Monday and the Birds

Monday, July 3, 2006, 2006, 1:40 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Konerko, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Widger, C; Anderson, CF. Garcia on the mound.


Campaigning for AJ

Gears are turning here at the ballpark to begin our campaign for AJ as the 32nd member of the AL All-Star Team.  Our fans set a high bar last year, electing outfielder Scott Podsednik with a record vote.  Let’s do the same for AJ.

Jokes around the clubhouse has people standing in line to "punch AJ" on their ballots, and some wondered if anyone other than AJ would have to contend with a negative vote.

You can vote or text message for AJ at  Start clicking now.

All-Star Team

It was fascinating to be a small part of watching how the All-Star Team was selected.  Many fans may be under the impression that the manager sits down and makes his pick.  That is far from the case.

Leading up to last weekend, we had prepared page after page of stats and player rankings, along with projected pitching rotations.  Ozzie spoke with managers of other teams.

As you know, fans selected the eight starters.  Players vote on the the next eight players, one per position.  Players also select eight pitchers, five starters and three relievers.  This leaves seven players for Ozzie to select.  Of the seven, four must be pitchers, and he had to cover the four teams — Bal, Oak, KC and Cle — who did not have a player among the fan and player choices.  So, really, Ozzie had three picks of his own and used them on Konerko, Jenks and Buehrle. 

Because the players selected Jim Thome as the backup first baseman, Konerko was needed as the only true first baseman on the team.  Jenks received a lot of support from the players vote as well and obviously is one of the top relievers in the game.

Grady Sizemore was Ozzie’s easy choice as the Indians rep (and he also gave the AL another center fielder), Miguel Tejada was the Orioles selection so that he had another middle infielder to play with in terms of game strategy.  And Barry Zito and Mark Redman were the pitchers selected to represent their teams.

Starting pitching was an concern.  Three of the five starters chosen by the players are scheduled to pitch Sunday, which limits them to at most one inning in the ASG.  So in Buehrle, Zito and Redman, Ozzie was adding pitchers who could give him innings should the game go to extras.

Pitchers like Mike Mussina and Curt Schilling are having great years but are scheduled to throw Sunday.  Adding them to the team would not solve the innings issue.

Hope that explains some of the behind-the-scenes concerns with picking the team.  It was sure an experience to sit in on the meetings, watch, listen and learn.

In the end, it’s Ozzie’s team, and he believes its a team he can win this game with … after all, we want home field advantage.


Crede deserved to be named an all-star much more than Buehrle this year.

I, too, would have loved to see Joe make the All-Stars. He’ll be the first alternate, according to Ozzie, so he still has a good chance to get in. There is usually someone who opts out because a lingering problem they just want to rest.

Dye in the Derby, can’t wait to be able to root for one of our own! GO J.D.!!

Vote for A.J.!!!

Excellent post, Scott. I appreciate the behind-the-scenes look into how the selections were made.

I was saddened not to see either AJ or Joe on the list, but at least I understand a bit more why. There is no denying that each is having an outstanding year.

That being said, this constitutes my last blog entry until the voting (punching) is over. Any downtime on my end will be spent on trying to get AJ that final spot.

C’mon Sox fans… let’s get AJ in there!

Hello,folks…It has been a little less than 24 hours after the final out was recorded on the North Side…I’ve had time to cool off,calm down,and reflect on the games of Saturday and Sunday…Now that I have done so,let me just say…

15 home runs in two games? Are you kidding me? You know that Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez are capable…so is Todd Walker and Michael Barrett…so,for that matter,is Zambrano…but ANGEL PAGAN???Come on,people…let’s get serious…

After Buehrle got through tipping his pitches,and batting practice was over with,in the 6th inning…Uncle Cliffie took over from a very reliable David Riske(no “riske business”there….)…

Now,all of WS Universe know I speak not just with my heart but with my eyes wide open…So,let me say this right now…

Politte has to go…

He will kill this club before he helps it…just as Marte did down the stretch of ’05…

There has to be a better left handed reliever somewhere,either in the system or for trade…Ken W has to pull the trigger now…

This team needs a solid bullpen from everybody–not just Cotts,Mc Carthy and Manchild…they are still withing striking distance of Los Tigres…and there is an eternity of time remaining…But needless to say,I was very unhappy to see the debacle that was WS pitching yesterday at Jurrassic Park at Neverland…

If you don’t keep the ball down and away from the middle of home plate,even a bunch of jamokes like the Cubs are going to annihilate you…which is just what they did…

The WS have been climbing too many mountains recently to get back into games that they have trailed big time in…they just ran out of gas yesterday…Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen like that again for a long time…

BTW…Happy Birthday again,Bethany…one day short of being considered a Yankee Doodle Dandy…But,with us,you’re a dandy anyway…

