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Friday, June 23, 2006, 10:57 am

Last Night

What an amazing game.  Regardless of which team you were cheering for, last night’s contest had it all … great pitching on both sides (Reyes and Garcia), tremendous defense (Crede, Dye and Mackowiak) and a dramatic blow (Thome).  Then to have Bobby Jenks enter the game in the ninth inning and just blow people away.

It felt like postseason in terms of intensity.

And how good did we look in this series, mixing offense, power, pitching and great defense?

A few interesting tidbits from friends David Vincent and David Smith on 1-0 games won by home runs:

Here’s a list of every 1-0 Sox victory, courtesy of the long ball and Vincent …

Hitting homer in 1-0 game (White Sox)

Download chart1.txt

And from David Smith:

When Jim Thome collected the only hit for the White Sox last night as he homered in their 1-0 win over St. Louis, he joined a very select list. David Vincent has sent you the list of all 1-0 games decided on a home run. I did a slightly different search to check for 1-0 games won on a homer which was the team’s only hit. I can only check back to 1957, but I found 8 cases, which are:

Download chart2.txt

Frankrobinson_1Three interesting notes.

Of these 8 cases, only the one in 1993 by Rafael Palmeiro was done by a visiting batter.

2) The homer by Frank Robinson in 1971 was his 493rd, which tied Lou Gehrig.

3) The Orioles and White Sox are each on this list three times, with the Orioles on the winning side in all three.

Dave Smith


The Story Du Jour, and du jour and du jour

Don’t know about you all, but I am ready to focus on our baseball team rather than Ozzie’s mouth.  I told him last night he is killing me.  We (and he) certainly realize the impact and hurt his words may have caused some.  I am convinced he understands that.  We also feel that was not his intent (which does not excuse him in any way but I think should factor into reaction and punishment).  Now, it’s up to him to remember, speak and act accordingly.  I think he will.  We have been criticized for not reprimanding him more harshly, or in addition to MLB, but we were in contact with the Commissioner throughout the process and fully support his measures.  Ozzie understands that he deserved to be punished.

One positive out of this, in a sense (although, believe me, I would rather none of this happened), is that there is a public media debate brewing over how Jay Mariotti chooses to go about his job.  Hopefully, even more readers now understand that while his columns may include direct, unattributed quotes, he is never (at least in the past few years) in the dugout or in the clubhouse.  What he writes, in this sense, is always out of context in terms of the quotes used because they come from another news outlet or media person.  Sometimes it has no effect, sometimes it matters greatly.  And we think it should to readers, as well.

Several times, since I started this blog last June, I have had media people come to me and say, "We can’t write about this, but you should."  That’s how disgusted some media people are by this approach to writing opinion.  This incident has made this disgust a topic for debate publicly, which may in the end be a good thing.

In my 16 years with the team, we have never had a physical confrontation in our clubhouse except between media representatives.  In my experience, no Sox player has ever physically struck a member of the media out of anger. Jay likes to say that he fears for his safety, and that’s why he doesn’t venture into our clubhouse.  In nearly the same breath he said on WSCR Radio that he really didn’t have any issues with players on the current team. That, of course, makes no sense.

Someone should find out how often he is in the clubhouses/locker rooms of the Bears, Cubs, Hawks and Bulls.  I bet we all can guess.

Two reasons reporters have told me they always visit the clubhouse — and many columnists do as well, especially after writing a critical piece: 1. it allows your subject to talk to you directly to resolve and differences, and 2. it shows that you aren’t afraid to write or speak your mind and then face the music.  You may disagree with players or coaches.  You may argue.  But at bottom it shows that each person respects the other and respects the job that needs to be done.  If you don’t, then frustrations (on both sides) don’t get resolved and just build up, year after year after year.

Anyway … enough (at least from me) … can’t speak for Ozzie (obviously).

But you if you are interested at all (and I know many are tired of this), you might want to check out three well-done columns today … Rick Morrissey in the Tribune, Rick Telander in the Sun-Times and Mike Nadel’s at

This homestand already seems very long.  I am hoping we can focus on baseball this weekend.


Astros Return

Which brings me to the return of the Astros.  I do feel for them.  Can you imagine how it must feel in your gut to return to the scene of at least two of the four crimes?  To see the banners on the light standards, to watch the pregame highlight film, to see the World Series trophy and rings.

It would hurt deep inside if the roles were reversed.  This has to be a tough weekend for them, and I do feel sympathy for members of the team and front office.

