Saturday, June 24, 2006, 10:01 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Cintron, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Widger, C; Uribe, SS.  Garland on the mound.

Yet another game on FOX.

And, yes, Ozzie will be attending sensitivity training.


From the “the more things change,the more they remain the same”departmant…
It was eight months ago last night that Game 2 of the World Serious(tribute to Ring Lardner)was played…Sox and Astros…A grand slam was hit in that game,as well as a HR by Podsednik…

Well,the boys decided to turn back the clock(hey,what a name for a promotion…what’s that,Mr Gallas?…oh,sorry…been there,done that…(I also apologize to Brooks Boyer for bringing up a possible bad name…))by doing it all over again…

We all know what happened,don’t we?

That big Cuban horse is just MAGNIFICENT,isn’t he?

It is like no other time is my history with this franchise…and I believe my dear friend jklein would agree with me…Could you just imagine what this franchise would have been like back in the ’60’s with the pitching of then,and the hitting of now? They’d be talking about a WS dynasty,not the Yank-mes…

But,I’ll settle for now,thanks very much…

Scott,a very diplomatic move on your part to invite kolsens to the blogger night…it shows that WS Universe embraces all,even the ones who may not totally believe…

Well,gotta go for now…I have a scoresheet to fill out and a date(unfortunately,not with a female…)with a ballgame…

The weather today…it is absolutely Brusa/Conrad/Waggener…that means it is BE-E-E-U-U-U-T-E-E-E-F-U-L-L-L-L!

Go get ’em,boys…and,if you steal any signs,deny,deny,deny…

(Perhaps the Cardinals needed a scapegoat for the c**ppy pitching in games 1 and 2 of the series…..)

Scott: Can I just say how wonderful I think the Fundamentals area is? My son and I were at the ballpark last night, and we spent the first three innings up in that area. While he was busy racing Pods, practicing fielding, and hitting in the cages, I took pleasure in seeing his enjoyment AND getting a great view of the game. Fundamentals really is a tremendous asset to our ballpark. And my hat’s off to the entire staff in that area. What a friendly and helpful crew!


What a perfect day for a ball game!! Is it wrong to plan your entire weekend around this ball club =) 999999999 is just around the corner, I can feel it. ENJOY this, fans! We truly are fortunate to have this team! (And Scott!!!)


Wow!!! Our first 9-game streak in forever!!! That was awesome!!! Great job to everyone involved!


Oops…I forgot to add lets go St. Louis!!!

yet another Grinder-style win. way to go Joe! way to go Alex! this was a great team win. unfortunately i had to “watch” it via gameday on the computer. saturdays is game of the week day and all out of market games are blacked out, so unless we’re on wgn, i have to suffer. i can only imagine how deflated the astros must have been after Joe’s slam. we got another series W. would it be too greedy to ask for #10, and another sweep? come on cards, start playing some ball. i’m going up to phoenix to see the D-backs/ Angels game tonight.( i’d rather have been in Chicago though).
catch you all tomorrow night. j.k. in tucson…..

Let’s see,what was I saying about four hours ago?
Oh,yes,the more things change,the more they stay the same…Eight months ago last night,Game Two,World Series,Chad Qualls comes in,7th inning,trying to protect a 4-2 lead…First pitch,bases loaded,PK up…

SLAM! 6-4 lead,White Sox…

Who was the pitcher before Qualls? Dan Wheeler…

Fast forward to a short time ago…7th inning,4 run lead for Houston,bases loaded…in comes Qualls…

First pitch to Joltin Joe from Westphalia,Mo…what happens,Bethany?

You bet your sweet life,baby…


BTW,Bethany Conrad just got the lead role in the remake of …The Hoarse Whisperer…(oh,this kid is TOO CUTE for words with the puns,kids….)

Once the roar dies down,if it ever does,suddenly we start from scratch…

Fast forward to the bottom of the 10th…Mack doubles to the gap in LCF,the lightning rod(AJ)is purposely passed,new Papa Juan lays down the perfect sac bunt,Pods is purposely passed to load the bases,the ‘Stros bring everybody in except the bullpen…two pitches later,Super Sub Cintron goes to RF…


This baby is in the book…Who gives up the winning run? THe same guy who set up Qualls eight months ago,Wheeler….

Deja Vu all over again,eh,folks?

Baseball…I LOVE IT!!!

And,in the famous words of the late George Peppard on The A-Team…”…I love it when a plan comes together and works out like that…”


Here’s a riddle…Halley’s Comet,Quaid with a date with a woman,and the WS with a 9 game winning streak…
What’s the question,Carnac?

Name three things WS Universe thought they might never see…(in the case of the second one…I can dream,can’t I?)

Enjoy your Saturday night,WS Universe…if only the **** Cardinals can steal some signs from Los Tigres and come up a winner…that would be nice…

Maria…I apologize for adding an extra “g” to your last name…
G,can you forgive an old man?


I realize I was about a month late on the streak call but nonetheless WOW! Hot times summer on the SOUTH SIDE!

Are there even words to describe this elation?! NO!!!

How about the heart and fight in our boys- how awe-inspiring is it?!?!