Also,you’re(I’m guessing here)about 210 years younger than the US of A is tomorrow…but,in our eyes,you’re just as attractive and vibrant…

Celebrate safely tomorrow,folks…don’t be stupid…

Tom Q


Well said. May I add that Wrigley is a JOKE in MANY ways, including its beer prices ($5.50 for Heineken/Becks and $5.75 for Old Style???!!!), its “scoreboreds” (which may or may not post pitch counts, and which includes one electronic board with up-to-date scores and another that is usually an inning behind the electronic one), its many obstructed seats never marked as such, as well as a myriad of other “quaint” features.

now i know why a lot of cuds fans are drunk. only 5.75 for a beer? at chase field last week the beer ( bud light) ran me 7.25 each. needless to say i did not drink too much. good reason ( besides their poor record) why the D-backs aren’t drawing well. Go Sox, start it rolling. j.k. in tucson. welcome back Scott!!! & thanks for the inside info….

I would love to see Joe there also, hopefully he can still make it as an alternate

Scott and Brooks,

You BETTER make that shirt available soon … at least for Sox Pride Club Members. We paid for cool stuff like that … give it up!

Hey Scott,
Ozzie said on Sports Center tonight that you haven’t had any work to do the last few days. And any players who did not make the All-Star Team should call you….Let’s hope that our pitchers can get things in order over these last seven games before the break….Last year at the break the Sox were 57-29. With a 5-2 finish the Sox will have about the same winning pct as last year.

One year ago, people on this very forum were calling for Joe Crede to be traded. Now their complaining he’s not on the all-star team. It’s good sometimes to remember where we’ve come from.

Great point jmcmahon!! Thank you for winning Super Bowl XX for Da Bears:)

Great observation jmcmahon. I know everyone on this site is a Sox fan and wants only the best for the team and the organization but maybe should relax a little and let Ozzie and his staff do their job and let KW do his. We’ve got a great team and team attitude and I believe the Sox record speaks for itself. Can we be better? Yes! Should the Sox make some personnel moves? Maybe! But I for one, believe they can win it all with what they have, including their talent in triple A. Tonight wasn’t pretty but over the past couple of weeks they have been beautiful, for the most part. Stick with them, they’ll be fine . . . I can’t wait till we see the Tigers and make our move back to the top . . . if not, I’ll eat my words. Though I no longer live in the Chicagoland area I am still considered a Chicagoian by birth and Sox fan by the grace of God. Go Sox.

Garcia not holding base runners . . .
Iguchi not giving way to Dye. .

Uribe throwing the ball away . .

Widger throwing when he shouldn’t, not backing up first when he should, not taking off his mask (when he should) and dropping a throw (when he shouldn’t) . .


It’s time for Ozzie to SCREAM!

Tom- thanks again for the birthday wishes! You are exactly right with the age guess….scary! haha I appreciate the well wishes!!

Unfortunately the guys couldn’t pull it off for me tonight! It was a tough one all around, that’s an understatement. The only thing I truly care about after this loss is Tadahito. Forget about the game when one of our guys is down. I hope he is OK SOON….we need his work ethic and talent out there.

Tough losses happen, back at it tomorrow.

Go Sox!


P.S. The amazing thing about tonights game- Mark getting on the stadium microphone again saying we need to get AJ on the All Star game. It sent chills through my body. I love this TEAM. Truly and completely a team. I love it.

Listen, my children, and you shall hear of a lovely feminine Paul Revere who rode an equally fanous ride through a different part of the countryside,where Sylil Ludington’s name recalls a ride as daring as that of Paul’s

In April. seventeen seventy-seven, a smoky glow in the eastern heaven (a fiery herald of war and slaughter) cae to the eyes of the Colonel’s daughter. “Danbury’s burning” she cried aloud. The Colonel answered,”Tis but a cloud, a cloud reflecting the campfires’ red, so hush you Sybil and go to bed.

“I hear the sound of the cannon drumming” “Tis only the wind in the treetops humming! So go to bed, as a young lass ought, and give the matter no further thought” Young Sybil sighed as she turned to go, “Still, Danbury’s burning- that I know.”

Sound of a horseman riding hard, clatter of hoofs in the manoryard. Feet on the steps and a knock resounding, As a fist struck wood with a mighty pounding, the doors flung open, a voice is heard, ” Danbury’s burning – I rode with word: fully half of the town is gone and the British, the British are coming on. Send a messenger, get our men!” His message finished, the horseman then staggered wearily to a chair and fell exhausted in slumber there.

