PNC Park

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 7:19 pm ET

At first I thought about having my father write today’s blog entry, but I didn’t think that would go over real well (not that he is a poor writer or anything) …

Sorry to not get on-line until the top of the first inning, but pregame was busy.  This is my first trip to PNC Park, which is beautiful (view of the city, river, bridges, etc), but man, the press box is very high up.

David Riske and Kenny Williams are to my left, along with Ed Cassin, our traveling secretary.  We are sitting in the press box watching the game from very high up.  My guess is that KW won’t last long up here, but since we have scored twice (as of now), no one’s moving.

Anyway, there were quite a few funny comments from today’s clubhouse before the game (rain cancelled BP).

Ozzie Guillen spent pregame wearing a special ball cap commemorating Roberto Clemente.  The Pirates Hall of Fame right-fielder was Ozzie’s favorite player, although the two never met.

Guillen has a room at his house in Venezuela dedicated to Clemente.  Among the items is a piece of the fatal plane, given to Guillen by a good friend of Clemente’s.

"I want to go see the statue of Clemente they have here outside the ballpark," Guillen said, "and someone told me they are going to honor Clemente’s legacy during this year’s All-Star Game."

As he watched the manager of Asheville lose it on television, Guillen was asked the best manager blow up he’d experienced.

"Maybe Bev (Terry Bevington) the time Ken Kaiser was calling balls before the pitcher even threw it home," Guillen said.  "That one was pretty good."

Seeing Ozzie imitate Bev and Kaiser made it even better.

Odds and Ends

Ozzie on his public reception recently:

"Parents are hiding their kids behind their legs, pointing at me and whispering, ‘That’s the guy.’"

Ozzie on his socks:

Throughout his career, Guillen wore his socks high, showing his bright red knee brace from his 1992 collision with Tim Raines.  His first game as manager, Opening Day of 2004, he wore them the same way.  The Sox lost in the bottom of the ninth inning.

"Ever since, I wear my pants down low."

Seems to be working.

Clubhouse question of the day:

Who is bigger in Pittsburgh?  Rob Mackowiak or Pat O’Connell, media relations assistant who worked for the Pirates before coming to us.

The decision was that Mackowiak is the King of Pittsburgh.

Joey Cora took some good-natured heat from several Guillens for his run-ins with umpires this winter in Venezuela.

"One time was bad," Cora admitted.  "In my opinion, he was missing pitches on the outside corner.  So I went out and built a mound of dirt on the outside edge of the plate so he could see it better.  I was gone by the time I had the line finished."

My flight over today was filled with Sox fans.  I heard the same from many media folks who traveled today.  Coming to Pittsburgh midweek for a series shows terrific support.  Way to go, Sox fans.

Kind of nice to get back to writing some of the old stuff again …

We are ahead 3-0 now.

Go Sox!


Scott, thanks, as always, for your inside view of the inner workings of the team. Let’s start another streak!!

Hey I missed the Top of the 1st, did Rob get a good reception back in Pitt? Thanks guys, and go Sox

Yes..he got a very nice round of applause. Not the kind that Thome got upon returning to Cleveland.

My dad thinks that all players should be required to wear their socks, with an edict from the commissioner. Bud Selig probably has bigger things on his plate right now, huh?

I’ll admit that guys like Rob wearing his pants down to his heels looks pretty silly. And Juan, he keeps teasing me, pants up high one game, then down to his heels the next.

It’s great to be playing so well that we can take diversions into fashion, umpire arguments, and player receptions without a bat of an eye.

good show, Guys!! i just got back from phoenix and was expecting to watch most of the game. it was the bottom of the eighth( i forgot that Mark was pitching). i’ll watch the replay on later, but i would imagine it was a typical Buehrle start? i was impressed with McCarthy’s eighth and of course, Bobby’s close-out. it’s a shame that the bucs are doing so poorly, but they can win all they want starting friday. i finished reading the many posts from earlier today and i have to agree with Dawn; what we have here is typical of a team that is losing a lot of games. it seems that a few are anxious to make their point come across even at the cost of alienating themselves from the other fans, who mostly watch and enjoy winning games. Dreifer and Kolsens, you both have good points, but give it a rest, please. we have the second best record in baseball, so we must be doing something right, in spite of higher ERA’s than we would like to see. Freddie’s last performance was a gem that showed our guys are capable of overcoming the oposition in many ways. as Tom said; 1-0 or 23-22, a win is a win. our guys era’s have been coming down if i’m not mistaken, and to rid ourselves of QUALITY pitching is NOT in our best interest. again, everyone, let Kenny and Ozzie (not Smith) do their thing. we can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride like we did last year. i really do believe that we will overtake the Meow Boys(aka tigers), and keep putting the pedal to the metal. enough of my diatribe though. as my Father would say, “love you all”. j.k. in almost rainy tucson….

The Mariotti jab at the beginning = awesome.

I was going through all the posts from the past few days with all the talk about pitcher’s wins and ERA. kolsens brings up a good point that wins is a flawed statistic, but era is just as flawed. What is determined an error and not an error is sometimes very arbitrary. I fly ball that drops between two outfielders that think the other is going to get it may not be scored as an error and inflate a pitchers era. Also, if a defender can’t get to a ball, he has no chance of committing an error so subpar defense will also raise a pitchers era.
I’m not trying to make any comments on our pitchers or our defense, i’ve just been reading a very good book about baseball statistics and this discussion coincided with the current chapter I’m on.

If anyone really enjoys the numbers behind the game, check out “Baseball Between The Numbers” by Baseball Prospectus. It’s an interesting read.

– Rob

First and foremost, I love the blog…. I have a question that’s a bit off topic, but maybe you can help? I have noticed that many, if not all, the players and coaches on the team wear a black necklace while playing… I think the necklace has the MLB or SOX logo and says something. They look cool and I’d love to wear one also… do you know what they are/say or where I can buy one? Thanks!

Not sure if you guys knew about this or not, but Peter Gammons from ESPN is in intensive care after suffering a brain aneurysm. I enjoy watching him on ESPN as I think he is the only one that really knows what they are talking about when it comes to baseball. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery but I think I read somewhere that he will be in ICU for 10 to 12 days, so hopefully he will be out soon. Just thought I’d pass some not so good news around. On a plus not, Superman was excellent =)

I also heard about Peter Gammons, and you’re my book the only decent announcer on the ESPN baseball broadcasts. Wishing Peter and his family well during this difficult time. He’s one class act!

