First Thing Thursday

Thursday, July 6, 2006, 9:35 am

AJ Update

Word from MLBAM early this morning has AJ taking over a slim lead from Francisco Liriano is balloting for the American League’s 32nd Man on the All-Star Team.

Way to go White Sox fans.  Just under eight hours remain in the race (which ends at 5 pm CT today), so keep clicking for AJ.

I read all the posts on yesterday’s blog.  Great ideas and some very funny lines.

Let’s follow up Scott Podsednik’s win in 2005 with an AJ triumph in 2006.

Go Sox!


Let’s Go Go Go Sox fans!!! Keep punching!

I’m not getting anything done except AJ voting so I hope we hear a favorable anouncement tonight!! Go AJ, Go SOX!! Seven would be heaven!!

Reason to vote for A.J. He is the Sox player the Cub fans hate the most.

Hooray! … The only thing slowing me down voting for A.J. is the need to un-check the box to sign me up for Monster spam every time. 🙂

Woke up a 9 this morning, voted straight until now @ 10- going to grab some breakfast QUICKLY, and I’ll be BACK!! hahah


Dropped 3rd strike…enough said!

Reason to vote for AJ…
Punching AJ is better than booing a Yankee

Great job…but we can’t rest now. This is when we need to double our efforts!! You know Liriano’s fans are scrambling! Let’s show the world what the Chicago work ethic is all about!

Not to mention the Chicago voting ethic!!🙂

AJ and ALL his teammates have provided so much excitement for our city. As a Chicagoan with Polish heritage and a love for pierogi and polkas how could I not spend the day voting for our lovable AJ?

Scott, you should have AJ read the blog. He’d certainly feel the love =)

Why “Punch AJ”? It’s like the t-shirt says: “If you have to ask…you don’t understand!”

Why AJ? One word: intangibles. He brings so many attributes to this team that simply cannot be measured on stat sheets. He’s got that fiesty attitude that opponents love to hate. He’s one of those leaders who can will his team to victory simply because he wants it more than the other guy. Go AJ and go go Right Sox!!

Just took a quick break from voting to re-visit Scott’s posts from last year while we were voting to get Pods on the All Star team. It brough back a lot of memories of when the annoucement was made, and seeing Pods pump his fist- as well as Buehrle and Garland standing there clapping outside of the dugout. I was already inspired to do this for AJ considering he’s my favorite, but NOW- now I am doubly inspired just so we as Sox fans can have the joy of the repeat. I love being able to do this for AJ…after all he has done for us!!!

6 hours!!!!

Punch A.J. – Then watch him tick off the NL in prime time

Keep going Sox fans, we gotta keep this going! Besides the fact that AJ so deserves to be and All Star, last year we got Pods on and got the home field and won it all….maybe if we get AJ on the Gods of superstition will be with us!! I just hope if he gets on we get to see the crowd and AJ reaction like last year. Back to the vote!

I’ve been punching for two days straight pretty much, A.J. deserves to be there!

also….slap the plate if you’ve won a world series🙂

Vote for AJ “I once stole first base” Pierzynski. Go AJ and Go White Sox!!

I’ve told myself I can stop voting when the validation code = my favorite player’s number (12, of course) AND the validation code = my year of birth (no comment) AND the validation code = my ZIP code.

I am 0 for 3, and I’ve been voting for HOURS!!!

Back to it….


A.J. is a 12 year old boy at heart. What boy that age doesn’t want to play in an all-star game? Let’s send him – and send the child in all of is with him!

Here’s the reason why I’m on voting for him:
I got to meet him 3 times during his last year with the Twins, and to be honest, was a bit nervous. But he was the nicest guy!! Heck, I thought Doug Mientkiewicz would be nicer than him, but he was actually kinda, just, blah. AJ is an agitator on the field yes, but he is doing it for your team. Off the field, he is a GREAT guy who is very deserving of a trip to the all-star game. Lets say thank you to AJ for helping the sox get the trophy!!! VOTE AJ AND DON’T STOP BELIEVING IN HIM!!!!!!!!

vote aj: ozzie can’t find him a babysitter for that weekend.

Vote for AJ… Because every team secretly wants him!

Punch AJ:

…and give the National League a black eye.

