Thursday, July 6, 2006, 6:02 pm

Punch That

Congratulations to AJ Pierzynski and all White Sox fans on becoming the final All-Star today after holding off a late surge by Minnesota’s Francisco Liriano.

The announcement was made over the ballpark intercom at the same time ESPN announced the news nationally.

AJ was congratulated by teammates and media members while manager Ozzie Guillen just rolled his eyes.

AJ has several thank yous prepared to go out, but we cannot say enough about the support and time and effort devoted by thousands and thousands of White Sox fans around the world. 

You are now 2-for-2 in elections — in fine Chicago tradition.  My guess is we won’t be getting a third chance anytime soon unless we win this thing again.

You all should be proud tonight.  Sox Pride.

It will be fun to see AJ’s reception from our fans …


Congrats, AJ!! And Congrats to you, Scott, and Brooks, etc. for the fine campaign put together by the organization!! (Or should we be thanking Barrett for the great slogan!) Way to go White Sox fans!! Go Sox!!

Got any Punch AJ shirts left?? I really want a couple for me and my girlfriend. She loves AJ.

Boy, I hope all this “love” doesn’t screw up his game! Congratulations AJ, but don’t ever change!

Yeah, you got any left? I’m in MN and I would be really interested in buying one!!!

We’re really 2 for 4.

Frank Thomas lost to Varitek in 2003, and BOTH Frank and Konerko lost in 2004.

Gene, thanks for bringing me down. But Congrats to AJ and everyone on this Blog for the OUTSTANDING effort!! Now I need to rest my weary fingers:)

Congrats to AJ!! Well deserved. Congrats and THANK YOU to all who voted and voted and voted and voted. I feel more accomplished by this than by any real work this week =) Let’s get the broom out!!

Gene-Paul actually missed one. Magglio Ordonez was on the first AL Fan Vote ballot when Johnny Damon won in 2002, so it’s 2-for-5. The White Sox are the only team that has had at least one Final Vote candidate in each of the five years we’ve been doing this at My Final Vote story lists the teams that so far have not had Final Vote representation: Blue Jays, Mariners, Rangers, Reds and Royals. So that’s five teams that haven’t been represented, and the White Sox have had six candidates represented. Perhaps a fluke, but Scott makes a reasonable point above if you’re reading closely.

It was interesting that the two clubs that have the most active/followed club MLBlogs are the two clubs that have 2006 Final Vote winners. Another reason that all clubs should have front office blogs maintained around the clock for unfiltered two-way communication with the fan base.


Ignore me……in my daze and weariness from voting I forgot (as we all should) the game on Monday…… 3-4 works thought =)

I was wondering if you were going to dance with the broom

I could limbo with the broom.. IF it was a sweep opportunity. =) I’ll take the win with a “told you so” dance to all those who thought we couldn’t get AJ to Pittsburgh lol

Congrats to A.J. – glad all my voting paid off!

Just want you to know some of us out here in the San Francisco Bay Area are part of White Sox Nation, and voted big-time for A.J.

Go Sox, sweep the O’s!

luv to see the jealousy rise out of the Detroit fans.. must **** to have us breathin down their necks huh.. jealousy is an evil thing.. but it’s fun being on the side of the ones they’re jealous of.. Nobody was ever jealous of the Sox until last October.. and how sweet it has become.. Way to go Sox fans and AJ.. we luv you!

WAY TO GO AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see Mariotti print something negative about this campaign. Oh yeah, I forgot, he is on “vacation” has been since the whole Ozzie incident. Maybe the Tribune will take him on since he likes the Cubs so much. A perfect match….. a loser for a loser team!

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey where can you get the tshirts


Mt Greenwood

SoxSide Irish

WAY TO GO AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see Mariotti print something negative about this campaign. Oh yeah, I forgot, he is on “vacation” has been since the whole Ozzie incident. Maybe the Tribune will take him on since he likes the Cubs so much. A perfect match….. a loser for a loser team!

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey where can you get the tshirts


Mt Greenwood

SoxSide Irish

OOPS………. had to post it twice just to get the message across. Sorry all

Stacie, for our fans out of the area, do you know of any place selling them on line?

I saw A.J. today at Taste of Chicago. I told him that I already voted for him about 50 times and that I hoped he got in. I am ecstatic that he got in! Congratulations to him and also to the whole organization that spearheaded not only his campaign, but also Pods last year. Go GO White Sox!


I also saw the lovely and talented Joe Crede at the Taste today and I told him that he should be an all-star. He certainly is playing like one!

OK…So I agree! How does a guy in AZ get a “Punch AJ Shirt” (Happy to buy it) after bloodying his fingers to support the 2-0 vote?

Can you hook a brother up?


Yeah … I’m here in Des Plaines, IL (for all those who don’t know a NORTHWEST suburb of Chicago aka CUBDUMB) … where can you get those PUNCH A.J. shirts?? Anyone?

