Wednesday Pregame

Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 6:21 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Cintron, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Uribe, SS.  Garland on the mound.

Injury Updates

Crede is back in the lineup tonight (see above) and will join AJ at Taste of Chicago tomorrow (see press release).

Ozzie thinks it will be another day or two for Tadahito Iguchi.  He ran in the outfield today and continues to get better.  Ozzie expects him to be back for the weekend.

Dustin Hermanson is beginning his rehab assignment tonight at Class AAA Charlotte.

Punch AJ

Keep voting.  Keep the faith.  Two years in a row would be a great accomplishment for our fans.

To have some fun with this … the Milwaukee Brewers offered fans 10 reasons to vote for Chris Capuano.  We are countering with 12 reasons (because we wanted to have more than the Brewers and because AJ’s uniform number is 12) to vote for AJ.  The email should go out sometime tonight, overnight or tomorrow with our 12 reasons.  We also want fans to contribute.  Feel free to submit your best reason to "vote for AJ" on this blog.  We will pick one winner (decisions by the judges are final) and the winner will receive four tickets to a future game and an autographed AJ ball.

An example:  "National League fans need someone to boo."

Come up with something better …

Grinder Rules

Many of you have asked about our Grinder Rules.  I thought they were up on the website, but have learned they are not.  Therefore, here you go in a couple of versions:

1     Win. Or die trying.

2     Be MVP, M T W T F S S

3     Bite worse than your bark.

4    Knowing what’s coming and hitting what’s coming–not the same thing.

5    Every pitch is full count.  Every inning, the ninth.  Every game, game seven.

6    The best seat in the house is often determined by the best players in the house.

7    Grinder ball requires speed, defense, and discipline.  And immigration.

8    Play every game like it’s your last.

9    Be realistic, expect miracles.

10    Only one statistic matters:  W

11    When jumping on the White Sox bandwagon, do not, I repeat DO NOT, keep your  hands and arms inside the wagon at any time.

12    There is only one acceptable reason not to hold onto the ball:  Amputation

13    There is only one thing more valuable than ability. The ability to recognize it.

14    It’s a mother’s right to yell at her boys.

15    Be a highlight reel.

16    Level the playing field. Preferably while the other team’s on it.

17    Never be satisfied with what you have achieved. It pales in comparison to what you can achieve.

18    NEVER be late for the National Anthem.  No matter what nation you’re from.

19    A reputation is not built on what you are going to do.

20    Hot dog vendors don’t take credit.

21    Thieves will be punished. Swiftly, harshly and repeatedly.

22    When attending a Chicago White Sox game, don’t blink.

23    When all is said and done, make sure you’ve “done” more than you said.

24    Play like there are no rules.—like gravity for instance.

25    A good outfielder doesn’t see the wall.  He tastes it.

26    Your hitting should serve as a warning. To low flying aircraft.

27    If the fence won’t come to you, go to the fence.

28    Always give fans something they can take away from the game.  Like the other team’s pride.

29    Play like a star. Never act like one.

30    Good enough, isn’t.

31    Never swing at foolish pitches. Unless they’re foolishly belt high, right down the middle.

32     Respect respect.

33    The best way to get out of a hole is to dig deeper.

34    For some, it’s not a choice. It’s genetic.

36    You can’t spell “win” without a few “k’s”.

37    Never walk.  Even when you walk.

38    You’re either counted on or counted out.

39    Be a man.  Play like a boy.

41    Never underestimate the power of power.

43    Step up to the plate even if you’re not stepping up to the plate.

44    There is more to baseball than peanuts and cracker jacks.

45    The best defense is a good win.

46    Respect the past, people that are shoeless, and anyone named Joe.

47    Flying does not make you superman.  Getting up and making the throw to first for the force out, now that makes you Superman.