Aren’t you all glad to hear I’m so productive of a person that I’ve spent the last 3 hours voting!!?? haha Hey, in my book- that is 100% productive!

Beefyl- I take it you’re a Twins fans, and we love having your support! Thanks!!!

5 hours Sox fans! Now’s the time to go on turbo-punch!!

No problem SoxPride!!! I’m a Twins fan, but I’m even more of a Sox fan!! I’m just sorry I live too far away (international falls) to go to any games! And I must say, Barret was lucky he didn’t play when the Cubs were in MN, ’cause man…grrrrrr. Go Sox and Go AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just had to go pick up my sister, and guess what song came on the radio?! “VERY SUPERSTITIOUS!!!!” If that’s not a sign for our boy AJ…what is?!?!?!

Now, back to punching!

Punch AJ:

…and put the hurt on the National Leauge.

Punch AJ:

…and put “The Smirk” to work.

Ok, took a break from voting and went for a run and came up with 2 good reasons to vote for AJ. First wouldn’t you love to see how AJ looks after you punch him–in an all star jersey that is. Second, Wouldn’t Cubs fans finally have something to be proud of…that their team–specifically Barret–gave us the best all star game voting PR slogan! Do it for the Cub fans!

Reason #12 to vote for A.J. because on the south side controversy is spelled P-I-E-R-Z-Y-N-S-K-I

I have punched AJ nearly 1000 times so far…keep it going SOX fans and remember if anyone can stuff a ballot its the city of Chicago

Keep going Sox fans! My 4 year old nephew carried a “VOTE FOR AJ” sign during a 4th of July parade in the suburbs. And vote for Nomar for the NL spot. That would be double the pain for Cubs fans!!!

A.J is a pretty good player and all, but I’m sorry people my vote is going for the Twins Francisco Liriano. He has helped his team so much this year when they needed it. Not saying A.J. doesn’t deserve to be on the All-Star team, cause obviously all 5 of the guys on the ballot do. That’s why there on there, but I just think that Liriano deserves to make it more than A.J. and I’m not putting into consideration anything that happened prior to this year. You take into affect what the players have done from April of this to now. It doesn’t matter at all what he did last year to help the White Sox win the World Series. Sorry. I am a Sox fan people. Just a realistic fan. Not a biased fan.

A.J is a pretty good player and all, but I’m sorry people my vote is going for the Twins Francisco Liriano. He has helped his team so much this year when they needed it. Not saying A.J. doesn’t deserve to be on the All-Star team, cause obviously all 5 of the guys on the ballot do. That’s why there on there, but I just think that Liriano deserves to make it more than A.J. and I’m not putting into consideration anything that happened prior to this year. You take into affect what the players have done from April of this to now. It doesn’t matter at all what he did last year to help the White Sox win the World Series. Sorry. I am a Sox fan people. Just a realistic fan. Not a biased fan.

Punch AJ because he once stole first base in the playoffs

Punch AJ because fans hate the way he plays until he’s playing for thier team🙂

Punch AJ because of all the little things he has done over the last year plus to help bring a World Series Championship to Chicago. Not to detract from others great performances, but seriously without AJ behind the plate we are all talking about what could have been last year instead of purchasing world series ring raffle tickets this year

Punch AJ because Barrett’s punch didnt even leave a red mark on his face

Punch AJ because lets face it if he loses his day job he won’t be making any money as the back up singer for Journey….Dont Stop believin Aj Good Luck Chicago Loves what you have done for our team and the city



Here I am taking my break from all of the voting I have been doing for AJ both online and via text message. GO AJ & Go SOX!!!!!!!!!

Ok now…….. back to voting!



Mt Greenwood Soxside Fan

Punch A.J.:
He can take the hit.

Phil in Chicago

We are embarking on the 3 hour mark Sox fans!! I am leaving for the park in a half hour, but no worries I have employed the likes of my siblings to keep the voting up in this household!!

All of these lines have been great- we are all too funny! I love all the support….I think the thing that has to be said one and for all is that AJ DESERVES this spot, between his batting average, his rock solid defense and not to mention the fact that he catches the best pitchign staff in the majors day in and day out is MORE than enough reason for him to win over any of the other guys. The other 4 are talented, but their contributions don’t compares to AJ’s overall contributions in every facet of the game!!!

