Homestand Begins

Tuesday, June 20, 2006, 1:41 pm

Random Notes …

While I have not posted for awhile, good to see your online conversation continued in my absence.

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF.  Vazquez takes the mound.

Attendance Notes

Way to go Sox fans … with this weekend’s ticket sales, we now have sold 2.68 million tickets for 2006, surpassing 1992 to become the second-highest ticket sales season in team history.  The club attendance record of 2,934,154 was set in 1991, the first year of the new ballpark.  It appears unlikely we can top that figure this year because the capacity of the ballpark is now 6,600 smaller than it was 1991 to 2003.

Tonight also is the 16th sellout of the year, two short of the club record established last season.

Tickets do remain for Wednesday game, as well as Friday and Sunday against the Houston Astros.

Politte Update

Cliff did throw a bullpen session yesterday under the supervision of Herm Schneider and Don Cooper.  He appears on track to make a rehab appearance with Class AAA Charlotte on Thursday.


kolsens: I wouldn’t take the little z for nothing. Nimrod, showboat, psychopath head-cases can be a slight detriment to your team clubhouse comradery.

A long while ago someone was asking about acquiring Nancy Faust’s music on some type of recorded media. Hope they went to the Garage sale this Sat. and purchased one of the hundreds of copies that were available. What a blast the Field Day was, again. Got to toss the rock with dad and met MOOSE, who entertained the onlookers with a great story about getting plunked between the eyes and then taking out the 2nd basemen with a slide ending said 2nd basemen’s major league career. Oh, how the game has changed.

What a series with the reds! (they did seem a little pinkish after 3 straight whoopins by the World Champs). It was awesome to see it finally all come together, starting pitching, defense, offense, execution, and the bullpen. Although they have been winning it seemed like only 2 or 3 cylinders were running at a time.

Got my tickets for the outfield party last Friday, 2 of the last 4. I say we have a contest. Anyone coming to the party can guess the number of wins the Sox have after August 13. I will donate one of my shiny World Champion Sox pins from this year’s spring training as a prize. My guess is 72 for the 2nd greatest Pale hose backstop of all time.

I glad to see the Brian Anderson dialog cooling off. I think he just needs some time without the pressure. I’m glad Ozzie said what he did about pitching and defense. BA will come around.

Go Sox…Fred in Burbank, CA

Also, for anyone interested, I stopped by the box office last Sat. and picked up an unbelievable seat: section 131 row 15 for Thursdays finale with the cardinals. There seems to be a lot of great seats available if you don’t mind sitting by yourself.

Wouldn’t it have been great to see a Mulder vs. Burhle matchup? (Mulder grew up in South Chicago as a White Sox fan, Buhrle grew up in Missouri as a Cardinals fan).


Your point’s well taken though I think Ozzie’s presence might induce some behavioral modification in Z.

One way or another, let’s hope we can poo-poo the thought of acquiring another starter AFTER Vazquez’s “performance” tonight. I’m tired of watching this nag give up 10 hits and 5 runs in 5 innings, and, if I see it again tonight, will again hope that McCarthy and he change places

hi everybody, i got back just in time to see the first run in that amazing 3rd inning of ours. i wonder what BA is hitting for the past couple of weeks, his average is around 180 now and climbing rapidly. why are you all on Javier’s case? when Buehrle has a bad outing no one wants him to be traded. give Ken and Ozzie some credit and let’s see what happens. j.k. go Sox.

yeah, but they’re still one hit batter adead of us, and we get tossed?????? teams can’t hang with the World Champs!!!!
later, amigos. do we have runs left for tomorrow?


I really hope that now, the critics, like Mike North, will stay off of Jon and Brian. My goodness!

Why is that we get hit twice today and we get a warning, after doing nothing? Why isn’t the pitcher who hit our guys the one ejected??? This happened with the Rangers, now the Cards and we get hit in the face and AJ is the bad guy??? I am so tired of people hating on us and NEVER giving us credit.

If Garland is pitching while we are at wf, it would be awesome for him to hit a home run there!