I agree with you about Peter, I hope he is allright. Scott if there is a way to send Peter the best from White Sox fans please be sure to do so.


Sorry you guys know my name, Evan,

They are ‘Phiten Titanium Necklaces’ they have the ‘Phiten’ name brand written on them, have become very popular throughout MLB over the past 2 years where now it seems as if everyone is wearing one. They come in a variety of colors, the Sox appear to be wearing the black ones. Supposedly they improve muscle relaxation, which in turn improves performance. It seems an awful lot similar to the magnet trend some pro athletes (mainly golfers) adopted a few years ago.

I don’t know if there’s scientific evidence to either support or refute their claims, but at least our guys are winning, so keep on wearing them.

Maybe Scott can embellish, if there’s something I’m missing, or if there’s an interesting story behind them, or players’ superstitions concerning them.

Go Sox!!

First of all, way to go guys!! Now, THAT is the pitching I was referring to. Buehrle is the man. And, Tom Q, what do you know? His ERA is 3.22 and….he has 9 wins??!! So, I think that a low ERA could possibly go hand in hand with a winning record, no?

kolsens – thanks for watching my back.

Dawn – I never meant to insult anyone or to get nasty. If my comments were taken as insults, I am sorry. (Jeez – I am starting to sound like Ozzie).

Anyway, I think kolsens and I are on the same page. Low ERA is the key. Granted, rjriddle, on occasion a routine fly ball may drop between two outfielders on a knucklehead play,3 runs will score, and the pop up will be ruled a hit. However, on the whole, I don’t believe that a pitcher with ahigh ERA can point to these types of plays or others and blame his high ERA on these “error-hits.” Just keep the ERA low 3-3.5 (like last year) and we will win, especially with our hitting. (Sorry for the “diatribe”)

So are you bringing me on your next road trip Scott? That would be greeeeeat!

Low ERA is important in pitching but the intangibles that go along with it can make it an also-ran statistic at times. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of a pitcher should always be measured by his ERA first; but look at Clemens the last few years with Houston. He has a great ERA but they give him no run support so he has just a handful of wins to show for his performances. Kevin Millwood had the sae problem in Cleveland last year. The interpretation of errors is horrible at times too, as said before. I still don’t care about anything except if a guy can go out and give up 3 runs or less every outing, give or take a few, and give us a chance to win. BTW, Peter Gammons is one of the best guys writing and reporting on baseball, ever! He’s the only guy at ESPN without blatant eastcoast bias spewing, and he’s from Boston! Hope he gets well soon.

I was there for the game last night -and will be for the rest of the series- and just want to say how great the Sox presensce was. There were a lot of Sox fans from what I could tell when I was walking around during the pre-game, and it was great to see. It was a thing of beauty walking around seeing all of the Sox hats, shirts, jerseys, and such.

dreifer…and if Buehrle hadn’t had those two absolutely disastrous outings against the Indians earlier,he would have at least two more wins…and a lower ERA than what he has now…well,I was about ot write something that would not be fitting and proper for this space,so I censored myself…
Let’s face it,gang…we want everything to be absolutely perfect,so we don’t have to whine and moan and b**ch about anything…But this world we live in is so far from perfect,it’s pitiful…

So,what do you say,folks? Shall we bury the hatchet that we try to put in each other backs for a while?

We all have a united cause here,that is rooting the WS on to another possible pennant and world’s championship…and it really shouldn’t matter HOW they do it…as Phil Knight of Nike put it…JUST DO IT!

Scott…if you and the traveling party need any Dramameine(sic)to handle the atmosphere high above the world at PNC,just let the Bucco PR staff know…and they’ll get it to you the night after the AS game…because as you folks well remember,the time is running short for all the details to be finished up in order to put on MLB’s party….

Onto the Gammons story…I first met Peter back when he was a beat writer for the Boston Globe,back in the early ’70’s…He was a gentleman then,he remains one now,and my prayers and best wishes are added on to the rest of WS Universe,and the MLB family as a whole…..


i just finished voting my 25 times for mostly our guys ( i couldn’t go with Uribe or Anderson). who knows, maybe others will get the voting bug and put some of our guys over the top. voting late and often is better than not voting at all, but i fear that our guys will be subs for this game.and if it’s a close game, that may just mean that one of our guys is the hero. how about a Joe Crede or Paulie homer to put us ahead and a Bobby 1-2-3 ninth for an american league winner! keep up the intensity and get more runs for our hits tonight. go Sox, and go Sox fans( and vote). j.k. in tucson….

Great game last night- Mark pitched very well. I was very happy for Rob; he’s such a great guy, and I’m glad that the crowd let him know that! We are sure lucky to have him here in Chicago.

I couldn’t believe how high up the boxes were for y’all- they were showing Hawk and DJ wayyyyy up there, I got such a kick out of it. But what a beautiful backdrop to play baseball with, Pirates fans have to love that!

Keep voting Sox fans!! I am bummed about our chances at this point, but Klein made a great point- we get to be the heroes…..

After all- we do have that new grinder rule saying there are no “starting pitchers, just finishing pitchers.” Apply that to every position!🙂

Have a good day, and lets go Freddy tonight!!!

Go Sox!


I wish there was a way for us to make a huge impact on the All Star voting! So many of our guys deserve it! I’ve already maxed out 5 different email addresses 25 times….

jklein…It isn’t as though they will not be any reps from the WS on the team for the ASG,however….you realistically have to assume that every fan that votes in every ML or minor league market wants his or her player to be there,regardless of if the spot is deserving or not…
Back in the ’50’s,the good burghers of Cincinnati voted all NINE Reds players onto the NL squad,until Warren Giles and Ford Frick put an end to that nonsense…

So,balloting is fine,stuffing the ballot box is the all-Chicago way(so they say),but not everybody is in absolute head-over-heals love with the WS as we are here…so we must accept what the vox populi(there’s that damned Latin again…)say…but we know that most everyone will be there…..

TQuaid(souse of the border,down Mexico way…..)

just put in fake email addresses…and yes, this works

A momentary mini rant on the ASG. What a bunch of horse hockey!! It’s a popularity contest, and as we know, based on the popularity of the Evil Empire, that isn’t worth much. What bothers me now, is that it means something. I firmly intend on having our guys back on the big stage, and home field advantage might play into it. The fact that lesser players with more support in the East (they rule the world from there, you know) hold our destiny in their hands riles me. However, with that being said, the others are right. Other than the starting pitcher, what does it mean to start…you’ll still get yanked after an inning or 2, then on to the next guy. Having Bobby close it out would be awesome =)
Let’s make it 2 tonight!!


