrote,on to the Queen City on the Ohio River…and to the possibility of putting tonihgt’s starter for the Redlegs,young Brandon Claussen,in a real(get ready for the pun,folks)”pickle”…..

As for the omission of “Sock-It”Thome,hopefully it won’t hurt too much…

By the way,has there been any mention of a possible bonus being given out to the first WS pitcher to get a hit this weekend? I think if they manage to get the bat on the ball in any positive regard,that would be the bonus…

Will these games be “in the book”(my signature for a WS win)or will any of these “…belong to the Reds…”(Cincy radio man Marty Brennaman’s signature)

Let’s find out…

Tom Quaid

Warning,Warning…danger,danger,WS pitching staff…keep the ball DOWN the next three games…I just checked the Reds game notes,and there have been 99 home runs hit in just 33 games at the GABP…And the home team has hit 30 HR’s in their last 14 games played…Yikes!
Finally,for this Friday…to the Cubs and Glendon Rusch,thanks…for NOTHING…bunch of bums…can’t help yourselves and your crosstown friends at the same time,eh?

Oh,well,as the old expression goes,if you want something done right,you have to do it yourselves…

To quote the World Series Shuffle that Dawn and I were just referencing: “Joe Crede, better known as Joe Clutch, when he’s in the zone, there’s no pitch he can’t touch..”

You can put it on the boarrrd, YES! Grand Slam!!

There’s your cushion Freddy….pitch like you know how to!

what? no runs in the fourth? come on guys!!. ok. ok. save a few for the next two days. good idea. j.k. in tucson. looks good so far.

good win tonight. good game Freddie! keep it rolling tomorrow with Jose, and then maybe another on sunday, win series….Go Sox, j.k.

No feeling quite like it. What an offensive show, but like jklein indicated, let’s save some of those. Odd that a team, who just a few days ago, managed 4 little hits off of a not-so-great pitcher can tear it up like they did tonight… someone lit a fire under the bats =) I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I have a good feeling about this series.


So true Dawn, no feeling quite like it!

You know that is a GREAT White Sox Winner when:

1.) Joe baby starts it off with a grand salami in the 1st.

2.) Freddy pitches a great game, AND lays down a perfect sac bunt, as well as a solid single!

3.) Brian Anderson has another multi hit game!

4.) We are manufacturing runs- getting them on, getting them over, and getting them in. Inning after inning. Tell tale signs that we are playing solid, fundamental baseball!

5.) And evertyhing else in between!

Big Man Jose on the mound tomorrow to add another W to our collection here! Best of luck Jose, we all stand behind you- and no one deserve it more!

Bats….come alive- and support Jose in this big outing!! Early and often! (Not that they need to be reminded or anything!!!)

A very happy, but not content (!!),


Well,folks,how do you like the Great American Bandbox…I mean Ballpark? It’s kind of like Wrigley Field East…when the winds blow out,and the temperature goes up,the ball flies around like it has wings…
Bethany…have you been listening to Dave Niehaus in Seattle on XM Radio? Grand Salami time? I think it’s copyrighted,but I could be wrong…

i just hope,like Dawn and jklein and Bethany do that the old bugaboo doesn’t show up tomorrow…That is,score a ton o’runs one night,then scuffle and scratch(I STILL insist that would be a great name for a veternarian’s business…)for any morsel or crumb that they can get their hands on for not just the next game,but the next couple of games…

Next round in 17 hours…can the big Cuban horse continue his excellence while the WS make Eric Milton…”berle”up(a Brooklyn tone to that pun…)?

Hope that kr-trepac and Maria and company are having fun in the Queen City…

Wow!!! 15 hits in Texas and 16 last night, they are rollin. Another night where everyone gets into the action. BA got 2 more baby!!! I can’t say enough about every guy on this team. It’s amazing how everything comes together. Freddie, Joe, Ross, everyone did well. Jose should be on his game again and bring home 16 straight. Stay focused cause we know Detroit has a nice stretch playing wimps….Tampa, Cubs, and Brewers…….yeah, we have the weakest schedule!
Keep trucking boys.


Tom- I actually got that goofy saying from my favorite movie; Fever Pitch! I highly recommend it by the way!🙂

Lets go Jose!!