49    There are no starting pitchers.  Only finishing pitchers.

50    Be head and shoulders and arms and legs and spine and torso above the competition.

53    There are always willing players: Those willing to do whatever it takes to win. And those willing to watch them.

54    If you can’t take the heat get out of the batter’s box.

55    It’s called stepping up to the plate for a reason.

57    There’s power in numbers. Like #14, #23, #5, #24, #15, #25…

58    Never throw back a home run ball, even if it from the other team.

59    GO. GO. GO.

61    There is no “I” in team. But there is one in quit.

63    You don’t have to be a coach to coach.

65    Do not sit in the leftfield bleachers, home to Scott Podsednik.

66    There is nothing loveable about losing.

69    There’s always this year. (Well, and last year.)

71    If at first you succeed, repeat.

73    When bringing the family to a White Sox game know your limits.

74    Believe in magic. Not magic numbers.

75    Heroes aren’t made.  They’re rotated.

76    Pitch. Hit. Win. Repeat.

78    Ixnay on talkin’ about the ayoffsplay

88    Make history, history.

89    Taste victory and be hungry forever.

92    Interpretive dance at 101 M.P.H.

95    Be more than a one hit wonder.

96    Expect the unexpected at U.S. Cellular field, home of the White Sox.

98    Batters should fear your fast ball.  Not because it can get them out. Because it can knock them out.

99    Intimidation can come in the form of a screaming 99 MPH fastball or a screaming 9 year-old.

162    Crying in baseball is acceptable only if champagne burns your eyes.

174    Hoist the city up on your shoulders. They’ll return the favor.



YAY Scott! Thank you so much for the Grinder Rules. They are just so inspirational.

As for the reason my brother and I are punching AJ…

1) He’s really a nice guy… once you get to know him…

2) If you were in the Final Vote for the All Star Game, he would totally vote for you!!!!

3) You could probably out run him…

4) His name is really fun to say (and it’s easier to pronounce than “Podsednik”)

6) ‘Cause Mark Buehrle told me to.

My brother thinks that he also has a good grinder rule. He wanted me to post his idea:

Grinder Rule # 72

Text: It’s all about the signs

Show A.J.’s pitching SIGNS followed by somebody clocking out, then show fans holding up SIGNS such as “He Gone!”

Best reason to vote for AJ…cuz it will really tick of the other teams =)

Vote for A.J.: they’ll never see him coming.

Vote AJ, no one else will.

Vote AJ…he plays the game like you would.

Vote AJ….He can steal first on national TV

Vote AJ (as I have been all night).. you know SOMETHING is bound to happen =)

Vote AJ….It will draw huge ratings from all over

Vote AJ….Your vote is faster then he is

Scott – thanks for the grinder ball rules! Everone’s vote for AJ ideas are great! so far my favorite is “no one else will.”

Vote for AJ: Because it’s fun to hear people try and pronounce his name.

BTW….Nice game, Jon Garland! I had a feeling he was turning things around a couple of weeks ago. Let’s keep it going with a nice start by Javy to get everyone on a roll!! Where’s that darn broom =)

Here’s mine- I may have more tomorrow. . .

Punch AJ: You KNOW you wanna!

Punch AJ: A true grinder belongs in the Steel City

Great game. Here are a couple of suggestions for the “Top 12 Reasons to Vote for AJ”:

He can play ball AND can resurrect 80’s rock stars.

Bud Selig plans to add a new HBP contest to the All Star festivities.

Vote for AJ: Keep him out of trouble over the All Star Break!

Vote AJ: You’ll love him when he’s on your team.

PUNCH AJ: Being able to catch is one thing. Being able to catch Buehrle, Freddy, Jose, Garland and Javy day in and day out clearly spells All Star.

Great win tonight…Jon pitched a heck of a game! Great first inning…and Big Bobby- heck of a save! Had my heart beating, but wow those last 3 strikeouts were a beauty!!

Lets get the series tomorrow.

But more importantly- lets make SURE that tomorrow during the game, Gene comes on over the loud speakers to annouce AJ as the 32nd man of the All Star team!


PUNCH AJ: There’s two sides to every story. Mark, Freddy, Jose, Jon, Javy and AJ.

PUNCH AJ: Who else can honestly handle Big Bobby in the 9th? (No, really…!)

Punch AJ: Everybody’s doing it.

Vote for AJ… But be sure to vote using whichever hand the pitcher for that day throws with.

Vote for AJ… he takes a punch and turns it into a game winning 3-run HR against the same team a month later, he takes a strikeout and turns it into the game winning run in the playoffs, he takes abuse and criticism and turns it into fuel to power the most intense player in the league. You won’t find another player, let alone a catcher like that in Pittsburgh if we don’t send him there ourselves!

Vote for AJ… or who else will throw a pie in the hero of the game’s face?