To add to Dawn’s rant about the ASG. I get angry when I hear that White Sox fans can’t vote their own players in. That is pure BS. Everyone IS voting. As a matter of fact, they are probably voting 25 times to more than 1 email addy as I did. The problem is that so is everyone else in New York and Boston. The people all over the country that do not have a home town team pick the players that they see the most on TV. And as we all know, the national TV stations support the Red Sox and Yankees above all. The entire system is flawed and that is the problem, not White Sox fans not voting.


Yeah…what Kris said!! =)

Gammons is listed as in good condition… you can send regards here

sox fans vote just fine, just ask scotty.

i havent gotten too in to voting for the starters. seems like a lost cause. im sure ozzie will take care of the rest when he gets to pick guys to go, though.

on era, though… ive heard a lot of awesome facts about era coinciding with talent and wins, which id say holds true pretty much for every starter except roger clemens. i can only assume that he must be cursed.

ive heard that there are 6 pitchers with eras under 3.00. and that’s great. theyd all probably help us more than vasquez. so, let’s have kenny williams call whoever the twins gm is and say ‘we’ll trade you vasquez for johan… and we’ll throw in a sausage pizza.’

im sure they’ll take it… they always jump at the pizza.

the thing is, you can’t just go around hoarding all the absolute best players with the best numbers… unless your steinbrenner. and the STATS are that our ‘worst’ starter has already taken 2 bids for a no hitter into the latter of half of 2 games.

it would be ludicrous to argue that we don’t have the best or at least 2nd best pitching staff in all of baseball. combine that with our soaring offense and a manager that wont let his team give in, and you get……

settle down!

if you can’t be content with the team youre seeing kenny and ozzie throw out there this year, then i wonder what will make perfectly happy? do you need a team to go 162-0 before you can finally say ‘ok, we’ve got it. now, no one ever get old or hurt!’

and don’t call people cheerleaders just because theyre thrilled to get to see this powerhouse of a team day in and day out after a lifetime of mediocrity.

THAT is a diatribe.

and buerhle’s my hero. go sox!

excellent post…. Man, that Matt Thornton has some nasty stuff. Looked darn good in the 8th!! Heading into the bottom of the 9th. I imagine we’ll see Big Bad Bobby Jenks (aka Manchild) to wrap this up for us. Let’s do this!!

Fantastic post MVP, fantastic win White Sox! CLUTCH HIT JUAN!!! Huge!

What dance is it tonight Dawn? I feel like we’ve lost the FUN of this blog in the past couple of days- so bring it back dancin!!🙂


Well, let’s see… I was always fond of the “Carlton” dance from the Fresh Prince =) And that’s how silly some of those hitters looked in the 8th against Thornton😉
You’re right..Let’s bring back the fun!!

well, that was a bit touchy until the 7th. it looked like Maholm was in control until then and then, and then, and then… you just can’t EVER count these guys out of any game. another series won, let’s get the sweep tomorrow, go Sox. j.k. in tucson..

The Carlton w/ Tom Jones in the background baby flowing smoothly into the “Roge” from Whats Happening!!!!!!

Although a couple of people are getting ready to **** on the effort tonight, call for a trade of Freddie for a solid starter who has an ERA of .028, and cry because BA didn’t get a hit, we got yet another win. Nice job taking the pitch the other way with some stank on it to get the bases clearing triple. Scott worked the count like he always does and got Marte like so many did last year.

The most impressive thing I have to agree w/ Bethany and Dawn …. our bullpen. Montero 2 k’s and a line out. Thornton, 3 k’s. Bobby, some drama w/ GAS + NASTY CURVE = WIN!!!!

Go get the broom’s next guys and come home for the 2nd team in Chicago.


once upon a time there was a man who lead his charges into battle. now, this was more than just a man, he was The Wizard of Ozzie (not Smith)! and his men loved him and worked very hard to do his bidding because he was most fair and treated his fellows as if they were his own children. and among this lot were noblemen and knights: Sir Pods of the Fleet Feet, the handsome and gritty BK, Sir Dye of the Truthful calm ways, and Master Crede. also with the Wizard were Sir Juan with the Golden Arm, and Sir TadI. there was Count Ski the Deceptive and Captain Marvel (aka, the Prince of Konerko). also with this formidable group was the Terrible Thome, he of the massive clout.

now these Warriors did battle in the past with many foes including Giants, Elephants, Dogs, tigers, snakes and Indians. but now they are to conclude their battle with the Natti’s of Sin-sin.

the exploits of our heros were known far and wide and in many lands including DC-land where Liz dwelleth, the Village of Jackson with DMurphy and MRP prowling about, and even in the far-away land of Cawliflornia by the Banks of the Bur where Weedenft lived.

But alas, as our good and true prepared to finish the Natti’s, trouble has arizen in the Rhealm of the White Knights. King Reifert-of-the-Blog-Page, that noble and kind leader is embroiled in controversy with his many children. the lovely Princesses, Maria, Lisa, Bethany, and Dawn have been drawn into a battle of their own with Count Kolsens and Duke Dreifer over whether our valient ones are doing all they can to maintain the Kingdom. is there no one to sort this all out? will not one among us step up and slay the dragon of doubt and rein supreme over the despots of tyrany and nay-sayers of doom? Wait, is that Tom Quiote is see? yes! and he is pointing his sharp (Walter)lantz at all who would blaspheme. but there is a new enemy to the North just on the horizon as well and we will need all of the Wizard’s men to silence this foe for once and for good. and that my friends starts friday after we’ve finished off the Natti’s.

at least that’s the way i heard the story out here in the land of prikly-pear and bobcats: your faithful insomniac scribe Old John…j.k.

The sweet ole tale of the Sox of white. Bats drawn in battle behind the wizard of Oz. Destin to do proud the true believers of love, honor, and the sacrafice bunt. Acts of unselfish and heroic proportions for the coveted “W”. We stand behind thee in these times of strife in the blogosphere. On to victory this afternoon.

Be brave. Be swift. Be mighty!

JK, wonderful post man!!!!


This damsel knows of no better and valiant men to battle the evil foes before us. And with our witty scribes to capture their honor and deeds for all eternity..the battle will truly be won.
Made my morning! Thanks JK!