While A.J. Pierzynski and the White Sox Nation bask in the glory of the Final Vote outcome, I would like to bring to attention what really happened in the past few days.
Pierzynski stole the Final Vote. It was given to him undeserved. The deserving candidate? A young southpaw by the name of Fransisco Liriano. I need not make his case by throwing out statistics or numbers. Liriano’s case is made by his fellow teammates and by players across the Major Leagues who have faced him. The players have described his pitching as “dirty.” Does anyone describe Pierzynski’s catching as “dirty?” I think not.

The White Sox, the team with the most players on the either All-Star roster, conveniently have the same manager who will be coaching the All-Star game. If we take a look at the NL All-Stars, we do not see the Astros sending a whole bunch of players to the Midsummer Classic; we see only one, Lance Berkman.

So, A.J., I hope you have fun at the All-Star game sitting on the bench behind Ivan Rodriguez and Joe Mauer. Oh, wait, Ozzie is managing the team, you will probably be inserted as a last minute starter. Enjoy the experience, A.J., but just remember this: Liriano will strike you out, any day.


AJ stole the final vote? Sorry, I was going to post about obtaining a “Punch AJ” t-shirt for the out-of-towners (DC representing, but still have my Ozzie package to get back to town to see a game), but the posting about AJ stealing the votes is getting a bit too much. If we weren’t supposed to vote so much, MLB and Monster would have limited voting to 25 entries as they do for the first round. Maybe this will serve as an incentive for the other fan-bases to step up their efforts. You can’t fault AJ and the White Sox for what the fans choose to do on their own. We have Sox pride and vote for who we believe is the deserving player. All the candidates are great players, but my final vote (well, make that plural, votes) went to AJ.

@Mark from it’s no surprise at all that the teams with the best/most active front office blogs won the Final Vote. Scott’s blog has been instrumental in establishing a more personal link between the Sox and their fans, especially those that are Internet-literate. And when a tool like that is used to directly promote a fan cause – giving it that grassroots feel, even though it’s coming from the top of the organization – it’s a powerful force.

So congratulations to AJ, but I think Scott deserves some of the credit🙂

Ok, Nick, to start…you’re an idiot. AJ was VOTED in. By the fans, not picked by Ozzie. You need to just shut up and get ready, because you’re about to get reamed by a lot of better baseball fans than you are: White Sox nation. Go back to Minneapolis with your head down and watch your team sink deeper into 3rd place. Come back when you have a real argument.

Phil in Chicago

And Scott, it looks like selling the AJ shirts to the public would be a very lucrative venture (wink, wink)

AJ stole the vote? First, I don’t think AJ had much to do with the voting (other than giving 100% everyday, and playing this game as it should be). It’s the fans (the WS universe is spread far across this country and globe) who GAVE this to the VERY deserving AJ. We consider it a small gesture in ackowledgment for all he’s done for us. Now, if you think your young pitcher is as deserving, than perhaps you should have shown him and voted more =) This blog is for WS fans, or those opposing fans who have intelligent, game-oriented comments to make…not to whine, or complain, or accuse.

Mark-go whine to someone who cares. We, as Sox fans, know that AJ deserved to be there more than anyone else on the list, that is why he is going to the All-Star game.

I was at the game last night and they sold out of the Punch AJ shirts, they only had one XS left. They were taking orders though with a credit card and then they will be shipped once they arrive. I think a t-shirt can be obtained by calling the Fan Zone and ordering one via phone.

Time to go, JD and AJ just hit homers!

Can I get shirt that says “I punched A.J.!”?

Nicely Put illini3 … oops – gotta go to Fan Zone! Yes, AJ just hit a big’un!!

Contratulations, A.J!! Guess all the hours spent on line finally paid off!!!! Have a great time in Pittsburg, and keep your chin up!
(please post where shirts may be available for us out-of-towners)

Before you start calling me names, I think you should re-read my comment. I never once said Ozzie picked A.J. to make the roster. I fully realize that White Sox fans voted A.J. into the game. I did notice however that White Sox fans failed to vote a single player to the starting roster. Ozzie Guillen picked six players to join the roster.


Why is A.J. VERY deserving to go the All-Star game? Is it his 28 RBIs or his 5 HRs?

Yeah, no kidding. Where can we get some of those shirts? I live in MN and I would love one.

Nick – check your facts buddy. The MLB players selected 3 sox (Jose, Thome and Dye), Ozzie selected 3 (Paulie, Jenks and Buerhle). He took Mark to eat innings since many of the pitchers will only be available for short work. I might add that Joe Torre never seemed to have a problem bringing along many of his players for the many years that he managed the AL team. Finally, AJ is deserving since he has a .326 avg – 7th best in the AL!


WeeDEnFt-SO what if ozzie only picked 3 verses GARNERS 1 player anyway me point is it is not just the averages that count!

Congrats to nothing WHITE SOXS **** AND AJ DESERVES TO BE SHOT!




O and I am not finished So AJ does not deserve it look at David ortiz(i know he made it but you might get my point!)
82 rbis 29HR

THose are allstar numbers

THank you very much.


Nick- last time I will waste my typing speed on the likes of you, but get this…it doesn’t matter. We have seven guys going…GET OVER IT! The sooner you do, the easier it will be for you. Next time, please mention AJ’s batting average and please talk about the fact that he (credit to “Pierzynski handles one of baseball’s best pitching staffs with great skill”. I also think you are forgetting one more fact, apparently someone thought AJ was doing something right to even put him on the list.

jimmy- If you don’t like Ozzie and AJ so much, why are you here? Go type to people who care!