Punch AJ…Blue Collar Lunch Bucket- takes a Punch..and keeps on winning!

Vote A.J. He’s trophy worthy!

Vote A.J. He seems to be a man of faith and a great husband and father, the three MOST IMPORTANT qualifications for a baseball role model.

Vote AJ… because if you want homefield advantage for the fall classic, you need to win the All-Star game, and AJ’s teams ALWAYS win!!!…. Seriously though, every team the guy has ever played on has at least gotten to the playoffs… that’s pretty remarkable!

Punch A.J.: Catcher supreme, balls won’t bruise his spirit, he’ll take you to the limit and give support indeed!

Vote for AJ… He can excite a crowd in more ways than one.

(Back to voting…) :o)

Vote AJ…Because when he plays, the Sox are 53 and 19

I’ve been watching AJ for a loooooooooooooooong time and I could defenitely think of a few good ones…such as punch aj: no one catches a ball or throws a batt quite like him…but here is the best I could come up with
Punch AJ: How will the other teams know what they’re doing wrong?

Or you could say…
Punch AJ: Barret did.

Just for the record, I didn’t mean anything offensive by that. I love AJ and have since he was here in MN. And you know I love the guy when I’m here supporting him and not voting for my own Twins player, Liriano. SO KEEP VOTING FOR AJ!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. I had a few ideas for the AJ ‘Vote’ slogan.

1. Vote for AJ. Even if only because every time you press that “Vote Again” button, Barrett’s ****** punch to the face flashes in your mind.

2. Vote for AJ. Because whether it’s that big, beautiful, game-winning homer in the top of the ninth or the oft-disputed but still infamous and incredible strikeout in the bottom, this guy will find a way to put one more tally into that all-important WIN column.

3. Vote for AJ. Because he is likely the one person on this earth who can render one Mr. Ozzie Guillen utterly speechless. And we all know what a trying task that is.

4. Vote for AJ. Because at the end of the day, after being punched and provoked day in and day out, he still manages to be the bigger man, taking things in stride and making them into more productive things. He’ll take that strikeout and turn it into the biggest at bat of his life. And after the game when he’s being pressed and prodded for answers on his heroics of the day, he’ll find a way to take the spotlight off of him and onto the rest of the team. Because after all the trash talk and jibes from everyone else in the baseball world, he can still come in with a smile on his face and be the life of the dugout even if there’s not much to celebrate about that particular day. He’ll personify everything White Sox baseball is about, simply by being AJ and rolling with those punches and going in there team first. Because really, once you’ve got him on your team, you’ll ‘not like him a little less’, and you’ll finally be able to understand that the real AJ isn’t the one the press has made him out to be, but is instead the one guy you really want in your clubhouse. The purest Grinder in the game, and the one guy you won’t want to give back once the festivities at PNC come to a close.

Vote AJ…To keep him off the links and give the coaches a chance at winning next time
Vote AJ…Give him the chance to make friends and stop getting beaned

Vote AJ: With him catching the AL pitchers will finally get their chance to throw at him.

Vot AJ: Having another White Sox on the team will make the East Coast very unhappy.

Vote AJ: No catcher will stand in his way.

Vote AJ: The all star team needs a wrestling champion!

Vote AJ: It’s fun to watch Zambrano throw a fit from the mound.

Vote AJ: It’s hard for the NL pitchers to throw strikes when they are too busy tring to hit him.

Ok…last one…

Vote AJ…Force AL fans who hate him to have to cheer for him for at least one day

I lied…very last one🙂

Vote AJ…Because my clicking finger is getting tired and I need someone to take over for awhile

OMG!!! I’m addicted!!!

Vote AJ…It’ll really **** off everyone who loses to him

Scott–Great blog. How about this one–

Punch AJ–Who else with a mullet hits .326?

Vote A.J. because he’s the “grinder” that rules!!!

i’m too busy voting AJ to come up with a good vote AJ slogan…hey, maybe i just did.

WOW!! What a truly beautiful thing. It takes AJ to really make this blog roll. If that isn’t love and respect for a guy, what is. So nice to see so many first time bloggers. to tally a few more before a nice ride to Milwaukee for the day!! Time’s awasting….VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! Go Sox!

Vote A.J.: because it’s really fun when he turns your team’s loss turns into a win in the ninth.