Am I being stingy now? :~)

Ok – Ponson should have been tossed there…that was absolutely bush league – what a baby! Nice job by Riske getting the job done there, although I don’t think we should have hit back. We’d already done enough. I can see the point that we’ve been taking it on the chin lately (literally) but in this instance, I don’t think we should have struck back with the bean ball. I have to say that I believe it wasn’t LaRussa behind the bean balls – and for some reason, I don’t think Ozzie was behind ours either. I guess sometimes the players just have to protect each other.

Well, I’m looking forward to this weekend. I wish I could see the rocket get blasted to the moon, but I’ll settle for a couple WS winners. I’ll be there Sat and Sun! GO SOX!!!

I think Riske did the right thing by hitting Duncan. Lately we have been taking the punches, but not striking back. It’s about time we stand up for ourselves. What I really love about it is that Duncan is the son of their pitching coach. You hit our batters, we drill your kid, literally.

Did you see the way their catcher stood in front of Ozuna and made sure he didnt run the mound?

That is what they have to do, stick up for one another. People give the White Sox no respect!

Hey guys. I haven’t posted in a really long time because I just moved up to Chicago for the summer and started a new job. But I have of course been keeping a close eye on our Sox…Loved watching the game tonight. I even chose to watch more of it than the NBA Finals game. Good job Riske…and I loved it when Ozzie was walking to the umps after being thrown out but then decided there was no point. Classic Ozzie.
And how about MLB taking forever to review that rediculous appeal by Barrett just so his first game back will be against us? Screw the Cubs.

Let’s get em again tomorrow Buehrle and its good to be back.

-Phil (now) in Chicago

I think it’s funny how the Sox have a press release about tonight’s game being sold out yet you could still go on Ticketmaster before the game and find tickets. Same with Thursday’s game. Why is this?

Let me take you to the third inning Sox fans, to the jumbo tron screen which read:

The entire White Sox order now has a hit in this inning. Joe Crede has 2.

How FANTASTIC is that, how FANTASTIC was tonight?!?!

Tom and Dawn- I can only imagine the smiles on your guys faces tonight, becasue mine was about a mile wide! My Dad and I were sitting a couple rows up from the bullpen tonight….and I literally don’t have a voice left. Nothing, nadda, zilch. I tried to sing the 7th Inning Stretch, but when I realized it was just a lot of screeching, I did the people a favor around me. Trust me, I’m no Kelly Clarkson to begin with.

But anyways, I love the 20 run effort…but I love David Riske even more.

I was LIVID after BA and Pablo were plunked. I reached a breaking point. I’m SICK of our guys getting plunked. I’m sick of the bums (Escobar, Padilla, and now otnight) who can’t beat us so they throw at us. Well tonight, thank YOU Ozzie and Riske for coming through for us. Thank you for sticking up for our guys. THANK YOU!

The chants of “OZZIE!” and “RISKE!” afterwards were fantastic. My lvoe for the Sox deepened even more (if that’s possible) after tonights ALL OUT effort!!

But seriously 20 runs?! haha I love it. I thought I was looking at the Miami/Dallas 1st Quarter score when I saw 20-2 on the scoreboard. haha j/k But congrats to our hometown boy Dwayne Wade!🙂 I’d like to say that he was inspired by the White Sox championship.

Well I need sleep, and I need a voice back. I’ll be checking in tomorrow to see all of the great comments.

Tom- since our guys came through literally on every angle of the game tonight (well, minus the struggles of Agustin…but thats ok. Its ok to get roughed up as a rookie when you have a 18 run lead. As long as you learn from it, and better yourself.)….(wow, tangent- back to the point)- since all of our guys game throuhg, I’m expecting you to come through with some colorful, fun commentary on tonights win!😉


Since Ozzie gave BA the vote of confidence, and he got the big ninth inning homerun against Cleveland, Anderson has reached base in all 7 games.

He also has posted a line of

.296/.387/.519 with an OPS of .906. He’s also only had 4 K’s in his last 27 at-bats.

Prior to that Cleveland game, Anderson was posting only a .163/.257/.295


June 20th, 20 years – TO THE DAY of LaRussa’s return to the South Side the White Sox score 20 runs to move 20 games above .500. How WEIRD is that? Too bad Garland wasn’t pitching.


I’m really concerned about the reported incident the other day in which Ozzie called Jay Mariotti a ‘***’ to reporters. Not only is this entirely unacceptable, but it isn’t even the first time it’s happened. I’d very much like to know if any internal action has been taken against Ozzie.