Does anyone know the distance on Thome’s homer to centerfield from a couple of nights ago? My guess was 80000.23 feet, but I may be underestimating it. Thanks.

t barry…The actual estimated distance of the Thome HR (I sound like Bob Barker on “The Price Is Right”) was 435 feet…Or,as the pitcher who gave it up said,”Just f**ckin far enough”…
Bethany…You recommend “Fever Pitch” by the Farrelly Bros.? I recommend the first “Major League” movie…Bob Uecker is an absolute stitch as the Indains announcer(“…just-t-t-t- a bit outside…” as the ball goes to the backstop)

Fro a guaranteed boo-hoo,however,there are two sure recommends…”Pride of the Yankees”(Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig)and…the 2005 post season tape of the WS…

You just KNEW I would say that one,didn’t you?

To Scott,Dawn’s hubby,jklein and all the other dads out in WS Universe…Happy Father’s day!

Those other dads out there in WS Universe have to include Mr Conrad and Maria’s daddy…
Yes,klein…I am trying to curry favor,if possible…As an old man,you have to do what you have to do…

thanks, Tom for the well wishes for fathers day. and the same right back to you, if it applies. your call on the first major league movie was right on too. i liked the banter in left field by the bleacher bums, especially when one said that it isn’t a homer, it’s too high, just before it goes over their heads. isn’t it ironic that the bad guys in that movie were the dreaded White Sox? as far a currying favor, keep at it as long as you can, i’m so old that i forget what that means. go Sox and Jose. get the win. get the series, and we’ll worry about the sweep tomorrow….. j.k.

A very happy Father’s Day to bloggers and the Father’s in their lives, everywhere. My dad is in Arkansas, but if we were together, I can tell you it’d be a day of WS we’ll do it, just separated by 600 miles =) As for favorite baseball movies..can’t go wrong with Bull Durham..the one liners from that movie are classic!!


Wow..what a nail-biter!! Couple of thoughts. 1) Always love a hard fought win. 2) No loss for Contreras..the quest continues. 3) Another record setting strikeout showing for Contreras. 4) Hitters who have been struggling are really coming around. Kudos to Greg Walker. For those bloggers who made it to Cincy…this game was well worth your trip =)
Let’s get the broom out!


now that’s what i call a grind-it-out win. don’t EVER quit….now let’s get the sweep tomorrow. i’ve said that twice before recently.( against the indians and tigers) third time is the charm. Go Sox. happy Dad’s day to all. j.k. in tucson.

I’d call that an up and down win! Just when you get ‘comfortable’ BAM, and likewise, just when you want to throw the clicker at the TV, BAM!

Congratulations to Jose on the career high 13 K’s. Wish he would’ve gotten the win, but at least WE got the win.

Clutch hitting tonight Sox fans, clutch hitting. I was personally pulling for Jose to hit a grand slam with the bases juiced, but I figured that was too high of hopes for someone without a major league hit, haha.

Lets go for the sweep tomorrow- Jon’s coming off a strong start, so look for him to be dominant again. Who’s excited to see Thome play a lil 1B tomorrow!?!

Happy Fathers Day to all Dad’s out there- especially you Scott!

And I end with this- I am one of six kids…we are all die hard Sox fans except for one who is a Cubs fan (yea, he was dropped as an infant!! hahahaha j/k)…but anyways he has guaranteed me a Cubs win tomorrow. I mean, I don’t know what you can believe from that side of town- but my brother has called it, so I’m going to stand behind him!🙂

Until tomorrow Sox Fans,


Let’s hope he’s right, Bethany. We NEED the Northsiders to help us out a bit. BUT..shame, shame on me for neglecting the man who is quickly becoming one of my favorite player..Pablo. Is there nothing this kid won’t do? He has such heart, and continues to perform well beyond expectations. Recall, if you will, that this kid was a non roster invitee to training camp last year. Greg Walker was full of praise for him in the post game interview. Pablo..keep it up!!


Thank you,new papa Uribe,for getting the big Cuban horse off the hook…It would have been an absolute crying shame to lose this one on two hits that were struck with all the authority of a wet Cincinnati Sunday Enquirer…after bettering his K mark with a baker’s dozen(13,for all you children out there who never heard that phrase before)…

And who,do you ask,was in the middle of things in the winning rally?

Who else,America’s sweetheart(besides Bethany)…the lightning rod hisself,good ol’AJ…If he doesn’t go in hard to Phillips,forcing the high throw…the score stays tied going to B9…

I don’t know about you folks out there in WS Universe,but I am one exhausted old man…especially when Manchild makes it TOO interesting in the 9th,with the second highest pitch count of any of the nine for the WS…And another great defensive play by Uribe on the smash by Lopez that,fortunately,one scored one and left men on second and third,setting up the dramatics with Griffey,Jr…


But,we’ll all sleep well tonight,right?