Lets go Sox fans- here’s OUR TIME TO SHINE!! It’s coming up to the ninth inning for us….and here we are to deliver the walk- off win for our boy AJ!!

I’ll be back later tonight, hopefulyl celebrating ALL OF OUR HARD WORK (and probably carpal tunnel in a lot of our wrists! haha) LETS GO SOX FANS!!!!!

(and lets go Javy tonight- lets get the Series!!!)


Nowadays in Chicago this is the only time we can vote more than once and actually have our vote matter.

GO AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we will find out? Tonight? On the website?

okay guys, slim lead for AJ. DON”T STOP NOW!!!!! Back to voting I go! Soxpride…I’m sure many sox fans will be meeting at the dr’s office to treat our carpel tunnel…BUT WE”LL ALL BE SMILING!!!!!

Last year, they announced it at the ballpark. Hopefully, we’ll hear some good news tonight. Heading there within the hour. Until then… KEEP VOTING!

With all the punching I have done today this slim lead should be widening. My hand hurts and I am going cross eyed, but well worth it.

Lets keep it up, I am not stopping until 5:00

Punch AJ- Cause there is never a dull moment when he is in the game!

Punch AJ- Cause he may have the sweetest hairdo in all of baseball!

Punch AJ- Cause when he hits back, he’ll leave the imprint of the World Series ring on your face!



For all of us that have been punching away for hours, days, etc. If AJ gets voted in, wouldnt it be great to have a section reserved for a game for the highest punchers. Just look for the group of us with our hands in a brace due to carpal tunnel. Just a thought

I’m probably the only one in zip code 91405 punching A.J. I should put in an OC zip code so he gets some votes in the county of Orange! Keep it up everyone!

Do what Michael Barrett couldn’t do!! Punch AJ over the top and onto the All Star Team!!!

AJ is the gas for the White Sox engine and gas doesn’t come cheap!

A.J. should be on the All-Star Team because of the intangibles, rarely mentioned, that he brings to the team. He has helped turn an above average pitching staff into the best pitching staff in the majors, as measured by last years success in the playoffs, carried over into this year. When Contreras left the Yankees he had a sky-high ERA against Boston. A.J. does his homework by knowing each an every hitter, how to set up each pitch, where to locate the pitch, he helps pitchers with pitch selection, how not to give pitches away, etc. He also is a big part of the reason Contreras is doing so well by helping him to change his arm angle. A.J. helps pitchers develop confidence in themselves and pitch their game. He also has the ablity to get under opposing-players skin and in their heads to take them off their game.

Add in the tangibles like A.J.’s batting average, his ability to start a rally, and his ability to make the most of every play, even when every one else has left the field, and there is no doubt he should be on the All-Star Team.

guh… is it time to stop yet?

Were almost there, in the last hour……. KEEP PUNCHING!

I think that A.J. should be included because of his attitude and his willingness to play the game. He always wants to play and play hard. He plays the game tough and right and has fun doing it. He has a passion for the game and shows it through emotions. He’s having a great first half and I hope he can keep it up. Go A.J.

Punch AJ: His hit is spelled R-B-I

Punch AJ: Cause that’s what John Wayne would do

COME ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR AJ!!!!!!! TURN ON “DON’T STOP BELIEVIN'” OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!! LETS HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS!!!!!!! EVERYONE GET ON AND KEEP VOTING FOR AJ!!!! ONLY A HALF HOUR LEFT!!!! He helped give you guys a trophy for the first time in I think it was 88 years…this is the least you can do for him….VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punch AJ: Or else Brian Anderson will tackle you

Punch AJ: cause A. Boone’s back still hurts

I wish they showed the numbers for voting……. AJ get ready, I have a feeling youre going to the AllStar Game

Punch AJ: So MLB can fine the City of Chicago for inciting a riot


We will send our starting catcher to the game and the Cubs can’t “Barrett”.

4 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats it!! Polls closed..phew. So Scott, when will we find out and where? Good job everyone!!!!!!!

coasterdude gets my vote for best future T-shirt!

Nice one “dude”


AND AJ IS IN!!!!! WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AJ IS IN – per

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