JK, you crack me up!

My 2 cents on the ASG: Yes, it’s a popularity contest, and IMO that’s a shame. What do you think about restructuring the voting so that players are selected based on input from each club, the media, and the fans?

Go Jose. Go Sox. Sweeeeeep.

To add to the talk about the ASG. kr-trepac mentioned that folks who don’t have teams vote on players they see on national games. Well, let’s hope they were watching last Sunday when Tadahito wowed the national audience with those 2 great homeruns.

Tadahito is the closest to getting in and with Cano of the Yankees going on the DL, we just need to get him into 2nd to be a starter.

But, as our boys are a team, no superstar standing out, we typically lose out in these popularity contests. But that’s ok, the prize in October beats the ASG anyday.

Let’s keep the pressure on Detroit. They must be getting a little frustrated in that they can’t shake us.

Come on Jose, lets get the sweep!

That was a wonderful tale of some of the most valiant heroes these old eyes have ever seen! I will pass the story on to my children and they in turn will pass it on to theirs. I am beaming with pride to actually be included with these other noble, beautiful and most of all-knowledgable women who support our palehoses with such defiant pride.


I have the biggest smile on my face right now!!! haha

JK- you are amazing, thanks for the great laugh!

And what a vivid and completely accurate picture of our world right now, a true tale of the times!! hahaha

Remember when I said we should bring the fun back to the blog- I’m rulling it an official grand slam for JK!!! In fact, I think I’m doing a little macarena (yes Dawn, for you!) in honor this great post!!!

Game in t-minus 44 minutes! Lets go WHITE SOX, lead us to victory Jose!!!

– (Princess)Bethany🙂

P.S. There was an article in our newspaper today about Michael Barret, and his return. He made the comment that he “hold no more ill feeling towards AJ, Ozzie or the White Sox..” um….excuse me Mr. Barret, but I’m pretty sure you THREW the punch? How could you have ill feelings towards AJ, Ozzie or our clubhouse?!

The only person you can have some ill feelings towards is our very own Scotty Pods, who took you down before you could even realize he is smaller than you, yet much, much stronger apparantly!!! hahaha We love you Scotty Pods STILL for that!!!

thank you my friends for the kind words about my story. i left out the part about a two-faced minataur(sic)named Marri of Ot who is said to reside under a rock in the kingdom of the Northern foe. go Sox, let’s get another sweep. j.k.

That was the coolest adaptation of White Sox lore. I could vividly imagine the great pre-battle video montage of our heros and warriors of past and present. I could feel the pain of seeing our great knights of old with so much honor and glory and power, victorious in many battles but unable to win the war and ultimately suffering without a final conquest. Then my heart filled with eternal joy from our current vailant fighters fianlly winning the 88 years war against the enemies of the American and National realms, loosing only one battle in 12 and dominating all foes for the near flawless victory! Now, as we have been elevated in success, we must realize that the Dynasty of The White Table has been formed and that we will be victorious this year and many years to come, but reqardless of the final outcome of each year we will suffer no more from losing armies, but we will always be one of the last standing if not the final victor! Hail to the men of the White Table!



If I could extend your point a little further . . . I think we should even THANK fans in other cities for giving White Sox players a true all-star “break.” Rest is always helpful.

And wouldn’t it be pleasantly ironic if the Yankee “stars” helped US get the home field advantage come the fall, while they exit for the golf course?

Welcome back Freddie, ye of 3 ERA stuff.
To those games of giving up 7-8 runs, let us say…enough!!

Freddie, Big Game, you have demonstrated

that high ERAs can and will be deflated

Javier and Garland will hopefully follow

and no more than 3 runs will they allow.

Our brothers in arms, our men of the mound

the success of last year, it seems they have found.

To victory, dear Sox warriors, no mention of defeat,

one word, on the minds of all in WS Universe should be spoken…REPEAT!!

Duke Dreifer

Ok, you all are so darn creative…thanks for the positive thoughts! Go White Sox.

The Mayor – AJ

very nicely penned your Highness…

your obediant servant, & etc. ye olde scribe, j.k.

p.s. welcome to the fold, mr. Mayor.

and so, we need to start another streak beginning manana. go Sox, keep winning series! j.k.

Nice job, Politte………….

“He obviously didn’t have his stuff today”

“Contreras’s worse start of the season.”

“Mostly ineffective.”

No, not my words. The words of Farmer and Singleton.

Why, then, did Ozzie not pinch hit for Contreras in the 6th (man on 2nd, one out)? And why let him to continue to pinch into the 6th?

Farmer not only asked–but also answered–the question himself: “I think Ozzie wants to give Contreras a chance to win the game.” He explained that Ozzie “hoped” the Sox could score some runs in the 7th. (principle number one, as I defined it in previous posts).

A nice sentiment, but a manager cannot substitute sentiment for good judgement of his pitcher’s effectiveness. An ineffective pitcher (NOT my word remember!) CANNOT be allowed to continue and give up leads. And no matter whom else you “blame” for today’s loss–Sox failure to hit in the clutch, Politte’s continued ineptitude, etc–the REALITY is that Ozzie’s mismanagement of pitchers was a prime contributor, in a game when, after all, we did score 6 runs.

We can only hope that Garland and Vasquez will give us good starts this weekend. If not, the “enemy” to the north will make us suffer.

I have to say I agree w/ Kolsens in one aspect. The streak means squat right now. It is a great streak mind you but I think a more important stat, like I have said all year, IS THE “W”!!! The only time I think Ozzie made the wrong move was not pinch hitting for Jose in the 6th. I will stand behind Oz but this has me scratching my head. Oh well, Let’s hope the Pirates continue winning for 3 more games. If we don’t sweep the Cubs, something is wrong. We should’ve swept the Stros and this LAST PLACE TEAM. They got to take advantage of these last place teams w/ sweeps. That’s what the Tigers are doing and that is why they lead the division. KC, Tampa, Pittsburgh, and now the Cubs are all teams the Sox should sweep.

Go get the first game tommorrow Jon and gain some ground.


Can’t win ’em all, but hate to lose to the cellar dwellers when Detroit is on such a hot streak. Criminy!!

Now Detroit gets Pittsburg, Sox get Cubbies. We need a sweep at the dump, nothing else will do. Going there tomorrow, just hope I don’t catch anything.

