Thursday Pregame

Thursday, June 22, 2006, 6:36 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Konerko, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Uribe, SS.  Garcia pitching.

Batting third for the Cardinals is Albert Pujols. 

Which brought on the discussion of 1. would you rather have Pujols miss tonight and miss the Tigers series; or 2. would you take facing him tonight since it means he will play in all three over the weekend.

I picked 2. Let’s hope I am correct.

Another Boring Day

And I thought October was busy!

Ozzie was suspended for tonight.  David Riske was for three games (he appealed).  This is all standard for when a manager and pitcher are ejected for hitting a batter after a warning was issued.

We dealt with the Dave Duncan interview and comments on WSCR.  He was pretty rough on Ozzie on a number of topics, however, the one issue he called him a liar about seemed to ultimately be based on a morning newspaper’s mistake on whether Ozzie said "told" or "called."  He said told.

Then The Commissioner handed down his ruling on Ozzie comments from Tuesday.  He fined Ozzie and undisclosed amount and ordered Sensitivity Training (to be arranged by the club).

Jerry Reinsdorf had been talking to Mr. Selig over the course of the two days.  The organization certainly supports the reprimand made to Guillen, and we feel to also punish him with a fine would in a sense be double jeopardy.

Oh, By the Way …

We have won six straight and have moved within one game of Detroit.


Remember the frustration we all were feeling with Juan earlier this season?  Suddenly, his streaky nature has flipped, and the shortstop is hitting everything with authority.

Game time …

Let’s Sweep


Interesting that Pujols is back. Just yesterday, they were saying he’d be back next week..and they were going to decide this weekend if he needed a rehab assignment…Very interesting, indeed. Baseball is a team sport, and unless Pujols (who I really respect) can get 8 runs, I don’t think one man will make the difference… Our guys can handle this!

When did Albert get traded to the Tigers =)

Just giving you a hard time Scott, you are probably really busy over there. Thanks again for taking the time out to keep us updated with the posts.

Shawn (Orland Park)

That’s the way a champion plays. 20 to 6 or 1 to 0 the Sox are magnificent. There just are no superlatives to add to tonight’s game. Look out baseball world . . . the Sox are on a roll.

What a great game.. I almost like watching these more than the high scoring games. What an effort by Reyes. Except for the one mistake to Thome he pitched a fantastic game.

1) Freddy looked Fantastic!!
2) Bobby’s fast ball was beautiful!!

3) JD had Dazzling D tonight!

4) This Reyes kid has some talent. I love how we had those huge games over the last few days, but we can still win it 2005 Style!

Great win!!


sweep sweet sweep… now THAT was a fun series!

I would like everyone to just let Ozzie manage the team and let him be, he’s obviously doing something right!


Wow!! I will take that one!! Great pitching by both teams and Thome breaks up the no-no!! I just saw something on ESPN that I have never seen before. Baltimore was trying to give a Fla player an intentional walk, but the Fla batter swings and hits a high pitch into CF for a go ahead run in the 10th.

I’ll have to check that out, Blake…always wondered if someone tried that. By the way, I love this team!!!

Now, that was some serious championship baseball tonight Sox fans!

Freddy, Freddy, Freddy! And BOBBY, BOBBY, BOBBY!!

And now to our defense- JD! Rob! Crede!!

HUGE win. I love the 34 runs in two games, but the 1-0 win on one hit is pure bliss.

A lil World Series rematch tomorrow, anyone?! Lets keep it goin and add another W up there already!!!


What did Ozzie do to Phil Garner I’m just wondering I didn’t know that they liked each other.

Great win tonight!!! It is nice to see Freddie on the winning side of a 1 hit 1 homer game. Remember last year??? I think it was the Twins…I could be wrong though. Great stuff from both teams on the mound but we had just enough offense and plenty of Defense!!!! Let’s keep this ball rolling baby. Jose for # 16 against the Stros.


Used the wrong sign-in. Nice job paying attention!!! HA

Sean, Jax

We scored the same amount of runs in the third inning on tueday than what they did in the whole series =) Lets take Houston out too. I will be there tomorrow rooting them on. Great pitching matchup tomorrow.. Contreras vs Pettitte even though Pettitte hasnt been having a great year he will probably come to play tomorrow.

You are right Sean, it was the Twins last year- the infamous Johan/Freddy match up in which Freddy gave up one run, and we lost. I still remember the feelings of frustration after that one! Great to be on the other side of that one tonight.

