Wednesday, June 21, 2006, 6:15 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Uribe, SS.  Buehrle pitching (let’s hope for a quick game that misses thunder showers).

What a Day?

This was certainly not the way I wanted to spend this day …

Ozzie Guillen met with the media at 4:30 pm today and explained his comments from yesterday.

He admitted to using the wrong word in his comments about Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti, apologized publicly to anyone he offended or hurt with his word choice/language but reiterated his issues with Mr. Mariotti and how he chooses to go about his business.

And By the Way, we scored 20 runs last night …

and the baseball pessimist in me now worries that we might drop a 2-1 or 1-0 game tonight and wish we had a couple of those runs.

Sorry I don’t have time to write more tonight, I have been pretty busy …


Hey scott you and I are the same, I thought it was going to be a 1-0 game also, **** I think it will be like that tomarrow. Lets keep it up, Evan

Sorry I said he double hockey sticks I didn’t know that was not allowed, my bad

So, does anybody else out there feel that our guys have FINALLY clicked? I say we take this momemtum and run with it!! As far as all this criticism is concerned in regards to how Ozzie chooses to manage his ballclub…well how do you like us now? And as far as Greg Couch’s column in today’s paper…don’t EVEN get me started!! I say we make all these critics eat dirt by ramming a truckload of wins down their throats!!!! That would be the classiest way to show ’em all!!!!


It’s good to see this offense get good at-bats and quality swings. That is what happens w/ aggressive and patient hitting. This offense is clicking to their potential. I am not surprised due to the past week. Double digit hits in what, 5 straight?? Nice pitching along w/ this offense and they are off and running. Go get them Freddie!!!

Sean, Jacksonville

How can ANYONE care what was said to Mariotti or what he thinks? This “piece of work” has had more negative influence on the South Side than Don Zimmer…

Mariotti is a separate issue from Ozzie using a slur. I’ll have to read what’s in Thursday’s paper, but according to this blog it sounds as Ozzie offered a qualified apology instead of a sincere one. It’s sad to see our manager slur a group of people out of his own ignorance.

You know what I say? KEEP WRITING COUCH AND MARIOTTI….see last year your columns came in great handy…DURING THE TICKER TAPE PARADE BABY! All their useless articles were torn to shreds and proudly poured on our World Champions. So keep writing, they’ll come in use again around the end of October (knock on wood!)!!

WHAT A GAME! I am so proud of our guys right now. And Detroit lost! Shocking! haha Not that that matters, but thought I’d point it out.

But Sox fans, this is a time to be real excited. We are playing the “best team” in the National league- and we’ve scored 33 runs in 2 games.

Lets come out tomorrow firing, keep it roling Freddy!

Tom and Dawn, where are you two?!?!


P.S. It wasn’t too long ago that a couple of people on here wanted BA gone. Well, I’m taking a moment to PRAISE our boy.

First, he earned a spot forever in my heart as a Sox fan during the brawl when he quickly did all he could to protect his teammates.

And now? Now he says this about Mariotti- I love this guy!

“All I know is I don’t know Jay Mariotti on a personal level, but I can pretty much bet 100 percent that this guy has never touched an athletic field in his life,” Anderson said. “And if it was, it was probably a recreational field in college.

“I don’t know if what he says, there’s any validity behind it,” Anderson added.”

BA- you’re a stud! haha

And one last comment to highlight, Ozzie in the post game tonight:

“I think Buerhle is crying becasue he beat St. Louis tonihgt. Yea, he’s back there crying right now.”

Priceless. Ozzie, you’re a stud too!! haha

Dear Scott,

I can’t believe the Sox are playing so well right now!! I wish the news media would write a little more about the team’s recent play and a lot less about Weasel Mariotti.

But … I think I have an idea. If every writer in Chicago is so angry with Ozzie right now, why not give him a break for a week or so.

Let Harold Baines take his place in the postgame press conferences for a while, and I guarantee the writers will be begging to have Ozzie back.

Go Sox!!

That made me laugh out loud — enough to wake up the person who lives upstairs.