Joe Crede baby, boy is he HOT HOT HOT right now!! And Thank you ALEX (again!)!! I LOVE OUR BENCH!! A tough day for Rob in the outfield, but what a double he came up with.

And our bullpen- STELLAR. They are becoming DEPENDABLE, and for that I love them! I always knew they’d turn the corner. I’d much rather them go through their inevitable tough streak in the beginning like they did!!

What a day at Sox Park, what a day!!

I know why I still don’t have my voice back- its becasue everyday our guys are coming up with more exciting ways of winning!!

I’m workin on resting it through during these off times! hahaha

Lets go St. Louis- steal some of those Tiger signs so you could at least put up a fight!!!


nice win today… another one that you kind of feel we got away with in this streak. really makes me not care what detroit is doing. they can win all they want, but they can’t be this good.

i do have one beef, though… not sure how it can be remedied but i think our fans need to be much more into the games.

it was loud after joe hit his slam, and a huge roar for his curtain call, but where i was sitting, i felt like the only chump that cared standing by myself during his at-bat. after pods led off the game with a hit, the only other baserunner we’d had up to the 7th was thome, who was erased the very next pitch via double play. now here we are all the sudden with the tying run at the plate, in the form of the very clutch joe crede. having chased(for reasons known only to phil garner) their starter away, we were now into their bullpen, who wed seen before. and i hope i wasnt the only one at the park who remembered chad qualls last october.

anyway, this was our chance to get back into this game. to preserve our winning streak. and while i could see a fair number of people on their feet in the lower level, there werent too many in the upper deck where i was. and no one around me. same thing with alex up in the 10th… and, i know fans can cheer for who they want and how they want, but i mean… come on! what do you come for??? the 6 dollar beers??? this is your game, this is why youre here, show some interest! GET ON YOUR FEET! and we still seem to need the scoreboard to tell us ‘uh, this is a good time to make some noise, guys’.

great game, though.

Detroit is driving me NUTS!!!

Another great game on the south side!! How about KW saying that he may have to fire Ozzie if he continues to offend people with his mouth. Wow!! I hope that day never happens. Hey St. Louis, it would be nice if you could win a game today!!

First things first… glad to have the larger font size back! Guess I’m getting old, but that tiny font was a killer.

myp00: I hear you. I’ve always thought that we Sox fans can be a little too quiet. Based on what I’ve heard and read over the years, players seems to appreciate and get inspiration from hearing the fans in the stands. If that’s true, then why wouldn’t you – as a fan – do whatever you can to possibly impact the game? My advice: keep cheering enthusiastically. Changing the overall mindset starts with one person, and infiltrates to others. It’s my hope that someday, every game will be as loud as our playoff games in 2005. Of course, we’ll all be speechless like Bethany, but….

And TQQ, you’re forgiven.

My broom’s ready. Let’s go Sox!

I missed yesterday’s game, the nerve of my friend for getting married when the Sox are on a homestand. However, I spent an absolutely beautiful day up in St. Joe MI, heard the Sox won, Crede hit a slam, was in a great mood all day, later I was watching the Tigers game on FSN Detroit in the bar, Cardinals up 6-4 going to the bottom of the ninth, “finally, we’re back in first place” I incredulously heard my friend Brian say moments before they tied it. I didn’t watch after that, heard this morning they won. Oh well.

9 in a row, haven’t lost since, well since last week. Let’s keep it rolling.

It’s an truly awe-inspiring thing when you go to a graduation party, and 1/2 the people are sitting on the deck straining against the glare of the sun on the TV to see the rally and come-from- behind win of this amazing team! Every game is truly a joy to watch. Next dance up… sticking with the 70s theme, perhaps the hustle or bus stop LOL Let’s keep the train a-rollin’! Go Sox!!

Hey who is Kolsens? Missed yesterdays game I was working. I thought the blog game was on August 14th?

El-crum, You can read Kolsens moronic criticism of Scott in the Friday AM Thoughts. To summarize: Kolsens writes; “Scott, what kind of Sox fan are you? YOU TROLL! Please find another team to root for.” Later he writes; “INCREDIBLE! UNBELIEVABLE! Most importantly…UNFORGIVABLE! Ladies and Gentlemen, if this isn’t TREASON by Scott Reifert, WHAT IS?”

TIGERS!!! UGH!!! Someone cool them off, please!!! Their pitching and the way they are winning looks a lot like a certain 2005 team….

How about the ways another certain team is winning…hmm..who is it…US!! We’ll be just fine- there is a lottttt of baseball left- no worries about the Tigers, just keep playing solid baseball like we are.

I am trusting in our good friend Roger to keep the field dry with all this rain called for!! haha

Lets go Javy!!


The only “moronic” thing about my post is anyone who actually took it as a criticism of Scott!

As Scott indicated in an email to me, HE certainly DID NOT take it as a criticism of HIMSELF!