Great pitching match up tomorrow as Mooney pointed out. Our bats need to come alive early and often so we can finally get Jose his 16th!!!

Sweet dreams of a Sox winner against the ‘stros.., check in with y’all tomorrow!!

p.s. Tom- I’m having a hard time getting my voice back still! haha All of these exciting games are killing me!!!

Not that I’d trade them in…who needs a voice anyways, lol.

And Dawn, you must’ve been doin the happy macarena or happy YMCA after this one!


Is there any way you can post the grinder rules again? or at least the new ones for the year. That was what originally brought me to the blog last year and I thought it was a great idea putting a couple up at a time. Also, I’m not sure if you know the answer to this or not but how come there is only one location for pitch speed in the park? Its really hard when you are sitting in the outfield to always turn around and see what Bobbys last pitch was at. It would be cool if maybe they put it up by the pitch count or something like that. Not sure if that is at all possible just thought Id throw it out there.

the grinder rules are posted here ( on the sox website. they used to have all the ones from last year too, but these appear to be all new ones.


As an out of town fan I really enjoyed the fact that the tv, print, and radio ads for the sox were posted on the sox site last year. Is there any way of getting this years ads posted? It would be really great to get to see them.


Well, Bethany, I don’t think you’re old enough to remember Perfect Strangers, but I think last night was more of a “Mopesian Dance of Joy” =) As for the incredible Grinder Rules…Wikepedia, of all places, has most of them. Also, I saw a new one last night..#14, I believe. Showed a lot of women/Moms at the game and screaming. “It’s a Mother’s right to yell at her “boys”..I LOVE IT!!!!!

Let’s get another win tonight and hopefully Contreras can extend his sting of amazing starts! Does anyone know what White Sox are going to be at the Taste of CHicago this year?


article about Ozzie & Garner.

then Garner’s response -‘Astros skipper Phil Garner, who said this week that Guillen needed to “get some help” regarding comments Guillen made earlier in the week about Garner.’

This whole thing with Garner is kinda like the pot calling the kettle black; you may recall back in the mid 90’s when he was managing the still in the American League Brewers that he publicly challenged Hawk and Wimpy (both of them) to a fight, “on the mound, at home plate, in the parking lot, wherever” were his exact words I believe. Hawk and Wimpy suggested on-air that he was ordering his pitchers to throw at our players, and he took offense, hmmmm. Anyway, Terry Bevington probably ordered one back on our side because Rob Dibble came in out of the pen and first-pitch plunked Pat Listach which led to a bench-clearer, the best/funniest part of which was Bevington holding Garner in a headlock and punching him on top of the head. 1993 I think.

In addition, he was manger of the Detroit Tigers in 2000 when we got in that infamous brawl with them that many believe was the impetus for the entire division-winning run we went on that year. In case you don’t rememebr the game, here’s what I recall: Chris Singleton went 5 for 5 in that game, we won 14-6. Jeff Weaver plunked Carlos Lee (ordered by Garner because we were blowing them out? maybe) in the 6th. The next inning, fist pitch Jim Parque hit Dean Palmer, he charged the mound, threw his helmet, and all he** broke loose. Later in the 9th with 2 outs Tanyon Sturtze hit Deivi Cruz, got tossed along with Manuel, and then Bobby Howry came in and plunked Shane Halter and the benches cleared again.

Garner has a history against us, I don’t like him, I guess neither does Ozzie, let’s sweep ’em again like we did last October…

Great win last night, Great game, Freddy, Thome, and 2:05, I was home in time to watch SportsCenter.

Eddie – Chicago

Go Sox!

Not that it matters, but I just realized Gene LaMont was our manager back in ’93, Bevington was 3rd base coach, but he still had Garner in a headlock…

I’d love to see anybody put Phil Garner in a headlock. One thing I remember last year was that in his post-game interviews, he never gave credit to the Sox, and threw his own team under the bus. I loved it when he tried to weasel out of what he had said the next day by saying “we”, when he really meant his players all along. He’s such a weasel. I’d like for anybody to win that division besided Garner, and for him to get canned again. Maybe the ball will start rolling with a sweep of his sorry team at the Cell!


Ozzie’s explanation that he was berating the whole team does not jibe with the observations of anyone who saw the tirade: it was Tracey whom Ozzie was screaming at and who was holding the towel over his head, not anyone else.