One week of Harold and the sports editors will be wining and dining the Sox PR department.

the game was unbelievable, even my two year old was yelling you can put it on the board……YES!! and go burry(buehrle),as for ozzie’s comments get over it all ready, he in no way was sluring *** people, all negativity was clearly directed at mariotti, who has NEVER had anything positive to say anyway. i mean really, tragedy is starving children, or babies that can’t get medical care, this, was ridiculous. can you imagine having everything that comes out of your mouth analyzed, and we know how the media likes to twist the truth. okay, let’s have an exciting game tonight, we are ready!!! go sox!!!!!!!

The media is ridiculous – did Couch or anyone else in the media ever play on the playground when they were younger? I think the word “*ag” is thrown around enough where everyone can comprehend the light-hearted nature of the word and realize that when Ozzie used it in the context he did – it would be hard to call it a shot toward Mariotti’s love of men.

The media is carrying this on in an effort to get Ozzie suspended by stirring up enough anger in enough people so the White Sox organization is forced to do something.

All of this is overshadowing the ballclub and the streak they are on right now. Maybe that is a good thing – the team doesn’t have a chance to sit down and realize how good they are so it won’t go to their head – who knows.

Go Sox!

If we really want that writer from the Sun Times to go away we need to ignore him. Everytime someone clicks on the link to his article, writes an angry letter to the paper or calls in to a sports talk show about him it adds days to his tenure here. All he does is spew controversy(sp?) which he probably doesn’t even believe, but it gets a reaction. It goes like this Nonsene = Big Reaction = More Sun Times readers = More money Sun Times = More unamed writer.
We can all admit he’s a goof (I hope the Goof Alliance of Chicago doesn’t get on me for using that word) and lets forget about him.

HERE I AM! Was stuck in Wisconsin for 2 days on business. Random thoughts
1) WOW!! When the bats come alive, the bats come alive! I can’t recall ever seeing anything like the last 2 games. There should be a law against being as giddy as I was the last 2 nights. 2) The supposed sportswriter.. says whatever to get press and attention; not for one second did Ozzie intend to cause this stir and although he’s getting a lot of flack, it’s only because he said it in front of the press. Don’t tell me that hack of a writer has never said that word. Not to mention the cultural differences. If hope that unnamed idiot realizes that if he wasn’t such an ***, bound to antagonize, people wouldn’t get this frustrated. Again, just typing this, I’m so mad I could just spit… But, keeping his name in press is what he wants, and I’m SOOOO tired of the matter already… so that’s all I have to say about that. 3) Hope the rain doesn’t interfere with the game tonight. 4) Hope Jim Edmonds is ok..that looked nasty. Finally, and I guess I lied above..If i ever have the displeasure of running into a certain writer…he’ll get the most politically correct, dressing down he could imagine. GO SOX!!

You just know Mary-otti never got picked for kickball and now he is getting all the “jocks” back. The fact he looks like a troll must not help his disposition much either.

Okay, so Ozzy shouldn’t have used the word, but get over it. I think people are now trying to find something to use against him and they are using anything they can. Ozzy already gave an apology to the people he offended.

Oh and I have used the word before and never once did I mean to bash *** people. Is it something I am more aware of and I will stop using, yes, but I learned my lesson. I also wonder, why doesnt Couch or M make a big deal about sports writers and sports casters making fun of Ozzy’s accent?

For those two dumbos over at the Sun Times- all is fun and games unless they get ripped. They can sure dish it, but when it comes around, “WAAAA!!” There are like two pretty little girls, who are so good at crrrrying.

Congratulations you two, you look like FOOLS! And its pretty funny too.

I love Ozzie sayin he’d pay Fool #1’s cab fare to come to the park. Fool #1 isn’t man enough to confront anyone.

But like I said, you keep writing, we’ll keep winning. And when it comes to October- we’ll use all of your great articles again for our ticker tape parade!!!!

Brittany… pretty?? HAHAHAHA!! I am refusing to give anymore brain power to Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.
I’m just going to continue doing the happy dance about our performance stick my fingers in my ears and go blahblahblahblah when I see or hear anymore about it!

I am soooo Happy With Our WINSSS.
Tell Ozzie that he just keep driving the boat towards victory, we got his back. Beisball is NOT for wainers, cry babies and delicate egos. If Mariotti dishes it out he should be able to take it… just to proof he is a cry baby. If Mariotti does not want to go to the Club H. its his lost he will miss on talking to the repeating World Champs. HIS LOST.