Still want to sweep them, though.

(As I write this, I am looking up at the walls of my office that are decked with the photos of the World Series, our celebration on the field, and our parade through the city.  No one can ever take those memories away from me, and I won’t trade them for anything).

I’ll try to post a lineup later.

Keep an eye on the number of W’s on top of this MLBlog. And thanks to in Comments on this post for suggesting the update of the About page here. Done.



YOU told Ozzie that he “is killing you” and acknowledge that he “deserves to be punished”?

What kind of a Sox fan are you? WE must STAND behind Ozzie, LOVE HIM OR LEAVE HIM, on this blog! Criticizing weaknesses is for Cub fans (i.e. those who have MINDS!)

YOU TROLL! Please find another team to root for!

Scott- knowing you haven’t had much spare time the past several days, thanks for an awesome post!! The Sox/Cards series was great, and hopefully more of the same is ahead this weekend versus Houston! Good luck to Jose and the boys tonight – Go, Go White Sox!!

Kolsens, Scott isn’t just a fan, he works for the team.

// Now, it’s up to him to remember, speak and act accordingly. I think he will. We have been criticized for not reprimanding him more harshly, or in addition to MLB, but we were in contact with the Commissioner throughout the process and fully support his measures. Ozzie understands that he deserved to be punished.//

Scott, I hope you’re right. But since this is the second time Ozzie has used such language, I fear you aren’t.

People – please let it go, there are more important things in life. The punishment has been meted out. Let it go.

Sweep the Astros – again!

Fred in Burbank, CA


Your blog is tremendous, your points spot on, thanks. The crowds have been fantastic, the team has been equally fantastic. What a summer this is shaping up to be again for the White Sox and their fans!! Leaving the game to cheers of “Let’s Go White Sox!!!!!” last night reminded me of how we finished October.

Great post Scott! Thanks!!

I am extra excited for the pre-game highlight video tonight- especially at then end when he exclaims, “And the White Sox have won the World Series!” Can you imagine the fire that’ll ignite in the Astros?? We need to come out blazin tonight!!!

This is going to be another great series, I am so excited for it!

Lets go WHITE SOX!!!



Here they are, Rick Tealander’s EXACT WORDS, from an article-GASP!–recommended by SCOTT REIFERT!

“Guillen and his bubbling cauldron of passion–using ***-for-tat, name-calling and worse–likely will boil over some day and be sent packing.

But for that to happen, the soaring White Sox will have to be losing, and Ozzie’s primitive and prideful sense of who he is will have to be stripped away . . .”

Ladies and Gentlemen of the White Sox Blog, these words MIRROR Mariotti’s precise POINT, with the ADDED insult that Tealander implies that Fans support Ozzie ONLY because he’s winning.

And–I repeat–this column was RECOMMENDED by Scott Reifert!

Ladies and Gentlemen, if this isn’t TREASON by Scott Reifert, WHAT IS?

You’re right.

How dare Scott actually share all sides of an argument and not just tow some company line.

The nerve.

The fact that he referenced that story and admits what Ozzie did was wrong, gives him a tremendous amount of credibility in my eyes.

You are quite the instigator KOlsens.

And I agree Cyn, it gives him an incredible amount of credibility.

Can we PLEASE all get back to our 2 loves; baseball and our White Sox?

It’d be greatly appreciated- thanks!!

Go Sox!


Go away, far far away. You’re dangerously coming close to becoming a lot like your friend Mariotti. Your written words are worthless and opinions even less. We focus on baseball items here.

Everyone is held accountable for their words and actions while at work. Make no mistake, baseball is a business. Ozzie said something incorrect and the people in charge have levied punishment. Enough said.

My family is having a reunion at Saturday’s game. Over 40 of us spanning 3 generations will be there, with some coming in from Florida. All the kids have spent the week making t-shirts and signs. We are all excited to watch a baseball game. Garland’s pitching…the entire line up is hitting…we can’t wait. That’s what being a Chicago White Sox fan is all about, passing down the love of the GAME and this team through generations. GO SOX!

Great game last night! You can’t say enough about that kid, Reyes, he’s going to be a good one for the Cards, glad he’s in the Natl. League. BUT, Freddy did a masterful job, and it gets more and more exciting to watch Mr. Jenks come in and close the game. That last pitch to Rodriguez just froze him! I heard he hit 100 on 5 out of 10 pitches last night, but my favorite is when he throws that wicked hook….it’s just filthy!! Can’t wait until Thome hits the LaSalle Bank sign this summer, Hooo-ahhhhh! What a shot last night, and what a great guy. I love hearing him in the post-game, giving credit to everybody else, and humbly accepting praise for himself. What a breath of fresh air in the sports world, where so many look for accolades and toot their own horns. Anyone remember Sammy?