Ok folks, I read this everyday but I don’t comment much, usually everything is positive and everyone has already spoken for me but tonight I feel I need to be heard. So, we lost to Pittsburgh, so what, someone has to.. their losing streak was bound to end, the odds were against us to sweep them. Everyone last year was hootin and hollering when things were wonderful.. so we’re a few back.. it’s not even mid July, relax.. breathe in…now out. Our boys rock 98% of the time.. occasionally they don’t, give em a break.. if you’re so willing to make the bandwagon rocky already, we don’t need you on it. If you’ve been on the Sox Wagon since the day you were born or before, then here we are.. relaxing, not getting worried, life goes on with an occasional loss. Detroit will lose again and we’ll win again on the same day (aka.. we’ll gain ground) I love most of the posts on here but doggin one another and the team isn’t what this is here for, all it does is send bad feelings to the guys if they read it. We all know how great our boys are and we need to continue to pump them up, even when a game doesn’t go our way! Did you see that homer Thome hit today, it was amazing as heck..

Saw a new grinder rule commercial today… Grinder Rule #14 ‘It’s a mother’s right to yell at her boys’ made me and my kids laugh because I ALWAYS refer to the Sox as ‘my boys’ Come on folks, they’re our family, keep cheerin them on and they won’t let us down!

Good post ‘sox1966’. The important thing is we won another series. Regardless of how bad a team Pittsburgh is, we won the series and if you keep winning series you’ll win it all and they (Sox) will. Remember last year when Cleveland went on a terrific run at the end of the season and how worried some of us were? well the Tigers are on the same kind of run now. Remember at the end of the Cleveland run who beat them?The Sox did and will do so to the Tigers when we meet again in about 2 weeks. Be cool, it’ll happen . . . it’s all coming together now anyway.

As for Politte, Ozzie has to find out now how he is and how he’s going to be . . . better to fail now while we have time to recover than at the end or in the playoffs when we wont have that luxury. Hang in there and hang on fans . . . things are going our way. Next step are the Flubs, I mean the Dubs, sorry I mean the Cubs (all the same). Go get em guys, we’re all with you. Go Sox.

Well that one was quite a bummer today! Tough come back for **************, but it happens. He just needs to make sure to rebound from today better then ever his next chance. He’ll come around.

How about Thome’s MONSTROUS home run today!?!? Right into the river, I was lovin’ it!! What a clutch hit…bummed we couldn’t pull it off simply becasue the home run lost its meaning!! Oh well, I’m very proud!

Great post sox1966, hope you post more!!🙂

Klein…I’m anxiously awaiting waking up tomorrow morning to more of your wonderful writings, haha! No pressure or anything! lol Just kidding, but seriously- I’m still laughing everytime I go back and read it again!!

Lets show our muscles tomorrow Sox, lets get back on a roll….and lets not look back at all. Lets go guys!!


Awesome post sox1966! I like you already. Mixed feelings…a lil’ sad to watch Jose struggle just a tiny bit but everybody stumbles once in a while and this all this was…just a stumble not even close to a fall (Kolsens). So relax every body! Tmome my homie is just magnificent to watch at the plate especially when he’s blasting baseballs across the river. I had to look at the replay to see whether he had a bat or a golf club in his hands! Excited and anxious for today’s game. Let’s GO WHITE SOX SWEEP THOSE SCRUBBIES!!!!!!

one more thing. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Garland homered AGAIN!!!!!

What a great time to be a Sox fan. I just read in the Sports section of the Daily Hearld a position by position comparison of the Sox and Cubs. Sox were give every one with a push for bullpen. WOW! But it true, we are a solid team. I agreed with them all, however I am a little bias.

I also looked ahead to Detroit’s schedule, and they have a real tough August coming up. I think that is when we will fly by them. Besides playing us 7 times, they play the Red Sox, Yankees, Twins, Indians.

Disappointed that Freddie won’t get a chance to pitch this weekend. He always pitches great against the Cubs.

Looking for a sweep, but will settle for 2 out of 3. Need to keep taking those series.


jklein,old boy…If JK Rowling ever does decide to end the Harry Potter series,I recommend that you take over for her…(or,in the language you used,would that be take ‘oer?)
Well,folks,it’s Friday…Yesterday,the big Cuban horse got his stall rocked by a bunch of Pirates with a Division Street offense…a lot of singles,but not enough scoring…(ah,memories of a callow youth…)But then,out of the dugiut comes “Sock-It”Thome,who plays a lovely chorus of “Down by the Riverside” to get Contreras off the hook…Unfortunately,Uncle Cliffie gives up a cheapy to a very good,red hot hitter,Sanchez…and the Pirate fan goes crazy…(they’re getting to be like the Royals—they’ll have to cancel Fan Appreciation Day,because the fan won’t be able to show up…)

So now,the boys comes upon Jurrassic Park at Neverland for round two…And the mandatory eight-count,three knock down rule prevails…I think it would be an absolutely peachy-keeno,PC idea to have the two teams come out after batting practice,en masse(Latin for “all together now”)and sing a couple of choruses of Kumbaya…

Then,Ozzie and Dusty can mutually beat up a stuffed likeness of Jay(because the real stuffed likeness is on vacation),and Barrett and AJ can forgive and forget…What’s that,it won’t work?

You’re right…that’s even too far fetched for me top believe…and I wrote it(I recognize the style….)…..

Here’s to entertaining baseball all weekend,and the hopes that the best team win…(guess which one? Oh,come on,guess….)

Tom Q(waiting for the next missive from Arizona)

again, you are all so kind for your nice thoughts, but that story was inspired by a lack of sleep, and i wasn’t planning on any sequels. i’ll keep it open though and in a few days after the Wizard’s men rein suppreme over the foe from the north i’ll see what occurs to me.
thanks again, Go Sox, j.k.

I hope you all have been watcing this Comcast pregame show, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!! haha The part where they were asking each team about the other side was priceless, listening to our guys answers were hilarious.

My favorite quote comes from BA earlier in the broadcast….a reporter was asking him about his first time at Wrigley- how he liked it, etc…and this was part of his answer,

“Kinda feels like I’m back in the minor leagues!…”

hahaha I love it.

Lets go Jon and LETS GO SOX!!! Jump on them early and often!!!!


Looking at the Sox notes today on the website, I didn’t realize how much of a lead we had built up in the wild card race. So focused on winning the division and catching the bengals that we have seperated ourselves from the rest of the pack.

What will ESPN do if both the Yankees and Red Sox aren’t in the playoffs! Ha Ha! Got to love it.