Kolsens wasn’t criticizing Scott…he was essentially criticizing the rest of the bloggers…


Yes, but “the rest of the bloggers” is an overstatement. I’m sure there are MANY here who understand that institutions (including baseball teams) improve not with “loyalty” but through constructive criticism. In some cases (eg Iraq), the understanding may come too late, but in my view, most Americans understand the “love it or leave it” mentality for what it is: crypto-fascism.

what institution are we trying to improve with constructive criticism? The White Sox? The game of baseball? the international policies of the United States? This is a blog for fans…. I guess I keep going back to the old adage..if you can’t say something good…

Hey guys and girls lets leave this to baseball. Lets get the Astros tonight. I think that the only one who will beat the Tigers will be us. Who ever that older guy is that does the commentary for ESPN Sunday night baseball is horrible. He said ” In the headlines is Ozzie Smith, he manages the club pretty well.” Didn’t know that we had Ozzie Smith as a manager. GO GO SOX!

Evan, the scariest thing is that he’s done that before….and he seems to bastardize names. And I’m so sick of hearing about the “controversy”..can’t we just recognize the great baseball this team is playing and move on????

Will someone please tell these guys to stop talking about last week’s events and cover the game!!! How many plays are we going to see, but not hear about because they’re too busy yapping!

that’s so funny you said that because i just called my husband at the firehouse and said i hate watching the sox on espn!! where’s that mute button?

Our pitching is killing us! We will not survive with Garland’s and Javier’s lack of consistency. We cannot depend on our bats every night. Scary thought – Tiger’s team ERA and batting aveage is eerily similar to ours of 2005. Our team ERA this year is well over 4. UNACCEPTABLE!! We will not win with these guys at the level they’re pitching. Something needs to be done–I’m just not sure what.

I’d rather watch the Sox on WCIU..with the horrendous picture, than sit through the inept coverage on ESPN. With these guys, it seems like the game is secondary to their re-hash of the past week, or talking to Roger Clemens….

OMG.. I hate to monopolize the board with my posts, but..GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH. 7 RBIs in 2 innings. He has single handedly brought us back…. Let’s nail this down!!!

Sox Fans,

I’m speechless!! Today I got to take in the game in left field with two of my best friends, and two of our little sisters- one of whom it was their first baseball game ever.

She walked away with the biggest smile on her face saying, “can we do this again Bethany?! I am a huge SOX fan now!”

I know we didn’t come out on top, but I could go on and on right now about the HEART of this team. The sheer will they have NEVER to give up. Tadahito is a stud. They all are. Unfortunately we just couldn’t follow up the grand salami (hello Tom! 3 days in a row!!), but hey the lessons we take from this game are phenominal.

A lot of fans made an early exit tonight- due to the combination of the rain and our guys being down 9-2 going into the 9th, but I guarantee you they were all shooting themselves in the foot!! What a fabulous time we had tonight!!!

As for my VOICE update…..well please just picture me, a huge Sox fan, the moment Tadahito’s swung that bat and connected for the grand salami. All I can say is thank goodness our guys are going on the road for a week, becasue my voice is desperately asking me to REST it!! hahaha

As much as I hate ESPN commentators, and even FOX commentators at times- I’m so glad people aroudn the nation got a look this week at the pure will and talent our guys posess. I could careless about the national media and what they have to say about us as long as we keep winning. Buts its great knowing that people get to experience the MAGIC of the White Sox!!

Have a great night (well morning, its 1 am- just got home!)….I’ll catch up with all tomorrow!!


You can’t win ’em all. All good things must come to an end. The cliches are abounding. The most important one I can come up with about this team is.. “It ain’t over til the…” wait..I have to choose my words carefully or someone will write an article for the Sun Times =) How about “Never say die”. There’s a part of me that felt Ozzie had thrown in the towel around the 7th. The fans began to leave. However, I’ve seen enough of this team to know you can NEVER count them out. What an exciting game. All Hail Gooch!!! The last time we ended a homestand, and had a HUGE rally, but didn’t win, we went on to trounce folks on the road. Let’s pull out that bag of tricks again! Bethany, thank you for increasing the female fandom…gotta start ’em young!! =)


I couldn’t agree with you more. Of the two, Vazquez is the worse: with the exception of the 20 run game, for the past month he HAS ALWAYS been in trouble. And look at his history: he’s a .500 pitcher AT BEST.

Why not put him in the bullpen and give McCarhy a chance to start? McCarthy PROVED himself last year; Vazquez has NEVER done so.

He has NEVER done so????


I mean, you’re turning into a joke KOlsens, I mean you have every right to write on here, but at least make some sense when you write something.

Let me guess, Javier didn’t earn any of his 8 wins- the other team just sacrificed themselves those games right??

And him having a TEAM high 75 strikeouts? Yea, that’s all a fluke too.

Our pitching staff is realllllly bad boy, I mean we are 23 games over .500- horrible!!!

Dawn- right before the bottom of the 13th, the played the movie clip (forget what movie it was though) when the guy is saying “it ain’t over til its over, becasue when the going gets tough, the tough get going!” The crowd had a ball with it…

Another thing- the music was fantastic at the park lst night- we had “Livin on a Prayer”, “Stayin Alive” etc. all during thsoe extra innings.

I can’t say how much fun it was!!