But let us, for a moment, believe Ozzie, and assume that the tirade was directed at everyone on the team. In that case, Mariotti’s point–that Ozzie is out of control and will self destruct if he’s not reigned in–is, given the league’s reaction, clearly shared by others, including anyone who has suffered such humiliation at the hands of a boss.

Ok..this will probably get me in trouble, and start a brouhaha, but..kolsens, is there ANYTHING about the White Sox, it’s players, or staff that you DO like? Maybe I’m wrong, but every post seems negative. Again, maybe I missed something, but it can’t be healthy to follow a team that riles you up so much….

Can we please give up on the whole Ozzie/Tracey/Mariotti ordeal?!? It is almost 2 weeks old. Since then the Sox have gone on to sweep two series and have been playing great ball. That should be the big story, not anything else.


Just a question- have you ever played sports?

In fact just this year I was in a game, and me and my teammate ran the play our point guard called instead of our coach, and he pulled us out and yelled for minutes- literally wagging his finger in our face. Of course its embarassing, but its a part of sports. Its the heat of competition. It happens. Every coach has their own coaching styles, and we all KNOW Ozzie is a high energy, fired up coach. This is what we as Sox fans love.

And I’m not sure which footage you’re watching- but Ozzie did not go stand above Tracey and yell solely at him, he was furiously pacing the entire dugout- so I have no question in my mind that he was yelling at everyone. How many times does he have to stress that we are a family, and we have to stick together?

But of course Tracey is going to be the one who is visibly upset;

a.) He’s a rookie and hasn’t learned the way of the league yet.

b.) And most importantly, he was the one who failed to protect his teammate, thus setting Ozzie of.

I think we need to be done with this- and kolsens if you have such a problem with the White Sox and EVERYTHING that goes on as you have made completely clear, what keeps you around?

Big night tonight Sox fans!


All hail the wise Bethany!! You’re right. Let’s concentrate on the all important task of a win for Mr. Contreras, and the rest of WS Universe!!!

Couldn’t agree more with everything said by Dawn, leannehugs, and Bethany in the last few posts. Enough is enough.

Dawn and Bethany, you couldn’t have said it any better. Why are you still a Sox fan Kolsens? You don’t seem to like anything about them. I think I’m starting to smell a troll. If you don’t like our outspoken manager, go root for the other team in town. You can hear crickets chirp at their press conferences.

#16 for Jose tonight!

I’m sorry everybody I can’t just let it go…

The problem I have, and that Ozzie has is that idiot writes his columns based on opinions and guesses, he saw what you and I and all of WS Universe saw, Ozzie throwing a fit, Sean Tracey tucking his head in his jersey and then he assumed as well as reported that Ozzie ordered Tracey to throw at Blalock, then chastised Tracey for not doing so, then sent Tracey down to the minors as punishmnet. Then he questions whether Ozzie has lost his mind, and I just don’t agree with that. Nobody in the dugout went on record to say what actually happened except for Ozzie. We don’t know whether Ozzie ordered him to throw at anybody or not, do we? So how does Squirrel Boy? We don’t know whether or not Ozzie yelled at Tracey individually or the whole team, do we? So how does The Weasel? We do know that we made a trade for David Riske the next day, and that’s why he was sent down, not because of his failure to execute Ozzie’s ‘immoral’ order, as as*head would have us believe, that’s just wrong, it’s inaccurate reporting. Was Jay Mariotti in the dogout? Were you? How do you know what actually happened? How was his column correct? Have you ever been in a clubhouse, or locker room? A Manager/Coach has to let his players know who is in charge. He has to let them know that he’s got their back, and he’ll protect them, but they have to have each other’s backs. He shouldn’t have to ‘order’ a player to take care of business, the players should take it upon themselves. He was mad. I was angry watching that game. So was most of WS Universe. But that idiot wrote about it, based on his own opinions, not facts, tried to spin it as a negative against Ozzie, that he’s lost his mind s well as his players, and you think he’s correct? That’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion, as is he. The rest of us will stand behind Ozzie and support him. You may or may not have noticed, they haven’t lost a game since that night, maybe, just maybe what he did was right…

Now I’m finished, again sorry to everybody for bringing it up again, I’m well aware that it’s over and done and history and all of that, I’ll never bring it up again. Big man tonight, let’s get him 16 in a row.

Go Sox!

I am pretty sure that since Ozzie yelled at the team they have gone on to win 7 in a row. So who is to say he was not yelling at them for their performance in that game.

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