The Colonel muttered, ” and who, my friend, is the messenger I can send? Your strength is spent and you cannot ride and then, you know not the countryside: I cannot go for my duty’s clear: When my men come in they must find me here: there’s devil a man on the place tonight to warn my troopers to come and fight. Then who is my messenger to be?” Said Sybil Ludington, “You have me.”

“You” said the Colonel, and firmly smiled, “You, my daughter, you’re just a child!” ” Child” cried Sybil, ” Why I’m sixteen! My mind’s alert and my senses keen, I know where the trails and the roadways are, and I can gallop as fast and as far as any masculine rider can. You want a messenger? I’m your man!”

The Colonel’s heart was aglow with pride, “Spoke like a soldier, ride girl, ride. Ride like the devil; ride like sin; summon my slumbering troopers in. I know when duty is to be done that I can depend on a Ludington!”

So over the trails to the towns and farms Sybil delivered the call to arms. Riding swiftly without a stop, except to rap with a riding crop on the soldiers’ doors, with a sharp tattoo and a high-pitched feminine haloo, ” Up! up there, soldier, you’re needed, come! The British are marching!, and the drum of her horse’s feet as she rode apace to bring more men to the meeting place.

Sybil grew weary and faint and drowsing, her limbs were aching, but still she rode until she finished her task of rousing each sleeping soldier from his abode, showing her father , by work well done, that he could depend on a Ludington.

Dawn in the skies with its tints of pearl and the lass who rode in a soldier’s stead turned home only a tired girl thinking of breakfast and then of bed with never a dream that her ride would be a glorious legend of history; nor that posterity’s hand would mark each trail she rode through the inky dark, each path to figure in song and story as a splendid, glamourous path of glory- to prove, as long as the ages run, that you can depend on a Ludington.

Such is the legend of Sybil’s ride to summon the men from the countryside, a true tale, making her title clear as a lovely femiinine Paul Revere!

this poem by Berton Braley was recited to me from memory by my father last week. he memorized it he says when he read it in the Times-Picayune of New Orleans when he was 12, in 1926: i thought you all might enjoy it. God bless America. and Go Sox. sleepless in tucson ( again) j.k….

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there in WS Universe.

Stepping away from baseball for a second, I just want to say how thankful I am that I live in a country such as this- where I am free to love a team like our guys so much! Thank you to all of the men and women who proudly serve our nation- your sacrifice on behalf of millions of people you don’t even know is pure bravery and courage. You are all honorable people, and I salute you today!

God Bless America, land that I LOVE!!

And lets go WHITE SOX!!

A lump in my throat; a tear in my eye. We so often forget the true meaning of this holiday. It’s more than hotdogs, fireworks and summer festivals. For all the men and women fighting for us, and those who fought so valiantly and lost…we honor and salute you, for we’d not have Independence without you. Special nod to my nephew, Matt, who is serving in Iraq, in parts unknown. Go Sox!!

Yes indeed, happy 4th to you all.😀
Just wondering if anyone knew how many times we can vote for A.J.?

God Bless America and all who live here! HAPPY 4TH GANG! Went to a Stros/Cubs game last night.. must say, it was a blast, that stadium knows how to rock and roll.. just like Comiskey. Not sure I liked the closed roof but they opened it for an awesome display of fireworks after spanking our scubby northsiders. (for the record, I cheered for the Stros!) One of the most memorable moments though, when the Star Spangled Banner was being sung.. the whole crowd was also singing quietly.. it brought me to tears.. and during the 7th inning stretch, there’s no God Bless America, it’s Deep in the Heart of Texas.. being I’m a very recent transplant here, I was like ‘whoa, what the he** is this’ but it was fun.. if you’re ever in Texas, I recommend trying to see a game at Minute Maid.

Also.. sitting there quietly before the game started, I looked over at the mound..imagined Bobby’s pitch, it went over his head to Uribe.. to Konerko.. and the out was recorded and the White Sox were crowned! I could see all this in my head.. gave me chills to the bone! Amazing amazing Amazing!! I love these guys.. no matter if the win or lose.. I’ll always love these guys!!!

Good Day.. hope everyone is safe this weekend.. be careful out there on the roads!


Happy Belated Birthday Bethany!!!! May you be blessed with many many more!!! Sorry our guys couldn’t come through for you with a win.
Like Maria, I will be spending most of my free time voting for AJ as well. We have GOT to get him in there!!!!

I actually enjoyed the letter to Ozzie that Kolsens came up with and found myself agreeing with him more often than usual of late…Kolsens you make some really good points there….but just hang in there…I’m confident that it will only get better in the second half.

jklein…as usual I thoroughly enjoy reading your entries for they often make me grin from ear to ear.

On that note I will commence to voting. Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July everyone and as always keep our Troops in your prayers!!! It’s dayslike this that make realize how truly grateful and proud I am to be an American!!!


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