Love the BA comment!


and on the first day of the invasion of our Wizard leading his stout-hearted fellows into battle against the Foe from the North, there was much anticipation and concern amongst the court of King Reifert-of-the-blog-page and the rest of the kingdom. would our Valients win the day or would there be much sorrow and gnashing of teeth? as our contest begins let’s all of us embrace our Champions and wear their colours with pride….

go Sox.j.k.

This is fun already!

and lo, Juan of the Golden Arm said to his Brothers: “Lean on me, my Fellows, and i will show you the way to win this joust”. and so it was.( at least through the eighth). go Sox, j.k.

And the valiant have struck the first blow! Today, Sir Juan, the Brave, led the way. Sir Jon, the tall, fought back valiantly after the first skirmish, and did the kingdom proud!! Not sure what dance goes with the Middle Ages, but that’s the one I’m doing =)

In the last 14 games Juan is 21 for 56 (.375) with 19 RBI. Not bad for a guy that some people on this blog would like to trade….In June the Sox are 19-8, Detroit is 19-7. But I am still confident that the Sox will win the Division.


Thanks for another astute observation. Although I root against both the Red Sox and Yankees, I savor more Yankee defeats, as they are probably are wild card competition (and then there’s the Steinbrenner factor. . .).

first i must apologize for some mistakes i made a couple of days ago. in my sleeplessness i identified our Handsome one as BK, i meant BA of course, and for some reason i had us doing battle with the Natti’s of Sin-sin. i don’t know where that came from. maybe i was afraid to face the Pirates of the state of Penn. maybe i had a brain*art. but while i’m at it after the third joust of that battle, can you say Arghh? now on to new business. where is our good King? we have not heard of King Reifert-of-the-Blog-Page for several days. i find it most dismaying and of much concern that on the first day of our invasion of the foe of the North that our benevolent benefactor has vanished. is there some master plan by the foe of the North that is to evil purposes? as your humble scribe i must protest the shaking of hands at the beginning of todays joust when it is clear that the evil Northern Monarch has taken liberties with our good King. i propose a Quest! i propose that we send our Master Tom Quaidhote to ensure the safety of our King until such time as we are prepared to finish the Northern Beasts. To Arms All. We must protect the King!! Cry to Arms, and pray for the safety of our King!
( i’d go with you but i’ll be bounding after a small white spheroid on the morrow.)

it appears as if this story must be told, and so adeau to all.

j.k. in the land of snakes and cactus.

Way to start if off today guys!! Garland sure pitched a heck of a game after that 1st inning, and holy hottness- Juan Uribe!!!!What a clutch performance today, was he unbelievable, or was he unbelievable?!?

Well my fellow Sox fans, I will be MIA for the next two days- my buddies and I are heading away for the weekend for my birthday (Monday)!! So lets go Javy, and lets go Mark- and everyone else in between- lets get the sweep!! I’ll be listening intently while I’m gone, and will look forward to catching up on Monday!🙂


Happy B-day Bethany.

Nice job settling down by big Jon. Had a good bite to his sinker.

Juan put the team on his back today huh??? Nice to see the streaky hitter in him come out lately. He needs to touch BA’s bat and then we’ll put up 30 on someone!!!!

A win tommorrow gives us another series like dmurphy says and I think Javy will have a good one. No bad innings for him!!!


A VERY Happy Birthday to Bethany!! ENJOY! We shall miss your presence. If Big Jon can continue to pitch inside like this going forward, he’ll known ’em dead. Late in the game when he started jamming guys inside, he was golden…. Let’s get another one tomorrow.

may you have the happiest of birthdays, Princess Bethany. here’s hoping you receive jewels and other finery befitting your station. take care in your travels, methinks the enemy is about.

To the comments and thoughts of one and all in the kingdom of Sox,I,too,add my best wishes to Princess Bethany on the celebration of another year of good health,with prosperity and nothing but good things to follow…
Well,folks,that certainly was “Juan”for the books yesterday,”juan’st”it?(oh,this kid is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS with his word byplay,isn’t he?)

New Papa Juan did it with his bat,certainly,and with his glove as well…In fact,the last out yesterday was very reminiscent(sic)of a certain ground out last October 26th,the last out of what turned out to be the last game of the World Serious…

Now,there has developed a made for sports talk radio(an oxymoron,with emphasis on the last syllable)crisis regarding the tag play at home plate with Pierre sliding in…Umpire Reilly made the right call,but the provacatuers of the airwaves,at least the ones I heard on the Score this AM,are ripping Dusty a new one(if you need to ask “a new what?”,you are obviously new to the vernacular of jockdom and fandom—not to mention anatomy….)for not coming out of the dugout to argue that the call was incorrect…Mr.Baker said that he can’t see the homeplate from his spot in the dugout…Not that I am in the habit of defending things Cubbie,but he is absolutely RIGHT…that dugout is one of the WORST pillboxes in the history of MLB…The “crown”,or slope of the field,obscures quite a bit of the playing field from view…If you were watching Ch 9’s “cub-rage”(another precious pun from the boy,right?)yesterday,you saw the shots of Ozzie in the WS dugout,standing to view the action…That is the only way to see what is going on at Jurrassic Park at Neverland…

Of course,it could also be that Johnnie B.Baker sees,in the famous phrasing of the late Ajax Cassidy,”the handwriting on the hurdy-gurdy”regarding his length of stay as the manager on the North Side…(my view? the Tribune brass won’t jettison him until after the playoffs and World Series…but he knows he’s “dead manager walking….”)so why argue about a dead team?

However,WS Universe rolls merrily along…because they know that Los Tigres have to fly west to Oakland and Seattle next week,while the boys entertain the “fresh meat” of the Orioles and Red Sox at the Cell…so,who knows,the dreaded “curse of the Coast” could suddenly bring an end to the fun run in Motown….

Finally,master klein…Although I live 10 blocks south of where the action is this weekend,I really don’t think that King Scott needs a bodyguard like myself…unless Sharon Panozzo unleashes the full fury of her wrath upon him and Brother Beghtol…so thanks verily for yon vote of confidence but…nay,I must decline…(what the h*ll am I saying,or writing???)

Tom Quaid(I’ll have you know,mr klein,I am a personal friend to Chilly Willy,Andy Panda and Wally Walrus…any one of whom would be better than Dusty at this time…

BTW,has anyone else noticed how crusty and cantakerous Farmer has become on the radio recently…Ed,please…lighten up on Singleton and the other rants….)