YUR BLOG *****!

Who let their kids onto this blog?

jimmy- classy…you must be a scrub fan! kind of like the trash they threw on their field. buh bye!

Congratulations AJ!! You are one of my favorite Sox players. As for these other posts from Nick and Jimmy you guys are true idiots for thinking AJ doesn’t deserve to go to the All-Star game. Nobody works harder and is more loyal so you can put it on the board yes!!! He cant be that bad of a guy since he shares my birthday!!! Quit whining guys and get a life!!!

EEWWW Why would u want to share a b-day with such a low life dirty cheater I’d be embarrassed to proclaim that I have the same b-day as some1 as dirty as AJ, I feel sry for u.

Sox Win! Sox Win! We took the series, thank you very much!!!

Thanks to AJ, JD and Thome for their homers!!

If you all you visiting this site that are fans of other teams really felt that your players deserved to be all-stars so much, why did’nt you go out and vote for them? You had 5 days to vote as many times as you felt your players deserved, and yet you chose to show up here after the voting was over to complain about all of us doing exactly what MLB said we should. Maybe you should have spent more time voting and less time coming up with excuses.


Good call, cinnabun. As we all know, there’s no crying in baseball!

Unless there is champagne in your eyes from celebrating the fact that you are World Champs!!!

Ummm……Okay you think you guys got 2 world series in a row in you show me it!

To all of the people that are going to think about commenting to call me an idiot…

Please save your post. When I posted my original comment about A.J. Pierzynski and his Final Vote win, I was on a little bit of tilt after recently getting the news. I had no intention of bashing the fans of the White Sox. It is true that I do not like Pierzynski very much (being a Twins fan), but that just comes with the territory. Yes, Pierzynski has raised his average well into the .300s, and I applaud him for that. But like one of the people here pointed out, he is only 7th in the AL. Liriano holds the best ERA in the league while going 8-1 in his nine starts, fanning 94.

I voted as much as I could for Liriano, as I am sure my fellow Twins fans did. It was described by as the closest Final Vote in the young history of the ballot. Now that we have argued a little and maybe have gotten a little too intense (Jimmy, cmon man), I think it is time to get back to the baseball. It was fun, go American League!


Shhh. The adults are talking.

To all of the people that are going to think about commenting to call me an idiot…

Please save your post. When I posted my original comment about A.J. Pierzynski and his Final Vote win, I was on a little bit of tilt after recently getting the news. I had no intention of bashing the fans of the White Sox. It is true that I do not like Pierzynski very much (being a Twins fan), but that just comes with the territory. Yes, Pierzynski has raised his average well into the .300s, and I applaud him for that. But like one of the people here pointed out, he is only 7th in the AL. Liriano holds the best ERA in the league while going 8-1 in his nine starts, fanning 94.

I voted as much as I could for Liriano, as I am sure my fellow Twins fans did. It was described by as the closest Final Vote in the young history of the ballot. Now that we have argued a little and maybe have gotten a little too intense (Jimmy, cmon man), I think it is time to get back to the baseball. It was fun, go American League!

Ok, I agree with you guys about the .326 BA but look at the numbers Liriano put up he had a 9-1 Record with a 1.99 ERA and fanned 94. Lets compare these two in the triple crown. Ok so wins would be like HR’s Francisco Liriano has 9 wins and AJ only has 6 HR’s. RBI would be like K’s Liriano has 94 K’s and Pierzynki doesn’t even come close with 29 RBI’s. ERA would be like AVG. so Liriano’s 1.99 ERA dominates AJ’s .326 AVG. but Liriano isn’t ranked in the ERA leaders so I guess you could give that to A.J. Liriano takes 2-1. If Pierzynki would’ve had at least 45 RBI’s I would give him the K/RBI column. I’ll get over it but just trying to stop this arguing and make my point.

If you compare Pierzynki with the other candidates in the triple crown Here are the results:

Ramon Hernandez: HR’s 15, RBI’s 59, AVG .274. A.J. Takes 1 out of 3. Yet another player who deserves it more than A.J.

Travis Hafner: HR’s 24, RBI 70, AVG .319. A.J. Takes 1 out of 3. And yet another player who deserves it more.

Just trying to make my point.

I guess I don’t understand why you spend you time here complaining and whining over AJ making it. Use that energy to do something productive and positive!

Anyhow, congrats to AJ! It was worth all the votes!

I’ll give a dollar to anyone who can find me a better example of “apples and oranges” than Chad’s bizarre post. K’s = RBIs? Are you serious? Go learn baseball plz k thx bye.

People are missing the point here. If the most deserving players went to the All-Star Game every year, the starting lineup wouldn’t be 80% Red Sox/Yankees. The Final Vote is a popularity contest, a marketing gimmick to get the fans involved more. Does Liriano deserve to go over Pierzynski? Maybe. He’s a great pitcher, but AJ is just as good of a catcher in all the ways that count, and he’s got a ring to show for it. But that’s beside the point.

