Wednesday News

Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 9:51 am

Vote Update

MLBAM announced this morning that A.J. Pierzynski is running a close second to Minnesota’s young pitcher Francisco Liriano in on-line voting for the 32nd member of the 2006 AL All-Star Team.  Voting ends at 5 pm CT tomorrow.

So all this means is that White Sox fans need to step it up in voting for the guy everyone else in the AL loves to hate.

We did some overnight polling and found that, as expected, AJ is showing poorly in Minnesota, San Francisco, Houston, the North Side and in the Orange County/Anaheim area.  It is the Chicago vote that is keeping him on pace with Liriano, so Sox fans need to keep hammering away at your keyboards.

Crede Update

X-rays on Joe Crede were negative, so the third baseman is listed as day to day after being hit by a pitch yesterday.


I’ve voted about 500 times already this morning. Nothing is getting done here at work.


I hear that.. My fingers are getting numb =) But it’s for a great cause!!

It would be so great if Sox fans could win the Final Vote for our players twice in a row!

First time post. Love reading all the posts. Let’s get AJ in . I found out that you could just cut and paste the validation code in without having to peck at every number all the time. Seems to go a little faster could get more votes in. Go SOX!!! Carol

I meant copy and paste not cut and paste. PUNCH AJ!!!!!Carol

I live here in L.A. and am trying to sway that SoCal vote towards A.J. Thankfully I won’t have to go to Angel Stadium to see the Sox, I’m coming home friday to see the game on saturday at The Cell. GO SOX!!

thansk for the updates. Do you know if Joe is still going to the taste of Chicago tomorrow with AJ?


Well Sox fans we are closing in on about 26 hours left to vote- and we need to utilize every MINUTE of it!!!!

We can’t lost this race to that rookie in MIN….AJ is having an MVP year….his batting average, defense and team leadership has more than earned him a spot in that All Star game- and the great part is- we control his destiny!!

Tonight during the game, vote, vote and VOTE!!! This will be a great victory for CHICAGO!!!!

Here’s my daily “lets go Sox” tonight….but even more so- LETS GO SOX FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been voting like a dead democrat:) We can’t let someone from a small market team beat out AJ!! I hope JG has another good outing tonight.

Does anyone happen to have the pic of Buehrle, Garcia, Garland, Contreras, and Cooper after Game 5 of the ALCS? I found one on the net, but they aren’t looking at the camera that is taking the pic. There was a much better pic that I’ve seen in the past, but cannot find it now. Thanks.


Steppins aside from the ballot box stuffing…let’s talk briefly about what has happened so far with the visitors from Charm City(strange,that what I thought we have here with the troika of Brusa,Conrad and Wagener…but,as usual,I digress…)
Monday evening,they couldn’t do anything RIGHT…How’s THIS for a line score? 1-2-3(Runs/Hits/Errors)…Granted,it was against a tough pitcher in young Bedard,and there may have been just the slightest case of hangover from the weekend at Jurrassic Park at Neverland…but still…

Yesterday…they couldn’t do anything WRONG…everybody in the lineup had at least one hit,and the big Cuban horse was his usual,majestic self…

I tell you,folks…Baseball,if you let it,will be just like a beautiful woman…It will intoxicate you,but very so often,it will drive you absolutely FREAKING NUTS!!!

Having said that,I now go to try to get Mr Lightning Rod onto the AL team for next Tuesday….

Good luck,and happy carpal tunnel syndrome to us all…..

P.S.:jklein…Could you possibly send that magnificient effort you wrote the other day to me,via my regular e-mail address…I’d like very much to keep it…Thanx…

I am so disgusted…I can’t get in to put the vote in for AJ because of some cockamamie code on the form on…that I can’t get into….
This is a sinister conspiracy by the software designers…Are you listening,

Thanks for verifying that….your heads are straight up your rear apertures…(hi,Dawn!)

I’m taking the old Chicago adage to heart…vote early and often. I’d love to see a tally of how many times I’ve voted. I’ve long since lost track =) But, the work is far from over. Brief musings
1) Glad Joe isn’t hurt badly.

2) Hope Gooch and Pablo are back in the line-up soon..we miss them.

3) Thrilled to hear the somewhat promising news about “Hermie”.

Let’s continue to “rock” the vote for AJ!! GO SOX!!

tucson is solidly behind AJ also.
Tom, was the missive i posted the one about Sybil? or the one last week about the jousting White Sox? let me know. go Sox, just in time for the game on…..

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