But I agree Ozzie should apologies, calling Mariotti a …. is an insult to all who choose alternate sexual livestile.

It’s sad that we even have to be dealing with this ******* in the midst of our greatest stretch of ball this season. What’s even more sad is that degenerate got his feelings hurt and now is trying to champion the cause of gays. If *** Maryiotti truly wants to help the homosexual cause, he shouldn’t need an errand insult by a manager to provide the impetus. It’s sickening that he could contort this into a story about him. Does his ego know no bounds? Sox fans don’t give a flying **** about you! Your job is to provide commentary on sports, not to become the center of attention or provide a code of ethics and morals which we all can live by.

It’s goes without saying Ozzie shouldn’t have used that word. It’s right up there with the “n” word in my book of least favorite words. But in his defence, a lot of Carribean and Latin countries use that word interchangeably with another derogatory word that is probably more apt (spelled like hussy except for one letter) when describing one of Maryiotti’s ilk. The man is a complete *******.

Do we understand WHY Ozzie was peeved at Mariotti? It was because of Mariotti’s column that criticized Ozzie’s belittling of Sean Tracey for not retaliating against Pierzynski. And IF you READ the column, you know that no matter how you feel about retaliation, Mariotti was CORRECT in his criticizing Ozzie for his shameful treatment of OUR rookie pitcher. Moreover, OZZIE KNOWS he’s wrong; that’s why he resorted to foul language instead of reason and–what’s really needed–an apology to Tracey and the WHOLE TEAM.

The other night, I found it interesting that after Riske retaliated, Ozzie started walking towards the umpire to argue; he then stopped, shook his head, and turned back into the dugout. Perhaps–a BIG perhaps–the child-manager may have learned something from the Tracey experience.

It all has to do with our new world of politcal correctness. Ozzie is now a media figure, and needs to learn to watch that everything he says is PC or he’ll get blasted. The media thrives on these stories, and will run with the controversy…it sells papers. I thought the use of the word “garbage” last night was a good choice of words, or maybe “wimp” would be good, since that’s really what he meant by his use of the word. Growing up in the suburbs in the 70’s/80’s, we used the word in the same way. We had no contact, that we knew of, with any *** people, and did not know at that time how offended they are by the use of the word. Ozzie will learn how to deal with being in the public light, he’s a smart enough man. Hopefully he will learn quickly.
BUT, forget all that “garbage”, let’s move on. Great win last night, great to see Uribe still hitting strong, he absolutley crushed the ball last night. And how about JoJo, 3 homers in two nights. Things are clicking, and it’s sure exciting to watch!! Even Bobby coming in a blow-out, just to get his work in. Hawk/DJ were talking about how a pitcher in that situation can let down, get knocked around, but Bobby came in serious, and took pride in setting them down in order! It was fun to watch Ducan, the coach’s son, stand and watch that wicked hook in disbelief. YOWWW! Just turn and go sit down, young man, nothing anybody could do with that pitch, anyway!

I’m not so sure I’d want to play on a team for you KOlsens if I was getting beaned! Its about sticking up for each other, and not puttin up with that stuff. Its old school ball. Its how it should be done. Ozzie and David, I applaud you. As does BA, Pablo, and AJ…and everyone else who has been hit simply becasue teams are frustrated that they cant beat us. If your manager tells you to do something, you do it. Just as if your boss told you to do something your office. This is no different. Tracey lost a lot of points in not only Sox fans books, but I imagine his teammates too. I’ve been an athelete all my life, and the most important thing about being a team is knowing every person has each other’s back in any situation- and that’s what Ozzie is getting across. I commend him for it, absolutely, 100%. Tracey has learned his lesson, but good for Ozzie and the organization for sticking with him. Politte had a couple of good comments that he knows he made a mistake, but he’s a better kid for it now.

Pumped about tonight! Lets go Freddy!! Lets hope this rain is gone for good now!

And Dawn, I’m happy dancing with you! hahaha A sight to see? Yes ma’am!!🙂

Lets go White Sox!

my letter to Couch, mariotti and others in the Chicago media…enjoy!