Personally, I’m really proud of the Sox fans for pulling this off again. Just another indication that this team truly is special.

JLenehan, you make a good point. I never thought of it that way. But I do disagree with the 80% Red Sox/Yankees comment. 80% of the best players in the league are not on the Red Sox/Yankees. Which is why we need to let the players and coaches vote instead of the fans so we get the true best players in the league into the Midsummer Classic.

Nick, Nick, Nick.

As a Twin Fan shouldn’t you like AJ? He played for ya man.

Liriano is awesome. You guys should be glad to have him. Will you dislike him, if and, when he leaves?

I will love Frank Thomas, Aaron Rowand, Magglio, C-Lee, Lance Johnson, Kenny Lofton, Esteban Loaiza (and a slew of others) ’til the day I die. The day I stinking Jermaine Dye.

Why? Because they wore the uni. And when they wore the uni, they played. They flat-out played!

Do I want to beat ’em when we play ’em? Sure. I loved that Frank homered twice in His A’s debut at the Cell. I loved more that we swept the A’s.

AJ flat-out played for you guys. Now he’s awesome for us. Don’t blame AJ for getting the support he earned by flat-out playing for us. Don’t blame the Sox organization for supporting their player and giving him a strong marketing campaign. That’s part of the organization’s job. Don’t blame the Sox fans for voting for one of their own. That’s part of the fan’s job.

Finally, when you say that AJ stole the election. What do you mean exactly? Your not a democrat from Florida are you?

I’m cracking up reading all these trash posts. How ’bout a dose of sportsmanship, folks? Look, Liriano and the other contenders are clearly ALL deserving. But this was up to the fans, and in the end, AJ won fair and square. Nuf said.

Great game tonight, even despite a mildly tense 9th. The reception for AJ was awesome, as was his address to the crowd. And the gift shop behind home plate was restocked with “Punch AJ” shirts. I’m set. :o)

Looking forward to the Boston series, and for once, the ASG and festivities.

Way to go, Sox fans! Rest those hands now.

Yes, Liriano was the more dominating player at his position, I would hope even the most biased Sox fan could admit that. But MLB didn’t set this up to give a non-biased analysis of the player most deserving of the 32nd spot. It’s set to reward the fanbase that tries hardest to elect its own player.

If I could trade AJ for Liriano, I’d do it yesterday, but when it comes to this, I voted for AJ if only to reward him for the hustle he shows everyday for Sox fans.

I’m glad he won, I hope he appreciates the backing he’s gotten from Sox fans, and maybe it will motivate him to hit with runners in scoring position the rest of the year.


WE DID IT!!! I am so proud of US, and so proud of AJ. I’m proud of our Front Office who came through with such a great campaign (you Scott!)- I am proud that our city stepped up in the big time (AGAIN! REPEAT!)- for one of our very own….AJ deserved this- and we gave him what he rightfully earned!!

It was so great seeing AJ get on the mic tonight to thank everyone- and it was even greater seeing him step up the plate to the tune of “Don’t Stop Believin” as he tipped his hat to the crowd. Talk about SOX PRIDE!!!!

I was so excited to get home, to congratulate all of us- and to marvel in this excitement on this blog…and of course all these people come running saying “we cheated and stuff…” Typical. But forget it- WE WON, and we WON fair- and AJ deserves to be there!!! CONGRATULATIONS AJ!!!!

I am so proud of Chicago, and Sox fans across the nation. We are a force to be reckoned with!!!

And what did I say a few posts ago: “SEVEN IS SOX HEAVEN!!!”

Great job guys!!

p.s. I’m icing my wrists now…for days. hahahaha But I do it proudly!!😉

When you say Liriano will strike out AJ any day, what are you talking about? AJ faced Liriano an April 22nd. Did not strike out. Game day is a little jiggy for that day so I don’t know exactly what he did against him the time he faced him. What I do know is that he was 3 for 4 with a walk that day. He did not strike out.

May 13th Liriano gets the hold the Twins win. Yes, all true. AJ faced him. Didn’t strike out. Got a hit.

In fact AJ bat .750 against Twins pitching in the two games Liriano appeared. Twins in the two games Perhaps his muultiple multi-hit games is why he made the ballot in the first place. Just a thought.

I’m wondering if there are any White Sox fans that DIDN’T vote for Pierzynski. I mean, you’re all praising his hustle and his (empty) batting average, but does that really win games? If you’re a White Sox fan, you have to be thinking that your team is going to the World Series again. And if you’re going to the World Series, wouldn’t you want home-field advantage? And if you want home-field advantage, wouldn’t you want the American League to win the All-Star Game? And if you want the AL to win the All-Star Game, wouldn’t you want to have the BEST players there? C’mon, would you rather see Pierzynski get one or two at-bats or see Liriano pitch one or two innings? Seriously, which one of those players would likely have the bigger impact on the game? I live in NYC, and I’m a Mets fan. Did I vote for Billy Wagner simply because he wears a Mets uniform? HeII no. I didn’t think he was the most deserving. I didn’t think he would help the NL squad as much as some of the other Final Vote candidates, so he didn’t get my vote. The Mets have a chance to get to the Series this year, so naturally, I want to see the NL win the All-Star Game. Am I making any sense at all here? Another thing for you Sox fans to consider is that if you’d picked Liriano, he wouldn’t have a chance to go home and rest his gifted arm for three days. I know the Twins have a ways to go before catching the Sox, but aren’t you a LITTLE worried about their recent dominance?