The lack of a public response the first time made me (along with many others) question the organization and its tolerance for such behaviour. A similar response this time will make it certain, in my eyes at least.

This is 2006, and to have the public face of the franchise spew that kind of hate speech speaks so poorly of an organization that I love that it makes me absolutely sick. Does Ozzie not realize how wrong that is? Does the organization not think that there are *** fans of baseball in this country? And, were that true, would it still be at all acceptable?

By quietly accepting this behavior, the organization is saying so much. It disgusts and sickens me, and something needs to be done soon.

I think the fact that MLBlogs filters out the word Ozzie had used goes to show that someone at MLBAM at least understands the severity of this.

The Detroit Lions will give Drew Stanton a chance next year, and he will beat out Kitna or anynoe else they consider. Stanton would be the QB now, except for a dumb decision by John L Smith of MSU at the Aloha bowl.

Ozzie using a *** slur is unacceptable. The organization needs to at least issue a public apology.

Wait, is the word “***” also blocked out? That would be completely ridiculous. I guess this post is to check that.

Oh come on! Since when is g*a*y a bad word?I am a Sox fan and a g*a*y man and I’m disgusted at Ozzie’s comments. I am also disgusted at MLB for deciding that the fact that some people use the term g*a*y as a slur, that should outweigh the fact that the term itself is descriptive and a source of pride to many of us.

Scott, what is the team’s position on Ozzie’s hateful speech? If you talk to him could you please tell him that any apology should be sincere, and not just “I apologize IF I offended anyone”? He needs to understand why GLBT people, our friends, our families, find this an assault on our humanity. He was not just demeaning toward Mariotti, he was demeaning to a huge number of people. God help one of his sons if he should turn out to be ***. Sorry, I mean g*a*y.

Ozzie’s response was something along the lines that the word he used means something different in Venezueal. That is utterly ridiculous. He knows exactly what the word means.

Since the subject was raised here, am responsible for MLBlogs, with admin rights to the profanity filter that we “inherited” from our partner Six Apart, provider of the customized Typepad software and blog host. More than 200 removals or additions have been made to the filter in the first year of MLBlogs. In reference to jokelley comments above, I welcome any thoughts on this example, and you can add them on the community blog below as well. Six Apart is the leading blog software company and based in San Francisco. MLBAM (where I am) is in Chelsea, in NYC. I think the filter issue is one that I alone should not decide and rather should encourage input, but am mentioning Six Apart’s location as a way of wondering why SF-based Typepad filters it….to your point, jokelley. Just emailed them that question as well.


Thanks for looking into that, Mark. Put me down as someone who things that non-disparaging uses of the word “gee ay why” should be allowed. It is not a dirty word.

As for the apology question, Scott, I read what Couch quoted you as saying in his article, and thank you for your comments. However, I think you should note that it’s the second time Ozzie has made anti-*** comments, which indicates a pattern, and one that needs to be addressed on an organizational level. I know the Sox don’t want to offend *anyone* but to *** and lesbian people (or, as Ozzie refers to them, “those people”) your actions will speak a lot louder than your after-the-fact apologies.

Would you reprimand Ozzie if he used a similarly disparaging term for another group of people?

Bethany…you wanted colorful,fun commentary? You got it,dear heart…
But first,some questions from the audience…

Question 1…to Greg (Feet Off the)Couch of the Sun-Times…


I am not defending what the WS manager said last night…it was uncalled for,yes… but for you to DEMAND that Bud Selig suspend him for said comments? I think that the Commissioner has a bigger problem right now with the steroid/HGH situation…

This is an in-house matter…and I would assume that the ballclub will take action regarding this matter…

Question 2 for you,Mr Couch…

Who was the individual who threw the torch onto the verbal can of gasoline that is this “controversy”to begin with…Wait,he’s not back from Miami yet,is he? You’ll know him when you see him…Kind of heavy-set,leaves an oil slick around him everywhere he goes…couldn’t keep a part-time radio job on about three or four occasions because of his attitudes…yeah,that’s the one…

Question 3 for you,Mr Couch…Once you filed your column last night and did your duty to God,Stu Courtney(S-T sports editor)and most of all to Jay…did you sleep well? Good…

Now,please…go away…far,far away…

At least,right or wrong,the manager on the South Side says something in his pre and post game comments…unlike his counterpart on the North Side,who wouldn’t say s**t if his mouth was full of it–but that’s that Northern California upbringing,right,dude?