Tom Quaid(rounding third and heading for home…good night,all…..)

P.S.:On my way to post this,I found a dollar bill on the sidewalk…Too bab it wasn’t wrapped around a bigger pile…

Keep that dollar Tom- I think it’s your lucky one!🙂

And I’ll have to be honest, considering AJ has always been my favorite- I love your naming him America’s Sweetheart, with me! hahaha It’s an honor!!🙂

And Dawn, you are always so right- Pablo IS the man! I mean, they all are…but Pablo- there is always such a fire in his eyes. Any athlete should mirror their passion for their sport after Pablo. Embrace what he brings day in and day out, and I’d say you’ll experience success as an athlete!

Then again, I could say that about all 25 guys on our team too.

And that Sox fans, is the best, most amazing part about this team.

And yes Tom, I’ll sleep good tonight. Lord knows we all need it!

Bethany (already past home, the dugout, clubhouse and in bed. Beat that Tom! haha)

Another complete performance. Hitting and pitching alike.
First of all. . . Happy fathers day (MURF)!!!

Second, how about Pablo???? This guy is a diamond in the ruff. 3 more hits and TQ, he made that amazing play in the 9th….must be the long game and the young, restless mind =) Anyway, Jose pitched so much better than the box would indicate. 13 K’s and the only hits, other than the homer, were mostly duck snorts. What can you do???

Hopefully Big Jon will pitch like he did against Texas and sweep this set.

Go Sox, do it for all the fathers out there.


Does anyone know if the players are wearing blue for Prostate Cancer???

Checking in from Cinci. Dawn, you were right on target. Last night’s game alone made it well worth the trip. I have no fingernails left, but sometimes that’s the price you pay.

I’ve never seen so many Sox fans on the road (minus the postseason last year). About 80% of our section last night was composed of black and white. Makes cheering even more fun! Chants of PAUL-EEE are coming from all directions. Gotta love it.

Finally, my hat’s off to the employees of this ballpark. I have not encountered a single one who didn’t treat me like I was a queen (in Queen City, right Tom?). IMHO, that kind of service makes a huge impact on the overall park experience. (Side note to Scott Reifert: I think our own ballpark staff could improve in this area.)

Time to pack up, stop at CVS for a broom, and head to the park. GO SOX!

I got quite the chuckle this morning from my newspaper. They featured an interview with Pauly about being a new father:

“Who on the team would be the worst babysitter?”

Pauly: “Brian Anderson.”

“And why is that?”

Pauly: “Beacuse Brian needs a babysitter himself.”

haha I was chuckling quite hard after reading that! I love our team cammraderie!

How nice to see the improved execution in bunting, and especially Uribe’s first-strike squeeze the other night.

Help from the pathetic bunch called the “Cubs”? As I watched Detroit take them apart (again) yesterday, I asked myself if there were ANY CUB–at ANY position–who could improve the White SOX if he were acquired today. With the possible exception of Zambrano, I could think of no one.

Let us all thank the gods, once again, for Kenny Williams.

I think that the Cubs only close game would be against the Royals and thats it. They are not a good team, and even making fun of them now seems bad. They are just a bad team and a bad orginization. The only 3 players that seem good would be their shortstop Cedeno who seems like a real good prospect, Zambrano, and never count out Greg Madaux.


Well, it’s not over for the Cubs, but it’s not looking good for Bethany’s brother’s premonition. What a fantastic time for Jon’s first career HR. That was just sooo much fun to watch. Great play by an unusual line-up. And Garland looked GOOD. He’s definitely improved greatly over his last 2 starts, and it pitching with a great deal of confidence!! This kind of play, on the road, against a couple of good teams, is a great way to go into the middle of the year.



hahahahhaha How about THAT!?

Huge, HUGE pitching effot, and a 2 run shot on top of it.

Thank you Jon, job VERY well done!!

JD just had a blast.

Still the top of the 9th….I’ll check in after.


BROOM, anyone??

GREAT road trip, can’t say enough about this one. This was pure grinder ball, a lot of heart shown out there this past week!

Anxious to welcome them home Tuesday!!

GREAT game!!!!