-The Baseball Collector

If the AL loses the All-Star game, we get to celebrate a WS win at home.

It’s really a win/win.

Just a little note to all of the AJ haters…..chill out. Until MLB decides to leave the voting to the players and coaches, us fans will vote for the players we WANT. Liriano is a tremendous talent and deserves to be there. Hafner has killed the ball and deserves to be there. Verlander also has had an All Star 1st half. If it were a 60 man roster, you guys would still ***** about who didn’t make it.
Oh, I get it… must be AJ’s fault!!!!! WAY TO GO AJ. HITTING .326 AND ONLY COMMITING 1 ERROR. WINNING THE HEARTS OF SOX FANS THE DAY HE STEPPED ON THE FIELD!!!!! Whew, the **** he pulls day in and day out!!!! I voted from 1am until 5:30 until I was not allowed to vote anymore and I am glad I did. It was a popularity contest and guess who won???? The beloved catcher who takes it on the chin like a class act and does what???? He thanks the city and the fans like a humble player who knows it took blinding hours in front of that same screen saying “thank you for voting”.



Sean – Jacksonville, FL

And if it takes the Sox six or seven games…?


Then they’ll celebrate on the road like last year baby!!!

I would trust AJ and any of our Sox, any day, in any game. All-Star, regular season, playoffs, or World Series. It doesn’t matter to me. Every player on that White Sox team can come through at any moment. It’s not about me voting for a uniform, it’s about me actually believing in and trusting our guys.

Phil in Chicago

way to go Sox, another series won ( it’s not easy to win a four game series). and way to go Sox fans for getting AJ in the ASG. yes, the other players were deserving as well, but the system allowed us to make a difference and that proves that we Sox fans care more about our player than the other fans do. i have to say that i voted a few times early on for Liriano, but when it got close i went 100% for AJ. it would be interested in seeing the numbers and exactly how close it was maybe it was my 150+ votes that put AJ over the top, maybe it was Sean’s in jacksonville, or Liz in DC or any number of others around the country. it would be interesting to see the count. and no Zack, we’re not worried about the Twins recent dominance. we find that team mildly interesting. the team we’re concerned with now is the red sox, because they are the ones we play now. then we will be concerned with the yankmess, then the tigers and so on. as we continue to win series all the other teams will be worried about US. go Sox keep it rolling. j.k. in tucson…

Good point j.k….. Boy this BLOG is sure attracting a lot of fans of other teams. As well as sox fans from around the country. Its great to see Sox Pride everywhere.

I believe that MLB should expand the roster for the ASG. It is after all an exhibition. Why not a 40 man roster. That way other deserving players would get to go, like Crede, Liriano, Verlander, Hafner, Schilling, etc…. Just a thought.

It has also been suggested to not use the ASG to determine home field for the World Series but use the overall records of interleague play. Those are after all “real” games. I think that is a great idea.

just my 2 cents.



Who is the artist and what is the song that Bobby Jenks comes out to?

Congratulations AJ! Some people out there may not think it, but well deserved!
For you haters out there you only hate AJ and Ozzie because they are not on your team. The minute AJ was signed last year I knew we would atleast win our division. You may not like him, in fact I hated him as a Twin, but he is a winner. He doesn’t just bring a good bat and controversy to Chicago, he brings the ability to handle a pitching staff. He was the guy that put that team over the top last year. That is part of the reason he should be on the ALL-Star team, and don’t give me no **** that was last year. If MLB wanted it that way the game would be after the World Series.

As for Ozzie he should be able to take his whole **** team if he wants to. I don’t remember the exact year, but Torre took 11 Yankees once. Ozzie is smart in the fact that when the team falls into a slump he goes out and says something ridiculous in the media, like I am going to retire if we win the world series, to take media pressure off the team so they can focus on getting out of their slump. That is genius! Every team and every fan wishes they had AJ and Ozzie. Face it, they are winners and they are SOX!!!

To all of you non-Sox fans visiting this blog, the reason AJ is on the team is that he finds anyway to win a game, either by hitting a 3-run homer or by getting a hit to start a rally, or by breaking up a double play.
We want to win the home field advantage and Ozzie wants players that helped win a World Series title on that team. They are all proven winners!

Nothing against Verlander and Liriano but they are rookies and have no experience yet on the biggest stage of baseball.

I don’t like to vote for 1/2 season wonders as All-stars. Do it again next year and then you will get some votes.

2 for 2 in elections? Didn’t we lose already once a few years back? The Big Hurt was a Final Vote option and he did not win.