Now,to Ms Conrad’s request for colorful,fun commentary…

When last I left Ed Farmer’s PBP in the third inning,I believe the score was 4 to 1,Sox…A few minutes later,a Sox fan friend of mine came up and said “Did you hear–the Sox are up 9 to 1!” I thought he was mistaken,that Mulder might have given up nine HITS…but not nine RUNS…then a couple of minutes later,the same guy came back and said…”It’s now 11 to 1,and each man in the lineup has had a hit in the inning.”

Well,gang…that old feeling came around again…so many runs one game,so few the next…

Then I saw the highlights of the back-to-back brushbacks of Sidney Ponson that scored runs (I believe)15 and 16…

And my mind wandered back(as it often does)to a night early in the history of the Cell when it was still New Comiskey,the Oakland A’s were in town,managed by one Anthony LaRussa,and Jack Mc Dowell hit one of the A’s players…Well,Tony came out of the first base dugout as if he had been ejected from a rocket sled,and was so enraged,he took a baseball bat and flung it on to the backstop behind homeplate…

Flash forward to last night…Ponson could’nt find home plate or the strike zone,but he could find Anderson and Ozuna…coincidence? I don’t think so…

Then,finally,a WS pitcher found the stones to give back what his teammates have been getting all year long,and for quite some time before that…Thank you,David Riske…your actions were appreciated by WS Universe,your teammates and by your manager…but not,I am positive,by lawyer La Russa…who has been one of the “genius”managers in MLB ever since George Will wrote a book about that subject(“Men At Work”,if I’m not mistaken…)…but what does Tony have in common with his former player,Ozzie…One WS trophy…that’s all…so,I guess that genius is not its own reward,is it?

I think,finally,there should be some legislation passed that the 2006 Detroit Tigers should be forced to play major league competition,not the Devil Rays,Cubs,Brewers,etc…

Tom Quaid(that’s all,folks…)

P.S.:As I stated earlier,using a derogatory term for gays involving Jay is indeed an insult…to the *** community…who would never intentionally say anything bad about anyone,just to get a reaction…..

We all wanted a manager with “fire” after Manuel’s tenure, but sometimes you end up having to put up with more than you bargained for. Manuel was a gentleman, never heard a bad word out of him, I respected and liked the man, but he “lost” the team. Can there be a mix of the two? Ozzie’s antics will wear thin on a lot of people (g*a*y or otherwise). But then again, plenty of others will always embrace him, even with the additional baggage. I for one, wouldn’t mind him “toning” down a bit, so I’m not having to turn off the tube when he is on, and the kids are around.

ESPN’s article with Ozzie’s response and comment by none other than our host, Scott Reifert.

I am sure Ozzie has learned his lesson and will refer to mr maryotti as an a-hold from now on.

I hate Mariotti just as much as all other Sox fans. And I can actually see Ozzie’s side of the story on this one. In college, that word is thrown around like any other word. I understand that it is derrogatory and definitely not something you should use in front on the media…or anyone else for that matter. But I can see how Ozzie made that mistake. He is always just shooting the breeze in the dugout with reporters. This time he just slipped up. I would hate to see a suspension come out of this, but I couldn’t argue if there was one.

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWhats with the name change anyway?

So Ozzie goes to WNBA games and likes Madonna? Huh? That’s supposed to excuse his deplorable behavior? That sounds an awful lot like “some of my best friends are child-molesting not real men. But I’ve got nothing against them.” Ozzie just needs to grow the h-e-double hockey sticks up. And apologize to your fans – the heck with mariotti, we’re the ones who are disappointed with your comments and who pay to get into the park.

Phil…still waiting for the Silver twins to show up from West Lafayette…I think you promised(or was that just my HOPING you promised?)…
For a little historical perspective on the Biblical 3rd last night(Biblical? Yes…”…in the BigInning…”

I’m sorry….)I recall reading about a game that the ’59 AL champs played in KC against the Athletics…They scored 11 runs in the seventh innning of that game…on,I believe,ONE HIT…How times have changed…

By the way,for the sake of my HR distance chart,Scott,could you or someone else in WS Universe make mention of the distance on the HR by new Papa Uribe last night…I guess that was more interested in the insult thrown at their “Around the Horn” participant thatn they were in reporting the game events…of which there were many….