Can’t stop smiling,


WOW!!!!!! WAY to GO JON!!!! the best thing of all was seeing him pitch the way he is capable. congrats on the W and a sweep. keep it going back home. great dads day gift, thanks,,,,j.k.

how about that. jon beat him by himself. we are finally pitching like we are capable of.

This was definitly a much deserved day off for the guys! Hope they and all of my friends here are enjoying this beautiful weather- I sure am!

A little over 24 hours now, we’ll be continuning our domination of the National League thus far!

Have a great off day everyone,


Off-day musings…
First of all,young Joe Cowley(not the former WS rag-arm)stole my joke in his opening paragraph of his game story in the Some-Times today…I was going to write that they were going to ask Garland to pilot the plane part of the way home from the Greater Cincinnati Airport(located in Kentucky–???)to Midway yesterday,since he did everything else for the club at the Great American Bandbox…To show you how long ago it was that a WS pitcher hite a HR,I had to look myself,and I can’t even remember Steve Kealey,let alone his round-tripper(gee,I love old time baseball lingo,don’t you,folks?…Yeah,right….)in the year of our Lord 19 and 71…The WS were just LOUSY back then,remember,jk?

Anyway,getting back to the present,the one thing that remains from last year to this is the spirit of this ballclub…a lot of heart and an attitude of “never give up”…which is more than I can say for the team that inhabits Jurassic Park at Neverland(aka Clark and Addison)…

In my opinion,that club has flat-out QUIT…on their manager,who permits that by being an enabler,on their general manager,who does not have a clue in a carload of what to do to reverse the situation…and on the lemmings who continue to go out to the greatest marketing tool in the history of sports at any time…I still insist that it is the park,NOT the team,that attracts all those yokels…If the WS played like the other guys did over the weekend past,and they have,trust me–long time ago–NO ONE would be seen,DEAD OR ALIVE,at the Cell…And the Italian Weathervane would bust a blood vessel or two in his exuberance to blast Jerry,Ken W,his favorite to begin with Ozzie,and anyone who crossed his path regarding the ineptitude perpetrated(boy,the kid is using ALL the big words today,huh?)by the organization…

Thank goodness those days are over with…they ARE over with,aren’t they?

I am glad to see,Maria,that you and the rest of your entourage(there he goes AGAIN with the ten-dollar words…)had a good time down there…and yes,you were treated like a queen down there,as ALL women should be treated(for klein’s benefit,that’s what I believe,not just currying favor or brown-nosing,of trying anything else…)…

We should have a lot of fun the next few days,if the Cardinal Nation knows that the games are on the South Side,not their usual place to unload on the North…

Have fun with Cardinal Nation,WS Universe…but don’t do anything STUPID…and we’ll all get along…

By the bye,welcome back John Rooney…just remember,you’re in the booth with Mike Shannon,NOT the one with Farmio….

Bethany…just so you know,dear…I did decide to keep that dollar I found Sat.night… It’s hidden away…never to be spent,if I can help it…

what a great trivia question answer; steve Kealey? , no, Tom, i don’t remember him either. back in ’71 i was starting my family and baseball wasn’t as important as it was previously, and as you said, the White Sox were a bad team then. remember the shorts uni’s? yuck! the next six days should be very fun, i’m sure that Milwaukee will give the tigers a tougher time that the chubs did.( whoops, sorry, i mean the schlubs, er, the flubs, oh what was the name of that team again?). i’ll talk to you all tomorrow after returning from phoenix. go Sox. j.k.

The Cubs can’t manage one stinking game against Detroit… now they are beating Cleveland, who has one heck of an offensive line up ?!?!?! Most of my team from work lives in Wisconsin, so I’ve given them the charge of ensuring the Brewers do some damage =) Let’s cross our fingers!! Great to see PK with American League Player of the Week honors. Let’s get those Cardinals!!


Why are there 15 W’s in the blog title? Shouldn’t there be 13? Jose had 13 K’s. I know the first time Scott did that was when Jose had 11 K’s. Anyone have any idea why 15?

Also, where is our host? Haven’t seen a post in almost a week. I hope everything is well.

As for tonight’s game, I’d really like the Sox to take at least 2 out of 3. I’m sure all of us would like for that to happen. However, being down here in central Illinois I am surrounded by Cardinals fans. Winning two out of three would be great for the White Sox and it would give me all the bragging rights I need until the next AL Central vs. NL Central interleague matchup in 3 years.

Go Go White Sox!!!!


I got it, they were for Jose’s wins, not K’s.

Punch A.J.:
He can take the hit.

Phil in Chicago

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