Nick, we know how you feel; in 2002, the first year of this fan voting the final roster spot, Magglio Ordonez was the most ‘deserving’ player on the list but Johnny Damon of the Red Sox won the vote. The next year, same thing, Frank Thomas et al lost to Jason Varitek of the Red Sox. So we’ve been there. If the Red Sox or Yankees had a player on the list this year, who knows if we would’ve gotten our guy on the team. The most remarkable part of last year’s vote was that we got Scott Podsednik in ahead of Derek Jeter. I still can’t believe it. While AJ may have arguably been the least ‘deserving’ of the 5 players on the list, that is not the point. The point is MLB set up rules, we followed those rules and voted for our guy. Period. Maybe one of the benefits of being World Champs and a winning team is getting a larger fan base, capable of “stuffing” the ballot boxes. Chicago may be a big market town, but the Sox have always been a small market team. Last year we had 4 All-Stars, the most for us ever. And Zack, you live in New York, where the Mets always have a lot of All-Stars year in and year out, we haven’t. So forgive us if we want to see our guys in the ASG. When I was a kid the only appeal to the ASG for me was staying up late and waiting for Chet Lemon to get his one at bat. It feels good to finally get some national attention, although we still don’t get as much as the Yankees or Red Sox.

Back to baseball: nice win last night, but I have to tell the truth, I’m starting to agree with Kolsens (ugh!) Vasquez is just painful to watch sometimes. He just doesn’t fir the MO of our other starters, he works too slow, he doesn’t throw enough strikes, is constantly behind in the count. He’s lucky we get him the run support that we do, or his record could easily be 4-10. I’m not saying I’m giving up on him, he was awfully good in Montreal several years ago, I hope he regains that form, and soon. Let’s hope he has a better second half. However, enduring that 9th inning made me physically ill, Politte looked like a deer caught in the headlights (again) I think he knows how awful he has been, you could see it in his body-language when Ozzie came out to the mound. I don’t know what they’re going to do with him, but maybe Ozzie finally realizes it too. He was an integral part of last year’s team, and from all reports is a good guy, he just doesn’t have it this year. He’s been worse than bad. Oh well.

Let’s take this weekend’s series with the BoSox and keep this thing rolling.

Go Sox!

Eddie – Chicago

The thing is that Politte has a very good 8th inning. So maybe Ozzie should have started the 9th with some one else and let Cliff leave the game with good vibes.

Hey guys…Jon Garland is going to be at the US Cellular store at the corner of LaSalle and Washington (around 100 N LaSalle I believe) today (Friday July 7). He’ll be there from 11-12:30. Just letting everyone know, in case you have some free time this afternoon.

Phil in Chicago

A couple of comments I would like to make……

NICK….., poor Nick, if you and your fellow fans would have stood up to the plate and voted your lil hearts out like us TRUE Sox fans did, your player would be in the AllStar game, so go pout somewhere else. But truly their must not be much heart for the Twins as their is for the Sox.

JIMMYJO…… you truly are a classless idiot. Go to the Cubs blog, oops I forgot you would probably be the only fan therr. Poor ol’ Dusty is a sitting duck and I cannot wait until his fate is decided and he is dropped from the Cubs like he should be

KAYLEE…… go Red Sox? See you Monday on this blog after our beloved Sox do a repeat to your team as we did last year.

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

and to you fellow Sox haters, GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!

PHIL….. for real. I am at LaSalle & Wacker, count me in around noonish

Politte’s biggest problem right now is that his fastball is straightened out. For his size he can bring some heat, but it don’t matter if it is straight. Straight fastballs end up in the bleachers. It is sad to see since Politte was just awesome for us last year. Now he looks like he is gonna cry on the mound. I don’t know that I would get rid of him, but I would really consider bringing someone in before the trade deadline and either reducing his role or putting him on the DL for a while. You never know if his stuff may just show up again later in the year or next year. He stinks right now, but he is too valuable of an asset to give away.

where was all this support for the big hurt back in 2003? he was far more deserving than aj or podsednik were. all of you so called “true” sox fans couldn’t vote in the best player in franchise history. i was trying, where were all of you? including the front office…there were no vote for frank or punch frank campaigns…and he lost to jason varitek? garbage.

It’s so funny to see fans from other teams on this blog talknig smack. I get such a laugh from them. It started last year with Deanklub and all his Indians flunkies. They talked about all the winning they were going to do. Come to find out they had the biggest choke around, not the White Sox. Then came all the Red Sawx fans. Talked all the smack and then got swept out of the playoffs. Didn’t hear a word from any of them after that. Halos were next. The fans called the White Sox cheaters and said that when we go to Anaheim, we will lose. Oh? Guess what, 4 consecutive complete games and another series win. Where are you Halo fans? I can’t hear you guys anymore. The silly little Astros came next. We all know what happened there. Now it’s frustrated Twinkie fans. Its funny that they have all this time to post on our blog, but not vote for their players. Ha, what a joke! Hey guys, a little suggestion for you, when we want fans of other teams opinions, we’ll let you know. Go away, your mindless posts are useless here.

Go Go White Sox!!

Cliffy was hitting his spots for most of the regular season last year. He struggled in the playoffs a bit and that has continued. Like anything it’s probably as much mental as mechanics. Ozzie needs to keep him on a very short leash while he rights himself.