Hey, I live in Texas and they had the Stros/Rangers game on Fox down here (why I’ll never know!) 🙂 But I’m listening on mlb radio and AJ just smacked the **** out of the ball.. what all did the fans throw on the field.. Ed was not impressed with the Cub fas at all! They just showed it briefly since the Stros game is over but not enough to appease me! I guess when a game is on Fox my extra innings package isn’t worth a thing, hey, does anybody know why no games are on the extra innings dish package on Saturday’s? LET’S GO WHITE SOX!


I think FOX has the rights to all Saturday day games. I don’t know what the distance was of AJ’s HR. But it was WAY out of there!! The Scubs fans showed a lot of class after the HR. I thought Scubs fans worshiped the not so Friendly Confines?

OH YEAH!!!!!!! How about that AJ throwing a great punch of his own!!! I bet his punch hurt a lot more than the one he took on the chin from barrett HA!! HA!! And those Cubs fans….what a classy bunch they are huh? THIS FEELS GREAT!!!!
(Princess) Lisa

weedenft here in CA – somebody please tell me what they threw on the field?

Fred in Burbank, CA

They threw all kinds of garbage..used cups, paper, etc. On National TV… not exactly putting your best foot forward for the world to see. AJ IS the man!! And how fitting for it to be him that yanks this game away from the Cubs! Dancing in the living room today!!!! If just feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! Get the brooms out!!

AJ…way to show the flubs how to hit! That is how you do it.

Those thug fans are just trash, why would they trash their field like that?

Bobby…way to save a game…

I am so happy I was at the game today to support the Sox and show the flub fans how fun it is to be a fan of a GREAT team!

Another amazing comeback, another sweet victory, despite 3 bungled bunts.

But let’s not lose the forest:

6 innings,

5 runs,

11 hits,

and not a SINGLE clean (3 up, 3 down) inning . . .against one of the WORST hitting teams in the majors.

Can we always expect our hitters to bail out Vazquez? Can you even REMEMBER a solid Vazquez performance? In contrast, McCarthy pitched 3 beautiful innings yesterday. It’s time for a change. . .

Kolsens, your points are well made as usual. it is unnerving to watch Janier pitch, wondering when he will give it up. i just got back from my round of bounding after that white spheroid and of course missed the game. i saw the score at the 19th hole while chatting about ( what else?) baseball. my yankee buddie and reds buddy disagree about this year. i contend that the wild card will come out of the central this year, leaving the yankmess or red sox out,(maybe both if toronto catches fire). i sat that if the Sox keep winning series, then NO ONE can catch them, and the tigers are last years version of our team. that’s what Duke Dreifert says too if i remember correctly. but getting back to my point, Vasquez almost no hit the royals TWICE this year, and even though it was the worst team in baseball i’m not ready to give up on Javi just yet. remember the record of Contreras last year in the first half? trust in all things Ozzie and Cooper and we will be ok. in other words, don’t give up just yet, and it’s great to have a quality arm coming out of the pen for a couple innings in Brandon.

hey Master Tom, i don’t think you should announce your close proximity to the Northern Foe, so watch your back. i was most concerned about our King Reifert however. he must be in jeopardy to not have heard from him for so long…. and Tom, i think we need more than chilly or wally, we need YOUR alter ego. where is Crusader Rabbit? he and your lantz will save the day.

go Sox, we’re due for a sweep don’t you think?

j.k. in the golf mecca of tucson….

^I see where you are coming from, but I agree with Hawk when he said when the Sox and the cubs play, it doesnt matter what the record is. I think since this is such a huge rivarly, a lot of the players play better than they normally woould. The cubs were playing at home and I think they were pumped by their fans and the fact that they wanted to win this game. Too bad they didnt!

Nice job AJ. Another game where the hero is dispersed to another member of the TEAM. That one stung!!!
Nice job again by the ‘pen.

Also, I don’t see the problem w/ the classy fans of the North. Aren’t you SUPPOSED to throw your trash in the garbage??????

Sweep ’em Mark.


that was a great roller coaster ride.
was watching the game, and noticed jacque in the 7th when he hit his homer, throw the bat down and sit there and admire it… and i thought, that’s all fine and good, but we still have 6 outs… and it’s not like our offense has been quiet with the wind blowing out.

then to see aj hit his out, right over jones’ head, he tossed the bat away and admired how pretty it was. you gotta be crazy to not love that guy. or a cubs fan. but i repeat myself.

couldnt really fault the cubs fans for their display. that one just must have absolutely hurt deep. and i watch a fair number of games. it’s not like it’s the first time theyd seen this. closest thing i could liken it to is in 2004, near the end of the season when we were coming up on the twins. i went to a game vs the twins to see if we could take a series and close a lot of ground. close game. but torii hunter scored on a sac fly when he plowed through jamie burke at the plate. went on to lose, and it hurt. worst game i ever went to. now imagine that for like the whole first half. and there’s just not a lot they can do about during the season but weather the storm.

about javy… at least he wasnt as bad as with houston. he just gets rattled too easily. i start getting upset too watching aramis dump bloopers all over right field for extra bases. that’s just getting old. the lineup is so much more potent with lee back in it now, though. especially witht he wind blowing out. so, while it wasnt a solid outing. it kept us in the game enough. and after the years of danny wright and felix diaz and the other 30 guys that had never heard the term ‘quality start,’ ill certainly take javier as our number 5 guy.

and with politte still a quation mark and dustin still(???) on the dl, i like brandon in the bullpen.

what great game, though… cant wait to hear them go through it over and over again on the pregame.

ajs my hero… go sox!

I think I’ve watched the highlights of yesterday’s game more times than I can count, and it gets better with every viewing. You gotta love the showing of the Sox fans. Seeing them dancing on the rooftops as AJ’s homer went out was awesome!

JK, you have to be careful what you write, telling someone to ‘watch their back’ in Wrigleyville could be construed as a homophobic slur, I think you may need sensitivity training.

I’ve been to every game our Sox have played against the Scrubs since interleague play began in ’97, and yesterday was simply the best game ever. I know Javi struggled, and I know up until AJ’s dinger we were a combined 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position, so while I was frustrated at times during the game, the ending was awesome, and more than made up for it. AJ, ‘The Lightning Rod’ the guy they hate more than anybody, perfect. The best part about the past two days though has been WS Universe turnout at that urine-infested dump. In past years there have only been a few hundred, if maybe a few thousand Sox fans there, yesterday everywhere I looked were people with White Sox garb, felt like a 50-50 crowd. That was amazing.