I understand that your job is to spin things in the best possible manner for your employer, but to defend Ozzie Guillen for his latest meltdown and find obscure references to blame Jay Mariotti is absurd. Simply because Mariotti and the White Sox have some apparent issues doesn’t excuse Guillen’s behavior. The article Mariotti wrote wasn’t all that inflamatory to begin with and echoed what many (including me) were saying.

I loved the Tellander article. I loved the fact that Ozzie connected him with his *** friends.

Ozzie was wrong to call Mariotti that word. I have many *** friends who have been hurt because of homophobia (ironically, around Wrigley Field post Cubs games). This is something to be debated. I love the fact that MLB has stood up for the *** community (who would have thought that would ever happen?) AND Mariotti is getting called out on his ****.

I love White Sox baseball and right now I am a even bigger fan of the front office. Thank you for taking a stand and also pointing out what the issue is with a silly bully columnist.

Tomorrow will be my 3rd game this week. My hands hurt from clapping so much.

BTW – Maybe Ozzie can hook up with the “Dog Whisperer”. The preface of his book has a declaration about using gender neutral language. In this time of anti-political correctness it’s refreshing to see someone write of the need to be sensitive to all communities. We live in a time of global communication and a little respect for different communities is good, kind thing.

(I’ve been reading this blog forever and this is the first time i’ve posted.)

OK…I’m done with the Ozzie issue. However, I’m NOT done with the kolsens issue. No one on this blog is as you portray. We don’t blindly accept everything and anything. However, we do, with brains firmly in gear, take into account the information, as well as the source. Your buddy Mariotti, by daily proof, doesn’t talk to the folks he quotes and writes about. There’s no way you can deny that. So to give him more weight than someone who has daily contact, is absurd. You’re quickly going from negative to annoying and rude.
BACK TO THE IMPORTANT THINGS!! Sox are on a roll, and we, as fans, support the team. Not sure when it became a manager’s job to lead the world in morality training, anyway… Thank goodness guys like Mantle and Ruth aren’t around anymore😉


This blog has given new meaning to the old cliche “beating a dead horse”. I think the *** community has a lot more issues to deal with than one man who is known to shoot his mouth off, anyway. Serious issues such as hate crimes, which Ozzie has not committed. Any of the people who are gnashing on Ozzie with their teeth ever utter a racial slur? Ever make fun of little people, or obese people, or bald people, or Christians, or Catholics, or ugly people, or people with bad fashion sense? Give me a break, let’s move on. It’s been dealt with, it wasn’t a crime, it was a mistake coming out of a man’s mouth that has to learn to control it, to which everybody can agree. Let’s talk baseball aready, huh? Go Sox, blast the Astros!!

You’re right tuckers…I was about to reply, agreeing with you and a few other comments, but enough is enough. Let the issue die…. We really have so many other positive things to talk in WS Universe. =)

Excellent blog and I read Morrissey earlier today (online). My family and I moved out of Chicago 13 years ago and now live in Jacksonville Florida, but have never forgotton the White Sox and the wonderful times we spent at Comisky Park as season ticket holders from 1983 through 1992. We enjoyed both parks (now the Cell) but have missed the atmosphere only available at the game LIVE. We watch each game on cable TV and truly enjoy listning to Hawk and DJ, however, they are only used 50% of the time so we get the opposing team’s announcers the rest of the time. Sox fans don’t know how good they have it to listen to Hawk and DJ daily . . . they are truly a class act. I’ve waited for and dreamed of a championship since the 50’s and remember the heartbreak of 59 when we lost to the Dodgers. The team Kenny has put together this year is better than last years and last year’s team was, without a doubt, the best team in baseball. Keep it up Sox and Sox fans . . . enjoy Ozzie and his crew . . . you can tell your grandchildren the stories that you’re seeing live now and you will be the envy of your families. Go Sox and Go Sox fans.

p.s. Don’t forget to stick it to the Cubs . . . they deserve it.

Well,well,well…Some warts can be cured…but some stay on and on,just to aggravate…(hello,kolsens…)
Once again,WS Universe has taken it upon itself to try and steer the conversation back to what goes between the white lines…I will attempt to do same…

My friend at CBS 2 and I spoke after last night’s game…He said that he probably enjoyed last night’s game more than the two blow-outs…You know what,guys and gals?…SO DID I!

