Friday In The Seventh

Friday, June 23, 2006, 10 pm

A Few PreGame Sights

Ozzie Guillen mimicking the footrace last night between Head Trainer Herm Schneider and third base coach Joey Cora as the two ran back toward the dugout after making sure Jermaine Dye was OK after sliding into the wall in right field.

Guillen imitated Cora’s limping gait along the dugout and then turned and jogged back on his toes a la Schneider.

"What a race," he laughed.

GM Kenny Williams congratulated Dye on his dramatic catch ( 350K) but then tucked his head down and weakly held up his left hand just as Dye did last night to prove to the umpire he had held onto the ball.

I told Ozzie and Joey that some of the best postgame quotes of the past two years came courtesy of Cora last night (I’m thinking his comment about Garcia and Thome’s blast).

"Yeah, that’s the easiest part, talking afterwards," said Guillen, who pointed out to Cora this was the first time the team had ever won while he was absent. "Ask him about managing a 1-0 game."

Cora just laughed.

During the Game

Does Detroit ever lose?

Thanks to those readers who replied to kolsens comments on my earlier blog, but it’s really no big deal, and kolsens is certainly entitled to an opinion.  If you look back at my post, I mentioned Rick Telander’s column as "well done."  That doesn’t necessarily mean he agrees with me or vice versa.  I do give Rick credit for coming out and actually talking to us.  That scores big points in our book.

I understand how sensitive this entire issue has been to people, and I respect that a great deal.  Believe me, I have read enough email messages from fans over the last three days to know how strongly people feel about the issue.  It is up to Ozzie (and the Sox) to move past this incident, and I think he understands that.

We’ve (Ozzie and I) talked about it together many times over the past few days … in his office, in my office, in Rick Hahn’s office and in Jerry Reinsdorf’s office.

And while I am thinking of kolsens, I believe a couple of spots still remain for our blog outing on August 16.  We certainly can accept criticism, and we have a great deal of respect for people (and critics) who actually show up here at the ballpark, so kolsens, feel free to call Dustin at 312-674-5186 and join us.  I will be happy to buy you a beverage of your choice at the ballgame that night.


Good post. I’d love to see herm hustling back to the dugout!!! WHEELS!! He’s great. You’re a stand up guy and if I was able to leave the beautiful city of Jacksonville, I’d buy you a beverage for all the wisdome you lay down before us.

On to the game!

16 straight for Jose. What a job he’s done for us. I feel so confident w/ our pitching now it is spooky. AJ also deserves much of that praise. He and the staff under Coop are unbelievable.

Pods anyone??? WOW! Uribe w/ the insurance run. These guys are running all ahead full. Don’t stop now guys.

Let’s get behind Jon and get game 2 and the series.


Hey Scott, I thought the blog outing was Aug. 15.

-Phil (now) in Chicago

Another FANTASTIC night at the Cell!!!

Thank you PODS!! Congratulations Scotty on your first ever grand salami (hello Tom!)!! What an incredible atmosphere upon the crack of that bat. Just when I think I can’t have any more Sox pride, Pods continues to be a Astro-Killer by hitting a grand slam! Priceless!!!!

Well as many of you know the ballot voting at the park is now concluded (KEEP VOTING ON LINE!!)- and at least we made a great final push yesterday. I had one lady bring a bag of what she said to be around 1200 ballots filled out all for our Sox players! I know its ridiculous going up against the huge New York and Boston markets, but lets do all we can in these last few days for our guys!!

One last note- how great was our bullpen tonight? Solid 2 2/3 innings boy. I get such an adrenaline rush when Big Bobby comes out, man I love watching him pitch!!

See y’all back at the Cell tomorrow!

-Bethany (still lacking my complete voice!! And still no complaints about it though!)

P.S. How could I forget the MOST important part?!?!


Congratulations Jose! Way to get that W up there so quickly Scott! SO proud of Jose, what a champ he is.

Keep it ROLLIN!!!


What else can you say. This team is in a serious groove.

Jose takes one more giant step towards starting the All-Star Game, Bobby is lights out again in the ninth, and how about Neal Cotts. Those were some pretty big outs he got. He’s starting to look a lot like he did last year.

Go Sox!!

What a great game… I just read an article on the white sox home page that the cardinals accused us of stealing signs… what a joke. lets get houston tomorrow, hopefully st louis will help us out also

I was at the game tonight. I think one of the best things about baseball is that – like church – if you want, you can ignore the proceedings in front of you and think some stuff over. Of course, that becomes harder when ScoPo is hitting his first grand slam, but more on that later.

Anyway, I got to thinking. For a while I felt like this team lacked the magic that last season had – there was just something about it, you know? You just had a feeling (when you saw AJ hit a walk-off against the Dodgers, for example) that this was our year. I didn’t feel that way about this year’s club for a long time. Who knows why. Maybe it was the arrival of unfamiliar faces and the departure of beloved ones. Maybe it was the lightening of an 88-year old burden. Maybe it was the Sox’ exposure to the outside world – they weren’t our little secret anymore. But after watching the Sox last night and seeing Freddy vanquish the demons of that Minnesota game; after going tonight and becoming one of the privileged few to see a ScoPo home run (a grand slam? Pods? Who woulda thunk it?) and refusing to sit down until he’d had his curtain call… you know what?

The magic is still there.

Sooo many things to say, so little energy. How about that speed demon Scotty P!!! Whodathunk.. I mean, if I had to pick someone to hit a grand slam, he’d probably have been last on the list, but as we’ve said sooo often..anyone can be the hero on this team, at any given time! Jose, you deserve all of this, and more. Congrats on setting the record, and here’s to padding it a bit as we move along. Scott, great post..great blog. Can’t wait for the outing! God, I love this team!!

OH…and by the way…I guess the Tigers were stealing signs from the Cards as well, since they stomped them, too!! Really not a comment I expected from LaRussa…definitely sounds like sour grapes to me!

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the invite, but I do have season tickets (where I’ll be sitting that night) and in fact am at EVERY Sox game.

I hope that you REALLY didn’t assume I was criticizing YOU for recommending Telander’s article. The posts were intended to satirize the black/white mentality (pun intended) of some on this blog, who interpret every act of criticism (or agreement with the “enemy”–i.e. Mariotti) as heresy. At times, the name calling on this blog rivals that of Ozzie himself!

Ok..I’m running out of dances with all these victories =) I’ll start working through dances starting back in the 70s that I can recall..Let’s say last night was the hustle. We win today, and I may have to have my brother show me the “Rerun” =) Let’s keep this train a rollin’ with Number Nine!!
Go Sox!!

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