One last thing, the fans were throwing more than just garbage out on the field, there were hats, jerseys, I even saw a jacket. The best scene though; one fan behind the Cubs dugout stood up, tore off (unbuttonned) his Cubs #34 jersey (Cy Young, if I’m not mistaken) and threw it on the field. A defining moment for a Flubs fan declaring that he is giving up on his team? Perhaps.

And they say we have no class.

Let’s hope Mark can bury em’ today and get this sweep.

Go Sox!!

Yesterday, at wf, they had T-shirts with a picture of Ozzie kissing his son after the White Sox won the World Series and it said, Ozzie is a homosoxual. Hmm…

thanks for the tip Edge,( Eddie, isn’t it?) and my sincere apologies to any i may have inadvertantly offended. maybe i could join Ozzie at his seminar. a question though. if i was magically (tragically) transported to the north side and was an oceanographer, and asked about finding a hump-back whale, would my question be misconstrued? no wonder i fly into midway instead of ohare. go Sox complete the deal. j.k.

UGH – Kolsens, help!!! I think Buehrle caught the Javier bug! Can anyone remember the last time the Tigers’ starters gave up more than 3 earned runs in a game? OK, yes, I am scared of them. SO SHOOT ME, OK!! They are winning with PITCHING? Remember? Sox….2005?

Chris *****!!! Politte!!!

Dear Oz,

You’re a man with a big heart. A man who cares about his players. For that, we appreciate you.

We also understand you. With regard to pitching, we especially understand principle number one, i.e. that NO STARTING PITCHER SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT BEFORE THE SIXTH INNING. You want pitchers to have a chance to win. You want to “save” the bulllpen.

But Oz, ELEVEN RUNS??? And eleven runs on HARD HIT balls, including homers by Neifi Perez and Carlos Zambrano? And you STILL let Mark Buehrle pitch?

Yes, we can score runs. But expecting ANY team to overcome that deficit is ridiculous!

AND Oz, the the problem here goes beyond one game. ALL of our starters–not just Vazquez–are giving up runs. Even Jose Contreras has been hit hard during his past couple outings! During this time, we need someone who can MANAGE the pitching, who can JUDGE the effectiveness of a pitcher and TAKE HIM OUT when he’s clearly INeffective.

We understand that YOU DON’T have that judgement. You’re a man of feeling, a man who substitutes two principles for judgement.

BUT next to you sits a pitching coach: Don Cooper. HE certainly can judge. He can tell you when a pitcher is/is not effective. If necessary, HE can make the decisions you can’t.

Please Oz, use him! We’re not pitching as we did last year. And signs are that things are getting worse. By deferring to Cooper, you can help us save this season!

Yours truly,

Your players and fans

Losing one game is not a big deal. But if I see Politte pitch again for the Sox I will be ****off!! Since he came back from the DL he has pitched 3 innings and has given up 3 HRS!!! There must be someone in AAA that can pitch better than this guy!! Detroit plays the next three at Oak who has lost 5 of their last 6. I guess the Sox will have to win the next 4 against Bal if they are going to gain any ground.

We have GOT to get AJ in!!!

Wow, nine innings of batting practice huh???? Our pitching gave up quite a few runs this weekend to this weak team didn’t they????

Got to start shutting teams down. Our offense is fine, pitching is less than stellar.

Let’s get on a roll w/ Freddie against the O’s.

Go Sox


Count Kolsens is right about his open letter to Ozzie. Ozzie DOES manage with his feelings, and that’s at least one reason his players WANT to play for him. our pitching staff on whole is NOT what it was last year. that concerns me too, but do we want to drastically change what has brought us halfway through this season? if this was just a throw away game as it appeared after the 5th, then i see why Politte came in to pitch. the problem/wonder of it all is that this team doesn’t quit and the four runs Cliff gave up was the difference in our tying up this game if another guy would have put the cubs down. i am still advocating staying the course, but it sure would be great to have more confidence in the releivers who come in, and as Kolsens says, be a bit more discriminating on leaving our starters in if they are having a bad outing. so now, let’s all put this behind us and gear up for those Bird-people from baltimore and continue getting series! go Sox j.k. in tucson


There is a silver lining to Politte’s “performance” today. According to Angel Pagan, before today he had NEVER had a 2 homer day IN HIS LIFE!!!! Now he can he say he has.

More importantly, Sox management (and fans!)now have sufficient reason to ship Politte to AAA or trade him. In fact, may I suggest that if Ozzie CONTINUES to pitch Politte, that we give him the same reception we gave Damaso Marte last season? Who knows? With a few solid days of booing, maybe Politte will join Damaso in Pittsburg, where Marte sports a 0-6 record, and is living proof that last season fans saw his true worth before Ozzie did.

Those who still have their head in the sand (excluding Kolsens) should read Couch’s article in today’s Sun Times. I will give you a hint…it describes our dominant (ahem) pitching…

I did express serious concern when Politte was brought in..and without the 4 runs he gave up, we still were in this thing. Would much have preferred to see McCarthy or Thornton. Not sure if Politte is still hurting, or what… As for Couch’s article. I’ll take your word for it. I’m boycotting the Sun-Times. Let’s shake this off and start back on the right track!!

Dawn – I hope you have not replaced the Sun Times with the Cubune??!!

Look, something’s gotta get done by the trade deadline and I don’t think a Geoff Blum-type trade is going to help us this year. Our offense is clearly dominant. I am cautiously (CAUTIOUSLY) inspired to see Uribe hit and even BA is slowly starting to come around.

I am still very concerned with our starters, though. Jose has given up far too many runs in the past 6 games (26?), Javier is…well…no change there, and Garland is day to day. We need consistency from our starters and we just don’t have it right now.

Well I come back to you all a year older (and hopefully wiser!! hah) today….and I can’t wait to get to the Cell tonight to celebrate!! THANK YOU for all your bithday wishes Dawn, Tom, Sean and JK!!

Pardon me for rehasing the weekend events, but AJ!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome was that?! And how about those classy Cubs fans trashing their own field.

AJ’s priceless quote of the day following that game:

“I hope I don’t get fined again for inciting the crowd!”

haha, the man has a point there though.

And speaking of AJ-

LETS GET HIM ON!!! He deserves this All Star nod…lets go SOX FANS- vote, VOTE, VVOOTTTEE!!!!!!!!


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