Bethany…you want colorful,fun commentary? You want inciteful analysis? You want bad puns and rants?
All you have to do is ask,dear…

You know I can never turn you down…

Hope that you got your voice back today…The boys need your spirit 100% throughout the campaign…

To close the loop on one issue above, “***” is no longer in the Typepad profanity filter.

And the name change on Scott’s MLBlog here is the number of consecutive W’s for Jose Contreras, so it could get longer before it gets shorter.


PS, hope all you Scott faithful are starting your own MLBlog. It’s the best place to blog about baseball because it’s the only place where millions of fans can find your blog, linked from and 30 club sites,,, etc. And you get to blog alongside Mr. Reifert, David Wright, Jorge Cantu, broadcasters, mascots, groundskeepers, writers, etc. Get an MLBlog, free trial!

First off, people have to take a deep breath and calm down about all this. I’m a very liberal guy, and a democrat but people are taking what Ozzie said a little to seriously. How many times has things been said and then you are like ” uh oh should not of said that” maybe that was the case. I don’t think he needs to be suspended, and if he does get suspended it shows how dumb MLB is that they can suspend someone for that but not for HGH and for steroids. But if someone says something offensive look out! We are way to politically correct in this nation. This has nothing to do about politics, because as I said I’m liberal and I support gays. But don’t compare what he said to child molesters or anything else.

You know Mr. Hiney Bird has said some bad stuff before and no one gets on him. Ozzie said and its done, we don’t need to over anyalze it over and over again. He said *** as far as I know not anything else. I believe people get to worked up about things, I’m a *** and a liberal and I have to take a lot but I don’t blow things out of context. Thats my rant,


well, i thought this was a baseball forum, not a polotical one, but i must confess that i missed what Ozzie said. i gather from the above comments, that he disparraged a minority group, but in what context? was it similar to Jimmy the Greek’s comments from several years ago that brought the world to an end? somebody fill me in please, and then can we just get back to baseball and hopefully a few runs tonight( enough to win please). go Sox. j.k.( a WASP, Gringo, old far*, heterosexual) in tucson………

Your 100% right klein lets stick to baseball

people are too funny.

who gets upset about the politcal correctness of the remarks of a baseball manager???

A manager? talk like that??? why, i never!!

ha… particularly a manager like ozzie. too funny.

what’s more, if you get offended by the derogatory use of that word, or any word like it, i honestly think you’re just out looking to make a scene or get attention. because you understand the context. ozzie wasnt trying to insult the *** community. he was insulting jay. as most of us would like to do, i might add. so, in context, it has nothing to do with *** people whatsoever. so, you remove the context, just so you can make a big deal out of something, i guess, and turn it into an affront on gays. not of course because that was ozzie’s intention, but because of semantics. you say that by using the term as an insult, it is in isult in any context, i suppose. which is not true.

now, i love analogies, so here’s a slightly brash(?) one. i do not apologize if it offends anyone.

the term ‘mother ******’ is an insult, used fairly commonly. im sure everyone knows whats behind those astericks i typed.

now, this term literally applies to my father. not myself, as im only 22, and not into that scene. if i hear someone say it to someone else, should i get offended over my father’s honor?

clearly, i should not. thats just silly.

if you dont like that a term like that can be used to describe you or someone you know… or even dont know, i guess, and can also be used as an insult. well, you’re just kind of out of luck. and while i do actually kind of empathize, i think you should get over it. it’s really not that big of a deal. it’s about context, not you.

i should also add that im as bleeding heart as they come. i watch the daily show, read noam chomsky books, fox news is evil, that sort of thing. all for *** marriage. but this is just reta…err…misguided.

oh yeah, and theres baseball… what a great series so far.


p.s. ozzie’s response should have been “well, thats what i heard”

Great work Tom!!🙂 I barely got my voice back enough to be yelling out there tonight, but how could you not after the second straight offensive barrage they’ve put on the best team in the national league!?!? haha

But I commented more on that win on the next post!

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