Mr. Couch,

Unfortunately, Ozzie Guillen is not the problem here. Self-centered and righteous “columnists” like yourself are to blame.

There’s no doubt that Ozzie said something derogatory and offensive to a certain group of people. Yes, Ozzie should know better. But you need to learn that it’s not your “journalistic responsibility” to report everything that comes out of his mouth. We’re in the midst of a great show of offensive power (no pun intended) and yet all you can write about is what comes out of Ozzie’s mouth? Chicago and the rest of the sports world may be getting tired of hearing Ozzie rant and rave – but they’re getting even more tired of guys like you making it their number one priority to report on it.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you don’t like your mother-in-law. Now, let’s suppose you told your wife that you don’t like your mother-in-law and that you think she is a “word that rhymes with rich.” Your wife, considering she is a smart person and is concerned with the well-being and feelings of everyone, wouldn’t tell your mother-in-law what you had said. Your wife would realize that there is no reason to tell her mother that her beloved husband thinks less than great thoughts of her. Instead, your wife concentrates on the great dinner that her husband had taken her to and shares that information with her mother.

It was your choice to report on what Ozzie had said It was you who brought this to the forefront and created all this controversy. You could have taken the higher road when you approached Ozzie and said something along these lines: “Ozzie, I think you should know that what you said was very inappropriate and offensive to many people. I understand your explanation and I respect that. I do think that perhaps you should use more caution in your speech and that perhaps you should take it upon yourself to apologize to the people you have possibly offended. I will not report this, however, I think that you should take responsibility for your actions and words and make a statement to the public.”

Instead, you chose to run to mommy and tell her what the big bad Ozzie said. You know, people make mistakes and they say things they shouldn’t. But you, as a “reporter” need to realize that it’s not your civic duty to report every single word they say. If each and every person had a personal columnist that reported everything that they said, then the entire world would be chaos. Yes, Ozzie is in the publie eye – but the public does not have access to everything he says. You have the option and the ability to take the moral high road and do what’s best for everyone.

You may think that you generated revenue for your newspaper, but in fact, I think even less of the Sun-Times now because of your antics. I only read your column online after I had heard the news on Comcast. I will continue to not support a paper with such pig-headed and pompous columnists, even if it is easier to physically hold in your hands than the Trib. And don’t even get me started on your ridiculous pop-up ads (that’s a whole letter altogether!).

If there is a problem in Chicago, it’s with Jay Mariotti. Occaisonally, he may write an interesting and compelling column. Unfortunately, 99% of the time he writes absolute and complete ****. He is a cancer on the Chicago sports world. His appearances on ESPN have made his head grow larger and larger. I’m surprised he still fits through the door. What happens on the field is the news, not what comes out of Mariotti’s mouth. I wish Chicago had Riali’s mute button so we could make Mariotti shut up for good. Maybe we’ll all get lucky someday and Woody Paige will step on him and put us all out of our misery.

I’d tell you that you can run off to mommy and tell him all the bad things that I said, but I’m man enough to do it myself – as I’ve cc’d Mr. Mariotti already.

Andrew, I’m voting for you, for mayor. that was one of the most poignant, comprehensive, honest things I’ve seen. Three cheers for Andrew!! You’re welcome to sit by me anytime! Brittany, couldn’t agree with you usual =)
It’s sooo hard, I want to put the **** behind me, but it just keeps riling me up…

From here on…fingers back in my ears…LALALALALALALA


Thanks Dawn – Much appreciated. I’ll let you know when the campaign starts!🙂

btw – the **** is “scrap” minus the “s” – nothing too over the top!😉


Mariotti was correct in his article regarding the Ozzie-Tracey incident? Were you aware that the White Sox had already completed the deal for Riske and Tracey was being sent down regardless? In lieu of the events, your manager orders you to hit a batter you do it. Tracey in fact should have done it on his own.

I respect constructive criticism and some of your past posts while controversial to other readers have been accurate in some cases. You lost me on this one. Can we move back to the topic of baseball?