OMG!! What a great weekend of games! I love all of the national spotlight; however, does it bug anyone else that the ESPN guys keep mispronouncing names?!?! I mean, come on! Not to mention the number of times they called Ozzie “Ozzie Smith”. It’s very aggravating!

haha First it was “Jose Guillen” a few weeks back, and now its “Ozzie Smith.”

OZZIE GUIIIILLLLEEENNNN!!! Guillen!!! Come on guys, at least take the time to get our guys (you know, the World Champions) names right!! All it takes is a few minutes to check the names with someone on staff.

PLEASSSSEE!!! hahaha

(Enter Tom Quaid, we need our laugh for the day).

AMEN. I eventually had to turn the sound down I was getting so frustrated! And kolsens and dreifer. How horrible to go through life with the perpetual “glass half empty” view. With ALL the good we saw this weekend, you couldn’t find one positive thing to say… No one is perfect, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a starting 5 better than ours…

Right on Dawn. Its one thing to be a fan who is critical of their team. But its a whole different story for a fan who can only find things to complain about. It must be torture to watch baseball if you are the latter. Thankfully most of us are not and can enjoy this White Sox team who is winning and winning and winning. And as Dawn said, no team is perfect. We have much, much more to be happy about than we have to be upset about.


Dawn – After much searching I found 4 starters better than ours – Verlander, Bonderman, Rodgers and Robertson. Bonderman has the highest ERA of the bunch, a ******** 3.65. Close your eyes if you wish, but like we saw last year pitching wins championships and our team cannot succeed long term without successful pitching. What we’ve seen so far from Freddie (4.66), Garland (5.76) and Javier (5.00) is inconsistent outings, never knowing what we will get. Our bullpen, with the pleasing exception of Bobby and Cotts, is not much better.
Please do not get me wrong. I was absolutely thrilled to see what I saw last night and it showed a never die spirit. But, of late, our hitting has not been used as a weapon. Rather, our hitting has been helping us get out of holes created by our poor pitching. Granted, the difference seems minute–but it is very troubling to constantly see our guys bail out subpar pitching performances. Good pitching and great hitting is required to win. The hitting, is here. The pitching….

Well, that’s 4. Secondly, I don’t think these guys are for real..check back as the season progresses. Let’s look at some of the teams Detroit has played…many, many are barely 500, if that. I think their pitching, like their entire team, will show their true colors when the consistently beat the better teams. They’ve lost 5 of 6 to us. A baseball team is a lot like a marriage. When one piece is lacking, or struggling, the other helps out. Right now, our pitchers are struggling…they’ll come around, and when they do, should the bats falter, we’ll still be tearing it up. Sounds like teamwork to me.

Not sure if you realize this or not but the Sox are only 1 or 2 games lower than they were at this point last year. We will see how the tigers fare against the Astros. Hopefully the Astros bring some of the momenteum they got last night along with them.

Regarding Vasquez…an interesting stat was put up on the scoreboard during the game. It showed the strikeout leaders since 2000. Clemens, Johnson, Martinez, Shilling, and guess who else? Yeah, Vasquez.

The guy had a bad night and that’s unfortunate, but he’s got the stuff to win. Sure, he’s been a .500 pitcher, but look at the teams he’s been on.

BTW, gotta hand it to the Stros. 3 grand slams in three days and they still had the fight left in them to come back and win it. I tip my cap.

A little lesson in baseball etiquette for those of you who are unaware: When you visit another park and your team isn’t the home team or the away team – Root for the home team! Don’t be like the guys in front of me last night who stood up and gave the “tomahawk chop” every time Oswalt and the stros did something good. (Tomahawk chop or 1st down, we couldn’t figure it out…) The funny thing is, they were from Boston and were Yankee fans. Yeah, you could consider each of them “That guy.” I am fortunate enough to travel with work and for leisure. I try to hit games as I do. If my team (Sox) isn’t playing, then I cheer for the home team. It’s just common courtesy. Yes, it’s certainly ok to cheer for your team at a visiting park “WHEN THEY’RE PLAYING” but to cheer against the home team just to be a jerk is bad show and the kharma chameleon will come around and get you…



Well, as dreifer says, close your eyes if you wish (and continue to ridicule while you acknowledge people’s right to speak: it’s VERY classy!), but the reality is that Vazquuez was a controversial choice when he arrived here, simply because he HAD never proven himself before coming here. The club’s view was that he’s a “work horse” who, under Cooper’s tutelage, would improve himself and become a winner. And so far, he hasn’t.

8 wins? Sure, but with the hitting we’ve gotten, most nags could’ve won games. And his 72 strikeouts cannot conceal his high hits/inning ratio. Of course, the BEST indicator of any pitcher’s effectiveness is ERA, and 5.0–which is Vazquez’s ERA–is UNSATISFACTORY by almost anyone’s standards (the exception, of course, is a blind man or woman).