I being a “true” Sox fan, been going to gave since I was a little kid and now take my 10 year old all the time. Blame Frank’s p.r. people. AJ and the Sox got the word out. It just so happened that the “Punch AJ” campaign only came into play thanks to beloved Barrett, could not have been anymore of a catchy campaign at a perfect time. AJ did the talk show circuit, etc.

No offense, I would not have voted for Frank back then, good player YES, team player NO.

The Sox could not have chosen to get rid of him at a better time. His replacement, Thome, and look what he has contributed to the Sox this season so far. A grand slam and a two run homer last night alone. Enough said.

If Frank would have endeared himself more to the fans and been a little more personable, maybe he would have gotten the vote. Glad to see you back with all your gloom and doom posts ken.

oops….. little typos in my last posting, guess that is what the preview button is for.

thome has been a wonderful pick up…..big frank is having a pretty decent year as well. im just wondering how many of you guys are fans of the sox or fans of the sox since 2005? if you are trying to tell me that pods and aj are/were better players than frank was in 2003, you are all high. anyway i just picked up tickets for the upcoming series in detroit. that should be interesting. if you are planning on going you better buy tickets soon, they are selling standing room only seats for the day game.


(Now it’s frustrated Twinkie fans. Its funny that they have all this time to post on our blog, but not vote for their players. Ha, what a joke! Hey guys, a little suggestion for you, when we want fans of other teams opinions, we’ll let you know. Go away, your mindless posts are useless here.)

Oh, Almighty One! kr-trepac has spoken! I didn’t realize that this blog was for White Sox fans only, maybe you should have Mr. Reifert change the name to “We don’t like a friendly argument.” I have tried to have an intelligent conversation with the other bloggers here (just as Chad and Zack have), but it is people like you, tr-trepac, who make it impossible. You say it’s funny that I have all this time to post on this blog, but not vote for my players. I voted for Liriano, and again and again and again. Then, AFTER the voting ended and the results were announced, I came here to talk.

However, I will take your advice and go away. If someone had something to say other than “you are an idiot” then maybe I could stay and talk, but I guess not.


Come visit me so we can talk baseball at

HELP! I was watching ESPN last night, and they mentioned voting for the play of the year for the ESPYs. I know Aaron’s nose-breaking, fence-crashing catch in Philly is a contender. Anyone know how to go about voting?

Alright, Nick. I get you now. Just like you apologized, I will also. I take back my idiot comment after hearing your explaination as to what you meant when you were arguing your point for Liriano. I misunderstood what you meant and I was also a little harsh in the moment. I, as well as others I’m sure, appreciate the invite to talk (and argue) intelligently about the good sport of baseball and I’m open to it any time, bud.

Phil in Chicago

I loved waking up nowing we accomplished our goal!! haha Still in cloud nine!! Can’t wait to see AJ in the American league uniform….can’t wait to see ALL SEVEN in their uniforms! What a proud day for Sox fans around the nation! (and world!!)

DAWN- I can’t even imagine the dance you were dancin least night in honor of AJ and a great Sox winner….please- tell me!! haha

And our dear friend TOM Q…where’d you go?! Come back wise one!🙂

And Nick, you can only wonder why you made me people so upset- you come on here claiming that AJ stole the vote when you and your Twins fans could’ve just as easily done the smae thing for Liriano. We always like a good challenge as Sox fans, and we here can put up with dissent….but making claims like that is just ridiculous. And now you want to talk intelligent baseball….which is fine- but maybe come in with that approach the first time. Just a suggestion…and a little respect never killed anyone.

AJ clearly WON the vote, and all of us Sox fans should be real proud. Players aren’t kidding when they say Chicago has the best fans- 2 years in a row!!

We rock guys, we really do!!

More ESPY info: You can vote at:
(You need Flash 7.0.)

Also, our beloved 2005 World Series Champion White Sox are up for BEST TEAM. And Ozzie is up for BEST COACH/MANAGER.

So get out there and vote for the team AND Ozzie AND for Aaron for BEST PLAY.

You know your fingers and wrists are dyin’ for another workout.

We proven two years in a row how good we White Sox fans are at internet voting. Let’s show the East Coast Sports Network how good!

Also regarding the ESPY’s, Brian Urlacher and our favorite NL Centerfielder, Aaron Rowand are up for a couple awards too!


Some of us have been prepared for the Detroit series and have a block of 100 + tickets. See ya there

Good points, people. Thanks. It’s nice to hear the logic behind your voting, even I don’t agree with all of it.

-The Baseball Collector

Hey Zack,
I’m so glad White Sox Universe could be of such help to somebody as famous as “The Baseball Collector”. What’s your logic for all the time you waste shagging balls?

I think it’s pretty cool what Zack does. Keep at it, collector!

Off topic…Inside the WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWhite Sox used to have such a positive feel. There’s so much tension here now that all these haters have found their way to Scott’s blog. Us Sox fans need to calm down and realize that we won it ALL last year. We don’t have to argue with anybody about our champs. We need to let the dissenters come and say their spiels about how the Sox don’t deserve this or that, or that we’re not that good. We need to get out of the habit of getting angry with non-fans, created by years of not winning. Let’s just all remember that we beat EVERYBODY last year. We’re the champs, we’re the best right now.

So let’s just all get back to the blog we had at the beginning of this year. Forget these haters and remember who the real champs are…our guys out on the field.