Vote AJ: The best way for the AL to clean up is with the best agitator in the league!

Punch AJ: because who else will mock Zambrano at the ASG

I agree with Dawn. I’m a huge AJ fan, and have never felt alone in that category… ESPECIALLY now! Reading the blog this morning makes me realize how much the rest of this city (and beyond) has embraced him.

Just heard the word: AJ’s in first but only slightly. Don’t stop now. Keep voting!

Vote AJ Why because who else gets hits like he does Singles doubles homers Hit by pitcher Hit by 3rd baseman Bodyslam and hit by catcher Right Hook Give him a chance to get hit by a Allstar Go Sox

Vote A.J.: Don’t stop believin’!

Vote for AJ because: Every Rose has it’s thorn.
On the center field big screen you could show AJ highlight’s while the Poison song “Every rose has it’s thorn” plays.

Every rose has its thorn

Just like every night has its dawn

Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song

Every rose has its thorn

PUNCH AJ: ’cause SEVEN will be HEAVEN!

PUNCH AJ:Cause he’s the BEST and could GRIN and BARR-ET for the team’s win.

Vote AJ: Admit it, you secretly like the smirking.

Punch AJ: You won’t be suspended.

Punch AJ: a true grinder- does whatever it takes to win, gives 110 percent at all times, and ALREADY an all-star- plus we have the same initials… my name is Amy Jo..

Punch AJ; because you can’t punch Crede.

Punch AJ: He “rolls with the punches” and all the bean balls and just keeps on giving his best- and his best IS the best!!

THANK YOU for the full Grinder Rules. I’ve been looking everywhere for a plaque with the full set of rules, as it would be a great gift for the many Sox fans in my life. Any plans to do something like that?

K, my mom just came up with these 2….
Punch AJ: Do it for a man who is always willing to take one for the team.

Punch AJ: They need one good swinger

C’mon people!! If a Twins fan can be here supporting the Sox and AJ, then d*** it, you can get on and vote a few times!!! KEEP VOTING!!!!!!!!!

Well, we could just let Barret do it, but we would HATE to let him “hurt his back” again.
Punch AJ: The national league is out of shape.

Punch AJ: Takes a “slaying” and keeps on playing- make that ATTEMPTED slaying! bk to voting!!!!!

Punch AJ: The NL pitchers need a workout.

Punch AJ- Irritants can do fantastic things…just ask an oyster.

Punch AJ because he once stole first base in the playoffs

Punch AJ because fans hate the way he plays until he’s playing for thier team🙂

Punch AJ because of all the little things he has done over the last year plus to help bring a World Series Championship to Chicago. Not to detract from others great performances, but seriously without AJ behind the plate we are all talking about what could have been last year instead of purchasing world series ring raffle tickets this year

Punch AJ because Barrett’s punch didnt even leave a red mark on his face

Punch AJ because lets face it if he loses his day job he won’t be making any money as the back up singer for Journey….Dont Stop believin Aj Good Luck Chicago Loves what you have done for our team and the city

Vote for AJ –He supplys free air, where else can you get a free air conditioning unit as he catches your third strike.

Vote AJ: Every closers nightmare.

Vote AJ: Do you really want to loose to a bunch of Minnesotans.

Vote AJ: Others may take swings with their fists but AJ takes his with his bat.

vote for AJ: Who else can catch a Contreras forkball and a Jenks curveball.

Punch AJ: So MLB can fine the City of Chicago for inciting a riot

Vote for AJ: I don’t think the media can survive 4 days without him.

Punch AJ: Cause the black eye he leaves is in the form of R-B-I

Punch AJ: So that Ozzie’s sensitivity teacher can go with him to Pittsburgh

When will we know?!?!


It was great to see AJ and Crede at the Taste today but I do have a complaint. Apparently I underestimated the attendence and even though I got in line at 10:30 there were quite a few people in front of me. The guys didn’t start signing until 11:45 instead of 11:30. That 15 minutes cost me as they cut the line off about 25 people in front of me becuase it was 1PM. It would have been nice to not be penalized by the late start. While the people in front and behind me (that wanted their jeans and shoes autographed) didn’t care I was a little miffed that I took a day off and sat in line for 2 1/2 hours for nothing. I couldn’t get either signature in Pittsburgh last week either so I’m not just some casual bandwagon fan.

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