As someone who has experienced the drudgery of sitting through–or watching–every (long) inning that Vazquez has pitched this season, and who also watched Vizcaino, Marte and some of the other nags we had last season, I predict that Vazquez will be fortunate if he ONLY ends up in the bullpen. And that is because the man with real brains in this organization–Kenny Williams–will ship him out if he doesn’t shape up.

kolsens: I’m just curious… How did you feel about Contreras at the beginning of last season?

maria: I’m sure that if he/she was posting on this blog back then you could find him criticizing Contreras back then.

kolsens: The only reason you’re getting so much **** here is because all you have is criticism. How about posting about some of the great things about the sox this season. How about them being 1st in the league in runs scored and 3rd in runs given up (in the AL)? How about being 2 games off last years pace? Why no raving about Contreras’ win streak of 16? People will be more accepting of your criticism if you talk about the good things as well.

Anyways, seeing those grand slams friday and saturday in person was amazing. Only thing better would’ve been seeing sunday night’s as well. Would’ve been nice to get the win but at least we didn’t go out without a fight.

Well KOlsens, I have too been there every “(long) inning” so I have the right to speak as much as you do.

I’m all about the long haul. I’m an athlete- I know first hand abotu the ups and downs of sports. Charles Barkley once said,

“I know I’m never as good as my best performance or as bad as my worst performance.”

I couldn’t agree with that quote more. Every pitcher, hitter, position player will suffer through tough breaks, shaky starts, strike outs, dropped fly balls, errors,etc. Mistakes happen. Who cares, as long as you learn from it!

All I ask is that you have a little confidence in our team. Kenny and Ozzie have sure built another contender. Have a little faith.

Great point AJ about tipping your cap to the Astros- sometimes you just have to do that. You certainly can’t say we didn’t put up fight! But how much did last night remind you of Game 3 of the World Series?? Mark even made a run out to the bullpen. I was rooting for him to make an appearance again! hahaha

Have a great off day guys- lets beat up on the Pirates tomorrow!


Your question is a point well taken. For the first half of last season, Contreras was (given his walks and wild pitches) even WORSE than Vazquez is today. And I’ll be the first to say he has come around SPLENDIDLY, thanks especially (I understand) to El Duque’s help.

But this year there is a difference. Last year, there was no clear alternative to Contreras. This year, we have McCarthy, who–to NOT JUST MY bewilderment–Ozzie seems unwilling to give a chance. It started last year, when he refused to put McCarthy on the World Series roster. (Yes, we won, but did YOU think Marte and Vizcaino should have been on the roster instead of McCarthy?) And now, this year, McCarthy has been given only a start or two.

Here’s something positive for Danwash: in my view, Kenny Williams is a BRILLIANT general manager because he is UNWILLING to stick to the status quo, i.e. because he takes a VERY CRITICAL attitude towards all of his players, even icons like Frank Thomas. You don’t perform? Then you’re demoted, fired and traded. AND the SOX ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE MAJORS because of this attitude and policy.

danwash: You could very well be right!

My point is that things aren’t always what they seem. And sometimes, you have to exercise a little patience to see something come to fruition. As the old saying goes, success doesn’t happen overnight. (Somehow, many people have come to think it does, but that’s a different blog for a different day.)

When I look back on last year, I’ll be the first to admit that I was hoping for a mid-season trade involving Contreras. He was 3-4 at the end of June, and I thought I’d seen enough of that “experiment”. Sound familiar? Well, thank God I’m not in any way involved with determining our team roster, because we all know what happened the 2nd half of last year.

kolsens: You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But personally, I’m taking the wait-and-see approach with Vazquez. In my opinion, he and, more importantly, Sox management, deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Kolsens – I agree with you entirely. A cheerleader is one who blindly approves of everything and always thinks the team is full of sunshine and roses. A fan, however, follows and roots for the team wholeheartedly while questioning problem areas.

Like I said before, Javier is inconsistent at best, and we’ve seen his worst too many times. I will wait and see for the turn around from Javier and hopefully, will be proven wrong.

A troubing part of this year’s team as opposed to last year’s team is the subpar performance not of just one pitcher – like Contreras prior to the AllStar Break – but THREE of our starters, Freddie, Garland and Javier. I don’t know about you guys, but when these guys are on the mound, I watch with bated breath. Also, our bullpen is not as strong as last year’s. Politte is just horrible and the Logan-Sean-Montero experiment remains a question mark.

dreifer: I was not suggesting that kolsens turn into a cheerleader and applaud everything that happens. I’m saying that if he’s going to criticise the bad, he’s gotta also applaud the good. No team is ever going to be perfect and if all we did was criticise non-stop, who would be cheering in the stands?

kolsens: That’s what I like to hear. Kenny Williams is a genius for not sticking to the status quo. Look at the previous World Series winners before the Sox. They all had trouble contending the next year. Williams recognized this and took action where it was needed. If he hadn’t, we would definitely be more than 1.5 games behind detroit right now.

dreifer and kolsens how come you guys arent tearing in to Thome? He went 0-6 last night. He has a bad game every once in a while. Its pretty much the same for Vazquez. He has had 2 bad outtings all year. you cant all of a sudden want pull him from the starting rotation. Not to bash him but I am pretty sure McCarthy did get the loss last night and his ERA is 4.46 with a WHIP of 1.33. Im pretty sure Ozzie and Kenny know what they are doing in terms of who needs to be the 5th starter. Maybe in their minds he has not proved himself yet. We are still 11 games over 500 and we arent even half way through the season yet. We still have the second best record in baseball.