I have just gone over the posts already on this page,and all I can say is…I have never been more prouder of WS Universe and of the show of support for this team and its leaders…
I was going to add on to the burning pyre,but have decided not too,for now…You folks have been outraged and are rightiously enraged…

In a world where the collective sphincters are so tight that you couldn’t get a ramrod up between the rear aperture(hi,Dawn)cheeks without an act of Congress,it has been refreshing to read the vox populi(voice of the people,for those of you who are saying “…huh-h-h-h?”)

Now,completely ignoring the sidebar story, we now move to Bethany Conrad’s favorite part of these little epics…

TQ’s views of the WS…

Wednesday night,1st inning,7:18 PM…Congratulations,El Capitan(PK)for tying silent Harold for second spot on the all-time HR list…2nd inning,and “Sock-It”Thome puts the absolute cap on the bottle with a blow that,as I write on my scoresheet,literally screams NDAI(no doubt about it)…For a while,I thought that the boys were going to score in every inning for the second time in the history of the franchise(see,Scott, I go through all the little boxes of minutiae in the media guide when the opportunity comes up…)…8:28 PM,new papa Uribe leads off and two pitches later,well,needless to say,if anyone had the WS in the 13 run pool,pick up your winnings…

I think the Cardinales don’t know what hit ’em the last couple of nights…but WE know,don’t we?

Hopefully,with the young man going tonight for the StL C’s whom the WS have never seen,the fun parade won’t be derailed…Then,the Redbirds can go up to Motown and wrok off their anger and frustration on los Tigres…while the ‘Stros come back to find out what happened to them last October….

Tom Q(I’d pay honest money to see Bethany and Dawn dance…anytime….)

I have been a Sox fan ever since I can remember, and I love Ozzie Guillen. Adore him. I love that hes outspoken and I think hes a very good manager.
I read this blog often, and always enjoy the commentary. I have never posted before, but I would like to say something

…and I realize this is dragging the situation out,

but what I want to say is this: regardless of whether Tracey should or should not have hit Blalock, what you don’t do is scream at your player in front of everyone. What you feel like you have to do/say, you say when it should be said. You are a team on the field, you should act like it. Its very much like what everyone keeps saying about Ozzie’s chosen Mariotti adjective, right sentiment, wrong word. Except this was, right thing to do, wrong time to do it.

To use soxprides’ example, your boss says do something, you do it, HOWEVER, your boss would be a huge jerk if he yelled at you in front of everyone, regardless of if you deserved it or not. It would not reflect well on your boss’ methods of handling internal problems.

Also, anything that you do that must be later explained away, or possibly, more accurately, lied about (Montero wasn’t ready…blah blah), probably should just not have been done in the first place.

Just my thoughts, and I hope Tracey bounces back! Liz (in DC)

In an effort to move toward more positive issues… the sun is starting to shine here in the NW burbs, so bring on the baseball. The Tigers have to feel us breathing down their necks, and they have to be just a smidge nervous watching what we’ve done the last two nights. This young pitcher tonight is a question mark, but one of the teams he blanked, was the Royals, so… let’s withhold our worry until we see it for, should he get in trouble, the Cards bullpen is a little worn out =) GO SOX!!

Remember when we were younger our mom’s and dad’s would say to us just ignore him/her eventually he will go away? I wish I had the will and resolve to do it with this idiot. In his article today he has the gall to say, and I qoute, “This in turn, led to published stories about the episodes and turned me into what no journalist wants to be- the news-.” Do you think he wrote that with a straight face, honestly no pun intended there. He is an ego maniac. I have wondered if he has an agreement with ESPN that at least 3-4 times a week he has to be in the showdown on Around the Horn. I’m sure, I’m not the only who notices that he is constantly allowed to respond a second time after everyone has given their piece. He is essentailly allowed two times to talk on the one subject, of course you are going to make all those “showdowns” when you are alloted all that face time. I could go on, as I’m sure all of us can, on how much of a hypocritcal, flip-flopping, and I stress TERRIBLE writer he is, but I won’t.


Thank you. It’s nice to see that someone else actually READ the Mariotti piece.

I can live with Ozzie being fined and ordered to attend sensitivity training. However, and this is an open plea to the MLB… How long do we have to stand for our players getting drilled? Will it take someone getting hurt for the league to take notice. This happens all too often. Our guy or guys get hit… no discipline to the opponent, and then a warning to both sides. I can’t tell you how irritating this is..are there rules for the Sox that don’t apply to anyone else? This is disgusting. Selig obviously has his priorities out of whack!!