This last game probably ate the Cardinals up more than the other two…I would rather get my head bashed in like Tuesday and Wednesday than get aced out,like last night…

Congrats to both starting pitchers…Young Reyes,the StL starter,gave the WS fits all night,as was predicted by this corner…until he made a fateful mistake to “Sock-It”Thome…Garcia,on the other hand,had arguably his best start of ’06…The Cards tried to get some offense going with the return of Mr Pujols,with his gaudy numbers pre-injury…What happened with Prince Albert? Freddy put him in the can…(oh,I just LO-O-O-OVE this kid’s puns,don’t you???)

Then,just to be sure,Manchild comes in and blows the doors off for the save…proving once again that this team can play NL(small)ball as well as they regularly play AL(bash their brains in)ball…

I have not discussed the ruling handed down from MLB to Ozzie for one reason…it really means nothing,coming from an organization which,in MY OPINION,REGULARLY says one thing(Blacks,Hispanics,women,etc. should be considered for executive positions)and then does another when the first thing is not implemented…

SMFT(so much for that)

Tom Quaid(hoping that Bethany gets her throat spray ready and Dawn gets her dancing shoes all set…)

I regularly read the blog and have found that I don’t need to read many of the names to know who the writer is. Kolsens is the “Sox Fan” who must have been nursed on pickle juice. Kolsons, you may be a wonderful person, but you have to be more positive. We’ve go a lot to be happy about right now.

Sometime in the next month, I’ll be driving the 3 -4 hours to the Cell and bring my four sons. The 10 year old has made it very clear that he is the only one of my sons to never have been to a game in person. I just want to be close enough that we have to pay attention to the game just in case a ball comes our way.

Here’s hoping for a St. Louis winning streak! Go Sox!

As one of my former college instructors,Bob Sirott,would say…”One Last Thing….”about the feud…
The sluree is waiting for an apology from the slurer…

Well,sir,let me tell you something…I have been waiting for some sweet young thing to walk by me and give me the glad eye and a “come hither”look…AND MEAN IT!

The sluree will be waiting just as long,if not longer,for his apology…He may evern have to wait until Hades freezes over…or until the team at Clark and Addison becomes a threat again….


Tom, loved the Prince Albert pun, with Freddie putting him in the can! Can I use it?? My boys love the nicknames for our team, like Sock it Thome and Manchild. And we also love names for the opposing teams, like the aforementioned Albert reference. My 12 year old came up with a good one for the Cardinal pitcher we sent to the DL on Tuesday night…..Mark “Moldy”, had to high-five him for that one!

tuckers8…feel free,my friend…after all,this is a FREE country,isn’t it,sluree?
Dawn…I can’t quite figure out your post,though…Were you laughing,or just checking on the sluree’s role in the game of life?

BTW,Dawn,I know that Balki and Larry both would thank you for remembering the Myposian Dance of Joy from Perfect Strangers…and,with reference to the sluree,Balki,of course,would say…”…don’t be reediculous…”

TQ(sports trivia,TV trivia and appeals for young women to look favorably at him…what else can we expect from this person?)

New font type? I guess it’s good,if it gets more posts published…..

You noticed, too? I thought it was just me. A little small, huh?

Love the Balki and Larry references, I was just talking to a younger person a few days ago in regards to Balki, but they had no clue. But Tom, I believe Balki pronounced the word “reediclious”, correct me if I’m wrong. I used to love when he would get the telephone calls from mom, and the language was all jibberish, until you’d hear the loud “BALKI” at the end of the sentence.

I will do a Myposian Dance of Joy tonight when the HitMen overtake the Ligers of Detroit!

Let’s make it 888888888!

Scott- I clicked on the “About” icon at the left, and read a little bit of your history with the team, which needs to be updated to mention the little feat the team pulled off last year.

I heard the guys on the radio, last night, refer to Thome as “Big Daddy Jim Thome”, and I really liked it. I think I’ll use it for now =)

Don’t feel sorry for us.. This is just another series..


PAUL & Kolsens……forget it…you’re not worth the effort…just curious though…you actually believe you are White Sox fans? Interesting…

Hey I need some HELP!
I have a friend in …boston What I would like to do is use a font similar to WHITE SOX font just to upset him.. he has done the same with the *** sox font! PLEASE HELP! Why can I get it?? Thanks

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