Congratulations Joe Crede on being named AL player of the week! Two weeks in a row for our Sox!! Great week Joe..keep it up!

I think that Vazquez has had more than 2 bad outings and he had the most run support in the AL.
I am holding my breath on him. I just don’t like watching him pitch, he seems to make a mistake and can’t recover from it.

I can deal with Freddy because when it counts he gets the job done.

3-0 in 2005 postseason, plus he just won a 1-0 game against St Louis.

I realized it after i posted it that he had more than 2, here is a breakdown of his starts.. He has given up 7 runs in 3 of his starts where he didnt last longer than 6 innings.;_ylt=AjWUbePH.ditwSBP11RPB5.FCLcF

Looking at things logically, mooney is right. His ERA is 4.46, and for a guy who’s primarily working from the bullpen, that’s not fantastic. I think the kid has the stuff, and will be a starter someday. In the game he started this year, he pitched 4 innings, gave up 5 hits (2HR) and 3 ER; he walked one and struck out 4. Again, he’s got the stuff, just not the experience and consistency, just yet. Again, I like the kid a lot, but I don’t see him handling the pressure situations just yet. As for Javy, for April he had an ERA of 3.67 and 3.99 in May. Definitely not horrible in my book. So he had a rough month. Again, I completely trust in Ozzie, Kenny and Coop.

I am one of the thousands that actually stayed the entire game last night. Anyways, I was wondering if anybody knows the song the Rob Mackowiak comes out too, I know its an old rap song, and even my friend that loves rap can’t remember what its called. Get back to me on that, and let’s start the streak over with starting tomarrow

dreifer and kolsens will never be satisfied w/ the results this year. I just hope they can take some satisfaction in what this team is doing. They’ll miss a lot of enjoyment if they keep getting aggravated by every little thing that goes bad. Calm down guys and love this team.

A sad point to the game last night. Ross Gload learned the hard way that you play every play until the ump’s tell you to stop. He made a heck of an attempt to get that ball but stood around waiting for a foul call or a fan interference call. GOT to keep playing man. He’s done a good job this year so I can’t get on him too bad.

Gooch was amazing again. 7 RBI and laughing the whole time too. Great job!!

Congrats to Mr. Clutch Crede on being the AL player of the week. Hopefully we get to see him in Pittsburgh (All Star) but I have a feeling the Yank’s and Bo Sox fans will say otherwise. As long as we know how great he is, that is all that matters.

Enjoy the day off (Bethany) and rest that voice. Let’s get another series and keep rolling.

Thanks for the fans that stayed the whole game. I wish I still lived up there to cheer along w/ you guys but I’ll try to do my part here in beautiful Jackxonville FL.


I love the site, you give great insights on the team. I know this isn’t the place to do this, but I’m not sure what is: As a long-time season ticketholder, I think it’s time to do away with “God Bless America” on Sundays. I understood it after the Sept. 11 attacks and a year later, but it’s been almost five years.

I don’t want to get into a discussion of politics on this board. I simply am tired of having rampant patriotism, jingoism and even religion forced down my throat at a baseball game. I come to the game to watch my beloved Sox and to sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” in the seventh — not a song that is not our national anthem nor has any bearing on the game. I would like to send a letter detailing this to the marketing/PR department as well as to Mr. Reinsdorf. This seemed like a good place to start. Thanks!

well, after reading all of todays posts, one thing is clear: we need an official ( or otherwise) arbiter on days that there is this much passion. everyone had a point: some good, some not so good in my opinion. we Sox fans don’t simply walk in lock step with decisions that aren’t popular, as is clear from all the previous comments. the way i see it is that we can comment, argue and disagree with each other, but should stay behind the Organization and it’s decisions. Kolsen’s made several pertinant points that were taken to task by several, especially Soxpride, aka: Bethany. i think Mr. K was right in pointing out that Javy is our weakest link ( with Jon right behind). the stats don’t lie, but i think that Bethany pointing out that it’s still early and we need to give these guys a chance also has merit. the Team went with Vasquez instead of El Duque if you remember, and if you also recall, he had a tough time with getting the ball over the plate, especially in pressure situations.( the ninth at boston in the playoffs obviously a huge exception. Javier racks up innings and that’s why Kenny got him in the spring. i agree that he has had some rough outings, but a lot of the hits he’s given up are bloops that would otherwise be easy outs. we owe it to our organization to support decisions made for our team. ultimately we will prevail and all the angst ( there’s one for you Tom)will be for naught. that’s my two cents worth. go Sox, let’s keep winning series….
j.k. in tucson

I agree with you blperk 100%. Anyway lets get the Pirates this week they are on an 11 game losing streak, but they still have good players. Maybe Mark can hit an hr lol. GO GO Sox, Evan

Great post JK…I agree with everything you just posted. I’ll be the first to admit he isn’t at his best, but like you said- we owe it to him, Ozzie, Kenny and the entire organization to give him room to work!

But thanks for the level headed answer….hope you’re stayin cool out there in AZ.