I was just logging in to add the story to the blog,

I was going to add the same thing, dbrusa. It is nice to see Selig FINALLY get off his *** and do SOMETHING about ANYTHING. Maybe overcoming the inertia will be enough to get some more things fixed.

I just find it so amazing that the sports journalists in this city spend so much time focusing on what Ozzie says and does. How about paying attention to how the team is playing, getting more exposure for our players so that they could get to the All-star game?
It reminds me of last year with all of the “choke” talk. Focus on the negative all the time and not about all the good things that we are seeing out on the field


Just saw on ESPNnews that Ozzie got suspended 2 games and riske got 3 games for when he hit Duncan on Tuesday night.

*ag (n.)


1. A student at a British public school who is required to perform menial tasks for a student in a higher class.

2. A drudge.

2. Chiefly British. Fatiguing or tedious work; drudgery.

v. *agged, *ag·ging, *ags

v. intr.

1. To work to exhaustion; toil.

2. To function as the servant of another student in a British public school.

v. tr.

To exhaust; weary:

Four hours on the tennis court *agged me out.

See the word does have more than one meaning. The media blows things out of porportion some times =)

Kolsens, most of the time I read YOUR posts I am usually moderately amused by YOUR negativity. (I can highlight words in all caps as well, not quite sure why YOU did…) But once again YOU have proven that YOU just don’t get it. I READ squirrel boy’s article last week, and couldn’t disagree more. In his article he assumed that Ozzie was berating Sean Tracey, as opposed to Ozzie’s explanation that he was yelling at the whole team for this being the 3rd time this year that more than one of our players had been hit and nobody on the team did anything about it. The Weasel also intimated that the reason Tracey was sent down was because of this, which again is untrue; the deal with Riske is the reason he was sent back to Triple A. Ozzie has a problem with that writer because he never goes into the clubhouse, gets all of his quotes second-hand, writes opinionated articles (sometimes based on nothing) that constantly rip Ozzie, Kenny Williams, the White Sox organization, and basically every athlete, manager, & owner in this town. Anyone remember how he used to rip on Michael Jordan every day? That’s how he makes his living, and Ozzie doesn’t like it. Ozzie wants him to be accountable. Ozzie shouldn’t have called him what he did, and let’s face it, he often says things that he probably shouldn’t. And Ozzie didn’t “resort” to profanity because he was wrong, get a clue, that’s how he always speaks. But this has been blown way out of proportion. He’s apologized, now he’s been suspended, everyone knows Mariotti is a jerk, and everybody knows Ozzie is a little goofy, ok, we know it. Can we please move on? Big game tonight. Let’s keep those bats going tonight and then take care of Garner this weekend.

Eddie – Chicago

Go Sox!

Sorry, Ozzie only got 1 game not 2

Oh, i get it, Ozzie was calling mariotti a cigarette! See, because in venezuela, that’s what we call cigarettes! So Ozzie wants to smoke mariotti? Is that it? And need everyone be reminded that it was just a couple years ago that Mariotti was practically begging sox ownership and management to hire Ozzie? And i think it would be a nice gesture on the part of sox management to sponsor a ‘*** day’ at the Cell, like many other MLB teams already do.

Amen, edge!! Final note on the issue… Ozzie should just have called him an *** and been done with it…then again…he probably would have been called to task for offending donkeys or someone’s rear aperture (Hi Tom Q!). Or spineless, poor excuse for a writer? ( do you write a column day in and day out without getting near the players??), pathetic, sniveling excuse of a human being? Ok.. I’ll stop now =)
Let’s get that broom out again!


another wonderful article in the suntimes again today

As long as people continue to read his pathetic spewing, he’ll continue…. I, for one, wouldn’t waste the time and energy to read his ridculous rantings.

Can anyone explain why Ponson didnt get a suspension either?

Because he was “smart” enough to hit our 2 guys before the “warning”.. that’s where the inequity comes in. We get drilled twice… and when we finally say “enough”.. we are punished.

WOW!!! Nice Post!Kind Regards

I love this post !! totally kewl!!! Well done! I’m coming back to this one

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