Just something I’ve been thinking about, anyways.

Phil in Chicago

AJ T-Shirts: Would someone mind posting the number for Fan Zone for us out-of-towners (if you happen to have it handy). Hopefully they’ll decide to change the logo to “I punched AJ.” Kind of like that one- forgot who suggested it. Thanks.

Surely, you could find something better to do with your free time than to judge me on how I use mine.

I agree Phil… One final thought on the all star game. Ozzie is managing, and he has ONE goal in mind…a win to give the AL home field advantage in the WS. With that being said, he has a very personal reason (since we believe we’ll be back there) for ensuring the best possible group of guys are on the team. So even if you are a Twins fan, a Cleveland fan, or a Red Sox fan, as AL teams, you could also benefit. Ozzie has no reason to be a “homer” and just put guys on the team for any reason other than he feels they are the best guys to help him win.

Just received e-mail from Sox Pride Club- they have t-shirts that say “I Punched AJ.” Have to be a member to purchase.

For those looking for “I punched AJ” t-shirts…supposedly only Soxpride club members can buy them exclusively. They are only selling XL and they are 21.95 each. Just in case that helps anyone. I think it was 9.99 to join the club.


FYI: 4-6 weeks delivery time on those shirts. Yeah… mine is on the way, but I’d love it sooner. Oh, Scott… your marketing guys get me every time.

hey bc

it’s “boom” by P.O.D.

You want ME back? You want ME back?
Okay,kiddo…you got it!!!

Hello again,everybody…And congratulations to all of WS Universe who got on the ball,or the keyboard,to VOTE the Lightning Rod onto the AL team for next Tuesday…The only good news/bad news situation to come out of next week is this…The players have to spend two days and two nights in Pittsburgh…the good news is that Wednesday,they LEAVE Pittsburgh…they have to go through Customs,I know,and have to declare if they brought anything back with them,but other than that,there should not be any problems….

Onto baseball….

Tonight,we welcome back those big,bad Beantown dudes(old Bob Elson saying there…and if you whippersnappers out there say “Bob Who?”,jklien and I will personally tan you rear apertures(hi,Dawn)to the South Side…Big Poppi,Manny be Manny,Schilling,et al will be a formidable bunch to deal with,but…these are the defending World Champs we’re talking about,aren’t we?

To those of you who are from elsewhere,you who wrote in to complain about the AS voting from Tigers country,Twins land and Red Sox Nation…welcome to the blogspot of the free,and the home of the DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!!

If you don’t like it,ts(which stands for terribly sorry…Boy,did I have to clean THAT one up…..)


The kid(aka your obedient servant,aka ME)will be making an apperance at the Cell Sunday for the final game of the pre All-Star schedule…don’t know where I’ll be,but if you see a fathead with an non-descript baseball cap,with a clipboard and pencil,THAT’S ME….

Two things partly personal…

1)jklien…the post was the Sybil from 7/4 at 4:54 AM…

2)bethany…did you send something over the Internet to my actual e-mail address recently? Just checking….

More tomorrow,amigos and amigas…

T Quaid(proud of WS Universe for getting AJ in…GOOD JOB!)

My critique was more for your self-promotion, your self-proclaimed title, and always including your website, and acting like we needed to give you, the expert, the logic behind our vote. A.J.’s average is not “empty” as you put it, we think he was a big part in the Championship last year, and can also play a big role in winning the All-Star game. He wasn’t just voted on out of blind allegiance. The stats don’t always give you the intangibles a player brings to the table, either. And, the A.L. is so far above the league your beloved Mets reside in, you don’t have a chance to get the home field advantage for the N.L. even if we take a fan favorite over what you think is the best choice to help win the game. Look at the disparity in interleague play this year…’nuff said. This game is still an exhibition where fans want to see their players, and since we know the A.L. will stomp the N.L. in the end, anyway, seeing another quality Sox player will do us just fine, instead of watching a Twins pitcher.

mariawagener: Good point about the ESPYs (just wrote about it on to promote voting) and fyi that Aaron Rowand is actually tied into three ESPYs nominations. Besides Best Team and the Best Play (along with David Wright’s barehanded grab last year) you mentioned, he’s also up for their GMC Professional Grade Play award. Aaron matches Pujols with three nominations if you include that Best Team category. The Red Sox cleaned up last year and we’ll see what noise the White Sox make.

Everyone: Contemplated but decided against deleting the jimmyjoejoe comments within this thread, but can be persuaded and a note here to everyone to keep Scott’s outstanding MLBlog troll-free (it’s not the Fan Forum message boards) and report anything you want as a comment on the community blog below.


The shirts they are selling for Sox Pride members say, “I punched AJ”

I recently signed up for the Sox Pride club (about 5 days ago), and haven’t gotten a letter. Maybe I’ll check the website.
TQ…I didn’t get the reference, but would prefer not to have my hide tanned =) Let’s get this multi-colored footwear series off to a good start!! GO SOX!

Congrats A.J. for winning the Final vote for the all star team. To let you know I got 7 different family members of mine and voted for ya in the final vote and all the text messages too. Congrats again.

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