And Sean, we would lvoe to have you up at our park- but Jacksonville, FL isn’t so bad, eh!? haha

And lastly- Evan…knowing how competitve Mark and Jon are with each other, (all in good fun of course), I wouldn’t be suprised, lol!! I’ve gotten such a kick out of our pitchers hitting this season! lol

Have a good night all! Lets go Sox!


The entire NL Central needs to be contracted. That is a lousy division from front-to-back. **** I bet the Royals would finish no less than third if they were shifted to that division.

As far as the All-Star Game goes I hope Ozzie does load up the team with Sox, with the exception of catcher. No disrespect to A.J. but Joe Mauer definitely deserves the nod. I remember a couple years back when the Twins thought they’d have to switch him from catcher to DH because his knee problems. He’s one of the young players I enjoy watching hit even if he is on the Twanks.

J.K. Dennis

Tejada seems to be in play and the Orioles have mentioned that they would only deal him for a pitcher. Why not Garland and Uribe? Or Javier? Or Freddie? Or, even McCarthy? Tejada is a stud and can play solid defense. Maybe Baltimore’s legendary pitching coach will notice something in Garland or Javier that he can fix. Not to dis Coop – I just think these guys have given us too many bad outings and while we can wait for them to get better, I would love to see Tejada at the bottom of our lineup, instead of a Garlad, Javier, Freddie or McCarthy giving up the standard 5-6 runs per game.

Could you imagine if we added Tejada to our batting line up- I mean, its scary how good we are now…add another bat like that, that could be exciting.

The only detail about Garland is that he has the no trade clause in his contract. And as you mention dreifeir- Kenny has always said that he will always get pitching for pitching.

But who knows..Kenny is always suprising us. I’m anxious for the deadline to see what he comes up with!

You have to love Tejada’s bat…but I can’t help think back to the last 2 outs in the WS. That’s some stellar D. YTD, Tejada has 10 errors, and Juan has 4. Recall one of the things that this team is built on… great defense…

dbrusa – we gotta stop living in the past. This year, Uribe is not producing at the plate (albeit his current hot streak). I think a .312 BA vs. a 220 BA more than covers the the 6 extra errors committed by Tejada.

Soxpride – If we can’t get rid of Garland, let’s at least THINK about Javier, Freddie and McCarthy. while we’re at it, let’s just throw in Politte and Anderson for free!

dreifer- I am personally a big fan of Anderson. Obviously his batting average is super low right now- but right before he started serving his supsension- he started to really connect on some hits. Ever since that 3 run home run in the 9th 2 homestands ago. And his defense in center is among the best in the league. He’s tough out there boy.

The optimist in me sees what Jose has done since the All Star Break, and so I’d like to give all our pitchers the chance to get something rolling. I mean all of them have had their tough outings, but all of them have had the stellar outings as well. I’d like to see how things even out before we trade anyone.

When it comes down to it, we have one of the best pitching staffs in the league, and the second best record in the leage. My gut feeling is to stick with all of them for now….

I’d say lets go over all of these options after the All Star Break, closer to the July 31st deadline..

now THAT’s the best idea I’ve heard yet.
On a side note….haven’t heard from TQ in a few days.. Let’s get back on the winning track tonight!!

OK Soxpride, deal. Let me just clarify – I hope that I am wrong about our weak starters, Anderson and Uribe. I would be happy to see them turn around and I would be one of the first to admit my mistakes about them. So, for now, I will hold my breath and wait for the magic to brew…


Has the shelling stopped? Are the guns of vocal ammunition finally emptied,only to reload?
Is it safe for a coward to come out and get some fresh air?(I’m asking that last question for Jay)

I have said before,and will say again,it’s a good thing that fans can’t get to play GM/field manager/owner,whatever…because any player they think poorly of,or any player that has a rough patch or bad spell,that player would be gone in a (you’ll pardon the expression)”New York minute”…for some potential return that could turn out to be an even bigger bow-wow than the “bum” he was traded for…

Vazquez did not get the run support in Arizona,that is why he was dealt…He reminds me so much of Jack Mc Dowell,what’s left of my teeth ache…Mc Dowell would give up a bushel basket full of runs,BUT his team would support his efforts by scoring a bushel basket full themselves…I believe that the object of baseball is to score at least one more run than your opponent,right? It could be a 1-0 game(kinda like the World Cup,right?

G-O-O-O-O-O-A-A-A-L-L-L-L….I’m hearing that in my sleep thee nights…)or it could be 23-22,with more errors and fumbled plays than a highlight film of the ’62 Mets…as long as the team WINS—bottom line,right?

I don’t know what else I have to write,say or do to get the focus back on what goes on between the white lines…In the long run,this is a GAME,people,not LIFE OR DEATH…Perspective,PLEASE!!!

Now,onto the road…Tonight,the boys open a series in Gary,Indiana East…aka Pittsburgh,PA…

For some reason,my “spider senses”(borrowed from Peter Parker)are tingling that there may be trouble on the horizon for the boys…Why?

Simple,the Buccos are horse**it,losers of 11 straight,and there may be the tendency to look past them onto this weekend’s fun fest at Jurassic Park at Neverland…

However,I feel that Mr Guillen,kind and gentle sould he is,will have his charges in optimal focus for the task at hand…


THEY’LL MOIDER ‘EM(a Brooklyn tribute to Mr Reinsdorf’s home turf…..)

I hope…

Finally,I have come up with the solution for Ozzie’s troubles with the press corps…It’s very simple…All he has to do is learn to speak Stengelese…Casey Stengel,the venerable manager of the Yank-mes,used to have some writers and reporters and coulumnists whom he did not care for…What did he do in the dugiut with them ? He spoke a mixture of double talk and gibberish…and the scribes did not know what hit them….

Try it,Ozzie…it couldn’t hurt…

Until manana(and manana is good enough for me….)


I forgot…Sunday night? Absolutely amazing,astonishing,incredible…but even Harry Houdini couldn’t extricate himself from a dilemma all the time…
TQ(“angst for the memories”,jklein…..)

Ya know, call me crazy (believe me, you would not be the only one) but I don’t give a rat’s aperture about run support. I think the biggest crock is the win column for a pitcher. A pitcher could give up 13 earned runs and the team scores 14 – and he is considered a winner. If he does this more often than not he’s considered a pitcher with a winning record. I’m sorry but that’s baloney!! I’d much rather have a pitcher with a low ERA. That at least shows the pitcher earned the win. When a pitcher gives up a bunch of runs and the team still wins the pitcher sure as **** didn’t “win” the game. He did everything in his power to almost blow the game.

dreifer…a low ERA is good,but,the bottom line in baseball still is wins and losses….I have yet to see a pitcher with an ERA in the category you’re looking for who has a WINNING record…even Bob Gibson,Sandy Koufax and others of that ilk had a few rough spots…the good pitchers overcome their obstacles to perservere…which is why they stay around the game…some past their prime…The point is that NO starting pitcher goes out to the mound 35 times a year with absolute pin-point control and the ability to have a miniscule ERA at the end of the year…
Look up the definition of “win” in a dictionary…or ask some one what “to win” means….before you go along with another diatribe…which,BTW,is still allowed in this world…isn’t it?

Jack Mcdowell never had an ERA above 4 from 1988 to 1995. So I wouldn’t compare Vazquez to him.
I want to see the Vazquez do a better job of getting guys out without throwing so many pitches.


I’m sure you didn’t mean it when you said “I have yet to see a pitcher with an ERA in the category you are looking for who has a winning record.”

Dreifer, like myself, is looking for someone who is BELOW 5.0 (better yet, below 4 or even 3); i.e. someone UNLIKE Vasquez. Historical examples abound.

And for the record, the word “diatribe” does NOT accurately depict Dreifer’s point, no matter how nicely you sugarcoat it.

kolsens…with the proliferation of hitting today in MLB,where even punch and judy hitters are whacking the absolute whoop-dee-doo out of the ball….looking for a starting pitcher with a consistent ERA under 3.00 is like looking for signs of intelligence on the moon…or in the Sun-Times sports department…


MLB lists at least 6 starters below 3, and a HORDE of starters just from 3-3.5.

You really didn’t mean to give Mariotti that much credit did you?


We need to put everything aside for now, all debates on who is or isn’t coming through-

becasue we have a more important issue at hand.


Regardless of everything, there are MANY SOX PLAYERS WHO ARE MORE THAN DESERVING OF A 2006 ALL STAR NOD!

We are closing in on 48 hours left of voting. Tonight as you watch the game, and tomorrow as well- V


We all say we want more recognition, here’s our chance!!!!!

Lets band together Sox fans, like we did last year for Scotty! LETS DO THIS!!!!!!

Just 2 quick non-partisan comments. 1) diatribe-a prolonged discourse and 2) any discussion of pitching should include the way the ball flies this year. Call it the ball being “juiced”, call it learning the pitchers, call it better conditioning… something’s going on with the hitting these days…
And another plug for all star voting… One that really stands out is Joe Crede over that individual from NY. GO SOX!!


You don’t have to be an English teacher–as I am–to know the connotation of “diatribe,” and to know that such a selective definition is as “non-partisan” as Mark Antony was is Julius Casear. So please don’t insult everyone’s intelligence.

correction: “Julius Caesar”

Ok.. I was in now way trying to correct anyone’s grammar, and my posting of the definition, with tongue-in-cheek, mind you, was because 2 people seemed to have a different view. At what point did this blog become so nasty??? I think your comments were unwarranted. It was the 1st definition listed in the dictionary. And I certainly had no intention of insulting anyone.

#$@%$&!!! Houston we have a problem. Leadoff man on 3rd, can’t get him in, still 0 – 0 going to bottom of 7th…

Clemens is amazing, too bad we missed him this past weekend.

Dawn, the blog isn’t too nasty, its just 2 or 3 people who are.

You’re right kr..and for a half a second, I considering taking a leave from here…but…I’d miss the rest of you too much =)

With regards to the All-star game, right now 3 Yankees and 3 Red Sox lead the voting at positions with the Angels and Seattle with the other 2. So every team has to be represented, there are 10 teams left to fill 22 spots and Ozzie only has control of about 3 of those spots due to player voting. More Yankees and Red Sox are going to probably get voted in. So we could possibly only have 3 Sox players on the team. Thats why voting is important!

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